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Luke Judd

49 Skinner Street
Strickland WA 6000
0411 111 111
(08) 9111 1111
Catherine Merrick
HR Manager
Asterix Construction
PO Box 0000
Alfdale WA 6001
Mr Philip Smith
Hiring Manager
Richmond Engineering Services
E12 5DD
Date: 22 October 2010
Dear Mr Smith
I wish to apply for the post of Civil Engineer as advertised on the w
eb site. The position seems an ideal opportunity for me as it matches my experie
nce, knowledge and career aspirations.
As you can see from my CV, I have amassed over 7 years of significant, progressi
ve experience in civil engineering projects within the construction and gas indu
stries. During my career I have participated in more than 20 civil engineering p
rojects, all of them were successful.
My progressive engineering experience has provided me with the opportunity to de
velop strong client relation building skills and an ability to lead multi-discip
linary teams. I am experienced at applying the principles of civil engineering w
hen planning, designing, and overseeing the construction and maintenance of stru
ctures and facilities.
I enclose my resume for your review and look forward to meeting with you in the
near future. Should you have any questions or require clarification on any infor
mation please contact me at the above telephone number.
I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and I hope that you will invite m
e for a interview. I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from
Your sincerely
Richard Daniels
444 Hanley Road
B1 1AA
Mobile: 07779 222 3333
Arthur Wadsworth
503 Tenth Avenue
Any Village, USA 33333
May 1, 20--
Mr. Carson ODell
Hiring Manager
Reynolds and Sons Construction Company
102 Mile-High Drive
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Mr. ODell:
I saw your posting on, stating that youre looking for experienced
structural engineers to interview to fill an opening at Reynolds and Sons Const
ruction Company. When I read the description of responsibilitiesincluding inspecti
ng the foundation, infrastructure, curtain wall, insulation, and building envelo
pe to be sure they meet all plans, safety requirements, and so on, I knew I want
ed to contact you as I write cover letters today, to request an opportunity to m
eet with you in person.
As you will see from my enclosed resume I have had five years of experience in t
he structural engineering field, during my employment at Citywide Construction i
n Center City, USA. I was lead engineer on two major civic buildings that have r
eceived awards for function and appearance.
If you would like to get together, please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888
so we can arrange an interview time that fits your schedule. Thank you for revi
ewing my cover letter and resume. I look forward to meeting you soon.
Arthur Wadsworth
Margaret Jackson
4657 Warner Street
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311
Oct 7, 2010
Mr. Courtney Spurling
Sargent & Lundy
1256 Nutters Barn Lane
Clarion, IA 50525
Dear Mr. Spurling,
I found out about your need for a Structural Engineer for your company, through
a mutual friend, Mr. Randy Martinez. Thank you for posting this on
m, as I believe I am a great fit for this position. I have enclosed my resume fo
r your convenience.
I see that your ad requirements seek a Structural Engineer that will facilitate
the planning and implementation of various mechanical equipment and structures a
t your company. I am here to tell you that my Masters Degree in Engineering, as w
ell as my nine years of experience in this position make me the best person for
the job. Whats more, I have solid analytical skills, understand complicated topic
s and manuals, and have great communication skills.
I am writing this cover letter in hopes that we can meet in person to discuss th
is position in more detail. Please call me at (111)-358-8213 to schedule a time.

Your Signature
Margaret Jackson
Richard C. Barnes
13, Bloomsdale Housing, Jefferson Square
Austin, Texas 67225
United States
Date: November 27th 2011
Alicia Brown
Recruitment Manager
Highland Engineering Services
Austin, Texas 67225
United States
Subject: Application for the position of Structural Engineer
Dear Alicia,
I came to know that you are currently hiring structural engineers for upcoming p
rojects in the county. I would like to apply for this position as I am very keen
to work for your organization. I am highly knowledgeable owing to my educationa
l qualifications and work experience in this profession.
