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lS- 9 Graduation Requirements/Diplomas

Purpose: To establish the basic requirements for high school graduation.
Te South Carolina State Board of Education regulates the requirements for a state high school diploma. Such a diploma
fom this district is based upon the satisfactory completion of the number of units required by state law. A unit of work is the
amount of credit eared when the student satisfactorily completes the course as prescribed by the district or 120 hours (at a
minimum) of instuction in a given subject.
Distict students may graduate fom high school by meeting the requirements outlined herein.
All students will be advised by the end of grade 11 of their standing and of any anomalies that must be corected in grade 12
in order for them to graduate on time.
Participation i graduation ceremonies is a privilege and not a right. Only students who have met all requirements for state
high school diploma or an individualized education plan contained herein and are in good standing with their school may
paricipate in graduation ceremonies.
International Baccalaureate Diploma
Two district high schools offer students the opportunity to complete an Iterational Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP).
Worldwide, this program is recognized as possibly the most rigorous high school curriculum available. District stdents are
eligible to enroll in the IBD program on an "open" enrollment basis, with the expectation that students have completed
appropriate preparatory work in the ninth and tenth grades. Requirements for an interational baccalaureate diploma are
specifed by the Interational Baccalaureate Diploma committee and are published annually in student handbooks at each
school ofering the diploma.
A student must ear 24 units of credit in state-approved courses for graduation.
The unit requirements are distributed as follows.
English/language arts
U.S. History and Constitution
US Goverent
Other social studies
PE or junior ROTC
Computer science (including keyboarding)
Foreign language or
Career and technology education
The student must complete a study of and pass a fmal examination on the provisions ad principles of the United States
Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers and American istitutions and ideals. This instuction
must be given for a period of at least one year or its equivalent, either within the required course U.S. Histor ad
Constitution or within another course.
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