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The valid venue of proper jurisdiction must be secured by the Officers of the Court, upon your demand.
As per the Constitution, you have a pre-existing Right to Consul. o not allo! the judge or prosecutor "both being officers of the #arrister$s Association%, solicit
from the bench, sales and offers from that conflict of interest, private club. o not allo! these &colored' persons decide !ho !ill be your consul ( counsel. They are
already operating in a verifiable state of )conflict of *nterest). o not let or trust them to tell you the truth about their obligations, or to inform you that you have to
have someone !ho is "allegedly% licensed to +practice$ la!. The Congress does not, and the Constitution does not, license la!yers, because there is no such thing as
a license to practice la!. The la! "Constitution% is common to every free national being. There is no political or religious test or re-uirement to have a +license$ in
order to exercise, enjoy, or to command the enforcement of the la! "Constitution, #ill of Rights and Treaties%. o not believe me - as. these administrative accusers
to sho! you documented proof by /xhibit, their license to practice la!. They, in turn, !ill not, they cannot, and they do not, because such instruments do not exist.
And this is the 0ACT. They "the Attorneys or other Officers of the Court% may sho! you "under the rule of iscovery% a )#ar Association 1embership Card) !hich
they also are loath to do. 2o!ever that instrument is not a license, and is far from an alleged license. 3uch instruments are private club4member, dues paying,
agreements, !hich have nothing to do !ith Constitutional Obligations "Articles *** and 5*% and are merely membership cards issued by private corporate interests,
and officers of the #arristers Association 4 a private and exclusive club.
6e have added additional $Travel$ Case 7a!s and information for your revie!, study and application. There are another set of case la!s that are and have al!ays
been at the end of this page in 80 format entitled $5ehicle Traffic and 9udges$, along !ith a )Tic.et ismissal ocument. 6ithin it are :; supreme court case la!s,
most of them involve traveling. 6e have also added a 80 that gives you supports !hen a 3tate Court denies your Affidavits and tells you the 3upreme Court
rulings O <OT apply to them because they are from another state. This is a farce, pursuant to Article 5*, all la! and all 3upreme Court rulings apply to the 3everal
3tates, to all the 3tates. The issue !ould then become a matter of )iversity of Citi=enship$, as a natural person !ould follo! the 7a!s of the 7and, and so must any
established state entity. Obviously their "the corporate states% policies are not la! and they apply to a specific $class$ of people, those people are <OT the natural
people. The information contained !ithin it, are !hat you ought to .no!, *t is entitled $enial Of Affidavits$. - Of Case 7a!s. 6e also have attached information in
regards to 9urisdiction of a court, in pursuance to Article ***, and this is for !hen they tell you that they are a $-uasi-criminal court$, of !hich there is no such la!ful
sanction for, it is in the definition a $semblance$ of that !hich is real, it is a Colorable Office, exercising Color-of-7a! and operating under Color-of-Authority, !hich
means it is <OT A 5A7* court, and it has <O 9>*C*A7 A>T2OR*T? granted to it from the 7egislature, as the 7egislation O/3 <OT grant judicial authority to
ministerial, incompetent courts.
Driving is a COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY and the license instrument is for DRIVERS ONLY -- for commerce; going to the store, to visit a friend,
etc., IS NO !O""ER!I#L #!IVIY. As a natural and sustantiv! rig"t# $%u "av! t"! rig"t t% Trav!l u&%n t"! land 'it"%ut li(!ns!#
r!gistrati%n# tags# insuran(!# !t() Of course, you o!e the public $due care$, and you must remedy any injury you ma.e to another or another$s property.
2o!ever to be exploited and violated in a manner that causes you injury via stealing your Rights and your property, including your body being imprisoned, or
rather .idnapped, is another issue. To send $Revenue Collectors$ on the high!ay, feigning as police officers, !hen they are private police enforcers carrying guns
and enforcing $policies$, and are brea.ing the la! themselves, !hich prove they are not $la! enforcers$, is another issue. F%r t"%s! '"% t"in* t"!$ MUST "av!
