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70 TOP Siebel CRM Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

Siebel Testing interview questions and answers, Siebel Administrator interview
questions and answers
1. What is SIEBEL?
2. What difference between Fields and single value fields?
3. What is the difference between 1:1 and 1:M extension tables?
4. What is complex join? Difference with Foreign key Primary Key join?
5. What is Localisation?
6. What is different between bounded and unbounded picklist?
7. Dynamic Picklist is used to Update Join Fields? How?
8. What is the primary difference between Siebel 7.5.2 and 7.7 Versions?
9. Optimization techniques in EIM?
10. How to create Drilldown in Form applet?
11. What is detailed category in configuration, and its use?
12. How will you do validations in escripts and in configuration?
13. Siebel 7.7 How do you add Button Icon in an Applet?
14. What is difference between s_opty_x and s_opty_xm tables.
15. What difference between join specification and join definition?
16. What is force active property?
17. What is Symbolic URL in Siebel.
18. What value will get stored in the database when a field has both predefault value
and post default value
19. Difference between LOV and Picklist??
20. How to run Genbscript.exe?
21. What is Detail Applet and Association Applet?
22. What is the difference between MVG applet And a pick Applet?
23. what is applet toggle how many types are there?
24. How to call external webpage from Siebel application
25. what is the maximum number of applets can be there in a view
26. whats the difference between siebel 7.5 and 7.8? if we upgrade the application to
7.8from 7.5 what are the areas we need to give importance from QA(Testing) point of
27. What is the use of the indirect multivalue link and how do you configure it?
28. How do you display the no. of records in a picklist(combo box/drop down) not the
records in the pickapplet, in just 3 rows and not 5 rows(which is the default)?
29. How do you import LOV's?
30. What is Seibel Admin Mode View? How to create one?
31. What is Siebel Admin Mode View? How to Create this?
31. What is the purpose of 1:M extended table?
32. What is Siebel Gateway?
33. How can you do the data cleansing in EIM?
34. How can you resolve Foreign Key in EIM?
35. What is the use of Item Identifier.
36. What is the use of LDAP user ?
37. Where does the Primary Field of an MVG stored?
38. What is the difference between Links and Multi Value links?
39. What is foreign key table in Siebel?
40. Why do you need Primary in MVG?
41. When do we use genbscript.exe?
42. What is the difference between MVG and Dynamic PickList?
43. When do you use "CanInvoke(False/True)" method in scripting.
44. When do you use Property Sets in Siebel
45. What is Client Business Service?
46. When do we go for Dynamic PickList and for Pick Applet?
47. What is eapps.cfg file. and what is its significance.
48. Is it possible to have multiple database servers for one gateway server.
49. What is the function of SWSE on the Web Server? what is it?
50. What is the "Parent Category" property for a Screen View?
50. What is horizontal and vertical in siebel?
51. Why do we use Symbolic Strings in Siebel 77
51. How do you specify a view to be displayed as aggregate view in Siebel 7.7
52. When you have Pre Default Value and Post Default value for a Field, which one
will be stored in the Database.
53. What is All Mode Sort?
54. What does Business Component User Mode indicate
55. What is the link specification
56. What is the difference between "PickList Generic" and "PickList Hierarchical"
Business components?
57. What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?
58. What are Pre defined Queries?
59. How do you assign responsibilities to employees in Siebel?
60. How do you set up employees in Siebel?
61. What is the difference between an organization and division in Siebel
62. What is the difference between Join and Link?
63. What is the difference between EIM and EAI?
64. How do you import List of Values?
65. When do we go for BC level user properties
66. What is implied Join. Where do we find it ?
67. How do you recognize that a particular table (Base table ) can be extended?
68. What are the different types of Columns.
69. what are different types of Tables?
70. How many type of siebel Data model extensions are there?