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Published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc., a fraternal non-profit association

No.46 THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2009 $1/$2 in Ukraine

UNA reports successful year, Flu continues to spread in Ukraine

despite economic downturn Over 1.2 M ill from flu, respiratory infections
by Roma Hadzewycz Presentations by the three full-time UNA
executives – the president, national secretary
KERHONKSON, N.Y. – The Ukrainian
and treasurer dominated the sessions.
National Association had a very successful
President Stefan Kaczaraj reported in
year, the fraternal organization’s executive
detail about the improved financial condi-
officers reported at the 2009 annual meeting
tion of the organization. The year 2010
of the UNA General Assembly, despite the
should see continued growth as a marketing
economic downturn in the United States.
consultant at the UNA Home Office has
“We are pleased to report that it has been
recently been hired to work on advertising,
a record-breaking year for the UNA,”
marketing and promotion of UNA products
President Stefan Kaczaraj announced as he
and fraternal benefits – Soyuzivka, Svoboda
began the start of this year’s annual session.
and The Ukrainian Weekly. An expense-cut-
“Premium income has soared to a record of
ting measure that will help to contain costs
over $20 million, as over 100 independent
is the UNA’s newspapers’ upcoming switch
and home office agents successfully sell
to a new print shop that will result in a sub-
UNA products; total assets grew to the high-
stantial savings on printing expenses – an
est level in the UNA’s history to just under
estimated $35,000 to $40,000 per year.
$100 million; and the surplus grew to over
In turn, Ms. Kozak pointed that UNA’s
$5 million, in an environment when most
excellent performance was primarily due to
insurers and 83 percent of fraternal societies
the significant increase in annuities sales
saw surplus erode,” Mr. Kaczaraj reported.
with over $20 million in new business
“The UNA continues to move in the right
income during the first nine months of 2009,
direction, with income increasing and Web-Portal of the Ukrainian Government
as compared to $11.4 million for all of 2008.
expenses declining. ” Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko during a working visit on November 10 to the
“There is more good news as the strategy of
Members of the General Assembly gath- Vinnytsia region, where she visited local hospitals to see how they are faring in
having annuities lead to other sales opportu-
ered at Soyuzivka on Friday through treating children and adults affected by the outbreak of influenza and acute
nities is working,” Ms. Kozak said. “Agents
Sunday, November 6-8, to review UNA respiratory viral infections.
are now beginning to sell UNA life insur-
activity as of the end of 2008 and the first
ance products as well and, as a result, sales
three quarters of 2009. The reports covered by Zenon Zawada continued to describe it as a simultaneous
of life insurance also is exhibiting a higher
the UNA’s core business, life insurance, and Kyiv Press Bureau occurrence of two seasonal flu strains and
rate of growth in comparison with the same
its fraternal activities, including develop- H1N1. Ukraine had 32 confirmed H1N1
period last year. ”
ments related to the Ukrainian Heritage KYIV – Ukraine’s flu epidemic spread cases by November 6, said the Health
The national secretary reported that the
Center at Soyuzivka and the UNA’s two like a wave towards the central and east- Ministry.
UNA now has 169 branches organized into
newspapers, The Ukrainian Weekly and ern oblasts, claiming 213 deaths national- Despite the ongoing health threat,
23 districts across the United States and ly – a 120 percent increase from the prior
Svoboda. some Ukrainians have begun letting down
Canada. She noted also that the UNA is week – or about 117 casualties between
Reports of UNA executive officers working on expanding benefits to its mem- their guard, with the result that children
November 5 and 12.
bers, both in the U.S. and Canada. For accounting for a quarter of those hospital-
Reports of all UNA officers, auditors and More than 1.2 million Ukrainians are
example, by partnering with High Point ized with influenza and acute respiratory
advisors, as well as separate reports about infected with influenza or acute respirato-
Auto Insurance, the UNA is now offering its ry virus infection (ARVI), as authorities (Continued on page 16)
the work of Soyuzivka and the UNA’s news-
papers were distributed to all participants. (Continued on page 5)

Increases in wages and pensions

push Ukraine toward fiscal collapse
by Zenon Zawada itable economic collapse,” said Volodymyr
Kyiv Press Bureau Horbach, political analyst at the Institute for
Euroatlantic Cooperation in Kyiv. “All the
KYIV – Opponents of Prime Minister barriers have long been breached, and the
Yulia Tymoshenko are pushing her govern- socio-economic situation could lead to enor-
ment toward fiscal collapse by approving mous inflation.”
legislation that forces wage and pension Ms. Tymoshenko said she will ignore the
increases starting November 1, at a time law because her government can’t finance
when the government is on the brink of the increases, which could require printing
insolvency. as much as 100 billion additional hryvni
On October 30 President Viktor ($12.3 billion U.S.). In response, President
Yushchenko signed legislation passed by Yushchenko claimed the budget indeed has
the Verkhovna Rada to increase wages and the funds.
pensions gradually during the next year. On the basis that the Constitutional Court
Four of the five factions supported the bill, may overturn the legislation, the prime min-
marking the first time the Communists and ister asked the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) to consider offering her government a
the president backed the same legislation.
desperately needed fourth tranche of $3.8
The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc was opposed
billion. During a November 11 meeting with
Roma Hadzewycz to the measure. European ambassadors and European
UNA General Assembly members at the opening of their 2009 annual meeting at “It’s not about keeping the economic situ-
Soyuzivka. ation stable, but whom to blame for an inev- (Continued on page 16)

Experts downplay fears Fragment of Berlin Wall in Kyiv in 14 regions of Ukraine. In addition, 11

over Ukraine-Russia gas crisis

regions, Crimea and Sevastopol are
KYIV – A portion of the Berlin Wall, approaching the epidemic threshold.
which was destroyed 20 years ago, was (Ukrinform)
by Gregory Feifer government] prints money to pay for gas, put up in front of the German Embassy in
RFE/RL and won’t give it up.” Ukraine on November 9. German Flu and ARVI cases exceed 1M
Most analysts expected Kyiv to avert a Ambassador to Ukraine Hans-Jurgen
It’s becoming an annual rite: with win- Heimsoeth, who initiated the erection of KYIV – The number of persons suffer-
standoff with Moscow this month by ing from influenza and acute respiratory
ter fast approaching, Russia is threatening coming up with a way to pay its gas bill. this symbolic monument in Kyiv, said
to cut off natural-gas supplies to Ukraine that “a symbol of freedom should also virus infection (ARVI) since the start of
But there’s another potential problem. epidemic has reached 1.31 million as of
if Kyiv doesn’t pay the fees it’s demand- Mr. Yushchenko wants to revisit Kyiv’s arrive in Kyiv,” as Ukrainians are free-
ing. dom-loving people. He said that the mon- November 9. Out of this number 52,000
gas contract with Russia, arguing the were hospitalized. Since the start of the
The barbs are raising worries over a global financial crisis has caused ument symbolizes the fact of overcoming
possible new gas crisis this winter. a split of the European continent. “While epidemic, 13,000 persons have been dis-
Ukraine’s gas demand to fall more than charged from hospitals. These data were
Moscow’s shutoff last winter left millions Kyiv is obliged to buy next year. the process of uniting Europe is continu-
of Europeans without heat in the bitter ing, our goal is to continue this process,” published by the Health Ministry on its
Ms. Tymoshenko on November 3 said official website. (Ukrinform)
cold, but observers say they doubt there both sides had worked out a preliminary Mr. Heimsoeth said. As reported, a num-
will be a repeat this year. new contract. But if a final deal isn’t ber of events will be held in Ukraine as Sixteen countries send aid
This time, Prime Minister Vladimir reached by the end of the year, another part of the 20th anniversary of the fall of
Putin is directing some of his legendary crisis would coincide with next year’s the Berlin Wall. (RFE/RL) KYIV – In response to the current flu
ire at the European Union. On November presidential election. epidemic, as of November 9 Ukraine has
2 he said the EU should come up with at Melange disposal project to begin received humanitarian aid worth over
Volodymyr Fesenko of Kyiv’s Penta
least $1 billion to help Ukraine pay for center for political studies says he’s opti- $1.5 million (U.S.) from 16 countries of
KYIV – A joint project of the
Russian gas this year. mistic that won’t happen. “I believe the the world, said the Foreign Affairs
Organization for Security and
“Why are they being so stingy?” he majority of politicians in Ukraine and Ministry’s headquarters for prevention of
Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and
said. “They have money, too. Let them Russia aren’t interested in another such the epidemic. Austria, Georgia, Israel,
Ukraine to remove more than 3,000 tons
open their wallets.” crisis,” he says. Estonia, China, Lebanon, Lithuania.
of a highly toxic rocket fuel component
Europe depends on Russia for a quarter Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia,
“Enemy of my enemy” from Ukraine will start on November 13
of its gas, most of which crosses Ukraine. Poland and Hungary provided assistance
with the pumping of the volatile sub-
When Moscow cut off supplies to Kyiv The latest wrangling comes ahead of at the state and governmental level, while
stance into special railway tanks. With
during a price dispute last winter, deliver- the country’s presidential election in Slovakia, the United States and Croatia
OSCE support and in close cooperation
ies to other countries were disrupted. January. Ms. Tymoshenko is running did so at the departmental level.
with Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, the vol-
Russia now says Ukraine must cough against Mr. Yushchenko, her former (Ukrinform)
atile rocket fuel component – known as
up between $400 million and $500 mil- Orange Revolution ally. melange – will be transported by train Yushchenko meets WHO experts
lion for last month’s gas bill by November Once the subject of an arrest warrant in from a storage site near the town of
7. [Editor’s note: Reuters reported on Russia, Ms. Tymoshenko has been forg- KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko
Kalynivka in the Vinnytsia region to spe-
November 6 that Ukraine had paid Russia ing closer ties with Moscow as her rela- on November 9 met with a group of
for October gas supplies on time.] cialized chemical plants in Russia, where
tionship with Mr. Yushchenko has deteri- it will be disposed of. The first transport e x p e r t s f r o m t h e Wo r l d H e a l t h
Political rivalry orated. Some believe Mr. Putin supports is part of the initial phase of the project, Organization (WHO). Mr. Yushchenko
her candidacy against his bitter foe Mr. which is set to eliminate 3,168 tons of thanked the WHO for its prompt response
In previous months, Ukraine’s Yushchenko. to Ukraine’s appeal to deploy a WHO
melange, with later stages set to dispose
Naftogaz energy company relied on cen- But Mr. Fesenko says Mr. Putin’s criti- mission to assess the epidemiological sit-
of all of Ukraine’s stockpiles of the rocket
tral bank credits to finance its payments cism of Mr. Yushchenko probably isn’t uation in Ukraine. The president pointed
fuel component, amounting to more than
to Moscow. Critics say the bank’s prac- meant to influence the election. He says to lack of lab tests for the majority of
16,000 tons. (Organization for Security
tice of printing money to come up with Russia’s hard-line prime minister is inter- Ukraine’s regions. The head of the WHO
and Cooperation in Europe)
the cash risked inflation. But when ested chiefly in ensuring Kyiv comes up Country Office, Jukka Pukkila, under-
President Viktor Yushchenko, who con- with the money to pay Moscow – and in Flu, respiratory virus kill 189 lined that Ukraine’s experience in com-
trols the National Bank of Ukraine, put a blackening Ukraine’s image in the West. bating the H1N1 flu epidemic will be
stop to the scheme this month, Mr. Putin KYIV – The number of deaths of flu useful for other countries and will help
“If Ukraine is seen as a weak link in
lashed out. and acute respiratory virus infection improve other countries’ response to this
the supply of gas,” he says, “Putin may
“Yushchenko is obstructing the normal (ARVI) grew to 189 persons, including influenza. A WHO mission arrived in
be hinting that Europe should back [proj-
cooperation,” Mr Putin said, “between 15 persons who died over the past 24 Kyiv on November 2 at the invitation of
ects to develop] alternative routes.”
[Ukraine’s] central bank, which has con- hours, the Health Ministry said on the Ukrainian authorities. (Ukrinform)
Vladimir Pribylovsky of Moscow’s
trol over gold and currency reserves, and November 11. According to the ministry,
Panorama political research group agrees. (Continued on page 14)
the Ukrainian government, and is block- the epidemic threshold has been exceeded
He says while Mr. Putin has trouble con-
ing the transfer of funds.” taining his intense dislike for Mr.
The government, and Naftohaz, are Yushchenko, targeting him now makes
overseen by President Yushchenko’s bit-
ter rival, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia
Tymoshenko. Mr. Putin said it was she
little sense because Mr. Yushchenko
already has “no chance” of winning THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY FOUNDED 1933
January’s election.
who warned him of Mr. Yushchenko’s “Of course the Kremlin would like to
An English-language newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc.,
“obstruction” in a telephone call. a non-profit association, at 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054.
influence the situation in Ukraine,” he Yearly subscription rate: $55; for UNA members — $45.
The Russian president’s criticism says, “but it hasn’t yet figured out what it
prompted accusations in Kyiv that actually wants from Kyiv.” Periodicals postage paid at Parsippany, NJ 07054 and additional mailing offices.
Moscow was meddling in Ukraine’s inter- Mr. Pribylovsky says the Kremlin
(ISSN — 0273-9348)
nal affairs. Mr. Yushchenko’s first deputy hasn’t decided whether to back Ms. The Weekly: UNA:
chief of the Presidential Secretariat, Tymoshenko or Russia’s traditional ally, Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 644-9510 Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 292-0900
Oleksander Shlapak, hit back on October Viktor Yanukovych, leader of the pro-
30, saying Mr. Yushchenko had proposed Postmaster, send address changes to:
Moscow opposition Party of Regions of
only to come up with a better way to pay The Ukrainian Weekly Editor-in-chief: Roma Hadzewycz
for Ukraine’s gas. “The president was 2200 Route 10 Editors: Matthew Dubas
The Kremlin poured millions into Mr.
criticized because he refused to print P.O. Box 280 Zenon Zawada (Kyiv)
more money,” Mr. Shlapak said. “[The (Continued on page 20) Parsippany, NJ 07054

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Lytvyn: do not politicize the flu The Ukrainian Weekly, November 15, 2009, No. 46, Vol. LXXVII
Copyright © 2009 The Ukrainian Weekly
Ukrinform pneumonia. The pneumonia death rate in
2005 was 6,335 per 10,000 people; 5,484
KYIV – Volodymyr Lytvyn, the chair- in 2006; 6,552 in 2007; and 6,465 in
man of the Verkhovna Rada, again called 2008. “Why didn’t we sound the alarm at ADMINISTRATION OF THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY AND SVOBODA
on politicians to refrain from politicizing that time?” he said. Walter Honcharyk, administrator (973) 292-9800, ext. 3041
the situation with the flu epidemic. He He commented that, if there had been e-mail:
said that instead of analyzing the situation no flu epidemic in Ukraine, “it might Maria Oscislawski, advertising manager (973) 292-9800, ext. 3040
and giving people hope, “our [politicians] have been invented” in connection with fax: (973) 644-9510
are competing who will be the first to the upcoming presidential elections. The e-mail:
head this process.” comments by Mr. Lytvyn, himself a presi- Mariyka Pendzola, subscriptions (973) 292-9800, ext. 3042
Mr. Lytvyn also provided statistical dential candidate, were reported on e-mail:
data on previous years’ death tolls from November 3.