a DMV t!a(" t"!ir ("ildr!n +du! (ar!+# '! sugg!st $%u r!,t"in* t"at# and r!(%gni-! t"at $%ur ("ild (an l!arn t% %&!rat! a (%nv!$an(! # ! it
an aut%.%il!# a tru(*# a tra(t%r# !t()# 'it"%ut t"! !/&l%itati%n %0 a &rivat! (%r&%rati%n 0%r &r%0it (all!d t"! DMV# 0!igning as a
g%v!rn.!nt !ntit$) In 0a(t t"! +&!r.it+ is su00i(i!nt# unl!ss it "as ad"!si%ns t"at &la(! $%u %r $%ur ("ild in a stat!+s 1urisdi(ti%n t"at
%&!rat!s und!r C%l%r,%0,Aut"%rit$ and 'it" t"! int!nt t% !/&l%it t"! La')
?O> are not@. AR/ <OT and CA<<OT be citi=ens of the corporate united states of america, or any of its enclaves, as indicated in the original and organic :;th
amendment !ith AB sections and in accord !ith the $Treaty of 8eace and 0riendship$ and the $>nited 3tates Republic Constitution$@unless you 5O7><T//R TO
#/. 8archment paper stands out best for the $Order of 8rotection$.
#ccording to the State$s%, one is re&uired to o'tain a !ertificate of itle and to register their (rivate (ro(ert) $conve)ance% *ith the "otor
Vehicle De(artment. Attached is an interesting !ritten dissertation bet!een #ruce 1cCarthy, a citi=en of 1issouri, and the 1issouri 1otor 5ehicle
epartment. 1cCarthy !as re-uesting clarification as to their re-uirements regarding obtaining a title, !hich e-uates to as.ing !hat 7a! supports their position
and compels anyone to have to obtain a certificate of title from them, and register their vehicle !ith them. T"! M%t%r V!"i(l! D!&art.!nt2s3 stat!s t"at in
%rd!r 0%r %n! t% s"%' &r%%0 %0 %'n!rs"i& %0 t"!ir &!rs%nal &r%&!rt$# t"!$ .ust r!(!iv! a (!rti0i(at! %0 titl! 0r%. t"! stat!# and t"!n t"!$
.ust r!gist!r it# turning it int% a .%t%r v!"i(l!# '"i(" t"!n &la(!s it as t"!ir 2M%t%r V!"i(l! D!&art.!nt3 &r%&!rt$ und!r (%..!r(!)
/ssentially, factually and la!fully, in doing so, one is surrendering o!nership of their property to the 3tate epartment, of !hich the property !as not bought from
the state, nor does the 3tate have the #ill of 3ale or receipt Cyou do from !homever and !herever you bought it. To add insult to the injury and the fraud, one is
paying to sell their property to the 3ate, via title cost and other taxes. /ssentially, the unsuspecting, un.no!ing citi=en is enriching the corporate state, allo!ing
them to gain further assets perpetually and annually via registration, insurance, tags, etc., !hich are taxes.
1cCarthy$s poses an interesting -uestion to the 3tate epartment of 1otor 5ehiclesD )6hat proof of o!nership exist prior to one obtaining a certificate and
registering their personal property !ith the 1otor 5ehicle epartmentE) The !ritten exchange is very informative and unveiling. As 1oorish American <ational
citi=ens, !e care to address a fe! points for you to .eep in mind !hen reading the article.
+oint , -. As an American <ational, you cannot be a member ( citi=en of any union state.
8er >nited 3tates Republic Original :;th Article of the #ill of RightsD ). . . <o one must be citi=ens.)
+oint , /. *t is implied !ithin this dissertation and in numerous communications(directives from the various member-states, as !ell as the federal government,
that states relate to the land. 2o!ever, they do not, as the land is the inheritance of the 1oors and !as never given, exchanged, nor can it ever be sold to anyone.
Therefore !henever you read anything that says )*n the 3tate of 1issouri) "or else!here% .no!s that this does not include any portion of any land on the American
+oint , 0. The 3tate of 1issouri, 3tate of Connecticut, 3tate of <e! ?or., 3tate of <e! 9ersey, 3tate of "!hatever% etc., are federal enclaves. They are subsidiaries
of the 0ederal Fovernment. Therefore, !hatever applies in 1issouri applies in every federal enclave and is not specific to any one federal enclave. This tric.ery,
misrepresentation is used to mislead the people and .eep them thin.ing they are dealing !ith separate and independent union states. ?et, they are not. All of the
union states have been ta.en over and converted to federal enclaves.
+oint , 1. Al!ays .eep in mind that the government !as created for the people, by the people, for one purpose and that is to secure, preserve, and protect the
unalienable rights of the people. Therefore, no government can hinder compromise, enslave, abrogate, or convert any of the +Rights of the 8eople$.
