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Working together Connect Join partners at WPC

How to get tHe most out of wPC for windows Azure Cloud
PArtners, brougHt to you by tHe windows Azure gtm teAm
Table of Contents
Part 1:

About WPC
Why attend WPC
WPC Big Bets
Microsoft Partner
Part 2:
for wPC
Goal setting
& messaging
Tips for preparing
for the show
While at the show
WPC checklist
Part 3:
what to do
at wPC
ISV sessions
The Commons
Part 4:
WPC Connect
Partner to Partner
Partner to
Networking tips
Part 5:

wrap up
After the show
Next Steps
About WPC
The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) takes place only once a year
and has historically proven to be of enormous value to Microsoft Partners. This
eBook is designed specifcally with the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in mind
to illustrate how WPC can increase business and technology acumen, as well as affect
the bottom line. This document will prepare you for keynote presentations and
seminars, guide you through networking best practices, and provide helpful links to
available resources. There is also a helpful checklist to prepare you for your trip, so
you will arrive at WPC knowing confdently that you are making the most of your
valuable time.
WPC is a global gathering
of top Microsoft partners
providing a roadmap and
inspiration to activate and
drive joint business. WPC
is where partners go to
get more. Partners will
be immersed in a breadth
of devices and services
that empower business,
will experience various
opportunities for business
conversations, and will
hear other partner and
customer success stories.
Content will focus on the
modern era of computing:
Big data, Cloud, Mobility,
WPC Big Bets
Big data
WPC overview
and Quick Facts
Where: Houston, TX
When: July 7-11, 2013
Who: More than 16,000
attendees from over 160
What: Hundreds of
sessions, lots of networking,
fun events
Why Attend WPC?
Look for new
Network with key
suppliers and partners
Network with sales prospects
Learn about industry trends
do competitive analysis
Gain market awareness
Test messaging/
promotional offers
Interact with Microsoft
WPCs Four Big Bets
Big data
The Modern Business
Increase business success
through data-driven decision
The Modern data Center
Reduce costs, increase
effciency and productivity
The Modern Consumer
Provide secure and
managed solutions
The Modern Employee
Empower interaction
Partner Eco-System
independent software Vendors (isV) specialize
in making or selling software, designed for mass or
niche markets.
Value Added resellers (VAr) distribute the
companys products worldwide and advise customers
on volume licensing.
systems integrators (si) recommend, deploy,
customize, and manage Microsoft-based solutions for
their customers.
Certifed Partner learning services (CPls) have
taught, tested, and certifed more than a million people at
some level of expertise on Microsoft products.
original equipment manufacturers (oem) preinstall
Windows on the PCs they sell, account for about a third of
Microsofts revenue and a larger percentage of its profts.
small business specialist Community (sbsC) address
the holistic IT needs of small businesses.
VARs and SIs make
great partners and
Set Goals
Sit down with your team and write a list of the top fve things you would like to accomplish from
this event and prioritize them so that you can divide and conquer when onsite at WPC. Where is
your company headed in the upcoming year? Where are you lacking, or what is your companys
greatest weakness? If you have a planned year-over-year growth target, what kind of new leads
will you be seeking? Are there cross-sell opportunities with complementary Microsoft partners?
If so, which type of partners? If you plan to expand into a new geographical market, be sure
to attend the regional lounges. Are you in need of general business expertise, or is it more
important to learn about the technology of recently launched products? do you simply need help
understanding how to maneuver through the Microsoft Partner Network and fnd out more about
resources available to you? All these factors will affect your decisions regarding how you schedule
sessions and networking.
specifc goals might include:
# of meetings
Sessions to attend
develop partnerships
Enhance existing customer relationships
# of leads to follow up with
developing messaging specifc to the content of the show or the potential audiences youll engage
is an important part of how memorable and relevant your interactions will be:
Hone your message have a great message for a handshake or if you have a full meeting
Bring your company collateral for meetings
Be ready with examples to illustrate (case studies, fast features, testimonials)
Its like any
What is the one key
point you want to make?
What are three sub-
bullets or necessary
pieces of information?
What is your WoW
point of differentiation?
How will you determine
the best leads from the
event? Who will you
follow up with frst when
you get back?
Social Media
Find, Subscribe, and utilize Social Media updates
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpc & https://www.facebook.com/mspartner
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wpc
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Microsoft-Worldwide-Partner-Conference-2013-2639423?gid=2639423
WPC website: http://www.digitalwpc.com/
While at the show
Walk the whole show frst before making connections and strategically map out who
youd want to meet for partnerships, prospects, referrals and other networking.