Party of Regions of Ukraine: Analysis of a divided party

by Taras Kuzio are opposed to the populist policies pur- Parliamentary Chairman Anatoliy traditionally anti-Russian and supportive
sued by its leader. Mr. Yanukovych’s pop- Grytsenko, and after Mr. Kyseliov’s expul- of national democratic political forces.
The Party of Regions of Ukraine (PRU) ulist campaign to increase the minimum sion he argued that he had been removed In his conflict with Mr. Grytsenko, Mr.
has never been a political party in the wage and social payments repeats his pop- after seeking to block high-level corrup- Kyseliov was supported by extreme-left
Western understanding of that term. The ulist election campaign in 2004 when he tion in land organized by the Crimean par- and pro-Russian nationalist groups that
“party” was cobbled together in 2001 after was prime minister and doubled pensions liamentary leadership. “These people (i.e., had entered the Crimean Parliament and
a merger of five smaller virtual parties. on the eve of the first round of the elec- Mr. Grytsenko and company) have dam- local Crimean councils within the For
These were all small parties that had either tions on October 31, 2004. aged to such a degree the image of Yanukovych Bloc. The PRU’s central
failed to win popular support in the 1998 The business daily newspaper Delo Crimeans, Crimea and the image of the leadership supported Mr. Grytsenko’s side
elections or had been created afterwards. (September 24) discussed the growing party, that it is too much to explain,” in the conflict.
Two of them, the Solidarity party, then led rebellion within the PRU by businessmen Vasyl Dzharta, senior PRU national
(Ukrayinska Pravda, September 16).
by the chairman of the ruling board of the who were national deputies. The owner of deputy with responsibility for Crimea,
Mr. Kyseliov accused Mr. Yanukovych
National Bank of Ukraine, Petro the large Motor-Sich plant, Viacheslav admitted that the party had lost support
of destroying the PRU in the Crimea by
Poroshenko, and the Beautiful Ukraine Bohuslayev, has been one of the most after it had aligned with extreme left and
supporting Mr. Kyseliov’s opponents,
party, then led by Leonid Chernovetskyi vocal in opposing Mr. Yanukovych’s popu- pro-Russian nationalist groups, including
many of whom were placing the Crimean
(today the mayor of Kyiv), eventually lism because he believed it would lead to the Russian bloc and the Russian
branch under the control of organized
became supporters of Viktor Yushchenko “the suffocating of their businesses.” Community. Both Russian nationalist
crime. Mr. Kyseliov also rejected claims
and his Our Ukraine bloc. Another PRU deputy, Yurii Boiko, head of groups obtained a third of the candidates
The Party of Regions became a major that this was a personal conflict between
the Federation of Employers, asked the him and Crimean Parliamentary Chairman put forward by the For Yanukovych bloc
political force because of two factors. prime minister to postpone any increase in to the Crimean Parliament. They also
Firstly, it received massive financial sup- Grytsenko.
the minimum wage in the interests of “bal- Mr. Kyseliov’s supporters have been obtained a large presence in Crimean local
port from local oligarchs, such as Rinat anced economic and regulatory policies.” councils through their membership in that
Akhmetov, listed as Europe’s and Eurasia’s purged from leadership positions in
Crimea – a step that led to a decline in the bloc. Russian nationalist groups have stat-
wealthiest individual in 2008, according to Organised crime ed their unwillingness to support Mr.
Korrespondent magazine. Secondly, the number of deputies in the For Yanukovych
On September 11 a shoot-out in Kyiv parliamentary coalition. Other groups that Yanukovych in the presidential elections
party successfully united Donetsk and between two Caucasian organized crime because of his backing of Crimean
eastern Ukrainian business elites into a have left the For Yanukovych majority
gangs was traced back to PRU National Parliament Chair Grytsenko in his conflict
monolithic party. included the Natalia Vitrenko Bloc
Deputy Elbrus Tedeyev. A Mercedes car with Mr. Kyseliov.
In the era of Leonid Kuchma, the Party People’s Opposition (associated with the
was seen driving away from the scene – Mr. Yanukovych sought to paper over
of Regions had to compete with other pro- extreme left Progressive Socialist Party),
where one person was killed and a second the splits in the Crimean party by blaming
regime centrist parties, an outcome of the the Communist Party, the Ne Tak bloc
was seriously injured – with parliamentary Ms. Tymoshenko and his presidential
president’s divide-and-rule policies among (Not This Way) associated with the SDPU
number plates of Mr. Tedeyev. He claimed opponents for provoking conflicts from the
Ukrainian elites. Between the election of and a small pro-Russian Tatar group
at first that his cousin and colleagues were (Continued on page 18)
Mr. Yushchenko as president in January (Kurultai-Rukh). Tatars in the Crimea are
practicing “sports” (shooting) in the park
2005 and the March 2006 parliamentary where the shoot-out took place and
elections, the PRU consolidated its power claimed that he did not have a cousin
in Ukraine and de facto marginalised other
centrist parties.
The Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv “parties
called Robert Tedeyev.
Internal Affairs Minister Yurii Lutsenko Flu, plagues, biological weapons
ordered the arrest of Robert Tedeyev and
of power” (Labor Ukraine and the Social
Democratic Party of Ukraine (United)
declared at a press conference that PRU
Deputy Elbrus Tadeyev belonged to the
– and elections – in Ukraine
[SDPU], respectively) disintegrated or Caucasian organized crime group by Tammy Lynch equipped and poorly maintained health
became marginalized after failing to enter Savlokhy. Elbrus Tedeyev replied that the facilities.
Jamestown Blog on Russia and Eurasia
Parliament in 2006. The SDPU had suc- minister was a “chronic liar” and that he But statements like those from Mr.
cessfully entered the Parliaments elected November 6
did not have any cousin named Robert. Yushchenko and other officials have not
in 1998 and 2002, but lost support after Unfortunately for the PRU deputy, Listening to Ukraine’s President Viktor been helpful. The president seems deter-
Mr. Yushchenko’s election because of its Ukrayinska Pravda (September 25) pub- Yushchenko, we might be tempted to con- mined to create panic. Because of these
association with the widely unpopular lished the transcript of Robert Tedeyev’s clude that Ukraine is doomed. Certain to statements, many Ukrainians suggest that
Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the presiden- interrogation where he confirmed that collapse under the weight of an over- the country is actually facing an outbreak
tial administration in 2002-2004. Elbrus Tedeyev was in fact his cousin. whelming tripartite plague of viral patho- of a more virulent illness, such as pneu-
The former pro-regime People’s Minister Lutsenko also revealed that gens. monic plague. Several bloggers even sug-
Democratic Party (PDP), headed by Valerii Elbrus Tadeyev had been on an organized “People are dying,” Mr. Yushchenko gested that a pharmaceutical company
Pustovoitenko, and the Agrarian Party, crime wanted list that was compiled by the told television viewers. “The epidemic is had accidentally released a biological
headed by Parliament Chairman Ministry of Internal Affairs directorate on killing doctors. This is absolutely unprec- weapon. (See this Google search link for
Volodymyr Lytvyn, never had regional organized crime until 2001, but that he edented and inconceivable in the 21st the myriad stories on this.)
business bases. The PDP followed the was then suspiciously removed from the century.” Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko cer-
SDPU and became marginalized, while the list. It was not important, Mr. Lutsenko Moreover, “Unlike similar epidemics tainly didn’t help matters by announcing
Agrarian Party renamed itself as the said, if the two are cousins or not. What in other countries, three pathogens of a “quarantine” of nine regions, limiting
People’s Party and entered Parliament in was relevant, however, was that Robert viral infections came to Ukraine at the travel, banning all public gatherings and
2007 within the Volodymyr Lytvyn Bloc. Tedeyev used a car with registered parlia- same time: two of them are seasonal flu attempting to take control of pharmaceu-
In December 2008, the Lytvyn Bloc joined mentary license plates belonging to the and the third is H1N1. According to virol- tical pricing. Such a strong reaction sug-
the democratic (Orange) coalition. deputy to escape from a shoot-out. The ogists, such a combination of infections gests a very strong virus. But while Mr.
The Party of Regions has evolved – chauffeur in the getaway car, Oleh due to mutation may produce a new, even Yushchenko is sewing uncertainty, Ms.
especially since 2004 – into an anti-Orange Kryvobok, told the Internal Affairs more aggressive virus.” Tymoshenko is trying to show iron.
popular front. The PRU is an all-embrac- Ministry that the national deputy regularly The epidemic he spoke of is the H1N1 Unfortunately, this iron came after the
ing umbrella bringing together regional loaned his Mercedes to his cousin Robert. virus, which is blamed, sadly, for the illness had already hit. The government
separatists and pan-Slavic extremists, for- The interrogation documents drawn up by deaths [as of the writing of this article, appears to have done little preparation to
mer Communist voters, co-opted corrupt the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the November 6] of approximately 90 people battle the flu.
trade unionists, former or existing mem- shoot-out with the signatures of the cousin in Ukraine over the last several weeks. Regardless, Mr. Yushchenko, Ms.
bers of organized crime, billionaire oli- and chauffeur were reprinted by These deaths should not be minimized or Tymoshenko and all candidates in the
garchs, bona fide businessmen, discredited Ukrayinska Pravda (September 25). dismissed. But, Mr. Yushchenko’s state- election have seized on the H1N1 virus.
former Kuchma supporters and regional ment is high on panic-inducing hyperbole Opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych
corrupt officials. Donetsk is the only Regional separatists
and low on facts. criticized the government for its lack of
region of Ukraine where local business, Pro-Russian regional separatists and Every year in Ukraine people die from preparedness, Mr. Yushchenko suggested
political, state, and criminal elite’s have nationalists, often linked to organized the seasonal flu. Yesterday, the govern- that public officials should be held crimi-
successfully fused into a political machine crime, have become increasingly active in ment claimed that the number of deaths nally responsible for not stopping the
and is the party’s main stronghold. the Party of Regions in Crimea and Odesa. from flu this year is actually 10 percent flu’s spread, and Ms. Tymoshenko has
The PRU has always been more united In September 2008, the Crimean below last year. Since we don’t have used the epidemic to cancel all election
by what it opposes than what it supports; Parliament, dominated by the PRU, voted access to documents, it’s impossible to gatherings for three weeks.
such a disparate group of seven divergent in favor of recognizing the independence know if this claim is accurate. But, it’s All three candidates also have set the
interests could never form a coherent poli- of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The only possible. foundation for future use of the flu if nec-
cy platform. The party’s negative platform two other entities who have followed done The World Health Organization recog- essary. Could Mr. Yushchenko hope to
of hostility to the Orange Revolution has so are Nicaragua and the Palestinian nizes a “big event” in Ukraine, but also create enough panic to find support for a
driven Mr. Yanukovych to seek revenge Hamas terrorist organization. suggests a “moderate impact.” According state of emergency, thus cancelling the
for what he still considers his legal elec- Crimean PRU leader Vasyl Kyseliov to Bloomberg, at the moment, infection election? Could Ms. Tymoshenko use the
tion on November 21, 2004. was expelled from the party on September rates seem to be in line with the United epidemic both to limit her opponents’
The PRU is fractured in four ways by 15 after he was accused of damaging “the Kingdom, which has seen a .03 percent campaigning and to consolidate control
populists, organized crime, separatists and reputation of the party.” Oleksii death rate after infection from H1N1 with o v e r p o w e r e n t i t i e s ? C o u l d M r.
pro-Russian extremists. Boyarchuk, head of the Yalta city branch 137 deaths in two months. Yanukovych lead a revolt against both
Businessmen versus populists of the PRU, was appointed the acting head It is possible that infection and death leaders?
of the Crimean branch. Mr. Kyseliov long rates will continue to rise exponentially, It’s going to be a very long election
Many business supporters of the party had a personal conflict with Crimean particularly given Ukraine’s horribly season.

