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About The Book
Price: Rs. 295.00
ISBN: 978-81-203-4952-0
Pages: 312
Binding: Paper Back
Thi s book i s meant for an i ntroductory course i n l i near al gebra for undergraduate students of
mathemati cs. It deal s wi th the concept of vector spaces and speci al types of functi ons defi ned on
them cal l ed l i near transformati ons or operators. The vector spaces consi dered i n the book are
fi ni te-di mensi onal , a concept that i nvol ves representati on of vectors i n terms of a fi ni te number of
vectors whi ch form a basi s for the vector spaces.
Wri tten from a students perspecti ve, thi s textbook expl ai ns the basi c concepts i n a manner that
the student woul d be abl e to grasp the subject easi l y. Numerous sol ved exampl es and exerci ses
gi ven at the end of nearl y each secti on wi l l hel p the student to gai n confi dence i n hi s/her
anal yti cal ski l l s.
What makes thi s book probabl y stand apart from other standard books on fi ni te-di mensi onal
l i near al gebra i s the i ntroducti on to Hi l bert Space Theory. The generi c model of a fi ni te-
di mensi onal Hi l bert space (real or compl ex) i s IRn or sn but the true rel evance of operators i n
Hi l bert spaces surfaces onl y when they are i nfi ni te-di mensi onal . In order to properl y comprehend
the structure of an i nfi ni te-di mensi onal Hi l bert space, i t i s i mportant to grasp i t at the fi ni te-
di mensi onal l evel .
Al though fi ni te-di mensi onal Hi l bert spaces are di scussed comprehensi vel y i n the fi rst ei ght
chapters, i t i s onl y i n the l ast three chapters that the treatment of Hi l bert spaces i s gi ven i n a
setti ng whi ch can be easi l y extended to defi ni ng i nfi ni te-di mensi onal Hi l bert spaces. After goi ng
through thi s textbook, the students wi l l have a cl ear understandi ng of the model of a Hi l bert space
i n fi ni te-di mensi ons and wi l l then be abl e to smoothl y make the transi ti on to i nfi ni te-di mensi onal
Hi l bert Space Theory.
1. Vector Spaces
2. Linear Transformations
3. Linear Functionals
4. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
5. Minimal Polynomials
6. Inner Product Spaces and Normed Linear Spaces
7. Adjoint of Linear Operators
8. Hilbert Spaces
9. Conjugate Hilbert Space
10. Projections on Hilbert Spaces
11. Finite-Dimensional Spectral Theory

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