Plan your day according to sessions youre going to attend, what times youll sit at
a networking lounge, what times youll be on the exhibition foor, blocking out your
time so you are strategic about your networking.
Events are a great
way to attract
new employees.
unemployment is at a
5 year low its time to
think about this again!
Stay Connected:
Send email to prospective
partners and resellers you met
throughout the day
Nothing is more impressive than
immediate responsiveness
Be prepared at all networking functions:
double check business cards on hand
Be ready to follow up immediately with a one-sheet
Take notes on back of business card with anecdote/info about conversation
Rehearse elevator pitch the morning of the show or just before networking
Be prepared with a date offer extend relationship by attending a mutually
interesting event, make additional introductions, visit a booth together
Walk the Expo
and look at
competitors booths:
Who are they talking to?
What are they doing well?
What are their calls to action?
Where is their business going over
the next year?
WPC Checklist
As you prepare your packing list, dont forget to take into consideration the logistical
side of your trip. Heres a cheat sheet of items to remember:
M Business cards
M Company one-pager
M Comfortable shoes (theres lots of walking)
M Reusable water bottle (it will be hot!)
M Notepad
M Pens
M Company shirt
M Brief description of your apps
M Print-out copy of your agenda
M devices for app demos
M Charger for each device
M Converters and adapters for electronic devices
M Memory sticks
*Be sure to leave room in luggage to take home collateral and giveaways.
Be careful when
turning on
roaming feature
for international
devices, roaming
can be very
There will be wif
and kiosks to check
email onsite.
Keynote sessions are larger meetings (can be over 15,000 attendees) featuring
Microsoft top executives and inspirational speakers whose messages will paint a broader
picture of the business direction. This general overview of the marketplace and industry
trends is applicable information for all partner types. Conversely, breakout sessions
(often 25-50 attendees) are specialized meetings tailored specifcally for partners with
different certifcations, geographical markets, product focus, or business function. There
are many sessions for you to choose from at WPC. The following sessions have been
specially selected for ISVs, Hosting Partners, and Application developers.
Consider going to the
networking lounge
after a large keynote
session to stimulate
organic conversation
with prospects.
Azure ISV Track Content overview
Here are some ideas of ISV sessions to help get you started. The times and locations are
subject to change. Please check www.digitalwpc.com for updates.
Venue GRBCC General Assembly A GRBCC 310 BCEF GRBCC 362d
Capacity & Setup
1155 Theatre 355 Theatre 90 Theatre
Session Type Value Keynote Breakout Interactive
tuesdAy, July 9
9:00 am 10:00 am The Path to Market Opportunity
on the Microsoft Platform
Speaker: Tim oBrien
10:30 am 11:30 am Marketplace Opportunity (TBd) How to Plug Into the Microsoft
Speaker: Tim Benjamin Sales Machine
Speaker: Arnie Mondloch
1:30 pm 2:30 pm Be Your Customer for 60 Minutes SQL Server & the Cloud
and Hear Microsofts Pitch to the OS Data Platform for
Enterprise to Build Apps Application Innovation
Speaker: david Law Speakers: Ramnik Gulati & Scott Klein
3:00 pm 4:00 pm Is a Chihuahua Biting
at Your Heels?
Speakers: david MacLaren & Panel
4:30 pm 5:30 pm Driving SaaS Success Using the
Right Price & the Right Incentives
Speaker: Yvonne Muench
wednesdAy, July 10

1:00 pm 2:00 pm TBd
2:30 pm 3:30 pm Developing ISV Solutions for
Offce & SharePoint The New
Revenue Opportunity (TBd)
Speaker: TBd
4:00 pm 5:00 pm Microsoft Incentives to Help You
Generate Revenue!
Speaker: Penny delgadillo
The Microsoft Marketplace opportunity: your next revenue stream
Are you looking to increase revenue and proft for your applications built on Microsoft technologies?
Then be sure to attend this session to understand the Marketplace opportunities and offers available to
independent software vendors (ISVs) across the Microsoft platform, such as the Windows 8 operating
system, including side-loading options.
Reimagining ISV solutions for the Offce and SharePoint Store
The Microsoft offce and SharePoint Store provides an amazing opportunity for independent software
vendors (ISVs) to reach millions of offce and SharePoint users in their work environment.