Canadian groups appeal U.S.-Ukraine cooperation

for medical aid to Ukraine under way to combat H1N1
TORONTO – The Ukrainian Canadian a call for urgently needed medical U.S. Embassy immunization planning as well as for
Congress (UCC) and the Canada Ukraine supplies.” logistics and assistance to transport the
Foundation (CUF) on November 4 laun- The appeal is being coordinated with KYIV – In an effort to stop the global vaccine, to train vaccinators and other
ched an appeal to the government of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, which spread of pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza professionals, and to prepare communica-
Canada, all provinces and territories, and will ensure rapid distribution of the virus, the United States is planning to tions materials in support of the immuni-
Canadians to help the people of Ukraine supplies and support within Ukraine. donate 10 percent of U.S. domestic H1N1 zation campaign.
deal with a serious outbreak of pandemic “Our thoughts and prayers are with the vaccine supply, as it becomes available, The U.S. recognizes that improved
flu ravaging the country. families who have lost loved ones. We to a WHO-led H1N1 vaccine initiative. access to the H1N1 vaccine will limit the
In response to an urgent plea from the cannot stand by and watch this pandemic The U.S. donation to the World Health spread of the virus and help save lives,
government of Ukraine, this Canadian ravage Ukraine. As Canadians we have Organization, equivalent to 25 million and stands ready to provide robust and
appeal calls for donations of specialized an obligation to reach out and help,” sta- doses of vaccine, would be valued com- timely support to the government of
medical supplies to support sick and criti- ted Ukrainian Canadian Congress mercially at approximately $10 million. Ukraine to address this global health
cally ill Ukrainians across their country. President Paul Grod. “We ask that the As part of the first phase of this initia- threat.
Supplies needed include: antibiotics, sani- government of Canada and the provinces tive, Ukraine is scheduled to receive The U.S. is also prepared to assist
tizers, masks, syringes, ventilators and and territories designate a portion of 930,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine in early Ukraine during this outbreak through the
basic medical products to assist sick and foreign assistance funding toward imme- December. Planning to complement this Biological Threat Reduction Program,
critically ill Ukrainians. Over 250,000 flu diate humanitarian medical aid to help donation with a broad range of interven- which works with the Ministry of Health,
cases have been reported, with over 1,100 Ukraine fight this pandemic. As well, we tions to support the safe delivery and the State Committee for Veterinary
children hospitalized in the last several urge Canadians to generously donate deployment of the vaccines, the U.S. gov- Medicine and the Academy of Agrarian
days. money that can be used to buy medical ernment will be working closely with the Sciences to help combat specific threats
“The rapid escalation of the disease supplies as soon as possible.” government of Ukraine in the days ahead to public health such as H1N1.
has the making of what could be a public Details on what is needed and how rea- to identify needs and agree on a package Under this program, the U.S. has con-
health catastrophe,” stated Bob Onyschuk, ders can donate or help are available at of immunization-related commodity and tinued to work closely with its counter-
chairman of the Canada Ukraine or for technical support that can be implement- parts at Ukraine’s Central Sanitary
Foundation. “The government of Ukraine further information readers may contact ed rapidly to support H1N1 immuniza- Epidemiological Station (CSES) during
has closed all schools and implemented a Lesia Demkowicz at or tion. the current H1N1 outbreak and has
quarantine in nine oblasts and has issued 204-942-4627. As required and requested by the gov- offered both technical and material assis-
ernment of Ukraine, the U.S. government tance. For example, the U.S. is offering
is prepared to make available immuniza- Ukraine’s CSES both equipment and test
tion ancillary materials such as syringes, supplies to improve their diagnostic capa-
Philadelphia Archeparchy, rights committee needles and vaccine safety disposal
boxes, to provide technical support for
bilities and ability to react to the current

join forces to assist Ukraine in fighting flu

PHIADELPHIA – An emergency
meeting was held on November 5 at the
for immediate delivery to Ukraine for the
purchase of necessary supplies. The met-
UUARC sends humanitarian aid
Chancery of the Ukrainian Catholic
Archeparchy of Philadelphia with
Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka
ropolitan will be in Ukraine at the end of
November and will personally deliver the
funds. The second phase of the action
to Ukraine to combat H1N1 virus
and members of the Ukrainian Human will be the collection of supplies. PHILADELPHIA – One million flu Prynko, at Boryspil Airport in Kyiv and
Rights Committee. Funds may be send to: Philadelphia masks and over 12,500 bottles of hand picked up by the representatives of the
The meeting was held in response to Archeparchy, 827 N. Franklin St., sanitizer were purchased by the United Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv
the appeal sent by President Viktor Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 or deposited in Ukrainian American Relief Committee Oblast State Administrations.
Yushchenko of Ukraine for immediate collection baskets in churches in enve- Inc. (UUARC) on November 3, and The masks and hand sanitizers will go
help to alleviate the drastic situation in lopes marked “N1H1 swine flu.” flown to Ukraine. through customs in their respective
Ukraine with the spread of the H1N1 The Ukrainian Human Rights On Friday, November 6, and Sunday, oblasts. Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk
virus and seasonal influenza in Ukraine. Committee has opened a special account, November 8, AeroSvit Ukrainian oblasts each received 300,000 masks, and
At the start of the meeting Metropolitan No. 50921, at the Ukrainian Selfreliance Airlines’ regular non-stop flight VV132 the Lviv Oblast received 400,000 masks;
Soroka said, “We have to respond because Federal Credit Union to collect funds for left New York City with a total weight of the hand sanitizers were distributed to the
we are one family ... a family looks out the battle against the swine flue. 7.5 tons of humanitarian assistance. three oblasts.
for each other in hard times and cele- Present at the meeting with AeroSvit, through the efforts of Vlada Many people and organizations con-
brates the good times.” Metropolitan Soroka were the dean of the Austin, initiated a free cargo transporta- tributed to the quick community response.
Various avenues of action were dis- Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy, the Rev. tion program to accommodate the urgent Shipment arrangements and coordination
cussed and the attendees decided that the Ivan Demkiw, Ulana Mazurkevich, need to fight the flu epidemic in Ukraine. with government authorities in Ukraine
plan of action would be twofold. The first Chrystia Senyk, Orysia Hewka, Oksana The relief consignment arrived on were made by Consulate General of
phase would be the collection of funds Woroch and Yara Snylyk. Saturday, November 7, and Monday, Ukraine in Chicago, (Consul Konstantyn
November 9, in Kyiv. Kudryk and Deputy Consul Vladislav
The shipments were received by the
Kyiv representative of UUARC, Vira (Continued on page 22)

UCCA seeks volunteers

to be election observers
NEW YORK – the Ukrainian To become a member of the UCCA’s
Congress Committee of America International Observer Mission volun-
(UCCA) is seeking individuals inter- teers must hold citizenship in a country
ested in volunteering as international other than Ukraine, and be willing to
election observers for the January 17, dedicate roughly one week to the pro-
2010, presidential elections. gram, as observer teams will be
As in previous years, the UCCA will deployed to various regions throughout
be actively participating in Ukraine’s Ukraine in order to cover as many
electoral process by organizing a dele- oblasts as possible. Interested individu-
gation of international election observ- als are asked to contact the UCCA
ers. National Office either by e-mail at
The UCCA will provide all volun- or by telephone at
teers with official accreditation from 212-228-6840.
U k r a i n e ’s C e n t r a l E l e c t i o n The UCCA has been organizing del-
Commission, extensive training to egations of international election
familiarize observers with all the laws observers to monitor Ukraine’s presi-
and regulations related to the election dential and parliamentary elections
process, as well as in-country travel since 1994. In 2004 the UCCA’s dele-
and lodging coordination. However, all gation, which numbered over 2,400
Members of the Ukrainian Human Rights Committee at an audience with expenses related to travel, food and individuals, was the largest delegation
Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka: (seated, from left) Ulana Mazurkevich, lodging must be borne by the volun- ever registered by Ukraine’s Central
Orysia Hewka, Yara Snylyk (standing) Oksana Woroch, Metropolitan Soroka, teers themselves. Election Commission.
the Rev. Ivan Demkiw and Chrystyna Senyk.

UNA reports... The Fraternal and Organizing Committee

made a number of recommendations related
(Continued from page 1) to marketing the UNA’s products and pro-
members in New Jersey low-cost auto grams at Soyuzivka, advertising the UNA’s
insurance; there are plans to offer similar scholarship program, and promoting the
programs to members in other states. UNA’s newspapers by giving complimenta-
Ms. Lisovich focused on the UNA’s ry one-month subscriptions to potential
financial performance, specifically the UNA members and potential subscribers.
investment portfolio and asset growth. She The committee also suggested that UNA
noted that while most insurance companies membership pins be brought back into use
suffered investment losses during 2008, the and that UNA district committees should
UNA showed healthy growth in investment make efforts to become more active in orga-
income. The UNA’s conservative invest- nizing local events and in promoting the
ment policy helped protect the portfolio dur- UNA.
ing the global financial crisis. The Soyuzivka Committee discussed sev-
It is worth noting, she said, that there eral fund-raising alternatives for the
have been no purchases of common or pre- Ukrainian Heritage Center, spoke about the
ferred stock during the last seven years and need to create a “Friends of Soyuzivka”
the UNA has had no mortgage foreclosures committee of major donors, made sugges-
during this crisis. The UNA, in fact, was one tions for the 2010 Ukrainian Cultural
of a select group of insurers that recorded an Festival and noted that efforts should contin-
increase in investment income in 2008 when ue to resurrect the Ukrainian Cultural
the markets crashed and financial turmoil Courses. In addition, the committee pointed Roma Hadzewycz
reigned. to the need to promote donations to the
Ukrainian National Foundation, the UNA’s President Stefan Kaczaraj and Treasurer Roma Lisovich during the business sessions.
This year the portfolio is again perform-
ing extremely well, as investment income charitable arm.
The Canada Committee discussed the Hadzewycz. had passed away in the period since the
for the first nine months of 2009 of $3.6 The annual meeting was opened, in
UNA’s next steps in Canada and how to 2008 annual meeting: Auditor Vasyl
million is outpacing that for the same period accordance with UNA tradition, with a
in 2008, when it stood at $2.9 million. The mitigate the risk associated with foreign Luchkiw (also a former advisor, New York
exchange. Beginning in 2009, Canadian brief outdoor ceremony at Soyuzivka’s District Committee chair and secretary of
UNA’s total admitted assets reached a his- monument to Taras Shevchenko.
toric milestone, rising to $98.8 million as of policyholders will be given an option to Branch 16); and Branch Secretaries Walter
convert Canadian policies to U.S. dollars. Afterwards, President Kaczaraj convened
September 30, 2009, in comparison with the meeting and Vice-President Holubec Krywulycz (266), Mary Pelechaty (165),
$76.8 million as of yearend 2008. The committee also suggested that the UNA Maria Zobniw (271), Julian Kotlar (42),
look into expanding membership benefits delivered the invocation.
Ms. Lisovich also noted that the A moment of silence was observed in Michajlo Martynenko (245) and Bohdan
Ukrainian National Foundation’s Ukrainian for UNA members in Canada.
Last to report was the Publications tribute to the dedicated UNA activists who Lawryniw (456).
Cultural Festival at Soyuzivka was very suc-
cessful in 2009, with an attendance of 7,000, Committee, which noted the major dona-
according to the State Police. Last year’s tions received during the year under review
festival, in comparison, brought in between from the Heritage Foundation of 1st Security
3,000 and 4,000 visitors. She underscored Savings Bank, Selfreliance Ukrainian
that one-third of those who came to the 2009 American Federal Credit Union and an
festival had never before been to Soyuzivka. anonymous donor toward the digital
Ms. Lisovich also gave a presentation archives project of Svoboda and The
comparing the UNA’s status to that of other Ukrainian Weekly, and stated that fund-rais-
American fraternal organizations. ing for the project should continue. Online
A brief report was given to the General subscriptions to the UNA’s newspapers
Assembly also by the manager of should be implemented as soon as possible,
Soyuzivka, Nestor Paslawsky, who spoke the committee said, adding that free online
about the 2009 summer season and cited a subscriptions to The Ukrainian Weekly
25 percent increase in the number of chil- should be made available to 18- to 20-year-
dren and teenagers who participated in vari- olds via notifications through youth and stu-
ous camps held at the Ukrainian Heritage dent organizations, schools of Ukrainian
Center. studies and universities. The committee also
repeated its previous recommendation that
Committee reports
an endowment fund be created for the
On Friday evening and Saturday morn- UNA’s newspapers.
ing, the General Assembly’s Financial, Present at the annual meeting, in addition
Fraternal/Organizing, Soyuzivka, Canada to the three full-time executive officers,
and Publications committees held their sepa- were: First Vice-President Zenon Holubec,
rate meetings. All reported back to the full Director for Canada Myron Groch, Auditor
General Assembly on Saturday afternoon. Eugene Serba, Advisors Gloria Horbaty,
National Secretary Christine Kozak addresses the annual meeting as First Vice-
The Financial Committee discussed the Nicholas Fil, Eugene Oscislawski, Olya
President Zenon Holubec looks on.
proposed budget for 2010, which foresees a Czerkas, Al Kachkowski, Lubov Streletsky
12 percent rise in premium income to and Stephanie Hawryluk; Honorary
$36.45 million and a modest profit, with Members Taras Szmagala Sr. and Ulana
annuity sales continuing to be the prime
engine of growth and investment income
Diachuk (who recently accepted that posi-
tion); as well as the editor-in-chief of The Remembering
continuing to grow at about 6 percent. Ukrainian Weekly and Svoboda, Roma
Taras Shpikula
November 19th is the 35th anniversary of the
passing of Taras Shpikula. Bor n in
Kopychyntsi (near Ternopil), Ukraine in 1904,
he immigrated to the United States in 1922
and settled in Chicago.

