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Werewolf Party Drinks.

- Sparkling Wine, with either Peach or Raspberry.
- Build. Champagne flute.
Vanilla Apple Sour.
- 50ml Ketel One Citron Vodka, 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 15ml Vanilla Syrup, 35ml
Apple Juice, Glug of Eggwhite.
- Dry Shake, and then shake hard with ice. Strain into ice-filled glass. Garnish
with an Apple fan.
- 50ml Belvedere Grapefruit Vodka, 15ml Cointreau, 10ml Fresh Lime and 5ml Lime
Cordial, 20ml of Cranberry Juice. Flamed Orange Twist.
- Shake hard with ice, double strain into cocktail glass. Garnish a flamed Orang
e Twist.
- 50ml Jack Daniels, 15ml Cointreau, 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 5ml Sugar Syrup, Sp
arkling Lemonade.
- Shake everything, except the lemonade, with ice. Strain over fresh ice, and to
p with lemonade. Garnish with Lemon wedge.
D.J. Paloma.
- 50ml Don Julio Tequila, 15ml Fresh Lime, Top with Grapefruit Juice; Served lon
g with Salt on the edge.
- Build over ice, in a salt rimmed glass. Garnish with a Lime wedge (Squeezed in
to drink first).
Coconut Mule.
- 50ml Coconut Ciroc, Top with Cream Soda, Fresh Lime wedge.
- Build over ice,
Summertime Fizz.
- 25ml Beluga Vodka, 25ml X.B., 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, Top with Sodawater.
- Shake everything, except Soda, with ice. Strain over ice, and top with soda. G
arnish with Lemon wedge.
Tommy's Margarita.
- 50ml Don Julio 1942 Tequila, 20ml Agave Nectar, 20ml Fresh Lime Juice; No salt
- Shake hard with ice, and then double strain into cocktail glass. No garnish.
- 50ml Hennessey Fine de Cognac, 35ml Passionfruit Puree, 15ml Vanilla Syrup.
- Shake hard with ice, strainto ice-filled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.
Werewolf Rum Punch.
- 50ml Pampero Venezuelan Rum, 25ml Fresh Lime, 15ml Almond Syrup, 10ml Apricot
Brandy, 35ml Pineapple Juice.
- Shake hard with ice, and then strain into ice-filled glass. Garnish with lime
wedge and mint sprig.
- 6 Fresh Lime chunks muddled with sugar syrup, and topped with 50ml Ketel One D
utch vodka; served over crushed ice.
- Muddle limes with sugar, add ice and vodka. Stir thoroughly.
- 50ml Ten Cane Rum, 6 Fresh Lime Chunks, 2 spoons Brown Sugar, 15ml Honey; Crus
hed ice.
- Muddle limes with sugar and honey, add ice and rum. Stir thoroughly.
- 50ml Belvedere Grapefruit Vodka, 25ml Grapefruit Juice, Can of Cranberry Redbu
- Shake and strain vodka and juice into ice-filled glass; top with Cranberry red
Werewolf Classics.
White Lady.
- 50ml Tanqueray Gin, 25ml Cointreau, 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, glug eggwhite; Ser
ved straight up (no ice), with a lick of lemon zest.
- Dry shake, and then shake hard with ice; double strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with a Lemon Twist.
Classic Champagne Cocktail.
- Sparkling Wine, 15ml Grand Marnier Liqueur, 1 Sugar cube, dashes of bitters. O
range Twist.
- Build in a Champagne flute. Spray orange zest, then throw twist away.
The Dictator.
- 50ml Pampero Venezuelan Rum, 25ml Antica Formula Vermouth, 2 dashes of Bitters
, Lemon Twist.
- Stir with ice, and then strain into glass of fresh ice; Garnish with a Lemon t
The Godfather.
- 35ml Jack Daniels, 25ml Amaretto.
- Stir thoroughly with ice, and then strain over fresh ice; No garnish.
- 25ml Bulliet Bourbon, 25ml Antica Formula, 25ml Campari.
- Stir thoroughly with ice, and then strain into a fresh glass of ice. Garnish w
ith an orange twist.
Negroni X.
- 25ml Tanqueray 10 Gin, 25ml Campari, 25ml Antica Formula Vermouth, Orange Twis
- Stir all ingredients thoroughly with ice, and then strain into glass of fresh
ice. Garnish with an Orange Twist.
Scotch Sour.
- 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 15ml Sugar Syrup, glu
g of Eggwhite.
- Dry shake, then shake thorughly with ice, and then strain into glass of fresh
ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.
Zacapa Old-Fashioned.
- 50ml Zacapa 23 years old rum, stirred to perfection with sugar and bitters.
- Make as old-fashioned in a mixing glass, then strain over fresh ice. Garnish w
ith a Lemon twist.
- 1/3 Ciroc Redberry Vodka, 1/3 Raspberry liqueur, 1/3 Coffee Liqueur, served wi
th a thin layer of cream.
Shake first 3 ingredients, then strain into shot glasses. Layer a small amount o
f cream on top.
- Snoood! to be pre-bottled, minus the cream.
The Truffle.
- 1/2 Cariel Vanilla Vodka, 1/2 Amaretto (Layered)
- Layered, pousse cafe style. Amaretto first.
X.B. Loaded. (Exploded)
- 1/2 X.B., 1/2 Don Julio Tequila (Layer). Flamed with Wray & Nephew.
- Layered, pousse cafe style. XB first.
D.J. Verdita.
- Don Julio Tequila, served with an equal amount of Verdita on the side. (Pineap
ple juice, lime juice, serrano chilli, coriander, mint).
- Two shot glasses per order. Tequila in one, verdita in the other.
- Verdita to be pre-bottled. 1 litre Pineapple juice, juice from 2 limes, half a
serrano, bunch of mint, bunch of coriander, blended.
- 200ml Ciroc Vodka, 100ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 60ml Peach Liqueur, 60ml Peach Pur
ee, top Champagne.
Dead Man's Chest.
- 100ml Pampero Rum, 100ml Hennessey Cognac, 60ml Passionfruit juice, 150ml Pine
apple Juice, 60ml Raspberry Puree, 60ml Fresh Lime Juice.
English Country Garden.
- 100ml Tanqueray Gin, 100ml pimm's, 1/2 ginger ale, 1/2 sparkling. Garnish with
lemonade, cucumber, mint, strawberries, and citrus fruits.
Red Riding Hood.
- 200ml Ciroc Vodka, 50ml Raspberries, 50ml Raspberry Liqueur, 100ml Cranberry J
uice, 60ml Lemon Juice, top with Champagne.
Method: Roll from one jug to another jug several times, then pour into serving c
hest; Add fresh ice, and garnishes.