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& Cover M aterials & M aterial
Tables are generally 30” high and 30” deep. The
length of a table will vary but the most standard sizes
are 6 and 8 feet long.
v Poly/Cotton Twill: Our standard material is a
65% poly and 35% cotton blend. This popular
material offers the best combination of durability
and value; It imprints well and has a rich character.

6 feet We offer 16 different colors of this material.

Our burgundy color is 100% cotton twill so white
imprints show as pure white.

30” deep The poly/cotton table covers have hemmed edges.

v Polyester: We also offer 13 different colors in a

100% polyester material. Polyester characteristics
30” high include stain and flame resistance.

White polyester material must be used on the

4-color dye sub imprint orders.

Polyester table covers have surged edges.

v A “three sided” table cover covers the top of the
table, both sides and front; leaving the back exposed. v Unimprinted table covers ship in 48 hours.
Full Color Dye Sub v Material colors may not be PMS matched.
v A “four sided” table cover has a piece of mate-
rial neatly sewn on the back side which drapes down
covering the back of the table. v All materials may be machine washed in cold water
Table Covers display your corporate logo, school on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Use no
mascot or association name to help you make a v A “flat” table cover drapes at the corners of the bleach or chlorine. Do not dry clean. May be ironed.
positive first impression while providing valuable table and will hang down to an inch above the floor. Do not iron the imprint.
information to those who come to your booth, A set of slight dimples will appear at the corners.
registration table or product display. M aterial Colors
v A “fitted” table cover has sewn corners that fit
Choosing the correct size and configuration for your snuggly against the table like a fitted bed sheet. * * * *
table cover is important. This brochure will help Red Burgundy Black Tan
A “fitted” table cover will fit on the length and width
you and your client understand which product best of the table it was made to fit with no versatility.
matches your needs. *
Forest Green
Kelly Green
Navy Blue Teal
The key consideration here is whether to go with a
Contact your promotional products distributor today ! flat or fitted table cover. If you are going to use the * * *
Royal Blue White Yellow Grey
same size table every time you use the table cover
then the fitted style will work. If you expect variation
in the size of tables you use (e.g. sometimes a 6’ and *
Athletic Gold Orange
sometimes an 8’ table) then order different sized table
covers or a longer flat one.
* Available in Polyester.
425-308-3045 ~ 888-313-6319 All colors are approximate representations.
Imprint Space B uying D ecision F. A. Q.
& Colors Checklist What’s the difference between flat and fitted tablecovers?
1 What size table do I most frequently use?
The standard imprint space is 34” wide by 22” high Flat table covers drape at the corners of the table and will hang
centered on the front view of the table. 2 Do I need all four sides of the table covered or just three? down to an inch above the floor. A set of slight dimples will
appear at the corners. A fitted table cover is made for a specific
3 Do I want a flat or a fitted table cover?
size table and has sewn corners like a fitted bed sheet.
4 What message or logo do I need to display?
34” Wide Can you match the fabric color to a PMS color? No.
5 What color scheme am I using?
How many colors can you print on the table cover?
22” High 6 How many tables do I use at an event? We can print up to 6 spot colors on any of the table covers or
print full color on a white (only) polyester table cover.
7 How many people need table covers during the year?
Can you print in non-standard locations?
4 foot table cover shown NEWolo! r D ye Sub Yes. The standard imprint position is centered on the front view
Full C
of the table cover. The most common non-standard locations are
Available in 6 foot and 8 foot flat.
the top and sides.
We have 15 standard imprint colors (see below), and now
offer full color imprinting on white polyester. How are 3 sided and 4 sided table covers different?
Three sided table covers reach over the table’s top, front and two
Imprints in non-standard locations (top or sides of cover) sides leaving the back of the table exposed. The four sided cover
are available. Please contact the factory for details. reaches over the back of the table in addition to the top and sides.
6 Foot 8 Foot
Can you walk me through the table cover measurements?

NE W Full color, D ye Sublimation imprints are

Cover Styles Standard table sizes are 30” high and 30” deep across the top of
the table. The length of a table will vary in 2’ increments like 4’,
6’ or 8’ length tables.
available on white polyester table covers!
Fitted Flat Table covers will reach down to just above the floor on the front

FUL OLOR ! of the table and across the top of the table plus down the two
short sides of the table, again to just above the floor.
A three sided table cover will leave the back exposed while the
four-sided table cover will have a piece of material that covers
Standard Imprint Colors 4 Foot 4 Foot the back of the table.
Please see the diagram under “Table and Cover Sizes”.
Black White Reflex Blue
Can table covers be dry cleaned? Machine washed?
Lt Green Yellow All materials may be machine washed in cold water on the
Process Blue PMS 354 PMS 108
gentle cycle. Tumble dry low heat. Use no bleach or chlorine.
Red Gold Orange 6 Foot 6 Foot Do not dry clean. May be ironed. Do not iron the imprint.
PMS 185 PMS 123 PMS 021
Burgundy Forest Green Navy Blue
PMS 209 PMS 357 PMS 295
Royal Blue Metallic Gold Metallic Silver
PMS 293 PMS 872 PMS 877
8 Foot 8 Foot
All colors are approximate representations. 425-308-3045 ~ 888-313-6319

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