As a long-time dedicated UNA member,

Taras was elected Supreme Advisor in 1933,
a post held until 1973. As Secretary of UNA
Branch 221 in Chicago, he organized thousands of members into one
of the largest branches of the UNA. He was President of the UNA
Home in Chicago, led the UNA District Committee, and also started
UNA Youth Branch 22 and Branch 131. After World War II, he was
instrumental in the resettlement of many Ukrainian refugees in the
United States through the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee
and was actively involved with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of
America (UCCA). He was also a member of the Knights of Columbus
(4th degree).

Taras Shpikula was a true Ukrainian patriot and community leader who
devoted himself to Ukrainian causes helping many of his countrymen.
Newly appointed Advisor Stephanie Hawrylyk (who was appointed to fill the slot He will always be remembered by his wife Mary, sons Taras and Myron,
vacated by Advisor Eugene Serba when he was named to the Auditing daughter Donna and friends in the Ukrainian community.
Committee) and Advisor Nicholas Fil.


The moment of truth
Ukraine’s moment of truth is nearing. For the last five years, Ukraine’s so-called
leaders have waged perpetual war, undermining each other and bringing shame and
disgrace to the government in their fanatical drives to acquire more money and power.
Incredibly enough, the arrival of an influenza epidemic that has killed 213 Ukrainians, Eighteen candidates are registered
coupled with a government on the brink of financial insolvency, has only served to
encourage their psychopathic infighting. The 2010 Ukrainian presidential election refers to Yulia and Yushchenko, while “Ya”
With the hryvnia having lost more than 60 percent of its value since last year, the will involve 18 candidates, the Central refers to Yanukovych and Yatsenyuk.
Party of Regions teamed with President Viktor Yushchenko to pass utterly irresponsi- Election Commission announced on The “against all” option has such poten-
ble legislation raising wages and pensions. This was the last thing Ukraine needed at a November 11 after the application deadline tial popularity that one candidate has taken
time that its government needs funds to combat the influenza epidemic. The president expired. on that moniker. Among the 18 to register
wants to spend between 5 billion and 8 billion hrv to raise wages and pensions, but he The 18 candidates are Kharkiv lawyer was Vasyl Protyvsikh, who changed his
can’t seem to find a good reason to approve 1 billion hrv to fight the flu epidemic. Inna Bohoslovska, Kyiv businessman name from Vasyl Humeniuk just three weeks
Ukrainians are paid miserably: the average wage is $240 a month, according to Mykhailo Brodsky, former Defense Minister ago.
recent government statistics. Yet wages and pensions increase legitimately only when Anatolii Grytsenko, Ukrainian People’s A former Communist and City Council
the economy is growing. Artificial attempts will be dissolved by inflation. President Party Chair Yurii Kostenko, Verkhovna Rada chair of Yaremche, who blocked the city’s
Yushchenko and PRU Chair Viktor Yanukovych know this, and helping poor Chair Volodymyr Lytvyn, Socialist Party attempts to tear down its Lenin statue in the
Ukrainians wasn’t what motivated them. Mr. Yanukovych is playing the election pop- Chair Oleksander Moroz, Kyiv City Council early 1990s, Mr. Protysvikh is currently
ulism game initiated by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, aiming to outdo her in Deputy Oleksander Pabat, Ivano-Frankivsk president of the Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber
proving to naïve voters that he can give out just as many petty trinkets as she can. citizen Vasyl Protyvsikh, Uzhhorod Mayor of Commerce.
How unfortunate that Ukrainians don’t understand how much this will damage the Serhii Ratushniak, Kyiv lawyer Oleh He participated in the 2007 parliamentary
economy in the long run. Riabokon, People’s Democratic Party Chair election, running on the KUCHMA Bloc
Meanwhile, the president wants to undermine the prime minister any way he can. Liudmyla Suprun, Communist Party Chair ticket. (KUCHMA stands for Constitution,
Approving the wages and pensions hike accomplishes his goal twofold by placing Petro Symonenko, Svoboda All-Ukrainian Ukraine, Honor, Peace and Anti-Fascism.)
additional fiscal stress on the Tymoshenko government, while dissuading the Union Chair Oleh Tiahnybok, mega-mil- Observers believe Mr. Protyvsikh is a
International Monetary Fund (IMF) from lending a fourth tranche of $3.8 billion. lionaire banker Serhii Tihipko, Prime technical candidate, financed by the Party of
IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn reportedly said the IMF Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, Party of Regions of Ukraine (PRU) to draw votes
wouldn’t extend any more loans until after the 2010 presidential elections, A few days Regions Chair Viktor Yanukovych, Change away from Ms. Tymoshenko in the first
later, Vice Prime Minister for Euro-Integration Hryohrii Nemyria said those remarks Front leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk and round, particularly in western Ukraine.
were misinterpreted, yet he had a look of panic in his eyes. Given Ms. Tymoshenko’s President Viktor Yushchenko. PRU deputies have voiced support for
promise to European diplomats in Kyiv to submit the wage and pension increases for Among the surprises was the inability of Mr. Protyvsikh. One of them, Ternopil native
Constitutional Court review, the potential to lose the IMF money appears entirely real- pro-Russian radical Natalia Vitrenko, chair Yaroslav Sukhyi, said he has known the “fair
istic. Her only option to pay any remaining debts and bills for the next several months of the Progressive Socialist Party, to muster dude” for 40 years, having traveled with him
will involve issuing government bonds – the equivalent of printing money – which an adequate registration fee. She submitted in their student days to Kazakhstan for con-
raises the risk of inflation. only a 1,964 hrv deposit, far short of the 2.5 struction work.
Some Ukrainian economists, such as the maverick Dr. Oleh Soskin, believe an eco- million hrv ($309,000) minimum. Mr. Protyvsikh insisted at a November 10
nomic collapse would serve Ukraine well, giving the country a chance to start from Consequently, the CEC rejected her applica- press conference in Kyiv that his financing
scratch and replace the oligarchy of a once-Soviet nomenklatura that continues to tion, which will give Mr. Symonenko most of $309,000 to register came from “family,
pirate the nation’s wealth. With an average wage of $240 a month, most Ukrainians of her electorate. She competed in the 1999 hometown residents and friends, including
have nothing to lose from an economic collapse, which reveals the real reason the presidential elections, earning 2.9 million those abroad,” and not from any Ukrainian
IMF is propping up Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchy. It’s not the people the IMF is con- votes, and gained about 430,000 votes in the political party.
cerned about. 2004 race. His candidacy could also help to prevent
The stability of the Ukrainian economy is critical for avoiding a chain reaction of Perhaps Vladimir Putin figured he had the first round of elections from being under-
panic and defaults that could reverberate throughout Eastern Europe’s financial institu- enough allies campaigning and it wasn’t mined by a failure to reach the 50 percent
tions, and possibly further. So the IMF has funneled $10.6 billion to the Tymoshenko worth financing another… quorum needed of the Ukrainian electorate.
government, supporting its utterly irresponsible populist policies. In turn, instead of *** Some observers speculate the quorum could
cutting excessive social spending and balancing the budget in the midst of a financial fall short, particularly since votes cast
crisis, Ms. Tymoshenko has boosted wages for teachers, village doctors, librarians, The “proty vsikh” (against all) movement “against all” don’t count.
mail carriers and village council chairs, all of the bourgeoisie, low-rung intelligentsia is gaining momentum in Ukraine, with 8
that tend to sign up for election commissions. IMF support for such policies has been percent of Ukrainians expected to make that ***
so absurd that suspicions of corruption are rampant and gaining legitimacy. selection on January 17, 2010, according to
The timeliness of the influenza outbreak
Whether one supports eliminating the IMF’s life-support for Ukraine’s oligarchy, or an October poll conducted by the Razumkov
could not have been ignored by the
whether one supports the IMF loans, the conduct of the country’s leaders in the last Center for Economic and Political Research.
Presidential Secretariat, which considered it
few weeks confirms that their legitimacy has expired. Few, if any Ukrainians, have That’s more support than for most of the
as a reason to keep Viktor Yushchenko in
any faith in these folks. And that’s the sense in Europe too. 18 presidential candidates, with the excep-
place longer than his five-year term.
Mr. Strauss-Kahn is fed up with Ms. Tymoshenko using the IMF’s money for pop- tion of frontrunners Viktor Yanukovych (29
President Yushchenko could declare mar-
ulist social spending, and his November 7 statement to reserve the fourth tranche until percent), Yulia Tymoshenko (20 percent)
tial law should the flu and associated panic
after the elections was like throwing a bucket of cold water at the prime minister. and Arseniy Yatsenyuk (8 percent).
escalate, and he could postpone the election
Meanwhile, virtually everyone is ignoring President Yushchenko, the lamest of ducks Proty Vsikh billboards have emerged
along the Khreschatyk and throughout Kyiv until May 30, Presidential Secretariat Deputy
whose erratic statements in the last week included a consideration of martial law and
neighborhoods with the slogan, “Against All Chair Ihor Popov said on November 6, offer-
insistence that the National Security and Defense Council become the country’s main
governing organ. And, if Mr. Yanukovych thinks raising wages and pensions under – For Life Without ‘Yu’ and ‘Ya’.” “Yu” (Continued on page 21)
inflationary conditions will help pave the way for an election victory, he’s in for a cold
bucket of water himself. Ukrainians have been there, done that.
Whether the people of Ukraine will continue to lend passive support to this
ruinous oligarchy remains to be seen. No wonder the “against all” movement is
gaining ground.

Nov. Turning the pages back...

15 Five years ago, on November 15, 2004, Ukraine’s presidential
2004 candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Viktor
Yanukovych engaged in the first televised debate witnessed by
Ukraine’s electorate.
Questions about media independence were a hot topic prior to the debate, with many of
the television networks owned by oligarchs who supported Mr. Yanukovych’s candidacy.
Broadcast by six television networks, the 90-minute debate focused on four pre-approved
general topics – social policy, the economy, domestic policy and foreign policy. The debate
was moderated by a journalist who kept track of allotted times. Both candidates claimed to
have gained the advantage.
“I am satisfied with the debate if only because it was the first time in three and half years
that I had a chance to come before the nation and present my positions on Ukrainian Zenon Zawada
Placards urging Ukrainians to vote “Against All – For Life Without “Ya” and
(Continued on page 11) “Yu,” have appeared throughout Kyiv in recent weeks.

