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SL military ridicules Mulivaaykkaal

observance even in temples

[TamilNet, Sunday, 18 May 2014, 23:13 GMT]
The military intelligence operatives of the occupying Sri Lanka
Army deployed local goons to confront the elected Tamil
representatives of the Tamil National Alliance and Tamil National
Peoples Front from observing rituals at temples and churches in the
North and East commemorating Mullivaaykkaal !emembrance "ay
on Sunday# As a $ay of ridiculing% Sinhala soldiers entered into
Nalloor &anthasaami temple and 'competed $ith Tamil
representatives in making 'ritual offerings at the temple# The
(ishop of )affna $as under pressure to stop lighting
commemoration lamps at the churches# SL soldiers $ere deployed
in front of temples and churches# *o$ever% Ee+ham Tamils in the
North and East observed Mullivaaykkaal !emembrance at their
houses and businesses in an emotional manner% passing a strong
message to the $orld#
Tamil representatives sitting n t!e grund tal"ing t media as S# military sldiers, $it!ut $earing military s!irts, are $at%!ing t!em
T!e entire S# military apparatus in t!e Nrt! $as deplyed in &l%"ing
pu&li% events'
(arlier, t!e S# military $as telling t!e peple nt t !ave any remem&ran%e
event at pu&li% pla%es' T!e pu&li% $as tld t %mmemrate t!eir dead at
!uses and temples'
)ut, n Sunday t!e peple $ere tld nt t !ave any prayer at t!e temples
r %!ur%!es in remem&ran%e * t!se $! peris!ed in t!e gen%idal
Object 1
Tamil pliti%ians, %ndemning t!e attitude * t!e %%upying Sri #an"an
*r%es, said t!at t!e %ndu%t * t!e S# State and its armed *r%es n
Mu+l+livaay""aal ,emem&ran%e -ay $as nly adding ant!er eviden%e t
t!e $rld in depi%ting t!e Sin!ala e.%lusivist mind/set t!at desn0t tlerate
t!e sel*/respe%t * (e1!am Tamils in t!e island'
T!e Tamil pliti%ians $ere present at 2a**na 3at!edral, 4ant!asaami Temple
and 5eera/maa/"aa0li temple in Nallr a*ter 6:00 p'm', %ndu%ting
prayers, lig!ting * %andles and %ndu%ting religius rituals paying respe%t
t t!e dead'
Object 2
7 l%al s8uad perated &y t!e S# military ver&ally a&used t!e Tamil
pliti%ians, remving t!e %%nuts *rm t!em, $!en Tamil pliti%ians
prepared t &rea" %%nuts int s!erds at 5eera/maa/"aa0li 7mman temple
in Nallr' )rea"ing %%nut int s!erds 93!it!a0ru/t!eang"aay: in *rnt *
temples is a religius ritual * Saivites e.pressing *ul*ilment * t!eir
;liti%al &servers in t!e Nrt! say t!at t!e present Sin!ala %mmander
Ma<r General =daya ;erera, %%upying 2a**na, !as earlier s!$n >e.pertise0
in ppressing peratins $!en !e $as in %!arge * 4i0lin%!%!i distri%t a*ter
t!e 5anni $ar *ll$ed &y getting >training0 in t!e =S7'
?!en t!e )is!p * 2a**na %ame under pressure *rm t!e S# military, a
se%tin * t!e priests $ere rus!ed t 2a**na 3at!edral t pass a message t
avid >%ntrversies0, &ut t!e priests and Tamil representatives !ad already
paid t!eir tri&ute $it! lig!ting t!e %andles, ne$s sur%es tld TamilNet'
S# sldiers deplyed in *rnt * $rs!ip pla%es $ere instru%ted nt t all$
t!e tlling * &ells in temples and %!ur%!es'
T!e S# military intelligen%e peratives $ere &usy in mnitring and
*ll$ing t!e <urnalists, %ivil a%tivists and Tamil pliti%ians'
7 trader and Tamil pliti%ian T!uvaara"esvaran, $! is t!e &rt!er * an
assassinated Tamil M; T!iyagarasa Ma!es$aran, !ad arranged *r a spe%ial
religius ritual *r t!e *amilies t!at !ad lst t!eir "it! and "in in t!e 5anni
?ar' )ut, t!e S# military %mpletely &l%"ed t!e pu&li% *rm a%%essing
Na"uleasavaram temple $!ere t!e ritual $as arranged'
N;3 %un%illr 7nant!i staged a sit in prtest in *rnt * a S# military
&arrier n t!e rad t t!e temple'
7ll t!e Tamil pliti%ians, e.%ept t!e paramilitary %um pliti%al parties, $ere
united in t!e %mmemratin event n Sunday'
T!e @T74 9TN7: **i%e at Martin ,ad, TN;A **i%e at 3rd 3rss Street and
t!e **i%e * a ne$ly *rmed party "n$n as Tamil Natinal ;rgressive
;arty $ere under %ntinuus surveillan%e &y t!e S# military' 7ll t!e &y/
lanes in t!e vi%inity * t!ese **i%es $ere &l%"ed and n ne $as all$ed
t enter t!e **i%es' 7ll t!e Tamil representatives %ame tget!er t &serve
Mu+l+livaay""aal ,emem&ran%e -ay'
Object 3
B$ever, Tamil parliamentarians Sures! ;rema%!andran, Sivasa"t!i 7nant!an, S' Srit!aran pr%eeded $it! t!e
&servan%e $it! pu&li% parti%ipatin at t!e pliti%al **i%es situated in 5avuniyaa, 4i+lin%!%!i and in Neerveali'
N;3 3!airman 354 Sivagnanam at 2a**na 3at!edral