Building the modern app for the cloud
Differentiate and thrive: how your hosted apps business
can thrive in the cloud
Developing applications for Windows Phone and the Windows platform
Driving SaaS success; using the right price and the right incentives
Moving to the cloud? of course! Then comes the hard part: how best to go about doing so.
Game changers in the U.S. application ecosystem
Now is an exciting time to be building apps.
Is a Chihuahua biting at your heels?
New companies are emerging every day with pure-play software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings aimed at
competing against traditional line-of-business solutions in the market today.
Microsoft incentives to help you generate revenue!
Microsoft values the commitment you make to build your solutions on the Microsoft platform.
Offce 365 Education: tens of millions of U.S. students connecting
with partner apps and services
Accelerate your U.S. customers to Offce 365
Development platforms U.S. community update: modern apps
and the partner opportunity
SQL Server and the Cloud Solutions Platform for Application Innovation
Attend this interactive session to learn and discuss how Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Cloud Solutions
data platform are rapidly evolving to help you meet new industry challenges and innovate in new ways.
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: ISV
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: ISV
Format: Interactive discussion
Audience: Enterprise
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: Hosting & Cloud Service Providers
Format: Breakout Session
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: ISV
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: u.S. Application developers
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: ISV
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: ISV
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS SI, ISV, LAR
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS SI, ISV, VAR, LAR
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS SI
Format: Interactive discussion
Audience: ISV
Below are Recommended Sessions: Product Specifc for ISVs
Recommended Sessions: Azure Specifc
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS SI, ISV, current Azure Circle

Format: Interactive discussion
Audience: Server, data and Tools
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS SI - Core Infrastructure Partners,
Azure Circle Partners
Secrets of a successful U.S. Windows Azure partner
Drive opportunities with Windows Azure data services
How U.S. partners can monetize Windows Azure IaaS
Recommended Sessions: Microsoft Programs, Support, and Tools
A guided tour of U.S. Partner Programs and the resources that keep you informed
50 marketing tips in 50 minutes
A new era accelerating partner growth in the US SMB market

Building a referral engine: a step by step approach to systematic referral generation
Business metrics every owner and manager should know and use
Delivering solutions and driving revenue with enterprise social in the US
How to plug in to the Microsoft sales machine
Are you perplexed by how Microsoft markets and sells into the small- and medium-business (SMB) and
enterprise customer account segments and how to leverage Microsofts massive global sales force?
Format: Breakout Session
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: Sales and Marketing
Format: Regional Keynote
Audience: uS SMB Partners

Format: Breakout Session
Audience: Sales and Marketing
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: Business Leadership
Format: Breakout Session
Audience: uS ISV, SI
Format: Interactive discussion
Audience: ISV
Recommended Sessions: Keynotes
Vision Keynote
This is the main keynote address that offcially kicks off WPC. The future of technology will be highlighted,
so this is not one to miss!
Regional Keynote
This is the chance to hear specifcally what is going on in your region. Come hear about upcoming
programs and events from the leaders in your region!
The Path to Market Opportunity on the Microsoft Platform
As an Independent Software developer (ISV) your business opportunity has never been greater, but the
increasing challenges of the fast-changing device landscape and infrastructure complexity continue to
stretch precious technical and business resources as the industry shifts toward new types of applications.
Make sure to attend the ISV Track Value Keynote to learn about how the path forward is one in which user
experiences run across multiple devices and screens, powered by services in the cloud, and how the strength
of the Microsoft platform will help you take advantage of these shifts to differentiate in the market and
grow your business.
Microsofts cloud vision for hosting partners
As the shift to the cloud is accelerating and becoming more broadly adopted by businesses globally,
Microsoft sees hosting-service-provider partners as a core part of its vision for the cloud.
From living room to boardroom: the future of Unifed Communications
Microsoft is committed to developing and growing unifed Communications and improving the way people
do business and communicate in their daily lives.
Format: Vision Keynote
Audience: ALL
Address: Houston Toyota Center
When: Monday, July 8 (8:30am 12:00pm)
Format: Regional Keynote
Audience: All partners by region
Address: George Brown Convention Center
When: Thursday, July 11 (9:00am 11:00am)
Format: Value Keynote
Audience: ISV
Address: George Brown Convention Center
When: Tuesday, July 9 (9:00am-10:00am)
Format: Value Keynote
Audience: Hosting & Cloud Service Providers
Address: George Brown Convention Center
Format: Value Keynote
Audience: unifed Communications
Address: George Brown Convention Center
The Commons (Expo)
A strong sense of community is at the very foundation
of what makes WPC so special. In Houston, the event
will be headquartered at The Commons, a cityscape
design that brings together all aspects of the
conference experiencefrom online, keynote messages,
breakout sessions, and networking and expo space,
to registration, food, and virtually every touch point
in between.