From a Canadian Angle

by Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

Election challenges in Ukraine Descendants of Kozaks

Ukraine is facing difficult challenges Yes, he gets credit for elevating nation- Ukrainians’ self-image is deeply root- Tsar Peter in 1709 added immeasurably to
from Russia and at home. Cleaning up al symbols, Ukrainian language, for pro- ed in the Kozak tradition, delightfully the Kozak mystique, but the fact is it failed,
internal concerns – primarily the flawed moting recognition of the Holodomor, the captured in Ilya Repin’s painting, largely because a major portion of the
Constitution and corruption – is critical to Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists “Zaporozhians Writing a Letter to the Kozaks hedged their bets and stayed with
moving forward. The presidential candi- and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as legit- Sultan” (1880-1891) where a boisterous, Moscow. Not that it did them much good:
date determined to tackle these, in particu- imate protectors of Ukraine. As important battle-hardened group of warriors, taking tens of thousands ended up as slaves build-
lar the latter, would gain commanding as these are, however, these initiatives do neither themselves nor the Turkish Sultan ing St. Petersburg; within a half century, the
electorate support. not address the people’s day-to-day con- all too seriously, craft a defiant statement last vestiges of Kozak sovereignty were
The current Constitution, readers cerns. Rather, they play to the diaspora’s defending their freedom and indepen- eliminated, the Sich destroyed.
should recall, was adopted in the 11th agenda which lives, in the main, comfort- dence. It makes for a great picture: color- Two centuries later – we’re talking about
hour to resolve the impasse surrounding ably in wealthy, democratic societies. But ful, hilarious and utterly democratic – vast stretches of time – during the
falsifications of the 2004 presidential elec- the diaspora does not vote, and the presi- everyone who wants has a voice. Revolution of 1918-1920, the same faction-
tions and the Orange Revolution protests. dent’s ratings are languishing under 5 per- Starting with a vast repertoire of folk alism that plagued Ukraine during the Ruin,
It encompasses provisions that would con- cent. songs, the Kozak legacy is woven into the sabotaged that bid for independence. During
found good government in any country. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko fares fabric of Ukrainian life. That became the World War II the Organization of Ukrainian
For instance, the powers of the president much better at 20 percent support. She basis for the life’s work of Ukraine’s nation- Nationalists (OUN) was riven by a disas-
and the prime minister are intertwined. handled the energy crisis effectively but al poet, Taras Shevchenko. Even at diaspora trous split, weakening what was otherwise a
Designed to prevent either from being too non-stop tensions with the president dances, thousands of miles and generations powerful revolutionary movement. In the
strong, this executive duality creates two detract from her accomplishments. She removed from Ukraine, the Kozak legacy big picture, both periods pitted one group of
masters complicating – no, breaking down would benefit from another success story comes to life with the national dance, the Ukrainians committed to independence
– Ukraine’s political process. like her privatization of the Kryvorizhstal Hopak: young guys leap high and squat against another that remained loyal to
In Canada the prime minister appoints plant in 2005. low, while the girls skip, spin, then whirl on Moscow.
the Cabinet and holds exclusive executive A clearer pro-western position would the arm of one of the boys. The national Today, 19 years into an unprecedented
power by being the first minister in the elevate her standing as well. A superb tac- anthem itself invokes fraternity grounded period of national independence, it’s tempt-
Cabinet. The ceremonial head of state, the tician, she will gain votes in the second on a common Kozak origin: “brattia kozats- ing to view the current situation in Ukraine
governor general whom the prime minster round from supporters of Volodymyr koho rodu.” and wonder whether history isn’t repeating
appoints has no de facto political power. Lytvyn and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the current The Kozaks sprang out of necessity. With itself, whether the Kozak legacy of which
In the United States the president is both and former chairs respectively, of the no natural boundaries and lots of resources everyone is so proud doesn’t also carry with
head of state and the chief executive who Verkhovna Rada, both with higher ratings and wealth, Ukraine was the target of inva- it a tendency toward discord. After all, with-
chooses his Cabinet. Ukraine’s model pro- than the president’s. Her ability to unite sions going back to Kyivan Rus’, a thou- in a year of the historic Orange Revolution
vides neither clarity. Its head of state, the former Orangistas is real. sand years ago. Over the decades and gen- in 2004, its leaders engaged in a bitter split.
president, also has responsibility for Viktor Yanukovych, Moscow’s favorite, erations, relentless attacks and disastrous And now, as the fifth election since inde-
Cabinet portfolios like defense, internal scores about 30 percent, Russia, having political infighting took its toll. When the pendence looms, multiple candidates vie for
security and foreign affairs, and can stifle favored him in the last presidential elec- Rus’ empire collapsed, the Polish- power, even as Russia – true to form – plays
the work of the prime minister, with veto tion, and miscalculated, is too smart to do Lithuanian Commonwealth filled the void the natural gas card and wages a campaign
power. so again. Perhaps Russia has decided that during an era of feudalism and serfdom. of historical distortions and political calum-
Unless the Constitution of Ukraine is regardless of who wins it can manage On either side of the Dnipro River south ny while quietly cutting deals.
amended, conflicts between two masters Ukraine as the larger geo-political game of Kyiv, the open steppes were rich with And yet, in the mysterious sweep of his-
will continue regardless of the personali- has tilted. Recently the United States, as game, fishing and fertile land. And, there tory, a lot has changed to move Ukraine in a
ties in power. Ukrainians are tired of the part of its reset of relations with Russia, were no masters, so many fled there to live positive direction. Today, it’s a sovereign
squabbling and want good government. scrapped the defense missile shield and is in freedom and plenty. country with a single capital, its own
The other concern infuriating currying Russia’s favor on the Iran nuclear But it wasn’t so simple. They became Parliament, military, currency, postage
Ukrainians is this: none of the candidates issue. This positions Russia firmly in Iran targets anew, this time of the Tatars, ances- stamps and a single set of national symbols.
have dealt with corruption. While Ukraine – close to its nuclear power and oil fields tors of the Mongols who had destroyed Everyone roots for the national team at the
boasts some of the world’s richest people, – with U.S. approval. (This reminds me of Kyiv in 1240 and then settled in Crimea, World Cup and the Olympics, where kids
most of the people live on about $100 a the mad cry from the West in the 1990s where trafficking in people on behalf of with no memory of the Soviet Union com-
month. Scandals surrounding the energy Ottoman Turkey was a major industry. Men pete in blue-and-yellow uniforms.
for Ukraine and Kazakhstan to give up
sector – indeed all sectors – abound. were sold for brute force labor, females as Above all, Ukraine has been a free coun-
their nukes to the sole control of Russia.)
Politicians and government officials are harem girls and domestics, boys into mili- try – again, no small thing for a nation that
The new chumminess will compromise
neither prevented from abusing nor pun- tary training to became janissaries. endured 200 years of tsarist rule followed
America’s resolve to push Ukraine’s mem-
ished for profiting from positions of In the mid-1500s, the nobleman Dmytro by 75 years as a Soviet republic with a
bership in NATO or react strongly to
power. Furthermore, the impartiality of “Baida” Vyshnyvetsky founded a fortress, ghastly legacy of civil war, terror, famine
Russia’s advancements in Crimea.
Ukraine’s judiciary – the ultimate arbiter – the Sich, on an island in the Dnipro rapids and genocide. Millions sprang up spontane-
The good news is that Ukraine has han-
is highly suspect. Freedom House gives that became the stronghold from which free ously in the Orange Revolution to make
dled difficult external challenges, primari-
Ukraine nearly 6 out of 7 on the corrup- Ukrainians defended their villages and sure the country doesn’t revert to that. As
ly from Russia, before. And it has sur-
tion scale. Public trust in government is homes. Over the course of a century, the for the millions who opposed the Orange
among the lowest in the world. vived. The bad news: internal concerns
spell ongoing trouble if not addressed. Kozaks gathered strength and organization, Revolution, they agreed to a second, inter-
Having done their job several times taking the fight to their enemies. In 1648 nationally monitored election and accepted
now – holding democratic elections One-third of Ukrainians are undecided
voters who clearly know what they want Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky astonished the ultimate outcome of that vote. And that’s
against considerable odds – Ukrainians everyone, including himself, when he led a no small factor.
now accuse their leaders of violating their from their leader: someone to marry
national pride with an easier life; clean up national revolution and established an inde- Since 2005 Ukrainian politics has been
trust; infighting; inattention to poverty, pendent state. messy and dismaying. But, it’s been
unemployment, inadequate housing and corruption and restore peoples’ confidence
in government. Sadly, Ukrainian independence did not played out in freedom and according to
medical care. Basic services require survive its author. The generation following the rules, as flawed as those might be.
bribes. They blame all politicians, but Is anyone listening?
Khmelnytsky is known in history as “The And that’s also no small thing. The
above all President Viktor Yushchenko, Ruin” – when the country had two hetmans. Kozak legacy has many positive attri-
who promised a better life by dealing with Oksana Bashuk Hepburn may be con- one for either bank of the Dnipro River and butes and negatives, as well. We can only
corruption in officialdom. tacted at events were driven by ambition, conflict hope Ukraine’s political class has learned
and betrayal. the right lessons from its country’s past.
Repin’s famous Kozak painting is from The election is January 17, 2010, and we

MAY WE HELP YOU? an actual event from the mid-1660s. It

depicts a democratic process, to be sure, but
no one seems to be in charge. In the back-
don’t know what the outcome will be.
And that’s a big deal. Contrast that with
Russia, where elections are fore-
To reach The Ukrainian Weekly call (973) 292-9800, ground, a couple of men look on with sour ordained.
expressions, as if disapproving. Then there’s As for Repin, most of his paintings were
and dial the appropriate extension (as listed below). the guy calmly observing the scene and about Russia. His masterpiece, “The Volga
twirling his mustache. A spy? Russia and Boatmen,” is in the Russian Museum in St.
Poland certainly had their agents among the Petersburg, not far from the Kozak painting.
Editorial – 3049, 3088 • Production – 3063, 3069 two Kozak camps, playing the right and left Interesting contrast. Repin’s last painting
Administration – 3041 • Advertising – 3040 bank hetmans against each other. was “Hopak” (1927). Beautiful.
The “Ruin” finally ended when Ivan
Subscriptions – 3042 Mazepa normalized the country’s politics Andrew Fedynsky’s e-mail address is
and economy. His revolt against Russia’s

UCU’s Liturgical Institute celebrates 10th anniversary

by Matthew Matuszak on the institute’s tasks.
“For that to happen, the divine service
LVIV – On November 17 the Institute of which we celebrate, and which the ILS stud-
Liturgical Studies (ILS) of the Ukrainian ies, will have to become service in prisons
Catholic University (UCU) will mark the and hospitals, at soup kitchens and schools.
10th anniversary of its founding. An interna- More people will have to believe that the
tional academic conference celebrating the heavenly Jerusalem that they experience in
jubilee was held at the university on October church can be revealed after church. They
27-29. “Liturgy and Liturgical Chant of the will have to believe that the repentance and
Byzantine Rite in its Historical forgiveness, wisdom and beauty that they
Development” featured speakers from vari- see in church can embrace home and office,
ous cities of Ukraine, as well as Canada, government and the academy. May our
Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Russia and research and study help them believe,” he
was the institute’s sixth such conference. added.
In addition, as part of the celebration, the With a grant from the European Union’s
Rev. Peter Galadza, Ph.D., director of the international association for scholarly coop-
ILS and professor of liturgy at the Sheptytsky eration, INTAS, the institute’s first research
Institute of Eastern Christian Studies in the project involved the creation of a database
Faculty of Theology at St. Paul University in of Ukrainian and Belarusian sacred music.
Ottawa, conducted members of UCU’s choir The institute has also been grateful for sub-
who sang at an “all-night vigil” on October sequent support received from the Harvard
28 held at Transfiguration Church in Lviv. Ukrainian Studies Fund, the Canadian
The church was celebrating the 20th anniver- The Rev. Peter Galadza, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Liturgical Studies of the
Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Bishop
sary of its official return to the Ukrainian Ukrainian Catholic University, preaches at a retreat for families of university staff.
Robert Moskal and the Very Rev. Boniface
Catholic Church. Malowany.
Born in the U.S. to Ukrainian immi- Dr. Yurii Yasinovskyi, assistant director the Cantors’ Institute of the Przemysl- “Leading the list of instructors is Oleh
grants, the Rev. Galadza has served various of the institute’s noted that the ILS’s publi- Warsaw Eparchy of the Ukrainian Catholic Tsyhylyk, who came to prominence as the
parishes in North America. He has also trav- cation of “The Anthology of Ukrainian Church and has been training cantors for conductor of the combined 600-voice choir
eled to Ukraine numerous times to help the Church Monody” has practical as well as this eparchy. during Pope John Paul II’s liturgy in Lviv
Church there. He taught courses at Lviv’s theoretical importance. “Contemporary With the demise of another training in June 2001. Prof. Tsyhylyk provides
Holy Spirit Seminary under the challenging choirs are able to perform these classics school for cantors and choir directors, individual voice training and is renowned
conditions then prevalent newly indepen- because of the ILS’s transcriptions,” he founded by Myroslav Deshchytsia, which in Ukraine for his pedagogical abilities,
dent Ukraine in the early 1990s. Later he explained. Another practical aspect of the had graduated hundreds of students, the having trained two generations of accom-
was dean of the Lviv Theological Academy, ILS’s work is its school for cantors and choir ILS has tried to pick up the slack. On plished singers.
now UCU, for the 1999-2000 academic directors.” The need for qualified church August 2-23, the ILS held the first session “We have barely begun our work,”
year, when he founded the institute. musicians in the Ukrainian churches can of a new program to grant a two-year concluded the Rev. Galadza. “And 90
“Vatican II’s teaching on worship will hardly be emphasized enough,” he stressed. accredited certificate in sacred music. years from now, when, God willing, the
remain forever a proclamation of true litur- Since 2005 the institute has annually According to the Rev. Galadza, it is inte- ILS celebrates its 100th anniversary, the
gy’s life-giving force; and it will also organized a summer school for cantors and grated into the academic program of the infinite challenge of making the Church’s
remain, forever, a challenge to the Church. choir directors at the Studite Monastery in Ukrainian Catholic University and also teaching on worship credible will remain.”
The Institute of Liturgical Studies was creat- Univ, Lviv region. Students have come from stresses regular practice during actual litur-
ed 10 years ago to meet the challenge of Canada, the United States, Ukraine and gical services.
making the Church’s teaching on worship Slovakia for the program. In addition, in “A separate church has been built for Further information about UCU (in
credible,” said the Rev. Galadza, reflecting 2007 the ILS collaborated in the revival of pilgrims at the Studite Monastery in Univ English and Ukrainian) is available on the
– a perfect site for such training pro- university’s website at
grams,” noted the Rev. Galadza. “So the Readers may also contact the Ukrainian
students sing matins, liturgy and vespers Catholic Education Foundation, which is
every day. And after each service members the largest supporter of UCU’s annual
of the teaching staff discuss ‘best practic- operating budget. One of the effects of this
es’ with the participants. Naturally, every assistance is to provide scholarships to
day includes hours of training in sight worthy students, allowing them to get an
reading, vocal technique, chant, ordo, his- excellent education that they otherwise
tory and theology.” might not be able to afford. Of every dol-
Right now the program includes students lar the UCEF spends, more than 84 cents
from eastern and western Ukraine and goes to its charitable programs, ranking
Belarus, but it “eminently lends itself to the the UCEF among the most efficient and
needs of students from outside of Ukraine, effective charities in the nation.
as well,” boasted the Rev. Galadza. “For The UCEF may be contacted in writing
only $500, a student from North America, at 2247 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL
for example, receives three full weeks of 60622; by phoning 773-235-8462; e-mail-
room and board, as well as instruction from ing; or browsing its web-
some of western Ukraine’s best cantors, site, The phone number of
choir directors, vocalists and historians. the UCEF in Canada is 416-239-2495.