I have been working as a structural engineer for Godfrey Engineering Services fo
r the last seven years. In this period, I have completed many projects which inc
lude design and engineering of West Coast Bridge, Spice Business Center, Bullion
Bay, etc. I am also involved in redesigning existing structures to make them ef
ficient and safe for the public use. I am comfortable to work outdoors, travel a
nd work for long hours with equal efficiency and confidence. I know how to overc
ome all types of obstacles that arise in the designing and engineering process.
I am a confident and energetic individual who can easily learn and implement new
skills at the workplace itself. I am also very friendly with colleagues and I k
now that coordination and communication is the key to achieve success in a team
based environment.
Please take a look at my credentials to learn more about my qualifications. I am
also sending reference letter and my resume as well. You can contact me to disc
uss more about the job and my qualifications and I can also appear for an interv
iew as per your convenience.
Yours sincerely,
Richard C. Barnes
Paul Weller
B-5, Belle Pristine Apartments, South Park Avenue
Houston, Texas 21440
To associate as a structural designer with an organization where I can contribut
e my skills and knowledge in the said domain to fulfill organizational goals
Professional and Personal Skills
Experienced in structural designing with proven track record of involvement in d
iverse projects
Proficient in Frame Work, All Designs, AutoCAD, etc
Excellent analytical, problem solving and computational skills combined with hig
h levels of energy and confidence
Well developed communication, coordination and project management skills
Passionate to deliver my best for every project
Eager to learn the latest advancements and skills for increased professional eff
Work Experience
Designation: Structural Designer
Organization: Kristine Constructions
Period: January 2006 - present
Job functions and responsibilities
Designed layouts for residential and commercial structures
Developed blueprints for highway construction projects in association with State
Highways Authority
Provided solutions to build underground structures for water and gas piping for
residential structures
Performed load and stress testing for construction materials and equipments
Developed renovated models for existing constructions to meet safety standards
Completed all the projects within timeline
Designation: Structural Designer
Organization: Optimum Constructions
Period: October 2002 - December 2005
Job functions and responsibilities
Worked in close association with the engineering and construction department for
project requirement analysis
Designed 3D models for all the projects and presented them to the clients for ap
Developed advanced structures for new metro rail project with enhanced safety fe
Provided installation drawings for reinforced concrete structures in hilly areas
Communicated with the warehousing departments to ensure quick delivery of constr
uction materials to the site
Maintained all the project reports and process details
Academic Qualifications and Certifications
Degree: Master's Degree in Civil Engineering
Year: 2001
Grade: A+
University: Texas State Technical University
Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
Year: 1999
Grade: A
University: Texas State Technical University
Will be provided on request
Mr. Garry McKee,
Hiring Manager
Page Hill Structural Engineering, Inc.
89 Nelson Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Mr. McKee:
I saw your post this morning on for a structural engineer to dire
ct the planning, designing, and reviewing of plans for the erection of structure
s requiring stress analysis. I decided to write this cover letter immediately an
d apply for the job since I have done this work in the past for East Coast Engin
eering where I as part of a bridge-building team of structural engineers for ove
r five years.
My enclosed resume lists details about this previous employment and the specific
s of my duties during that time.
Are you available to meet this week for a brief interview? I'd welcome showing y
ou photos of the work I've done and also hear about your company in more detail.
You can reach me at 897-567-4563 any evening after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends. I'
ll be happy to come to your office when it works for you.
I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.
Lee Owens
Enc: resume and cover letter
Mr. Jay Thomas
Director of Operations
Structural & Technical Department
Berry Janet Co. Ltd.
306, Petrels Lane,
Liverpool, UK
Date: 2nd January 2012
Subject: cover letter for structural engineering position.
Respected Mr. Thomas
My name is Riley Keith and I am a qualified structural engineer. I am thus writi
ng this letter to apply for the structural engineer position in this esteemed or
ganization. I wish to be part of this organization and help in achieving all its
goals and objectives. I hope you will find my qualifications and experience to
be worthy of this position.