8er the >nited 3tates Republic eclaration of *ndependenceD
). . . to secure these Rights, Fovernments are instituted among 1en, deriving their just 8o!ers from the Consent of the Foverned . . . )
23here rights secured ') the !onstitution are involved, there can 'e no rule ma4ing or legislation *hich *ould a'rogate them.2, "iranda v.
State of #ri5ona, GH 3.Ct. :HBA at :H;H, ;GI >.3. I;H at IJ: ">.3.Ari=.:JHH%.
he follo*ing are additional case la*s to 4ee( in mind *hile revie*ing )our 2"anufacturers statement of Origin2D
2# state cannot im(ose restrictions on the acce(tance of a license that *ill de(rive the licensee of his constitutional rights2. Ruc4en'rod v.
"ullins, :BA >tah KIG, :;; 8.Ad. ;AK, :II A7R G;J
here can 'e no sanction or (enalt) im(osed u(on one 'ecause of the e6ercise of a constitutional right.
Sherar v. !ullen, IG: 0. JIK "Jth Cir. :JL;% S(evac4 v. 7lein, ;GK >.3. K:: ":JHL% 8#RRIY v. NE3 9ERSEY, ;GK >.3. IJ; ":JHL%, :OYD v. ; S, ::H >.3.
H:H ":GGH%, "#LLOY v. <O8#N, ;LG >.3. : ":JHI%
)<o state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it.) 1urdoc. v. 8enn., ;:J >3 :BK
2# *riting is =void a' initio> in the case of fraud in the ince(tion, and it need not 'e formall) rescinded as a (rere&uisite to right of
avoidance2. :onacci v. "assachusetts :onding Ins. !o., ":JI;% KG CA Ad HKL,HHI.
3hen a citi5en is attem(ting to enforce the !onstitution, as herein sho*n, he is doing so 2not for himself alone 'ut also ?for others@ as a
>(rivate attorne) general> vindicating a (olic) that ?the !onstitution *riters@ considered of the highest (riorit).) Ne*man v +iggie +ar4
Enter(rises, ;JB >3 IBB, GG 3 Ct JHI, JHH, :J 7 /d Ad :AH;, :AHK ":JHJ%, Oatis v !ro*n Aeller'ach !or(, ;JG 0Ad IJH, IJJ "CA K, :JHG%, and 9en4ins v
;nited 8as !or(, IBB 0Ad AG, ;; n :B "CA K, :JHG%.
)#n administrative regulation, of course, is not a 2statute.) ;.S. v "ers4) ":JHB% ;H: >.3. I;:
3tatutes must be .no!nD
)Vagueness of *ording is aggravated ') (roli6it) and (rofusion of statutes, regulations, and administrative machiner), and ') manifold
crossBreferences to interrelated enactments and rules,) 7e)ishian v :oard of Regents of ;. of St. of N. Y., ;GK >3 HB;, HBI, GL 3 Ct HLK, HGI, :L 7
/d Ad HAJ ":JHL%.
The ><ighest !ourt> in the Land "possessing Original 9urisdiction% has ruled that 2No State can ma4e an) la*s or rules that a'rogate the +eo(les>
Rights or the Su(reme La* of the Land2. 2o!ever, due to extreme levels of debauchery, misprision and fraud permeating all levels of government, by
dishonest politicians, judges, and prosecutors, the <atural 8eople have been consistently robbed and suffer the destructive results of abuse of authority. Criminals
!earing blac. robes, and fa.ing as Article *** judges, have created and acted as auctioneers, administering a system of deception that has led many unsuspecting
<atural 8eople into )believing) that they "the accused% have violated the 7a!, !hen in fact they have not. The thieves and criminal officers of municipals courts all
over the land, have converted Rights, secured and reserved for the 8eople, into crimes. Thereafter, fining and jailing them, under a $Color of 7a!$ and a $Color of
!olor means, )#n a((earance, a sem'lance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that *hich is real). Color, 0a.e, *mitation, 1isrepresentation,
and 0raud are synonyms.
