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Which of the following are the two most widely used birth control methods in the Western world?

a. IUDs and condoms

b. Rhythm and condoms
c. Condoms and hormone-based contraceptives
d. Diaphragms and hormone-based contraceptives
Which of the following groups is most liely to emphasi!e "se# for fun" in casual relationships and
reserve "se# with love" for committed relationships?
a. $en
b. Women
c. %esbians
d. &ise#uals
Which of the following groups will liely have se# least often?
a. 'eterose#ual couples
b. (ay couples
c. %esbian couples
d. (ay couples early in their relationship
)))))))) conducted groundbreaing research on the physiology of the human se#ual response.
a. *lfred +insey
b. *lbert &andura
c. Carl ,ung and -igmund .reud
d. William $asters and /irginia ,ohnson
Recent data indicate all of the following occurred in the U.-. e#cept0
a. teen birth rates increased compared to 1221-3445.
b. teen pregnancy was among the highest in the world.
c. 667 of all -8Ds occur in those under 35 years.
d. condom use decreased.
Which of the following statements regarding self-stimulation is 9:8 accurate?
a. It is common in our society.
b. $ost people masturbate with no ill effects.
c. It is less common among those with less education.
d. $asturbation in marriage is typically associated with low marital satisfaction.
8he refractory period occurs during which phase of the se#ual response cycle?
a. ;lateau
b. :rgasm
c. Resolution
d. <#citement
:pen communication between parents and their children about se#ual topics correlates with0
a. lower rates of teen pregnancy.
b. lower rates of -8Ds among teenagers.
c. less se#ual activity in adolescence.
d. more promiscuity among high school students.
)))))))) is comprised of the personal =ualities> self-perceptions> attitudes> values> and preferences that
guide an individual?s se#ual behavior.
a. <roticism
b. &ody image
c. -e#ual identity
d. -e#ual orientation
:ften> the ey to con=uering orgasmic difficulties in women is0
a. to be more assertive about se#ual needs.
b. to increase the tempo of intercourse.
c. to emphasi!e the importance of having an orgasm during intercourse.
d. to do all of these
* body area that is se#ually sensitive or responsive is called0
a. a sensate focus.
b. a refractory area.
c. an autoerotic !one.
d. an erogenous !one.
,ay is clearly uncomfortable whenever he is introduced to a gay man. 'e fre=uently maes disparaging
remars about homose#uals and states that he would "punch out" any man who came on to him. ,ay
shows signs of0
a. bise#uality.
b. homophobia.
c. heterophobia.
d. sensate focus.
*dolescents attain reproductive capability as hormonal changes lead to the full development of the0
a. gonads.
b. primary se# characteristics.
c. secondary se# characteristics.
d. pubescent se# characteristics
)))))))) homose#uals show ad@ustment problems than heterose#uals.
a. $ore
b. .ewer
c. *bout the same number of
d. 9o research is available on the sub@ect.
Which of the following is a good suggestion for engaging in safer se#?
a. *void engaging in anal intercourse.
b. Don?t have se# with someone who has had lots of previous partners.
c. Wash your genitals with soap and water before and after se#ual contact.
d. *ll of these statements are good suggestions.