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Generally, abortion means

According to Kamus Dewan (1986) Abortion is re!mature birt" (deli#ery be$ore t"e due
%n &edical term, it ta'es _______________ $or a $etus to be matured. Abortion may
result in t"e deat" o$ $etus eit"er naturally or deliberately.
(atural abortion is usually caused by un"ealt"y $etus, still!born $etus and also t"e
mot"er)s mental and "ysical "ealt". *%A+DD%( (1991) osits t"at almost ,-. $etuses
aborted naturally. As $or deliberate or $orced abortion, it can be done traditionally as well
as using t"e latest modern (clinical) met"od.
/lanned abortion "as long been one o$ t"e most disuted issues. 0"is is esecially true
w"en in some societies1countries, women are allowed to abort $etus wit"out going
against t"e law. 23amle4 5ingaore.
Factors of abortion
Familys name and dignity
Suggested by parents
Too young
Financial Problems
Afraid of their future
Dont want to take responsibility
!nwanted pregnancy"#Peer Pressure etc
$eing %aped
&orking'Studying place(s regulations)
Effects of Abortion
,) Physical effects-
.nfections- .nfected by /iruses during surgery)
&omb infections'problems
Cannot get pregnant in the future
$reast cancer0 miscarriage0 infertility
1) Psychological +ffects
2ost dignity
Crying episodes
Awful dreams
An3iety Disorders
2ong effects to women)
Three questions those are basic to the entire abortion controversy:
Is this human life? )
As we will see, t"e answer clearly is yes. 0"at answer is a medical and scienti$ic one, $or
we cannot imose a religious or "iloso"ic belie$ in our nations t"roug" $orce o$ law.
65"ould we grant e7ual rotection by law to all li#ing "umans in our nation8) or 65"ould
we allow discrimination against entire classes o$ li#ing "umans8)
As a c"oice and women)s rig"ts.
0"eir act are considered immoral by some and 9usti$ied by ot"ers. 0"us, t"ere are two
con$licting #iews by two grous41). ro!life is "no#n as t"e grou w"ic" is
__________________. :). ro!choice, "owe#er is t"e grou t"at
_____________________ .
The question of be$innin$ of %life& for a fetus from the me'ical scientists( )ers)ective
is 'iscusse' as follo#s:
;n t"e $irst day $ertili<ation, o#um (:= c"romosome) w"ic" is enetrated by serms (:=
c"romosome). 0"e result o$ t"is $ertili<ation is called <ygote> cells wit" ?6 c"romosome.
@rom t"e second to t"ird day, <ygote mo#es t"roug" t"e $alloian tube and increase t"e
di#ision o$ cell.
;n t"e ,
to 1-
day, <ygote reac"es t"e o#ary. %t is now 'nown __________________
(a li7uid ca#ity, co#ered by cell).
The cells attach themselves on the ovarys lining.
The beginning of development for organ system (brain, back-bone, heart and
digestive tract) and structures like arms and legs.
!rain "are can be detected. The fetus reaches # cm.
%&uickening' result in pregnant "omen feeling the movement of fetus. The fetus
$ cm.
%)iability' the fetus in pregnant "oman feeling the movement of fetus. The fetus
$ cm
These are several metho's of abortion* +ome of them are:
1. Consuming contraceptive pills to prevent blastosis from being attach to the
ovarys lining.
2. To suck the fetus out of the ovary using a certain machine.
3. To take out the fetus bit by bit with a evice that resembles a spoon.
!. "sing #" $ %& prescription to cause the ovarys lining to soften in orer to bring
out of fetus.
'. To use (prostaglanin) that cause pre*mature birth.
&. (+++++++++++++++++++) which is the process of surgery like
(++++++++++++++++++) to remove the baby
,. To use li-ui salt
%n &alaysia, abortion is against t"e law> 5ection __________A causing abortion,
5ection___________A causing abortion wit"out t"e woman)s consent, 5ection
___________ A deat" caused by action wit" intension to cause abortion. All t"ese
sections indicate t"at abortion is an o$$ense t"at may lead to ma3imum enalty o$ :-
years. Bowe#er, in t"e condition w"ere t"e mot"er)s "ealt" is at ris' and t"e abortion is
ad#ised by a doctor, t"e enalty will not be alicable*
There is a 'ifference in o)inion #hen 'eci'in$ neither or nor abortion is an
immoral act*
,tilitarianism -ie#s
%t is because o$ t"e bene$it or uselessness o$ a certain act in in$luenced by usage, onus, ro$it,
and bene$iciary. A bene$icial act "as a "ig" moral #alue. 0"is $or t"e +tilitarianism, abortion can
be carried out and is morally acceted i$ it o$$ers bene$its $or t"e mot"ers. 0"is is esecially true
i$ t"e mot"er)s li$e is a sta'e.
The same thin$ a))lies #hen abortion brin$ benefit for the other chil'ren. other
family members an' the society*
/$oism -ie#s
According to CegoismD t"e most imortant t"ing is i$ somet"ing is $or t"e ad#antage o$ onesel$. %$
a woman decides to abort "er $etus to rotect "er dignity and $reedom it is considered as t"e
rig"t t"ing to do
+omen should not have an abortion. +hy,
&any women in t"e entire world "a#e abortions. Eomen belie#e t"ere are many reasons to
abort suc" as $ear o$ "a#ing or raising a c"ild, rae, or not "a#ing enoug" money. Fut w"ate#er
t"e situation, t"ere is ne#er an accetable reason to get an abortion. +ome im)ortant reasons
#hy #omen shoul' not abort have to 'o #ith human values. reli$ious values. an' values
of conscience*
1. The first reason why women shoul not have an abortion is relate to basic human
values. &omen need to think about their unborn babies who are not responsible for this
situation) These unborn babies should ha/e the pri/ilege to li/e and grow into a normal
person) &omen need to be more humanitarian and less egoistic with these babies) .n the
other han/ the baby doesnt know how or why he is here) .t is not necessary to kill a
life4 there are many other solutions to resol/e this problem short of abortion)
2. The secon reason why women shoul not abort has to o with religious values. .n
almost all religions0 a woman is not permitted to ha/e an abortion) .f they do0 their
religions will punish them) .n some religions0 for e3ample0 a woman cannot take
communion after ha/ing an abortion0 and before taking communion again0 she must do
many things as a form of penitence) .n whate/er religion0 abortion is punished and for
this reason0 women should not abort)
3. 0inally/ the thir an most important reason why women shoul not abort is the
relate to her conscience. &hen a woman has an abortion0 she will always think about
the baby she might ha/e had) She will always belie/e about the future that could ha/e
happened with her baby which will always remind her that she killed it) $ecause she has
had an abortion0 she will ne/er ha/e a good life0 and her conscience will remind her of
what she had done) $ecause a woman who has an abortion cant forget about what she
has done0 these thoughts will always be with her0 and the results can be calamitous)
1. 1hat is your opinion regaring abortion2
2. 3s it permissible to be implemente2
3. 3f you were the mother an notice that your baby is isable/ woul you abort the
baby2 3f 4E5/ why. 3f 6./ why.