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Engine Yard Cloud

Engine Yard features a Ruby on Rails technology stack, including Web, applicatio
n, and database servers. Also featured is a Rails-optimized Linux distribution.
Components are monitored for security vulnerabilities, and apps range from small
-scale Web applications to large enterprise applications that run on high-availa
bility clusters. Developers can import applications from Git and are provided wi
th a dedicated environment that can be customized. Capacity management is featur
ed along with self-service provisioning. Resource use is tracked, and developers
are alerted when additional capacity is needed. The Engine Yard dashboard enabl
es developers to configure environment, application deployment, and monitoring.
Engine Yard Orchestra
Built on Amazon Web Services, Engine Yard Orchestra is for deploying PHP apps to
the cloud. Developers can build applications with popular PHP frameworks and de
ploy from Git or Subversion. Applications can also be deployed with built-in con
tent management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. The core platfor
m is built on PHP 5.3 and the Nginx Web server. Applications automatically scale
with traffic and resource usage. A load balancer distributes loads across avail
able instances, and an HTTP caching-mesh capability enables faster loading and r
esponse time. The platform is good for running APIs, Web services, and mobile an
d Facebook apps alike, according to Engine Yard.
CumuLogic is geared toward Java developers. It features a platform for running a
pps and migrating them to the cloud. Enterprises can build private PaaS clouds w
ithin their data centers, or they can use CumuLogic to build public cloud offeri
ngs. A virtualized environment or IaaS can be transformed into an application pl
atform with monitoring, self-healing, and management capabilities. Developers ca
n deploy mobile, HTML5, Web, or enterprise applications, and they can use IDEs l
ike Eclipse or NetBeans, while CumuLogic provides a management layer for deploym
ent and management of applications. CumuLogic is designed to enable devops perso
nnel to better collaborate.
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk provides a way to deploy and manage applications on the Amazon
Web Services cloud. AWS services, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon
Simple Notification Service, and Auto Scaling, are used as infrastructure, and
PHP and Java programming are supported. The platform is built with such software
stacks as Apache HTTP Server for PHP and Apache Tomcat for Java. Developers ret
ain control over AWS resources and can deploy new application versions to runnin
g environments or roll back to a previous version. CloudWatch provides monitorin
g metrics, such as CPU utilization, request count, and average latency. To deplo
y apps to AWS via Elastic Beanstalk, developers can use the AWS management conso
le, Git, or an IDE like Eclipse.