Concerning the social position of the <atural 8eople, in their relationships !ith othersD )Due care) is an important issue, and involves having and maintaining a
.een sense of responsibility to recogni=e the rights of others. This is the social duty of all citi=ens and <atural 8eople, !hen interacting publicly and !ith others. A
lac. of preserving civil responsibilities, or a blatant neglect of civili=ed principles "morals and ethics% !ould be detrimental to all. A fundamental .no!ledge of the
$de jure$ 7a! of the 7and, "Constitution ( Treaties% !hich preserves and secures the Rights of all <atural #eings and citi=ens, is a common social obligation,
relegated to all members of a society. *gnorance, greed, colonialism, and the construction of fraudulent adhesion contracting "legal frauds% have caused many to
divulge themselves as being far less than honorable, and reveals their true deceptive tendencies and !ill to violate the basic moral and ethical principles of
civili=ation. >n.ind actions and anti-constitutional legislation, created by the $unclean hands$ of ill-trusted corporate administrators, have proven highly
destructive to the $>nalienable Rights$ of the <atural 8eople. >nalienable Rights are Rights !hich are not $Alienable. This means that such Rights cannot be
transferred or sold to another, etc.
8olitical thieves "usually descendants of /uropean Colonists operating upon the American Continents% have, by outright criminality, ta.en unla!ful leave and
advantages of the usurped seats of government, and have polluted the sanctity of their Official Oaths to uphold the Constitution and Treaties and are unla!fully
violating the <atural 8eople. Conse-uently, much of the ignorance "plaguing and stagnating the <atural 8eople% has more to do !ith deliberate misguidance,
misprision, falsehoods, and miseducation. This is due to a designed lac. of .no!ledge, deviously promoted and controlled by these same miscreants. 8seudo-
government operatives, "administrative% have .no!ingly, and !ith forethought, often substituted themselves for true "Article *** judicial% sanctioned authorities.
Organi=ed criminal controllers of these misrepresented seats or offices of authority have made and generated incalculable amounts of finance for unchec.ed
municipal rac.eteers.
Rac.eteering is a la! term that applies to an organi=ed conspiracy to commit the crimes of extortion or coercion, or attempts to commit extortion or coercion.
Rac.eteering is the obtaining of money or property from another, !ithout his consent, induced by the !rongful use of force or fear. The fear !hich constitutes the
legally necessary element in extortion is induced by oral or !ritten threats to do an unla!ful injury to the property of the threatened person by means of explosives,
fire, or other!ise, or to .ill, .idnap, or injure him or her, or a relative of his or her family, etc.
)Purg!r$ , %0 , Oat") perpetrators - being the unsanctioned administrators ministers of cities, to!ns, boroughs - inclusive of their contracted 1unicipal Court
officers, have usurped judicial po!ers "for their o!n private benefit%. 1any have suffered beuroghcratic forced - servitude by their unla!ful acts, as they have
used jurisdictional po!ers "not delegated to them% to incarcerate people, and to colorably put people at ris., placing them into perpetual patterns of legal "yet not
la!ful% compromission, and bringing about losses of property, losses of finances, and constant abrogation of their >nalienable Rights and 3ubstantive Rights.
8overty and theft by design, incorporating jail, as an industry, has been used to 3tate agents and agencies to impose coercive extortion - initiated by )lac4 B of B
due B (rocess +leas) made before unla!ful private corporate tribunals. 1ost of these being misrepresented as legitimate courts. This politically4protected
criminality has hindered many <atural 8eople from enjoying or exercising Rights secured by the Constitution ( Treaty and the #ill of Rights. Criminals in
government have thus, imposed feudal fees upon the people, converting rights into crimes, and hindering them from traveling, etc.
6hen the <atural 8eople "2eirs Apparent% have, possess, or gain a clear understanding and .no!ledge of ho! they have been robbed and exploited by these
foreign, un!orthy adulterers of the 7a!, they can, and !ill, begin such necessary "anti-rac.eteering% actions and studies as needed to remedy their injuries and
begin to turn around the conspiratorial extortions and foul acts of arbitrary committed on a daily basis. *t must be clearly understood by all that the 3tates$ )drivers
license instruments) are a $Corporate >se Tax) relegated to foreign corporate privileges, and are $Customs 8ayments$ made to the alleged $3overeign$, and deemed
for commercial usage and privilege. 6hen <atural 8ersons are operating their o!n private vehicles, conveyances, automobiles, or vessels, unless they are
corporately carrying passengers for hire, they are not )driving), they are )traveling). riving pertains to commercial activities. Traveling the public road!ays and
high!ays are natural and 3ubstantive Rights, having nothing to do !ith privileges. This clear distinction bet!een the !ords, driving and traveling may seem to be
trivial to some readers, ho!ever, that specificity has caused many to lose a substantial amount of freedoms and finance. 0or many poor families, this
disingenuousness has manifested into politically instigated and targeted economic states of )epression).