Symposium and exhibit to recall

“Age and Legacy of Mazepa”
WINNIPEG, Manitoba – “The Age and the University of Manitoba).
and Legacy of Hetman Ivan Mazepa” of a Mazepa is a complex figure represent-
symposium co-sponsored by the Centre ing a pivotal period in Ukrainian history
for Ukrainian Canadian Studies who was vilified by the Russians as a
(University of Manitoba) and Oseredok traitor, mythologized by the Romantics,
(Ukrainian Cultural and Educational and revered as a symbol of independence
Center) to mark the 300th anniversary of and statehood by Ukrainians. His defeat
the Battle of Poltava. at the hands of the Russians at Poltava in
The one-day symposium on November 1709 signalled the end of any Kozak
28 will feature five academic presenta- autonomy and saw the ascendancy of the
tions on the theme of “The Age and Russian Empire. Despite the turmoil of
Legacy of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.” The this historic period, the age of Mazepa
symposium will take place from 10 a.m. was also a time of great cultural achieve-
to 4 p.m. at Oseredok (184 Alexander ment in the arts in Ukraine. The sympo-
Ave.) in Winnipeg. sium will explore Mazepa’s historical
The presenters will include Drs. Orest legacy, as well as the myths associated
Subtelny (York University), Radoslav with his name.
Zuk (McGill University), Denis Hlynka For further information readers may
(University of Manitoba), Mysoslav c o n t a c t D r. R o m a n Ye r e n i u k ,
Shkandrij (University of Manitoba) and 204-474-8907, or Sophia Kachor, 204
Roman Yereniuk (St. Andrew’s College 942 0218.

Ukrainian American Veterans meet at 62nd annual convention

by Bernard W. Krawczuk ticipate in the Veterans Oral History Project
at the Library of Congress.
VENICE, Fla. – The 62nd annual nation- • We appeal to the entire Ukrainian
al convention of the Ukrainian American American community and our friends every-
Veterans was hosted here on October 16-17 where to contribute and support the UAV
by the Cpl. Roman G. Lazor UAV Post 40 National Veterans Monument.
of North Port, Fla. At the end of the first day’s deliberations,
This successful convention, held at the Post 40, assisted by the Ukrainian American
Best Western Ambassador Suites, was made Club of Southwest Florida, hosted an eve-
possible through the work of Convention ning reception for convention delegates,
Committee members under the leadership of their spouses and invited guests. It took
Marion Bojsiuk. The committee also pub- place at St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Religious
lished the 62nd UAV Convention Journal. and Cultural Center in North Port. Ukrainian
The UAV national executive board met “soul food” was served to the delight of all.
on the eve of the convention, on October 15, The friendly atmosphere was felt through-
to address pre-convention issues. The UAV out the evening: old friends rekindled friend-
National Ladies Auxiliary headed by Oksana ships and new ones were formed, and old Viktor Lisnyczyj
Koziak held its meeting as well. war stories were exchanged. In attendance UAV national executive board officers (from left): Nicholas Skirka, Marian
The posting of colors and opening cere- was Michael Nasevich, past post commander Bojsiuk, Bernard W. Krawczuk, Anna Krawczuk, Myroslaw Pryjma, National
monies of the 62nd UAV National of the Pioneer Post 1, who attended the first Commander Brig. Gen. Leonid Kondratiuk, Mathew Koziak, Jerry Kindrachuk,
Convention were led by UAV National UAV National Convention in 1948. Stephen Kostecki, Edward Zetick and Michael Demchuk.
Commander Leonid Kondratiuk. The The highlight of the evening was the
national service officer/chaplain, Mr. induction ceremony by National
Bojsiuk, read the opening prayer. The roll Commander Leonid Kondratiuk of two new
call was executed by UAV National Adjutan UAV Post 40 members. Michael Wosny,
Mathew Koziak (a past national command- recipient of the National Defense Service
er) and a quorum was established. Medal of the Vietnam era, and Yarema
Financial and activity reports were pre- Boryshchak, recipient of the Global War on
sented by the following national officers: Terrorism Service Medal, were congratulat-
Jerry Kindrachuk, finance officer; Stephen ed and warmly received into the UAV ranks.
Kostecki, quartermaster; Myroslaw Pryjma, Saturday, October 17, was the final day
welfare officer; Nicholas Skirka, scholarship of deliberations. The convention closing
officer; and Anna Krawczuk, immediate ceremonies were conducted by National
past national commander, UAV Registration Commander Kondratiuk, ending with a
Project and UAV National Monument prayer by National Chaplain Bojsiuk.
Committee. All financial reports were sub- The evening was filled with commemo-
ject to an audit and were accepted after rations. The gala banquet hall at the
Auditing Committee Chair George Mutlos’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish Center in North
report. Port, was filled to capacity. Celebrations
The afternoon session was dedicated to were in order, not only of the 62nd UAV
activity reports of the UAV National National Convention but also the 10th anni-
Commander Kondratiuk, Adjutant Koziak, versary of Post 40 of North Port. This post is
Judge Advocate Michael Demchuk, Service very active in the Ukrainian American com-
Officer/Chaplain Bojziuk, Historian Edward Anna Krawczuk
munity and represents it well by participat-
Zetick, Public Relations Officer and ing in national Memorial Day and Veterans Keynote speaker Col. James E. Donnellan (left) with Brig. Gen. Leonid Kondratiuk.
Co-editor of the UAV Tribune Bernard W. Day commemorations, as well as parades
Krawczuk and UAV National Monument Branch 56 of the Ukrainian National and Past Post Commander Hron presented
and other local events in the area.
Committee Co-Chair Koziak, who also Women’s League of America. He invited numerous awards. The Veteran of the
The banquet began with greetings by
reported on the UAV website currently Post Commander Eugene Tomashosky and the Rev. Dr. Severyn Kovalishyn to bless Decade Award went to Mr. Kobryn in rec-
under reconstruction. Vice-Commander the expertly executed posting of colors by the food. Keynote speaker U.S. Marine ognition of his dedication to the UAV. He is
Walter Mychajliw’s report, which included the North Port High School JNROTC. The Corps Col. James E. Donnellan was intro- a past national commander, and the founder
the status of UAV members-at-large, was American and Ukrainian national anthems duced prior to his remarkable presentation and the first post commander of UAV Post
read by the adjutant. State and post com- and an invocation by national chaplain fol- on the current issues that face the U.S. 40.
manders submitted their reports in writing. lowed. Best wishes were extended by the armed forces. He underlined the need of UAV Post 40 awards also were given to
Irena Pryjma of the UAV National Ladies National Commander Kondratiuk and international support in the ongoing global members of Ukrainian American Club, and
Auxiliary reported on delegate registration, National Ladies Auxiliary President Koziak, war on terrorism. everyone who wholeheartedly helped in
while President Oksana Koziak announced who also presented donations to the UAV The UAV national commander presented making this event so successful. Lydia
the fund-raising for the UAV welfare and welfare, scholarship and monument funds. two UAV national executive board awards: Marusyn was especially recognized for
scholarship fund and the UAV National Tamara Denysenko presented a greeting on the UAV Achievement Award for his jour- supervising the parish center staff in prepa-
Monument. behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress nalistic contributions was given to Past ration of a wonderful banquet dinner and
Convention resolutions presented by its executive committee. National Commander Atanas Kobryn. The Daria Tomashosky for her beautiful design
committee chairman, Edward A. Zetick, A skilled master of ceremonies, Past Post The Largest Increase in Membership Award of the banquet program. Among other recip-
were accepted. Among them were: Commander Ihor Hron introduced the UAV went to UAV Post 1 of Greater Philadelphia, ients of UAV Post 40 awards were: Nancy
• We appeal to all American veterans of National Executive Board Officers, Past for recruiting 22 new members. An award Wosny, Halyna Korol, Mr. Bojsiuk, Viktor
Ukrainian heritage to register in the UAV National Commanders, including their own was presented also to the keynote speaker. Lisnyczyj, Vladimir Szpiczka and Mr. Hron.
National Registration Project [volume II of Walter Shipka (1949-1950), distinguished In celebration of UAV Post 40’s 10th The music by Double Effects lent an
which is in the planning stages] and to par- guests, as well as the president of the local anniversary, Post Commander Tomashosky enjoyable atmosphere to the evening.

Anna Krawczuk
Anna Krawczuk Brig. Gen. Leonid Kondratiuk presents an award to UAV Post 1 Commander Ed
Honoree Atanas Kobryn is flanked by Ihor Hron (left) and Eugene Tomashosky. Zetick.

Alberta Minister Gene Zwozdesky receives Shevchenko Medal

EDMONTON, Alberta – Ukrainian Medal in recognition of his work as a conducting, teaching
Canadian Congress National President dedicated community volunteer, leader Sunday school, and
Paul Grod presented the Shevchenko and activist. At the provincial level, serving as an active
Medal to Alberta Cabinet Minister Gene Minister Zwozdesky led the establish- church volunteer and
Zwozdesky. The presentation was made ment of the Advisory Council on Alberta- board member for sev-
on Sunday, October 4, at the 11th Annual Ukraine Relations and helped orchestrate eral organizations.
Hetman Awards ceremony hosted by the the first-ever visit by an Alberta premier As a Cabinet minis-
UCC Alberta Provincial Council, at which to Ukraine. ter, he has worked in
volunteers from the Ukrainian community One year ago Minister Zwozdesky pre- community develop-
in Alberta were also recognized. sented the Ukrainian Famine and ment, education and
“Minister Zwozdesky has enriched our Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day capital planning.
community in Canada by his commitment Act in the Alberta Legislature, which In accepting the
to Ukrainian organizations and endeav- passed in a single day. medal, Minister
ors,” said Mr. Grod. “He has shown pride His work as a volunteer in the commu- Zwozdesky thanked all
and dedication to his Ukrainian heritage nity has included the instruction and those who supported him
in all aspects of his personal, volunteer development of Ukrainian dance and in presenting the
and professional life.” music projects, developing Ukrainian Holodomor Bill, which
Minister Gene Zwozdesky received the children’s books, choral and orchestral he said “has made a dra-
matic difference to the
way that Ukrainians are
viewed around the
Ukraine’s Sports Ministry, UWC world.” Mr. Zwozdesky UCC National President Paul Grod (left) with Minister
went on to say: “I think Gene Zwozdesky, recipient of the Taras Shevchenko
about all the work that
sign memorandum of cooperation has been done since our
ancestors came here over 100 years ago and are not only preserving Ukrainian culture,
Ukrainian Canadian Congress diaspora in conducting sport and recre- how it all sort of came together for that one but also sharing our culture and serving
ation events; magical afternoon in the Alberta communities in the province of Alberta,”
TORONTO – The Ministry of Family, • organizations of Ukraine and the Legislature.” he said.
Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the diaspora in preparation and conducting of Also in attendance at the event was The Shevchenko Medal is the highest
Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) on Ukrainian sports camps; Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, who pre- form of recognition that can be granted
October 27 in Kyiv signed a memoran- • sports teams of Ukraine and the sented the Hetman Awards, with UCC by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. It
dum of cooperation in support of sport. diaspora in promoting development and Alberta President Daria Luciw, to 11 recognizes individuals of Ukrainian and
The memorandum states that joint non-Olympic disciplines. exemplary volunteers. The premier noted non-Ukrainian descent, as well as institu-
actions are aimed at creating conditions The memorandum was signed by that the spirit of volunteerism was a sig- tions and organizations, for their out-
for establishing productive contacts Minister of Family, Youth and Sport of nificant force among the early Ukrainian standing national contribution toward the
between: Ukraine Yurii Pavlenko and the head of pioneers and commended the Hetman development of the Ukrainian Canadian
• organizations of the Ukrainians the Sports Commission of the Ukrainian Awards honorees for their work. “You community.
abroad and Olympic teams of Ukraine in World Congress, Mykhaylo Hamaliy.
preparing for and participating in the Eugene Czolij, the president of the

CIUS scholars participate in conference

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, UWC, has emphasized that this memo-
British Columbia, and in the 2012 randum is an important step forward in
Olympics in London; further development of cooperation with
• sports teams of Ukraine and the Ukraine in the field of sports.
on historical memory of World War II
Christmas Greetings 2009/10
CIUS “Models of Official History of World War
II”; “Politics of Memory in Ukraine”;
EDMONTON – An international con-
“Genocide, Holocaust and Inter-Ethnic
ference on “World War II and the (Re)
Conflicts”; “Theoretical and
Creation of Historical Memory in
Methodological Approaches to
Continue your tradition... Contemporary Ukraine” was held in Kyiv
on September 23-26.
Comparative Studies on Political
Memory: Ukraine and the Central
Co-chaired by Myron Stachiw, director
Use the UNA’s publications to send holiday European Region”; “Models of Collective
of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine, and
and Individual Memory”; and Culture and
greetings and wishes of goodwill, prosperity Vladyslav Hrynevych, senior researcher
the Formation of Memory.
and the season’s blessings. Please note, to at the I. F. Kuras Institute of Political and
Other events held during the confer-
accommodate all of our advertisers and the Ethnic Studies, National Academy of
ence included a tour of the National
Sciences of Ukraine, the conference
many holiday obligations and deadlines, we Museum of the History of the Great
examined crucial and sometimes contro-
must strictly observe the following deadlines... Patriotic War, the opening of the exhibit
versial and painful issues and events
“The Ukrainian Insurgent Army: A
related to World War II in Ukraine, the
History of the Unvanquished,” a festival
PUBLICATION DATES & DEADLINES subsequent Soviet mythologizing of the
of documentary films on World War II,
war and Ukraine’s role in it, and the poli-
and a reception at the Polish Embassy.
tics of historical memory in independent
The conference took place at an auspi-
Christmas Issue Advertising Ukraine.
cious time. Not only did September mark
Papers were delivered, presentations
Publication Date Deadline the 70th anniversary of the war’s out-
made and roundtable discussions held at
break, but it has become increasingly evi-
the following sessions: “Models of
The Weekly December 20 December 8 National Memory of World War II”; (Continued on page 20)

The Weekly January 3 December 20

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Kindly make checks payable to The Ukrainian Weekly or Svoboda, as appropriate.

