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Josep Corts Faura Badalona idiomes


The mist is a horror film based on the 1980 novel written by Stephen King. The film was written
and directed by Frank Darabont, and its main characters are: Thomas Jane as David Drayton, a
commercial painter and film-poster artist who is trapped in the market with his young son Billy and
Kelly Collins Lintz as Stephanie "Steff" Drayton, David's wife.
The film begins after a violent storm which caused some detriments in Maine. Dave Drayton, a
local artist, together with his son Billy and his neighbour Brent Norton, decided to go to the local
supermarket in order to buy some supplies. While Drave is driving to the supermarket they see a
heavy mist, and later some police cars, fire trucks and lots of ambulances around there. Once in
the supermarket, people give them some advice because it is believed that outside, there is
something alive in the mist. They try to close all the doors and possible entrances to protect
themselves. David, another client goes to the back of the supermarket to look for electricity but he
is dragged away by fierce tentacles. The God-fearing Mrs. Carmody preaches the Apocalypse
and says that she is the agent of God on Earth. Later, the group discovers that they are under
siege by blood-thirsty creatures from another dimension that have reached our planet through a
window opened by a failed military research project. The crazy Mrs. Carmody has many followers
and starts to make dangerous speeches.
Absent any alternatives, a small group led by David decides to take a chance, leave the
supermarket, and get to his car, hoping to escape the mist. They are in the car in the middle of
nowhere and they decide that suicide is the best way of dying better than being eaten by a blood-
thirsty creature. When Dave has already shot to their relatives, the mist spreads. The militaries
have just killed all the strange creatures and everything is returning to the normality. Dave is
completely shocked and starts crying.
In my opinion it is a film which transmits and gives lots of human skills. It is set in an extreme
situation in which the fact of doing whatever one way or another makes you to survive or to die. In
these situations is when you can really see how people would react and what people is able to
do. Because of that, it is a film which I really recommend because once you have seen it, you are
not the same.