#elo! is an example and explanation about the misuse of administrative and ministerial po!ers. These facts and concepts may help one to understand ho! to get
out from under the foul yo.e of being robbed by agencies and persons !ho have been, and are, using extortion tactics, disguised under the misrepresented
Sus(ended Driving Instrument Due o Cailure o +a) Surcharge
*f you "the <atural 8erson% are operating !ith the 3tates$ imposed driving instrument, and had a )3urcharge) imposed upon you, .no! that the contract -
instrument is essentially a surcharge for )being stopped) from exercising a right. *t is important for one to .no! that such an imposed &3urcharge' is an unla!ful
and unauthori=ed +*mpost$. *mposts are taxes, levies, or duties imposed upon foreign nations or corporations. 3urcharges are compound or secondary fees or fines,
levied against one for +riving$ and are typically spread over monthly extortion - payments for a fe! years or so. The ministerially - adjudicated +3urcharges$ are
usually paid "under threat of !arrant or arrest% to a different entity, person, and address other than the 3tate-contracted epartment of 1otor 5ehicles "15%.
3uch acts are actually active and constructive fraud, and are no more than collusive acts of "Conspiracy%. *f the <atural 8erson or citi=en fails to pay the
+3urcharges$ "ransoms% in the time or manner they "employees of the Agencies ( 1unicipalities% have set, or imposed, they then notify the 15 to suspend the
3tates$ imposed license, !hich is rented annually for a fee. 3uch an action instituted against anyone, must be relegated to "conspiracy to extort%.
The Corporate 1unicipal Agents also notify the local courts, police officers, to!nships, cities, court systems, etc., to ta.e un!arranted legal4process actions
against you "the accused violator%. The usurping 3tate, "through its hired thieves% thusly uses )(%l%r,%0 La'4 and 4C%l%r %0 Aut"%rit$) to hinder you "the
<atural 8eople and Citi=ens% from traveling the public road!ays and high!ays. This deduces the use of the driver$s license to an instrument used to effectuate and
veil organi=ed theft and extortion. The thieves then conspire to systematically serve you "the alleged violator% !ith ne! Tic.ets ( 3uits ( #ills of /xchange (
3ummons, to appear or pay, or both. The colluders often threaten to, again, suspend the 3tates$ 7icense and may also impose possible jail time. All of these
administrative acts are unla!ful. As an exampleD
5"at is a Sur("arg!6
A +3urcharge$ is a bill that has been filed to open a claim, an exaction, an impost, or an encumbrance, beyond that !hich is just and right, or beyond one$s authority
or po!er.
*f a $3urcharge$ is beyond !hat is just or right, and is done !ithout authority, doesn$t such an act constitute rac.eteering and other criminal actions of fraudE One
must al*a)s &uestion 9urisdiction and consider "by !ay of Constitutional principles% *ho created these >Surcharge> :ills, and *ho o(ened these
filesD 0urthermore, !here !as or is your copy of the #illE According to the rule of iscovery, you are la!fully supposed to also have been presented !ith an
original copy of the sameM *f a copy of the document ( instrument "#ill% cannot be produced by the prosecutor ( accusers ( claimants, !ith your signature, then
such a #ill is a fraud, unla!ful, and un-actionable. Thus, such acts are a )<ullity). A +Nullit$ %r Null$$ is a term in la!, !hich essentially regards and refers to an
unla!ful administrative court officer$s decision or action as being $<othing in 7a!) or )5oid of 7a!. <ullies are often attached to unconstitutional decisions made
by officials acting under $colorable$ processes. As an aside, and addition to these facts, such agencies cannot ma.e &9udicial ecisions' - they do not possess the
authority. 3uch po!erful Article *** jurisdictional authority is not in their capacity, and such unsanctioned courts and 9udges cannot violate the la!s of the
Constitution, by !hich they are bound to support and uphold by Official Oaths. "3ee Arti(l! VI %0 t"! C%nstituti%n and Oat" %0 Et"i(s%. Administrative
9udges or 1inisterial Officers "traffic court judges% do not have, or possess, the authoritative or la!ful po!er at all to ma.e judicial decisions. They are ministerial
in status and character. Thus, they are incompetent, and are .no!ingly violating the established 7a! of the 7andM
N )1inisterial officers are incompetent to receive grants of judicial po!er from the legislature, their acts in attempting to exercise such po!ers are necessarily
nullities.) :urns v. Su(., Ct., 30, :IB Cal. :.