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Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
P.O. Box 280, 2200 Route 10, Parsippany, NJ 07054
At the session on models of national memory of World War II (from left) are:
Yurii Shapoval (Ukraine), Richard Ned Lebow (U.S.), Vladyslav Hrynevych
(Ukraine), Rafał Wnuk (Poland) and Vladimir Nevezhin (Russia).

Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center holds annual meeting

by Andrea Zharovsky of the center. The UECC is working and Committee’s report and recommended new vating and building. Mr. Pawluk, Ms.
planning its 30th year celebration banquet candidates to the UECC board of directors: Koropeckyj, Orest Wirstiuk and Myron
JENKINTOWN, Pa. – The Ukrainian in 2010. The first phase of the master Roman Dubenko, Patricia Sawchak and Soltys responded for the UECC Board,
Educational and Cultural Center, a non- plan is almost complete. Many items have Danylo Zacharczuk. She also recommended addressing each concern.
profit educational and cultural organization been crossed off a seemingly-endless board members who were up for re-election: After a thorough count of the votes cast,
in Jenkintown, Pa., held its 29th annual to-do list. Most recently, new bathrooms Natalia Griga, Sophia Koropeckyj, Laryssa the head of the Election Committee,
meeting on Sunday, October 25, in the on the first floor were completely gutted Krywusha, Lesia Nowak, Lubomir Pyrih Lubomyra Kalyta, announced the results.
UECC Gallery. and renovated, and new exterior doors and Larysa Stebly. Two additional candi- With a majority of votes, the candidates rec-
In his report, UECC President Borys were installed. Less glamorous and less dates, Petro Hewka and Nadia Petryk, were ommended by the Nominating Committee
Pawluk reminded those present that the visible recent work included electrical, proposed by UECC members. The UECC were elected and re-elected to serve the
work of the UECC is distributed among five heat and insulation upgrades. Mr. Pawluk board of directors consists of 24 members board.
sectors. This year, the Strategic Planning/ emphasized that the UECC needs finan- with staggered three-year terms. President Pawluk thanked the UECC
Capital Campaign Sector was created. In his cial support from Ukrainian organizations Vera Andryczyk, Marta Shyprykewych board of directors for its work and accom-
PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Pawluk and from its members in order to continue and Marta Tailikh were elected to serve on plishments, noting that the board worked so
described the accomplishments of each sec- to thrive and be a home away from home the Nominating Committee for 2009-2010. well this year that every member of the
tor, the UECC’s administration and facility for all Ukrainians. Slava Bilas, Halyna Keller and Roksolana executive is well-qualified to become UECC
management. Roman Petyk read the Audit Committee’s Luciw were elected to serve on the Election president. The annual meeting adjourned
He thanked the vice-presidents of each report, which, based on its work and the Committee for the same period. with members continuing their discussions
sector and reported that Orysia Hewka, report of outside auditors, stated that the The chair of the By-Laws Committee, over coffee and sweets.
UECC executive director, has announced financial and administrative work of the Mr. Petyk, explained the eight proposed The Ukrainian Educational and Cultural
that she is leaving the UECC, effective UECC is conducted on a business and pro- changes to UECC By-Laws, which per- Center, founded in 1980, is a non-profit
November 1. He expressed his thanks to fessional level. He reported that the commit- tained to membership, procedures at UECC organization whose objective is to preserve
Mrs. Hewka from the board of directors for tee is satisfied with its review and the UECC board meetings and the structure of the and promote awareness of Ukrainian heri-
her many years of devoted work for the financial report for the 2008-2009. Meeting Nominating Committee. tage throughout the Philadelphia communi-
good of the center and presented her with a participants voted unanimously to give the During the discussion, UECC members ty. The UECC is located at 700 Cedar Road,
bouquet of flowers. All present sang outgoing board a vote of confidence with a recognized and praised the work of the Jenkintown, PA 19046; telephone,
“Mnohaya Lita” in honor of Mrs. Hewka. commendation. board of directors, raised questions on mem- 215-663-1166; e-mail, contact@ueccphila.
Mr. Pawluk then focused on the future Laryssa Krywusha read the Nominating bership, grant writing, and the costs of reno- org; website, at

UECC bids farewell, with thanks,

to executive director Orysia Hewka
by Andrea Zharovsky
Ukrainian Educational and
Cultural Center announced on
October 25 that Orysia Hewka
will leave as UECC’s long
serving executive director on
October 31.
Mrs. Hewka announced her
plans to the UECC’s board of
directors earlier that month.
She will assist with the transi-
tion as the UECC begins its
search for a new executive
Mrs. Hewka’s work for the
center began with its founding
in 1980, when she was elected
to the UECC board of direc-
tors. Later, Mrs. Hewka served
as a volunteer executive direc- Andrea Zharovsky
tor and for the last 20 years as Borys Pawluk, president of the Ukrainian
a paid executive director. Educational and Cultural Center, with Orysia
Her commitment to the Hewka, UECC executive director.
UECC and the Ukrainian
community of the Greater Philadelphia radio program and Social Services.
area were seen showed in her work. Mrs. “I want to thank Orysia for her terrific
Hewka passionately organized demonstra- contribution and commitment to the UECC
tions in defense of Ukrainians, organized for all of these years,” said Borys Pawluk,
events to raise awareness of Ukrainians UECC president. “Orysia has diligently
and Ukraine, wrote over 35 grant applica- served the UECC and the Ukrainian com-
tions for the UECC, chaired numerous munity for many years and we all wish her
fund-raising campaigns, and served the the best in her future endeavors. Mnohaya,
Ukrainian community through the UECC Mnohaya Lita!”

Turning the pages... the often awkward development of democ-

racy in Ukraine. “These debates were a
(Continued from page 6) breakthrough moment for Ukraine,”
National Television,” explained Mr. explained Mr. Karasov, who added that,
Yushchenko after the debate. while “Mr. Yanukovych had done better
In response, Mr. Yanukovych defended than expected, Mr. Yushchenko had simply
his allegations that Mr. Yushchenko had a done better.”
hand in the poor state of the economy in the The Ukrainian television rating firm
mid-1990s as head of the National Bank of GFK-USM stated that its survey showed
Ukraine. “Time will tell who was wrong, I that 55.6 percent of households in popula-
never feel hurt when people say they dis- tions centers with more than 50,000 inhabit-
agree with me. I will always respect them,” ants had watched at least five minutes, while
noted Mr. Yanukovych. 43.4 percent watched at least a half-hour of
The role of appearance on television also the debate.
was evident during the debate, especially
after the poisoning of Mr. Yushchenko left Source: “Ukraine’s first televised debate
his face deeply scarred. watched by nationwide audience,” by
Yurii Karasov, a political consultant, Roman Woronowycz, The Ukrainian Weekly,
commended the debates as another step in November 21, 2004.

27 students attend 2009 Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute

by Peter T. Woloschuk
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – “I am happy
that I participated in the Harvard Ukrainian
Summer Institute (HUSI),” said Anastasiya
Prymovych, a master’s student in history at
the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv,
who is working on her thesis on the “Legal
Status of Orphans in City Statutes in the
15th and 16th Centuries.”
“The lectures and readings were given
by distinguished professors and helped me
to look at the status of the Ukrainian lan-
guage before and during the Soviet period,
the Holodomor and Ukraine’s current
nation-building process,” she commented.
“They also helped me to enrich my own
knowledge and develop my own opinions
on these issues. In Ukraine questions are
often raised touching these complicated
matters, especially by politicians, but there
are never any serious answers or even sin-
cere efforts to find the truth and come to
terms with it.”
Ms. Prymovych was one of 27 students
who attended this summer’s 38th annual
Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute. They
came from Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia,
Scotland, Ukraine and the United States.
The Ukrainian cohort consisted of eight stu-
dents from the cities of Dnipropetrovsk,
Kherson, Kyiv, Lviv, Rohatyn and Ternopil,
representing Dnipropetrovsk National Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute students with their instructors in front of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.
University, the Ivan Franko National
University of Lviv, the National University contemporary history at the University of
of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Taras Naples Federico II, who taught “Soviet
Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Ukrainian History, 1914–1991”; Tamara
and the Ukrainian Catholic University. Hundorova of the Institute of Literature at
American students participating in the the National Academy of Sciences of
program represented a variety of U.S. uni- Ukraine, who lectured on “Ukrainian
versities: Boston University, Brown Literature and Popular Culture”; and HURI
University, Cornell University, Harvard Director Michael S. Flier, the Oleksandr
University, St. John’s University, the Potebnja Professor of Ukrainian Philology
University of New Mexico, the University at Harvard, who again presented his course
of Texas at Austin and the University of “Ukraine as Linguistic Battleground.”
Toledo. Outside the classroom, once a week stu-
Dr. Patrice Dabrowski (HUSI class of dents met for dinner at designated Ukrainian
2002), lecturer in history at the University tables in Annenberg Hall, Harvard’s main
of Massachusetts Amherst, and a 2008-2009 undergraduate student dining facility, and
Eugene and Daymel Shklar postdoctoral were required to speak with each other
fellow at HURI, directed the program. She exclusively in Ukrainian.
is the author of “Commemorations and the Commenting on the practice Mykhailo
Shaping of Modern Poland” and a number Hnojewyj, a graduate of Brown University
of prizewinning articles, and she is current- in Rhode Island, said, “I found the dinners Summer school students are welcomed at an American-style barbecue.
ly writing a book tentatively titled “ a good language immersion experience
‘Discovering’ the Carpathians: Episodes in outside of the classroom. Since we didn’t and form were most appropriate and even dents had the further opportunity to
Imagining and Reshaping Alpine have the ability to walk out of the class- immerse themselves in the language and
what case to use in negative sentences.”
Borderland Regions.” room onto the streets of Lviv to practice learn about current Ukrainian culture by
Lisa Dzul of Detroit, who is majoring in
Introductory, intermediate and advanced speaking, the language table gave us a attending viewings of both short and feature
Ukrainian language courses were taught by international studies at the University of
realistic atmosphere to hone our skills, films selected for screening by Dr.
dedicated HUSI veterans: Alla particularly while speaking with the stu- Chicago, said, “I was also a fan of the
Ukrainian language table and found it an Shevchuk. Popular among HUSI students
Parkhomenko (examinations manager of dents from Ukraine.” as well as the broader Ukrainian communi-
the British Council, Kyiv), Yuri Shevchuk “As a native Ukrainian speaker,” Ms. entertaining experience, particularly on the
days when the dining hall coincidently ty, the film screenings were cosponsored by
(Columbia University) and Volodymyr Prymovych added, “I enjoyed helping fel- the Ukrainian Film Club and Ukrainian
Dibrova (Harvard). The faculty that taught low students perfect their knowledge of the served either pyrohy or ‘ginger dumplings’
Studies Program at Columbia University.
Ukrainian history, literature and linguistics language, including various food terms. It which were simply pyrohy served in soy
The screening of the film “The Living”
consisted of internationally renowned schol- was also an opportunity for me to improve sauce.”
ars, including Andrea Graziosi, professor of my own Ukrainian while arguing what case In addition to the language table, stu- (Continued on page 21)

Prof. Alla Parkhomenko with students in the introductory Ukrainian language class. Prof. Volodymyr Dibrova teaches the advanced class in Ukrainian language.

NEWSBRIEFS buy 24 billion cubic meters of gas this

CLASSIFIEDS (Continued from page 2)

