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Fashion Marketing WVEIS Code 0407

This course is designed for students to gain basic knowledge of the fashion arketing industr!
and "ro#ide the learner with skills for a career in the field of Fashion Marketing$
Standard %& 'ature of Fashion (0407$S$%)
Explore the Nature of Fashion.
'ature of Fashion *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.1.1 Explain the concept of fashion in terms of apparel, home fashion and accessories.
0407.1.2 Explain the components of fashion.
Standard ,& Fundaentals of Marketing (0407$S$,)
escri!e the Fundamentals of "ar#etin$.
Fundaentals of Marketing *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.2.1 efine the role of mar#etin$ and its importance.
0407.2.2 %ist examples of mar#etin$ functions and related acti&ities.
0407.2.' ifferentiate !etween the concepts of mar#etin$ se$mentation, niche and mass mar#etin$.
0407.2.4 (dentif) the elements of the mar#etin$ mix.
0407.2.* emonstrate the flow of products in the channel of distri!ution.
0407.2.+ State the mar#etin$ concept.
Standard -& .istor! and Trends of Fashion (0407$S$-)
Explore the ,istor) and -rends of Fashion.
.istor! and Trends of Fashion *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.'.1 .esearch and descri!e the theories of the ori$in of fashion.
0407.'.2 escri!e the influence of historical e&ents on fashion.
0407.'.' /nal)0e the influences that economic, culture, social, political, $eo$raphic and ps)cholo$ical
factors ha&e on fashion.
0407.'.4 Explain the use and importance of fashion c)cles.
0407.'.* ifferentiate !etween fashion trends, fads and classics.
0407.'.+ (dentif) current trends in fashion.
Standard 4& Color and /esign Fundaentals (0407$S$4)
/nal)0e 1olor and esi$n Fundamentals.
Color and /esign Fundaentals *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.4.1 escri!e elements and principles of line and desi$n.
0407.4.2 iscuss how to use desi$n to create illusions that enhance appearance.
0407.4.' /nal)0e standardi0ed si0in$ in the fashion industr).
0407.4.4 Explain the principles of color ps)cholo$) and s)m!olism and its relationship to fashion.
0407.4.* (dentif) purpose of color wheel and anal)0e color schemes.
Standard 0& Te1tile Characteristics (0407$S$0)
E&aluate -extile 1haracteristics.
Te1tile Characteristics *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.*.1 (dentif) the characteristics of natural and man2made fi!ers.
0407.*.2 escri!e the relationship !etween fa!ric characteristics and product use.
0407.*.' (dentif) the most common fa!ric constructions.
Standard 2& Econoic 3rinci"les as 4elated to the Fashion Industr! (0407$S$2)
escri!e the (mportance of Economic 3rinciples as it relates to the Fashion (ndustr).
Econoic 3rinci"les *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.+.1 ifferentiate !etween $oods and ser&ices.
0407.+.2 iscuss ad&anta$es and disad&anta$es of the different t)pes of economic s)stems.
0407.+.' Explain the concept of profit.
0407.+.4 iscuss the !enefits of competition.
0407.+.* /nal)0e the law of suppl) and demand.
0407.+.+ Examine the relationship !etween cost and price.
0407.+.7 Explain utilit).
Standard 7& Counication Skills (0407$S$7)
Enhance 1ommunication S#ills.
Counication Skills *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.7.1 Explain the importance of &er!al and non&er!al communication.
0407.7.2 emonstrate proper telephone communication s#ills.
0407.7.' 4se effecti&e writin$ s#ills.
Standard 5& Custoer Ser#ice Skills (0407$S$5)
e&elop 1ustomer Ser&ice S#ills.
Custoer Ser#ice Skills *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.5.1 Explain the importance of customer ser&ice as it relates to a retail !usiness.
0407.5.2 emonstrate procedures for handlin$ customer complaints.
0407.5.' ,andle multiple tas#s simultaneousl).