N )A judge ceases to sit as a judicial officer because the governing principle of administrative la! provides that courts are prohibited from substituting their
evidence, testimony, record, arguments, and rationale for that of the agency. Additionally, courts are prohibited from substituting their judgment for that of the
agency. Courts in administrative issues are prohibited from even listening to or hearing arguments, presentation, or rational.) #SIS v. ;S, KHG 0Ad AGI.
N The 3tate is prohibited from violating substantive rights. O!ens v. City, IIK >3 HHA ":JGB%, and it can not do by one po!er "eg. 8olice po!er% that !hich is, for
example, prohibited expressly to any other such po!er "eg. Taxation ( /minent omain% as a matter of la!. ;S and ; v. Daniels, AA p :KJ, nor indirectly that
!hich is prohibited to it directly. Cair'an4s v. ;S :G:, >3 AG;, AJI, ;BBD
N 6here rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-ma.ing or legislation, !hich !ould abrogate them. "iranda v. #ri5ona ;GI >3
N 3tate courts, li.e federal courts, have a )constitutional obligation) to safeguard personal liberties and to uphold federal la!. Stone v. +o*ell IAG >3 IHK, JH 3.
Ct. ;B;L, IJ 7. /d. Ad :BHL.
N The obligation of state courts to give full effect to federal la! is the same as that of federal courts. Ne* Yor4 v. Eno. :KK >3 GJ, :K 3. Ct. ;B, ;J 7. /d. GB.
N An administrative agency may not finally decide the limits of its statutory po!ers, this is a judicial function. Social Securit) :oard v. Nierot4o. ;AL >3 ;KG,
HH 3. Ct. H;L, :HA A7R :IIK, JB 7. /d. L:J.
)L!/ s!.&!r dait r!.!diu.) O )The 7a! !ill al!ays give a remedy.)
The reader is, at this juncture of this treatise, presented !ith the responsibility to use $reason$ and to ma.e clear distinctions bet!een that foul, colorable body of
fraud4based legislation and policies "!hich are not la!%, and that of the $rightful$ 3upreme 7a! of the 7and "Constitution and Treaties%.
#nother e6am(le of fraud is that the perpetrators of the 3urcharge ivision may say that you o!e them finance. o you have a contract !ith themE id they
loan you anythingE There exists no la!ful, !illful instrument, bearing your signature to such a contract 4 la!4violating agreement. *f you "the accused% ever as.
the agent"s% ( representative"s% ( accuser"s% to provide such re-uired contractual or documented evidence, they !ill not, they do not, and they cannot. They are
criminals, and are loath to produce self-incriminating evidence against their o!n self-serving corruption and proof of their +8erjury of Oaths$. *f the case or action,
initiated by them, is based upon those instruments, then they must "by due4process of la!% provide it or them. Other!ise, there is no la!ful claim or case before
the Court. /ven if you "the accused% did allegedly o!e them, or anyone else, finance, their acts of notifying other private-la! systems, or ma.ing contracts !ith
other agencies, "and signing on your behalf% to collect such alleged debts, is tantamount to extortion and identity theft. 6hen they, through their agency,
contractors, or agencies, notifies local, regional, and state, court systems and court officers, "spea.ing for them% to ta.e an +Action$ against you for failure to pay
them, then they are committing conspiratorial extortion. All parties involved are then acting as a collection agency. This includes the police officer"s% or policy
enforcer"s%, !ho stopped you in the first place or instance. The initiating agent "policeman% is acting in the capacity of a collection agent for the private corporate
businesses "insurance companies, et al%. Thus, the policeman is an active partner or part of the Conspiracy. According to the Codes of 7a! for the >nited 3tates of
<orth America, all officers and officials are responsible for any acts committed under +Color$ !hether he or she .no!s it or not, and !hether he or she is doing
!hat he or she is told by superiors or others, to do or to initiate an un!arranted or colorable actM
An example of Conspiracy, corruption, and )8erjury of Oath) becomes obvious !hen one reads the follo!ing 7a! /nforcement )Code Of /thics), !hich all 7a!