I went to the Harmon College of Technology & Sciences to complete my bachelor in
the field of structural engineering. I then had the chance to complete the stan
dard training requirement from the prestigious James Lillian Co. Ltd. After trai
ning I continued working there for a period of 2 and half years till 2008. I the
n worked as the structural engineer at Millar & Miller Co. Ltd. for 3 years.
I have gathered a lot of knowledge and skills through my years of work which I b
elieve will help me perform best as structural engineer. My resume is enclosed w
ith this letter for your reference. I hope to hear from you soon.
Riley Keith
London, UK
Mark Smith
2912 Sycamore Fork Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Job Objective:
To obtain structural engineer position and utilize my experience, knowledge, ski
lls and abilities for the successful completion of each job duty
Work Experience:
Structural Engineer, 1/2007 - Present
ABC USA, Inc., Madison, FL
Job Description: V, eng adel yousry abdel malak shenouda, gol gamal st el alf ma
skan florida u.s, mobile in u.s, mobile in uae, mobile in lebanon, mobile in nam
ibia, e mail eng adelyousry hotmail com, title, structural civil engineer, born,
jan, u.s, education, b sc, in civil engineering, structural department,shoubra
faculty, zagazig university, florida, u.s, membership, syndicate of u.s engineer
ing, summary of, capabilities, eng adel has about years of experience in both st
ructural and civil engineering for, year half workig at dubai, one year working
at lebanon, months working at namibia, month working at iraq, till now working a
t u.s, eng adel has actively participated in analyzing, design and site supervis
ing for several projects his experience in civil structural engineering includes
analysis, computer modeling, preparation of concepts final designs, preparation
of detailed drawings, specifications and construction supervision he is familia
r with most of structural civil computer programs in addition, he is familiar wi
th many international codes of practice for structural design such as american c
ode aci, lrfd, ubc british standard bs, tia g and tia f, , professional experien
ce, , march to date eva pharma, civil structure engineer, eva pharma, florida u.
s, job description, work as an owners eva pharma consultant, responsible of supe
rvision for all the civil projects for eva pharma such as steel factories rc bui
ldings, etc, now im supervise the construction of a new steel factory g rc offic
e building at th of october, july to march civitech, civil structure engineer, c
ivitech office, florida u.s, job description, design of transmission towers for
many operators such as mobinile, vodafone, asiacell, kroktell, zain, hawaei

Dear Ms Merrick
REF: CE3953
Please accept my application for the role of Civil/Structural Engineer as advert
ised on on 25 November.
I am a self-motivated Civil/Structural Engineer with a Bachelor of Civil Enginee
ring (Hons) and six years experience in design and estimation teams on a range o
f projects. In 2007 I achieved Chartered Professional Engineer status from Engin
eers Australia. I am seeking to develop my skills in my next challenge and am ve
ry interested in joining the engineering team at Asterix Construction.
Working as a civil/structural engineer at Robertson Construction I have worked o
n many projects, including: the Mileville sewer, the Walker motorway, several ap
artment complexes, Travalltown iron mine and Greenfields copper mine. My skills
in modelling and designing projects using AutoCAD, 12D and Space Gass, and my fo
cus on getting a job done well and on time, have resulted in all projects being
completed successfully and with very positive feedback from managers and clients
I have a thorough knowledge of the processes of construction in ground engineeri
ng projects and mining and also excellent interpersonal and communication skills
. My organisational and multitasking abilities are advanced.
Please let me know if you would like more information about my projects. I look
forward to discussing my suitability for this role in person.
