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Some people feel that the responsibility for providing education should be borne only for the

government and the private education should be banned. What are the main advantages of banning
private education? Are there any circumstances where private education should be allowed? What is
your opinion on this matter?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or
Argumentative but there are other point to be discussed.
Such as: Are there any circumstances where private education should be allowed?
Advantages of Banning private education?
Take a stand
Here is a sample answer which is discussion essay type. I am trying this by analysing both sides of
argument; then I had an opinion summing up my discussion.

Sample answer:
Whether or not education is a responsibility, which is only government should deal with and private
education should be banned arouses some controversy. There is however, clearly a need for
government to focus education within a reach for every group in the society. However, private
institutions involvement in this sector should be under strict government regulation. The both views
of arguments will be discussed and analysed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.
The primary argument for the opposite group is that education is not a privilege for only a group of
people. For instance, poor citizen cant afford the cost to study Harvard University or Oxford
University or Australian National University, even if student is exceptionally outstanding in his
studies; whereas any one from any nation with enough fund are able to take the course from those
top universities. From this point of view, education can be a picture of discrimination between the
rich and the poor people. Hence, poor family gets deprived from getting higher education.
On the other hand, looking at the issue from another prospect highlights some points. Undoubtedly
the quality of education is quite wide in every society. Also, it is very likely that parents are not able
to find a suitable school for offspring. As a result they could be urged to look for private education.
Furthermore, it is completely natural for parents to be concerned about their childrens classmate
friends and even teacher. Consequently, they strive to select the best environment and best people
for their childrens environment. Therefore, private organisations should be allowed to run
education programs.
To sum up, after the analysis of government and private contribution on education sector, there
should be balance between both types of education. However, it must be ensured that government
should supervise these organisations.
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