Officers must ta.e.
After reading the Oath Of /thics, let us examine another area of 0raudD The 3tate 1otor 5ehicle Agency "15%, repeatedly and unla!fully acts in the above-stated
capacity as !ell. Their officers, contractors, and employees often, and regularly, receive &<otices' from the other &3urcharge ivisions' to adjudicate actions geared
to suspend the state$s license instrument for failure to pay them their prescribed amount of "extortion% payments, !hereas they have "by color% converted the
Constitutional and Treaty4secured Rights of the <atural 8eople into crimes, in order to raise revenues. The 15 then arbitrarily suspends your rights-converting
license "!hich is conspiratorial extortion%. This promotes threats of arrest, incarceration, and the li.e. This is especially evident because the 15 also charges you
a ransom fee to re-instate the fraud-based license, !hich they, themselves, have imposed upon the <atural 8eople. The Constitution 8rinciples and Obligations,
!hich bind all judges, legislators, representatives, and other judicial officers of the courts, "superior and inferior% do not change or alter their obligations.
The &Surcharge Division' is sanctioned by the Courts to act on their behalf. The judge even .no!s all about them and ho! they !or. "!hich proves collusion
because he is not supposed to uphold them, they are the ones !ho supposedly have a claim against you. 2is actions and degree of .no!ledge involving this
company proves conflict of interest as !ell, and most important, they "the accuser against you%, the 3urcharge or 15 Agency, is not even in the court room to
substantiate their claim against you. --This is unla!ful.
The 1ailing 7ocationsD The accused "you% are given the alleged address of the 3urcharge ivision as the recipient of fees and imposts that you must pay. Then the
epartment of 1otor 5ehicles commands and threatens you to send finances or fees to them, !hich is another party, !ith a different address. "C%ns&irat%rial
!/t%rti%n3. 6e haven$t added the courts and the court fees, etc., they are in on the extortion as !ell, pretending that they are executing la!. *gnorance of the la!
is no excuse, and in this case the one !ho suffers from that .no!ledge is ?O>. This is !hy !e are sharing this information to assist and to enforce the
Constitutional principles that protect the people, as in enforcing it, no one !ill be molested, and their rights !ill not be turned into a crime. "<oteD Turning rights
into a crime is a big money ma.er for them, and let$s face it for some of our o!n, because as long as !e continue to sell the birthright by selling it on paper, !e are
committing a crime, )3lave trade)%.
Peep in mind that the !ord, &Cee' is relative to Ceudal La*, and 0eudal 7a! is the +opposite$ of Allodial. 3uch an act is repulsive to Constitutional 8rinciples.
The 3urcharge ivision or agency is different and separate from the epartment of 1otor 5ehicles, "proving conspiracy to extort and, !ill and intent%. The 3tate of
<e! 9ersey is an artificial +8erson$ or +/ntity$ "as is any corporate state% created on paper by legal process, and should al!ays be referred to as such. .
"<oteD The 3tate of <e! 9ersey, *ncorporated, changed the name of their 1otor 5ehicle Agency from <e! 9ersey ivision of 1otor 5ehicles "15% to <e! 9ersey
1otor 5ehicle Commission "15C%, not to be confused !ith "153%, !hich is their 3urcharge ivision. *n the 3tate of <e! ?or., the )3urcharge Agency) is referred
to, or called, +The Tic.et 5iolations #ureau$.%
So *hat is !ons(irac)D
!ons(irac). *s a combination or an agreement made or initiated bet!een t!o or more persons, for accomplishing an unla!ful end or a la!ful end by !ay of
unla!ful means. .The essence of )conspiracyD is an agreement, together !ith an overt act, to do an unla!ful act, or to do a la!ful act in an unla!ful manner. Actors
may drop out, and others may drop in, the details may change from time to time, and the members need not .no! each other or the part played by others, a
member need not .no! all the details of the plan or the operations, he must, ho!ever, .no! the purpose of the conspiracy and agree to become a party to a plan to
effectuate that purpose.
0urther, conspiracy is a consultation or agreement bet!een t!o or more persons either falsely to accuse another of a crime punishable by la!, or !rongfully to
injure or prejudice a third person or any body of men, in any manner, or to commit any offense punishable by la!, or to do any act !ith intent to prevent the course
of justice, or to effect a legal purpose !ith a corrupt intent, or by improper means.
