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State by State Liability Tests

By: James F. Pastor, PhD, JD

President of SecureLaw Ltd. and Associate Professor in Public Safety at Calumet College
of St. Joseph

Introduction & Caveats

The table incorporated into this document includes three general categories: the state, the
legal test, and the legal authority. When using the table for litigation or security purposes,
please check with your legal advisor to assess the case authority and research the law of
the state to assess its current legal standard. As such, the reader should review the table
with some caution.

Before using this table, a few caveats are in order. First, the table lists tests applied in
each state. While this information appears straightforward, the fact that some states have
developed standards that are difficult to characterize in any definitive manner creates
some ambiguity. For example, some states will use a defined test, such as prior similar
incidents, but will differ in its application. In this way, a particular state may use a more
liberal view versus others that may use a more conservative approach. Hence, even when
the test is defined, the application of the test may vary based on a liberal or conservative
bend or mind-set of the court.

Second, the chart lists tests that are sometimes adaptations from several different tests
that are often also difficult to characterize in any defined way. For example, when one
compares the actual or constructive test to the aggressor/imminent danger test, the
distinctions are fine or slight. In the former, the test seems to combine knowledge of the
offender and of a particular crime, while the latter focuses much more directly toward the
particular offender who may commit a particular violent crime. This assessment also
takes into account the temporal factor discussed previously. In fact, the distinctions
between these tests may be so fine as to be legally and factually meaningless.
Notwithstanding this assertion, the test articulated by the court is the one listed in the

A third issue related to this caveat is that sometimes a particular state will not articulate a
particular test or it will change from one test to another. Since legal standards are very
fact specific, courts may tend to frame the legal analysis around the facts of a particular
case. Hence, sometimes there is a “chicken and an egg” scenario. Stated another way, it is
difficult to assess which is paramount, the legal standard or the facts. The
interrelationship between the two sometimes makes it hard to distinguish which has first

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Despite these caveats, this table nevertheless remains a valuable tool. Indeed, the value of
this table is that it attempts to define a difficult, often fluid, area of the law. To the best of
my knowledge, no other author has developed a table of this type. Hopefully, the attempt
to place clear distinctions between the varying state laws into an easily reviewable table
can be a useful tool for those who need to get a sense of the law in a particular state, or of
the broader concept of security law. While it may appear that the caveats mentioned
above “swallow” the table, the reality is that the chart reflects the difficulty in assessing
security law generally. That is, security standards, just like legal standards, are very fact
specific. Sometimes facts are difficult to neatly categorize. As a result, security and legal
standards are also hard to categorize. This is one of the reasons why this analysis is useful
and necessary. Stated another way, the value of the table (and this document) are that
they shed light on difficult and fluid subject matter.

State Legal Test Legal Authority

Alabama Actual or Constructive Whataburger, Inc., v. Rockwell, 706
Knowledge So. 2d 1220 (1997)
Broadus v. Chevron, 677 So. 2d 199
Baptist Memorial Hospital v. Gosa,
686 So. 2d 1147 (1996)
E.H. v. Overlook Mountain Lodge,
638 So. 2d 781 (1994)
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Danger Fishermen, 103 F. Supp. 582
Arizona Totality of the Circumstances Gipson v. Kasey, 129 P. 3d 957
McFarlin v. Hall, 619 P. 2d 729
Arkansas Known Aggressor/ Imminent Boren v. Worthen National Bank,
Danger 921 S.W. 2d 934 (1996)
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P. 3d 517 (2004)
Mata v. Mata, 105 Cal. App. 4th
1121 (2003)
Delgado v. Trax Bar & Grill, 75 P.
3d 29 (2003)

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65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
Colorado Totality of the Circumstances Keller v. Koca, 111 P. 3d 445
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869 A. 2d 179 (2005)
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393 (1995)
Doe v. Grosvenor Properties, 829 P.

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SecureLaw Ltd.
65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
2d 512 (1992)
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Clinic, 646 N.W. 2d 74 (2002)
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3d 1149 (1993)
Tucker v. KFC National
Management, 689 F. Supp. 560

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SecureLaw Ltd.
65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
Massachusetts Totality of the Circumstances Luisi v. Foodmaster Supermarkets,
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65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
New Hampshire Blended four standards: Walls v. Oxford Management, 633
Special Relationship A. 2d 103 (1993)
Special Circumstances
Overriding Foreseeability
Assumed Duty
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SecureLaw Ltd.
65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
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SecureLaw Ltd.
65 W. Jackson Blvd., #112, Chicago, IL 60604
P. 2d 286 (1997)
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