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Ritual of Summoning the Four Necronomicon Wind Demons

Lodge Magan

The ritual is based on Necronomicon and the Mesopotamian mythology. It is aimed at
summoning the forces of the elements as represented by the four wind demons: Ustur, Sed,
Lamas, Nattig. The ritual may function as a tool of communication with the wind entities or as a
preliminary stage to further workings with relative forces. The ritual was performed during the
Lodge meeting in August 2005.


In the name of Pazuzu, lord of demons of the air, I summon you: spirits of the four cardinal
directions! Hear my calling and come forth!

Facing North:

I invoke you, Ustur! Lord of the Northern Wind! I summon you, who rules the Aquarius and the
month of Shabatu! Come to me, wanderer on the path of the Ancient Ones! Whisper to me
forgotten secrets of Darkness in which I dedicate myself!

Envision that a dark shape resembling a human figure enters the temple through the Northern gate

Facing East:

I invoke you, Sed! Lord of the Eastern Wind! I summon you, who rules the Taurus and the
month of Airu! Come to me, follower of the Dragon! Reveal to me the ancient wisdom that you
have witnessed and guarded since darkest ages!

Envision a figure resembling a bull but with a human face, entering the temple through the Eastern gate

Facing South:

I invoke you, Lamas! Lord of the Southern Wind! I summon you, who rules the Leo and the
month of Abu! Come to me, priest of the forgotten deities! Light up the darkness with your fire
and let us find the treasures hidden there!

Envision a figure with a human face and the body of a lion, entering the temple through the Southern gate

Facing West:

I invoke you, Nattig! Lord of the Western Wind! I summon you, who rules the Scorpio and the
month of Arahshamma! Come to me, participant of the ancient rites! Lead me to the waters of
Tiamat and Absu, out of which the whole universe emerged!

Envision a figure resembling a human but with a face, wings and talons of an eagle, entering the temple
through the Western gate

Come forth, lords of winds! I summon you from your dwelling place from Nuzku upon Uru!
From the spaces between the Sun and the Moon, day and night, light and darkness! Through the
force of IGIGI! Come to me!


By the power of the sign of Voor and in the name of the Great Red Dragon!

(make the Voor sign)


Focus on the elemental forces surrounding you, feel the breath of the four winds upon you, let
them carry you and lead you through astral paths and dimensions.

Lodge Magan