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Are private police the answer to current
public safety and fiscal concerns?

Dr. James F. Pastor, a nationally recognized

author and authority on public safety and
security, contends private police provisions are
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More than six years after the publication of his ground breaking book: The Privatization of Police in
America: An Analysis and Case Study, it is more timely and prescient today than when it was originally
published. The author, Dr. James F. Pastor, Ph.D., J.D., as the first to conduct “ride along” research of
private police, saw the value of these supplemental service providers long before most. He possessed this
vision due to his unique perspective. As a former tactical police officer, an attorney who represented police
and security firms, and as a respected academic expert, his insight is both diverse and comprehensive.

Policing agencies are strapped with two mutually inconsistent dynamics: being understaffed and
overburdened with service provisions. While various order maintenance services are necessary, such as
alarm response, disorderly and noise complaints, crime reporting, parking enforcement, and similar
services, these are now too costly and organizationally challenging to deliver. With constrained budgets,
some policing agencies are laying officers off. Most others are shrinking their ranks through attrition and
reduced hiring (if at all). In short, policing agencies either need more money or less work. In these difficult
economic times, the only real solution is less service provision.

These challenges will force policy makers, police chiefs, public administrators, and security professionals
to rethink their approach to policing the streets of America. In doing so, Dr. Pastor introduces a new
model of policing – Public Safety Policing – that offers an organized and proactive response based, in part,
on using private police to provide service provisions traditionally performed by policing agencies.

About the Author

Dr. Pastor is president of SecureLaw Ltd., a Chicago based public safety and security services firm. He is
also an associate professor of Public Safety at Calumet College of St. Joseph, and an adjunct instructor at
the International Law Enforcement Academy--where he teaches security technology to police officials
throughout the world. Dr. Pastor has been interviewed regarding security issues on WGN and WLS radio,
and with NBC 5, Comcast and Public Access cable TV stations as well as numerous print media. He
formerly taught legal issues at Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety, and legal & ethical
issues in security management in the graduate program at Webster University. He is the author of two
other books, Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency (2009), and
Security Law & Methods (2006).

Dr. Pastor consults, writes and speaks on a variety of public safety and security issues, including serving as
an expert witness. Previously, he practiced law for 15 years, serving as legal counsel for two police unions
and five security firms. Dr. Pastor began his career with the Chicago Police Department serving as a
tactical police officer in the Gang Crime Enforcement Unit, and later as an Assistant Department
Advocate dealing with police misconduct allegations, including hundreds of use of force cases.  
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