Yours sincerely
[sign here]
Luke Judd
- See more at:
etc, mission at iraq sulimanya arabil for weeks with asiacell, design telecom mo
bile station for alkan, design rc g residintial building at masaken sheraton, sh
aring in design of b g hospital at kenia, sharing in design of many steel struct
ures, april to july civitech, civil structure engineer, anixas power station, wa
lvis bay namibia, job description, responsible of supervision for the civil work
s at anixas power station with cost up to million euro nampower as a client barl
oworld, mantrac as contractors doing the pilling works cfa pile mm, m depth and
cfa piles mm, m depth, method statement site follow up, paper work concerning ci
vil st inspection plus follow up the sub contractors iso documents implementatio
n, april to march cesd engineering consultans, civil structure engineer, alfa te
lecom, lebanon, job description, work in site biult department as a consultant s
tructural engineer responsible of all designs supervision of the gsm transmissio
n towers monopoles on roof tops and green fields using software like ms tower, t
s tower hilti programs doing the common site visits all over the whole lebanon,
january to april cesd engineering consultans, civil structure engineer, dubai ua
e, job description, paper work concerning civil st inspection plus follow up the
sub contractors iso documents implementation, concrete monitoring control types
,grads,cold connections,arrangement with concrete factory,all required tests,etc
, municipality requests approval cdp system, dealing with all governmental autho
rities in dubai tecom,jafza,du,dewa,civil defence etsalat, method statement site
follow up, review sharjah municipality building check design of some elements s
labs, beams redraw some parts the supervision at foundation stage raft on piles,
full design of many villas at dubai supervision from foundation stage if raft o
r raft on piles, supervise of many kinds of super structures at al ain from foun
dation stage raft on piles, supervise of many super structures at dubai tecom au
thuroty its a mechanical electrical, buildings from foundation stage on piles, d
esign of labor camp g at dubai investment park supervision from foundation stage
, foundation was cfa piles of mm diameter, design for extra stories of building
b g at al karama dubai plot no supervision from foundation stage, foundations we
re bored and cfa piles of mm and mm diameter, sharing in design of movenmpick to
uristic village at oman salalah it's consist of main building movenpick hotel co
mpounds villas, every compound consists of buildings swimming pool full design o
f superstructurel and pile foundation mm, and mm bored piles full drawings from
statically system, shop drawing of some villas dubai land the villa project plot
s no rj,rl,rl,rl, shop drawing of villa nad al shaba al bawardi villa plot no, s
hop drawing share in design of a private villa emirates hills supervision, shop
drawing of office building for hard precast buildings systems dubai investment p
ark, shop drawing of a floating bay m between buildings in k's a al barak buildi
ng check design of some elements of the smallest tower beams, slabs, and raft, r
edesign story hotel in ksa some elements of story hotel al barak building floors
, stairs, raft redraw some parts full calculation sheet of the story building, n
ovember to january drilco foundations water wells, civil pilling engineer, dubai
uae, job description, responsible for the whole site from the construction to t
he labors, materials quality control and production, sites, construct center mm
and mm bored piles at al fujaira uae, shoring secant cfa piles system center mm
bored piles at knowledge village dubai uae, construct center mm and mm bored pil
e at business bay, july to november link masr, civil structure engineer, storage
systems, florida u.s, job description, choosing design a suitable storage syste
m for many kinds of factories hyper markets make the full details drawings then
cost sheets, march to august private,during studying site engineer, florida u.s,
job description, supervise the construction work deal with all suppliers for ma
terials a private villa g at al tagamo al khames plot z, july to september arab
contractors company training, february to june private,during studying site sube
ngineer, finishing works, florida u.s, job description, work with an engineer in
his stuff in many kinds of finishing, computer skills, good knowledge of most o
f ms office word, power point, and excel, autocad d d good work as an instructor
at a trianing center, sap good work as an instructor at a trianing center, safe
good work as an instructor at a trianing center, etabs good work as an instruct
or at a trianing center, pca col good, prokon good, ms tower good, ts tower good
, plaxis good, personal data, date of birth january th, nationality u.s, militar
y status exempt, marital status single, age, driving driving license from uae u.
s, international license, personal skills, capability to work efficiently within
a group, believe in long term relation, good managerial and leadership skills,
creative mind and creative way of thinking, work under stress and give good resu
lts, hard worker, never stop learning attitude, i enjoy learning new skills and
gain more experience, language skills, arabic language mother tongue, english la
nguage good writing reading, good speaking, french language fair writing reading
, interests, public relation, internet navigation, computing, running, listening
music, obtaining and learning new releases for available software in civil engi
neering, reference, names and addresses of references are available upon request