Youll have a chance to explore the Expo at your leisure,
and discover booths from all the major sponsors of this
conference. The Expo will take place in the George R.
Brown Convention Center and major times for visiting
are as follows:
Sunday, July 7: 4:00pm 7:00pm
Monday, July 8: 12:00pm 5:30pm
Tuesday, July 9: 7:30am 5:30pm
Wednesday, July 10: 7:30am 2:30pm
Thursday, July 11: 8:00am 1:30pm
Event: wPC Happy Hour
When: July 8 & 9, 2013 (4:00 5:30pm)
Location: The Commons (Level 100)
Event: lenny Kravitz and fitz & the tantrums
When: July 10, 2013 (7:00 10:00pm)
Location: TBd
Lenny Kravitz will light up the night and get partners
rockin at the Partner Celebration on Wednesday,
July 10. Having won four consecutive GRAMMY
Awards, Kravitz has the record for the most wins in
the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance category.
It will be an unforgettable night of top-talent
performances with your colleagues and new friends!
Whether you want to relax, dance or just make your
networking even more enjoyable, you wont want to
miss this one-of-a-kind event!
Networking will be a pivotal part of your experience at WPC so be ready for it! You
will have lots of opportunities to network with partners, resellers, and Microsoft staff.
There are both formal and informal networking options, but WPC Connect will get
you started.
Introduce yourself
to speakers after
attending breakout
Attend happy hours
Attend speed-dating
Have business cards
with you at all times
Sit with new people
at meals
Have your elevator
pitch memorized
Wear a shirt with your
company logo on it
Carry a mobile device
with your app on it
Check out the lounges
in between sessions
utilize WPC Connect
WPC Connect
What is it?
WPC Connect is an online tool anyone can use to get connected to partners,
customers, and Microsoft teams before the conference, and stay connected while in
Houston. Engage with the people you met at WPC 2012, or build new contacts that
will help you succeed in the coming year.
How do I use it?
Home Page: A quick snapshot of community activity
Connect to people in the network: View other profles by searching on name, or tag;
click their name to view profle
Connect through conversations: View community discussions; like, share, comment,
and participate by adding your thoughts
Search Field: Find any content or profle by clicking the magnifying glass in the
upper right corner
Experience WPC: Learn about the content, agenda, tracks, and speakers, coming
to WPC 2013
Videos: watch, comment, like, and share content from previous WPCs and current
MPN Live episodes
Sign in (even if you havent registered for WPC yet!):
Build your profle with a Shopping mentality:
a) Give specifc details of your target
customers and partners
b) Note your competencies and industry
specifcs in the extend profle section to stand out
amongst other partners
c) Add your photo and tags about yourself including
keywords that describe your topics of interest
How do I start?
Introduce yourself by starting a discussion or adding
comments to a lively discussion in the Conversations
Browse the people list or search by keyword to see
who else is in the community and attending the event
Learn more about the sessions and content that will
be presented at WPC 2013, by following the links on
the Sessions, Tracks, Agendas and Media page
6 Engage in WPC Partner Pursuit while
you create connections to other attendees
before the conference:
For more information on how to play, prizes up for
grabs and how to join, visit: http://www.digitalwpc.
Azure isV
(P2P) speed dating
Sunday, July 7 (1:00 pm 5:30 pm)
Windows Azure ISV partners
are invited to join an interactive
speed dating session, designed
to help them meet partners with
complementary services and
expertise to potentially partner
with in the coming year.
Azure isV Partner-to-
Partner (P2P) luncheon
Tuesday, July 9 (11:30 am 1:30 pm)
Azure ISV Partners are invited to
attend a special luncheon hosted
by a Windows Azure executive for
a chance to network with peers.
Hosted lunch will include a brief
presentation followed by a live
question and answer session hosted
by cloud experts.