Another example of the practiced fraud is !hen the officers or agents initiate and or go into the publicly4funded court rooms, using the courts to enforce )Color of
7a!). They !ill insistently start telling you "the accused% ho! much you are going to pay them for the so-called listed infractions and violations. They "the judges,
prosecutors and other court officers% try to roll right over you, !hile, in the same instance, violating the +due - process$ restrictions placed upon them by la!. ?ou
"the accused% must be a!are that they "the judges, prosecutors, policemen, etc.% are .no!ingly ignoring, violating, and trampling over established +due process$
obligations and +3tare ecisis$, secured for the natural 8eople and citi=ens, by la!. 3ee Amendments *5, 5, 5i, 5**, 5***, *Q, and Q, etc. on$t let their corruption go
on unchallenged or un-rebutted. o not be afraid of the alleged )trial), as the transcripts "containing your proper -uestioning and statements% at the pseudo-trial
!ould expose them and their criminality to others and to the 3upreme Court "Original 9urisdiction%.
Transcripts and documented records related to the process !ill "in future examinations% expose your la!ful position, vs. their unla!ful practices. These facts have
been, and are, usually suppressed by them "the officers of the fraud-based courts%. They do not !ant that information exposed to the public or to a higher court, by
!ay of 1andamus. *f you "the accused% thin. you are going to a legitimate trial, as the conspiring officers have implied, and threatened you !ith, then consider
thisD 8re-produce :A copies of the documents and records for the "alleged% jury of your o!n national peers. emand that you preserve your rights to participate in
the selection of the jury. They have the authoritative right to be a part of the due4process rights preserved for them to select, screen, -uestion, and criti-ue the
alleged jury of your peers.
One clear and pertinent -uestion already looms over the process43ho are the (eo(le that the officers of the court are alleging to 'e )our (eersE Are
they truly Aboriginal Americans, or are these persons actually colonial imposters and foreigners posing "fraudulently% as Americans "Al 1oroccans%E The plot
begins to thic.en, doesn$t itEM Revie! the la!s of evidence as expressed in the legal definition of +*dentity$.
0urthermore, and in the interest of universal 9ustice, it is important for all 1oorish - Americans to .no! "factually% that +Traffic Courts$ are +Administrative
Courts$. These private corporate courts cannot la!fully have or initiate a trial, exercising judicial po!ers. They are essentially .angaroo courts. *t is also important
to .no! that you "the accused% already have and possess rights to travel the public road!ays and high!ays of the 7and. *f the <atural 8eople !ere to all collectively
exercise these rights, !e !ouldn$t be easily subjected to these unla!ful processes.
There is more information and &Star! D!(isis' la! presented on this subject. >pon further research, you !ill find many 3upreme Court rulings preserving the
3ubstantive Rights of the people. *n regards to not utili=ing the )fraud-based driving instruments) imposed upon the people, the information contained herein
must be understood by the people collectively in order for them to la!fully exercise rights already belonging to them. Peep in mind "those of you !ho currently
have those imposed instruments of converted rights% that just because you do have them in your possession, doesn$t mean or establish that you have .no!ingly or
!illingly given up or !aived any of your >nalienable Rights. Al!ays sign any instruments placed before you by agencies, or any Officers of the Corporate 3tate of
<e! 9ersey "or any other 3tates%, !ith )all rights reserved). "3ee 2o! To 7ive 6ithin Contracts) on the Open Readings 8age%.
Another dirty tric., initiated by corporate thieves in seats of municipal governments is !hen they as. youD )o you !aive your Right to CounselE) o not fall for
this deception. ?ou may possibly assume that you are denying their court-appointed attorney. 6hen in reality, if you agree to )!aive your right to counsel), you
have done just that4!aived your right. This is !hy they !ill not let any other person be your consul !hen you &present$ yourself )In Pr%&ria P!rs%na). o not
transfer or !aive any rights, or give "leave% to any $colorable$ persons or entities present or not present in the $Administrative Court$.
This deceptive offer is designed to gain jurisdictional authority by oral agreement. *t is a jurisdictional contract offer, given under coercion and imposed duress.
<ever !aive your right to counsel "rightfully, Consul%, and in fact, state for the record, your name and <ationality, and state that you do not, did not, and do not
intend to ever !aive any of your secured rights to due process.