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CANTO, Friel C.

TH 205 Reading HW

To behold with the Eyes of Faith by Luis Antonio Tagle
A Theological Reflection

This particular chapter on faith by Luis Antonio Tagle on his book, "An
Easter People: Our Christian Vocation to be Messengers of Hope" discusses
elements that affect our recognition of the Resurrection in faith, in the light of
Tagle, to elaborate these "seeing" used the experiences of the
Beloved, Mary Magdalene, the Disciples and Thomas, the doubter in the Gospel
of John. And to give emphasis on the truth of what must to "see" in order to
recognize the resurrection in faith, Tagle mentions that (1) love impels us to hope
and makes the loved one live forever and that in loving
(2) we are able to testify
to this encounter of love in the community
, and in so doing, (3) we are able to
participate in the life through which God won for us, a life in God's presence and
fully for God.

The account of understanding Jesus' resurrection in this light cites to us a
truth of Jesus Christ through an experience. Theirs was an experience through
which they interpreted their faith in their present context. At present, we are still
into giving faith interpretations in the accounts that we encounter in the bible. As
the bible is very rich, it can never stop from giving one a surplus of meaning.
However, Hilkert mentions the world of suffering and sin and the scientific view of

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CANTO, Friel C. TH 205 Reading HW

it are stumbling blocks
towards yielding an understanding of the resurrection
with faith. This gives us a glimpse then of the problem we are facing as
proclaimers of the faith and as Christians who live the faith.
With this task at hand, as a religious educator one is called to studying
further our faith, which brings one to a realization of the necessity of Theology.
As Hilkert shares of Gerard Ebeling in one of her reflections about the
resurrection, "theology is necessary to make preaching as hard for the preacher
as it has to be"
makes theology as something of worth because it clarifies truths
and in clarifying truths, the more we come to know how to proclaim this mystery
to a particular group of people. And the more we know about the truth through
which our faith is anchored, the more we will be able to translate this truth into
different contexts. This speaks too of our mysterious faith through which we see
resurrection in its paradoxical qualities; that only in recognizing the two opposing
truths when put together, we can understand and have a grasp of its complex
as it comes from God.
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