Partner-led sessions
(Azure track and booth)
Date and Time TBD Azure Track Breakout Session #1:
Interesting Azure Application Architectures
Customer Storytelling
Date and Time TBD Azure Track Breakout Session #2:
Partners Can Learn from our Key open Source
Partners Infnite Possibilities on Azure
Date and Time TBD STB Booth Partner Led Theater Sessions
The lounges are hot spots for networking activity. For example, you can network in
a particular product lounge to meet others who are interested in those products. In
addition, there are regional lounges where you can meet up with others from your
region or visit a regional lounge where you might want to do business. This is a great
way to jumpstart your connections in a new region. You might also visit the Azure
lounge and meet product specialists who can direct you to other Azure-focused
events and meetings that might not be on your offcial agenda. Check the Expo foor
map once you get onsite for the precise locations for each lounge:
Date Location Time
Sunday, July 7 The Commons (Level 100) 4:00pm 7:00pm
Monday, July 8 The Commons (Level 100) 12:00pm 5:30pm
Tuesday, July 9 The Commons (Level 100) 7:30am 5:30pm
Wednesday, July 10 The Commons (Level 100) 7:30am 2:30pm
Thursday, July 11 The Commons (Level 100) 8:00am 1:30pm
You will fnally have the opportunity to put a face to the name for the Microsoft
contacts you have been working with remotely. There are various ways to interact
including lounges, meals, breakouts, and the Expo. Take advantage of the Expo, where
you can visit with several Microsoft teams who have booths. Azure-focused sessions
will draw in the key stakeholders you need to make contact with, so be sure to attend.
More Networking Tips
Stay at the hotel where the event is held its the best way to make informal
introductions in the lobby, at the bar, or walking to and from the show
Review who is attending:
do some pre-outreach- let other partners and Microsoft employees know you
will be at the show
Participate in networking events
Set up your own meetings around key times, i.e. coffee before keynote, lunch
after big session
Add show attendance information to email signature or website
Two or three times a day, sit down and take notes on who you met, opportunities
youve uncovered, key trends in the industry, partnership opportunities, specifc
follow up items including a nugget from a session that you can refer back to.
Send it all to yourself in an email that youll read at the end of each day.
Follow up After the Show
Just as important as all your onsite activities, what you do after the show impacts
both the quality of your investment and your potential growth opportunities. Here
are some ideas to jumpstart your post-show initiatives:
Send a follow up within one week of the show to all leads
If a prospective partner or reseller is in your geography, invite to other events
in your area
If a prospective partner or reseller is pursuing an industry that your solution fts,
check to see if they are attending additional industry events where you
can reconnect
do a show recap for you and your internal team when you return, so everyone
benefts from your experience in real time
What were the highest attended activities/events?
Where were you able to collect great information or meet the right people?
What did you see others do that you liked?
Include a review of the show materials for key information you can reference in
a marketing campaign (i.e. key trends)
Put next years dates on your calendar with a reminder 3 months prior to start
organizing (include your recap)
Next Steps
www.digitalWPC.com for ongoing information and updates
on what is happening at WPC.
Get set up in WPC Connect. To get started, register
here with your Live Id.
Capitalize on your WPC experience. Check out this recent
on-demand webcast:
Turning Attendees into Real Prospects through Event Marketing (SMSP387PAL)
Description: This session is designed to provide you with best practices for planning
and execution before, during, and post-event follow-up and how you can maximize
your return on investment. To sign up, register here with your Live Id.
Sign up for the Windows Azure CSV Partner Newsletter to
fnd out about upcoming Azure events and stories. To sign up,
register here with your Live Id.
NEW! Special WPC application: PartnerLink
We are introducing an exciting new application
for Microsoft partners to connect worldwide. Profle your company, applications
and services, search for other partners, create events and invite others, and create
a partner link all within the App! The App is coming soon, so look for information
in the next CSV Newsletter and from your Microsoft BdM. To sign up for the CSV
newsletter, register here with your Live Id.
We know these resources will help all our CSV partners make the most of their WPC
experience. If youre ready to dig deeper beyond WPC, check out our Go-To-Market
programs below and reach out to AzureGTMPartner@microsoft.com to learn more.
Channel development
Workshops Preferred Pricing
Social Media & Mobile
optimization Preferred Pricing
Advertising including QuickLaunch
Bing Ads Credit
Website optimization and SEM Campaign
Customer Evidence, Social Media
& PR opportunities
Press Release Support
Partner Event-in-a-Box
Inbound and Email Marketing
Powered by Windows Azure Logo Program
& Promotion
incentives support
Partner Community
Technical & Business Roadmaps Meetings
on-demand SaaS Trainings Software Assurance Benefts
Architectural design Assistance
MSdN/Technical Blogs
Windows Azure Support