0407.5.4 (nterpret compan) policies to customers.
Standard 6& 3rinci"les of Selling (0407$S$6)
/ppl) the 3rinciples of Sellin$.
3rinci"les of Selling *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.6.1 (dentif) the steps in the sellin$ process.
0407.6.2 (dentif) and explain the different approaches of openin$ a sale.
0407.6.' 1onduct a sales presentation for a product or ser&ice.
0407.6.4 1hoose the proper method of handlin$ o!7ections in order to close a sale.
0407.6.* (dentif) and explain the different t)pes of closin$ a sale.
0407.6.+ Explore &arious sales careers in the fashion industr).
0407.6.7 /ppl) textile #nowled$e to a sales presentation.
Standard %0& Careers in Fashion Marketing (0407$S$%0)
.esearch 1areers in Fashion "ar#etin$.
Careers in Fashion Marketing *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.10.1 (dentif) personal traits important in a fashion career.
0407.10.2 (dentif) career opportunities in fashion sales, textiles and manufacturin$ industries.
0407.10.' (dentif) an accepta!le fashion ima$e for wor#, school and social acti&ities.
Standard %%& Technolog! in the Fashion Industr! (0407$S$%%)
Explore -echnolo$) in the Fashion (ndustr).
Fashion Industr! Technolog! *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.11.1 (n&esti$ate computer technolo$) applications in fashion mar#etin$.
0407.11.2 (dentif) computer technolo$) used in fashion8fa!ric desi$n and production.
Standard %,& 3rinci"les of 3rootion (0407$S$%,)
emonstrate the 3rinciples of 3romotion.
3rinci"les of 3rootion *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.12.1 (dentif) the elements of the promotional mix in fashion mar#etin$.
0407.12.2 /nal)0e t)pes of media used in fashion retail ad&ertisin$.
0407.12.' (dentif) the parts of a print ad&ertisement.
0407.12.4 3repare a !roadcast ad&ertisement.
0407.12.* /nal)0e &isual merchandisin$ displa)s usin$ the elements of displa) arran$ements, color
schemes, displa) !ac#$round, manne9uins and li$htin$.
Standard %-& Work"lace Skills (0407$S$%-)
e&elop :o!2See#in$, :o!2;eepin$ and :o! %earnin$ S#ills for the <or#place.
7ob8Seeking9 7ob8:ee"ing and 7ob ;earning *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.1'.1 Explain the concept of wor# ethics.
0407.1'.2 Explain the importance of positi&e wor#in$ relationships and emplo)er expectations.
0407.1'.' 1omplete the procedures for o!tainin$ emplo)ment =resume, co&er letter, 7o! application, 7o!
search, inter&iew, follow2up letter>.
Standard %4& 4isk Manageent (0407$S$%4)
Explore .is# "ana$ement.
4isk Manageent *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.14.1 (dentif) the impact of internal theft and shopliftin$.
0407.14.2 emonstrate !asic safet) rules rele&ant to 7o! safet).
0407.14.' escri!e the first aid measures to !e used in case of an emer$enc) or accident.
0407.14.4 1lassif) t)pe /, ?, and 1 fires and descri!e their characteristics in order to extin$uish them
Standard %0& In#entor! Control 3rocedures (0407$S$%0)
escri!e (n&entor) 1ontrol 3rocedures.
In#entor! Control 3rocedure *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.1*.1 escri!e the importance of in&entor) control.
0407.1*.2 escri!e recei&in$ procedures.
0407.1*.' Explain procedures used to issue items and #eep trac# of in&entor).
Standard %2& Fashion Market Centers and /esigners (0407$S$%2)
(dentif) Fashion "ar#et 1enters and esi$ners.
Fashion Market Centers and /esigners *b+ecti#es
Students will:
0407.1+.1 (dentif) domestic fashion mar#et centers.
0407.1+.2 (dentif) international fashion mar#et centers.
0407.1+.' .eco$ni0e influential fashion desi$ners.