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Vijay and Mohanlal starrer "Jilla" has emerged as the box office winner, beating Ajith's "Veeram"

with a huge margin.

The film had a fantastic first day, followed by oening wee!end and foremost wee! at domestic
box office. "n the international mar!et also, the film recei#ed a huge resonse. $esite being in
its fifth wee!, the film is still running at o#erseas box office.
The worldwide box office collection of the film is more than %& crore.
Aart from box office, the film managed to earn huge numbers from satellite rights too. "n fact,
the film had earned a huge chun! of money e#en before its release, than!s to satellite rights,
which were in huge demand. Aarently, the rights were sold at a big rice.
The distribution rights fetched around '( crore for the roducers of the film, according to )ne
"ndia. "n *erala, the rights were sold to Mohanlal for about ( crore and in *arnata!a it was sold
for about + crore.
Veeram Promotional Poster
Directed by Siva
Produced by Bharathi Reddy
Written by Bharathan-Siva (dialogues)
Story by Bhoopati Raja-Siva
Starring Ajith Kumar
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Editing by Kasi Visanathan
Studio Vijaya Produ!tions
Release dates
"# $anuary %#"&
Running time "'' minutes
Country (ndia
Language Tamil

&# million()S*+&#,###)
Box office

+/ million()S*"0" million)
Theatri!al poster
Directed by R0 T0 1eason
Produced by R0 B0 2houdary
Written by R0 T0 1eason
Starring 3ohanlal
Kajal Aggaral
3ahat Raghavendra
1iveda Thomas
Music by D0 (mman
4anesh Rajavelu
Editing by Don 3a5
Studio Super 4ood 6ilms
Distributed by 4emini 6ilm 2ir!uit
3a5la7 8ntertainments
Ayngaran (nternational
6iveStar (nternational
AT3)S 8ntertainments
Running time "9% minutes
Country (ndia
Language Tamil

'# !rore()S*90# million)
Box office 3ore than

9# !rore()S*": million) ("#
day !olle!tion)
Tamil actors are so closed to Bollywood actors on the base of remuneration for their
movie's and the actors are getting cores of rupees for a single movie and our super
star Rajanikanth on the top on the salary level. Ulaganayakan Kamal on the next
position and Young actors Suriya and Vijay placed next two position and Thala ajith
on the 5th position.
Thala ajith and Vijay holds the more fans status than suriya on Tamil Nadu ,but
suriya popularity in Telugu maid him more expensive.
1 .Rajanikanth (40 +)
2. Kamal Haasan (25)
3.Suriya (20)
Singam 2
4.Vijay (18)
5.Ajith (18)
Jilla Box Office Collection
Ilayathalaathy !i"ay # Co$lete Acto% Mohanlal&' Jilla
B()*et+ Clo'e to ,0 C%
-c%eene) in+ o.e% 11,0 'c%een' /o%l)/i)e
0Relea'e) in $o%e than 10 co(nt%ie' incl()in* In)ia, U1, U-A,
A('t%alia an) -%ilan2a3
4i%'t Day Collection'+ 10 512 C%
In 1e%ala Day one Jilla 2671c%, !eee%a$ 40 la2h'
Mohanlal calle) ( %o)(ce% RB Cho/)a%y to e%'onally than2
hi$ fo% the h(*e '(cce'' of Jilla6
Mohanlal i' on a %oll /ith 8ac2 to 8ac2 hit'6 Jilla 9 :%o''e' 2672
C% on )ay one 0Jan 103 in 1e%ala f%o$ 211 'c%een'6 ;i*he't 'in*le
)ay *%o'' fo% any fil$ in the 'tate6

, !
1< JAN, 2014