Flu epidemic reported in decline
year, instead of the 40 billion cubic
meters contracted earlier. The Ukrainian
Fuel and Energy Ministry said on
TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL MARIA OSCISLAWSKI (973) 292-9800 x 3040 November 10 that the drafts of a “new
KYIV – Prime Minister Yulia international agreement on cooperation in
OR E-MAIL ADUKR@OPTONLINE.NET Tymoshenko noted on November 9 that the gas sector” had been discussed at the
there has been a decline in the flu sick- fifth meeting of the subcommittee for the
ness rate in Ukraine. At a meeting with fuel and energy sector of the Ukrainian-
the World Health Organization delega- Russian interstate commission on
tion, Ms. Tymoshenko said: “I think that November 9. In the first half of 2010 the
now there are certain positive signs. On energy ministries of both countries should
November 4, we had a peak of the sick- agree on a draft agreement “taking into
ness rate – 127,254, and on November 8 account an inventory of the current inter-
– 32,448. In other words, there are abso- national contracts in the gas sector, as
lutely positive dynamics.” Ms. well as agreements reached during con-
Tymoshenko emphasized it is necessary sultations and bilateral talks.”
to continue “to prepare the country for (Ukrinform)
possible ARVI [acute respiratory virus
PROFESSIONALS infection] and flu episodes, pandemic flu Prysiazhniuk is SBU deputy chief
diseases and use this time to better pro- KYIV – President Viktor Yushchenko
vide hospitals with the necessary medical on November 10 signed a decree appoint-
preparations and free medicaments.” ing Anatolii Prysiazhniuk as a deputy
According to the latest data, 969,000 chief of the Security Service of Ukraine
cases of acute respiratory disease have (SBU). A Crimean Parliament deputy, Mr.
been registered. As a result of the epi- Prysiazhniuk has served as chairman of
demic, 155 persons have died. state JSC Chornomornaftogaz for the last
(Ukrinform) three years. In 2003-2005 he worked as
PM: no grounds to delay election vice-minister of internal affairs and chief
of the public safety police. (Interfax-
KYIV – Prime Minister Yulia Ukraine)
Tymoshenko has said that there are cur-
rently no grounds to postpone the presi- Health officials named to NSDC
dential election in Ukraine. The deputy KYIV – Addressing the press on
chief of the Presidential Secretariat, Ihor N o v e m b e r 4 , P r e s i d e n t Vi k t o r
Popov, had announced on November 6 Yushchenko said the National Security
that, “if the government fails to control and Defense Council (NSDC) must
the situation” with the flu epidemic the become the center of decision-making on
poll could be pushed back until the end of the fight against the flu epidemic. “Non-
May. Speaking during her working visit implementation of the security council
t o U z h h o r o d o n S a t u r d a y, M s . decisions will be accompanied with
Tymoshenko said: “I want to emphasize immediate appeals to the law-enforce-
once again that every region has its own ment bodies. Let me remind this to all of
epidemic threshold. Quarantine is those in charge,” the president noted. He
imposed in any region in which the dis- also stated he was appointing the health
ease rate reaches its peak. So this is an
minister and the chief health officer as
objective approach that has no subjective
members of the NSDC. (Ukrinform)
element, so there are no grounds to cancel
the elections.” (Ukrinform) Funds for Crimean Tatars’ housing
New batch of Tamiflu arrives KYIV – The Ukrainian Cabinet of
GEORGE B. KORDUBA KYIV – Prime Minister Yulia
Ministers has decided to allocate 10 mil-
Counsellor at Law lion hrv for the construction of housing
Ty m o s h e n k o m e t a p l a n e f r o m
for deported Crimean Tatars. Acting
Emphasis on Real Estate, Wills, Trusts and Elder Law Switzerland that arrived in Lviv with a
Finance Minister Ihor Umanskyi said on
Ward Witty Drive, P.O. Box 249 new shipment of 200,000 boxes of
November 4 that the funds had been allo-
Tamiflu, the liaison department of the
Hours by Appointment Tel.: (973) 335-4555
cated to the Crimean Council of Ministers
Cabinet of Ministers Secretariat reported
from the stabilization fund of the state
on November 5. The head of government
OPPORTUNITY budget for 2009 through the redistribution
MERCHANDISE thanked the crew for bringing the medica-
of funds. In July 2008 the Sevastopol
tions. Ms. Tymoshenko noted that, count-
City State Administration said it was
EARN EXTRA INCOME! ing the new portion, Ukraine has obtained
planning to build a nine-story apartment
a triple reserve of Tamiflu, and therefore
block for deported Crimean Tatars.
The Ukrainian Weekly is looking people may receive it at hospitals for free.
Around 280,000 Crimean Tatars currently
for advertising sales agents. The plane also brought medical equip-
live on the peninsula. (Ukrinform)
ment such as ventilators, as well as cardi-
For additional information contact
omonitors, fiberoptic bronchoscopes and Criminal case opened against Kyslynskyi
Maria Oscislawski, Advertising pulsoximeters. (Ukrinform)
Manager, The Ukrainian Weekly, KYIV – News media reported on
973-292-9800, ext 3040. Tefft still awaiting confirmation November 4 that a criminal case has been
opened against Andrii Kyslynskyi, the
WASHINGTON – The expected con-
former deputy chief of the Security
firmation on November 10 of Ambassador
Service of Ukraine (SBU) who was dis-
John F. Tefft by the U.S. Senate
New York City, Queens Borough, missed by the president on October 13,
Committee on Foreign Relations, as the
when it was learned that his higher edu-
Flushing area, full-time good all- next U.S. ambassador to Ukraine did not
take place as the meeting of the commit- cation diploma appears to have been
around worker needed for new con- forged and that he apparently provided
struction. Work steady job. Good tee was postponed for one week.
Ambassador Tefft was nominated by deliberately misleading information dur-
potential. Call Leo 718-344-8409 President Barack Obama on September ing his appointment as a state employee.
30 to be the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Mr. Kyslynskyi told Ukrayinska Pravda
and a hearing on his nomination took that he would “continue working thor-
place on October 8. Ambassador Tefft has oughly to establish the truth.” He said he
ABB GROUP seeks employees for: been waiting in the wings for the past is currently unable to be employed,
four weeks for a business meeting of the because the original of his diploma of
Attractive salary plus benefits, and takes little higher education is in the investigator’s
of your time. Requirements: computer literate, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign
Relations to be scheduled. (U.S.-Ukraine office. He also said that he does not agree
NO age discrimination, must be effificent and with the report about the authenticity of
dedicated. Conact Business Council)
his diploma and that he would establish
Kyiv, Moscow exchange draft of gas deal the truth in court. Ukrainian Education
Minister Ivan Vakarchuk said on October
WANT IMPACT? KYIV – Ukraine and Russia have 12 that the results of checks conducted by
Insure and be sure. Run your advertisement here,
exchanged the drafts of a new inter-gov-
ernmental agreement on cooperation in
the Education Ministry confirmed that
Mr. Kyslynskyi had not studied at Taras
in The Ukrainian Weekly’s
Join the UNA! CLASSIFIEDS section.
the gas sector. Kyiv needs the agreement
to review a long-term contract between
Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Gazprom and Naftohaz, as Ukraine will (Continued on page 15)

NEWSBRIEFS October 14 that an investigation into abuse

charges was initiated and that the father of
(Continued from page 14) these children was arrested back in April.
and had not received a diploma. Late in (Ukrinform)
September this year, the chief of the
Polish Consulate General in Vinnytsia
Internal Affairs Ministry’s Main Office in
Crimea, National Deputy Hennadii Moskal KYIV – A Consulate General of Poland
of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, charged that will open in Vinnytsia in January, according
Mr. Kyslynskyi had used a forged docu- to Andrzej Slomski, the Polish consul to
ment of higher education. He asked Prime Ukraine. This will be the fifth Polish
Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Procurator Consulate in Ukraine, the diplomat said,
General Oleksander Medvedko to conduct adding that the opening of the new consul-
checks on the authenticity of Mr. ate will help to simplify visa issues for
Kyslynskyi’s diploma. Mr. Kyslynskyi
Ukrainians. The Consulate General in
served as deputy head of the Presidential
Vinnytsia will cover the Vinnytsia,
Secretariat until mid-June. His activity in
that post was marked by a number of public Khmelnytskyi and Zhytomyr regions.
statements against Ms. Tymoshenko in Poland currently has General Consulates in
which he accused the prime minister of Lviv, Lutsk, Odesa and Kharkiv.
treason and supporting Russia’s interests. (Ukrinform)
(Ukrinform) Jackson’s “This Is It” in Ukraine
Artek officials pledge to sue KYIV – The documentary “This Is It,”
KYIV – The International Children which is dedicated to the last months of
Center Artek will soon lodge a complaint to “King of Pop” Michael Jackson arrived on
defend its honor, dignity and business October 28 in Ukrainian movie theaters.
standing against officials who have distrib- The documentary is a series about the
uted information defaming the children cen- 50-concert tour planned by the pop star that
ter, Artek Director General Borys was scheduled to begin in July and continue
Novozhylov said at a news conference in through March 2010. Jackson died at age
Symferopol. According to news reports of 50 on June 25 – 18 days before his planned
November 11, Mr. Novozhylov added that first show. (Ukrinform)
“a very substantial damage complaint” will
be made as well. Mr. Novozhylov, referring Over 1,700 orphans adopted
to conclusions of numerous bodies, includ-
ing the Procurator General’s Office, said the KYIV – Ukrainians adopted 1,739
reports of pedophilia at the center do not orphaned children and children deprived of
reflect reality. Party of Regions National parental care in the first nine months of
Deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko had claimed 2009, or 225 more compared to the same
that children were raped at Artek by “high- period last year (1,514), the State
ranking officials.” Media reports later cited Department on the Adoption and Protection
the names of three national deputies. Artek of Children’s Rights reported on October
officials rejected all statements made by Mr. 29. Family, Youth and Sports Minister Yurii
Kolesnichenko, underscoring that Artek has Pavlenko said that this data confirms the
nothing to do with this matter. Internal continuing trend of an increase in adoptions
Affairs Minister Yurii Lutsenko said on by Ukrainian citizens. (Ukrinform)

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of our dear Mother,
Grandmother, Great-Grandmother

Zenobia Sydorak (née Pawluch)

born April 7th, 1907
passed into eternity in her 103rd year on November 2nd, 2009

Viewing was held on Thursday, November 5th, 2009, at Peter Jarema

Funeral Home in New York City. Funeral services were held on Friday,
November 6th at St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in New York,
followed by interment at St. Andrew’s Cemetery in South Bound Brook,

In deep sorrow remain:

Sons: Dr. Jaroslaw Sydorak with wife Oksanna

Mark Sydorak with wife Elizabeth

Grandchildren: Andrew Sydorak with wife Kim and children

Alex and Will
Dr. Roman Sydorak with wife Laura and
children Harper and Dashiell
Larissa Zinycz with husband George
Darya Sydorak

Memorial donations can be made to UCEF (Ukrainian Catholic

Educational Foundation), 2247 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 or
The Ukrainian Museum, 222 E 6th St., New York, NY 10003

Vichnaya Pamiat! Eternal Memory!


Flu continues... allocate money to fight the epidemic,

when it was supported by almost the Increases... she would submit the legislation for
review by the Constitutional Court.
(Continued from page 1) entire Parliament, more than 400 national (Continued from page 1) Ms. Tymoshenko has relied on the IMF
illnesses in Ivano-Frankivsk. deputies. The president holds personal Commission representatives in Kyiv, Ms. tranches – $10.6 billion so far – to survive
“Children, currently on recess, are responsibility for every person who falls Tymoshenko said, “It will be exceptionally the financial crisis. Nevertheless, the gov-
walking the streets without anyone watch- ill or dies.” difficult without the fourth IMF tranche.” ernment is virtually broke, Dr. Soskin said.
ing after them,” said Zoya Tsykhon, a President Yushchenko dismissed Ms. Approving the increases, President It was left with about 3.3 billion hrv ($407
health official at the Ivano-Frankivsk Tymoshenko’s claims as blackmail, add- Yushchenko openly defied the IMF’s million) in its treasury at the end of October,
State Oblast Administration. ing that he’s confident the budget could demand that the government refrain from and needs about 1 billion hrv a day to func-
Conflicting information still abounds allow for 1 billion hrv for this year’s wage and pension hikes, which are viewed tion and make required payments.
in the mass media, with certain authori- increase and 5.5 billion hrv for next year. by political players and observers alike as a To fulfill October payments to Gazprom,
ties, such as former Health Minister At the same time, however, he said Ms. populist stunt during a presidential election Ms. Tymoshenko spent Ukraine’s share of
Tymoshenko’s request would require campaign with no long-term benefits for the its entitled Special Drawing Rights (known
Mykola Polischuk, dismissing the out-
printing more money. country. as SDRs) from the IMF, as well as restruc-
break as largely a typical seasonal flu
“To perform a [currency] emission Wage and pension increases, carried out tured Naftohaz’s required tax payments,
outbreak no worse than in prior years,
means officially announcing today that without economic coordination as populist UNIAN reported on November 5, citing an
and others insisting that Ukrainians be
we are proceeding with further devalua- gimmicks, typically lead to consumer price anonymous source in the Finance Ministry.
vigilant and wear masks in public places.
tion of the national currency,” the presi- inflation, which erases any gains, Ukrainian Ms. Tymoshenko acknowledged using
Authorities have shifted their emphasis Ukraine’s IMF entitlements to fulfill
towards vaccinations, which may be dent said. “I won’t be the author of such economists agreed.
politics. When the National Bank gave “Increasing the minimum wage doesn’t Gazprom payments during her November
offered for free by next month. Seasonal 11 meeting with European diplomats. Just
flu vaccines already received from the government 32 billion hrv ($4 billion) resolve the issue and can increase unem-
ployment instead, which leads to the degra- how she will pay for November and
Canada and the Russian Federation aren’t for the third quarter and our hryvnia
December obligations remains unclear, but
yet registered in Ukraine, Chief State deeply suffered, the cost was a drop in dation of society,” said Volodymyr Lanovyi,
economists are suspecting she will be
Medical Doctor Oleksander Bilovol said real wages of 13 percent.” president of the Center for Market Reforms
forced to print money through more bond
on November 11. Tymoshenko Bloc Serhii Soboliev said in Kyiv.
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko the wages and pensions increase will “When are wages raised? Only under
“She has nothing to pay the November
demanded throughout the week that actually cost 8 billion hrv, which makes it conditions of growth in Gross Domestic
gas with,” Dr. Soskin said.
President Viktor Yushchenko sign legisla- illogical for the president to reject the Product, particularly GDP per capita,
Ms. Tymoshenko acknowledged as much
tion passed overwhelmingly by prime minister’s request for $1 billion. because there aren’t any other sources of
when stating that the government had made
Parliament releasing 1 billion hrv to buy The U.S. government announced on increasing income in society. It’s not grow-
its September and October natural gas pay-
medical equipment to combat the flu. November 6 that it will donate 25 million ing for us,” he explained.
ments to Gazprom, partly by using IMF loan
The president is contradicting himself doses of vaccines valued at $10 million to President Yushchenko stood to gain polit-
money, in spite of inadequate revenues from
when calling for mass vaccinations yet the World Health Organization. In the ini- ically when undermining the Tymoshenko
privately owned gas intermediaries and util-
denying the financing to pay for them, tiative’s first phase, Ukraine is scheduled government twofold – creating additional
ity companies.
she alleged, lacing into an emotional to receive 930,000 doses of H1N1 vac- spending requirements that are unattainable,
The bankrupt natural gas system, with
attack against him at the November 11 cine in early December, the U.S. Embassy while at the same time repelling financial both government-owned and private distrib-
Cabinet of Ministers meeting. reported in a press release. relief from the IMF. utors, has left 5 million Ukrainians without
“Until the law is signed and the gov- Under the Biological Threat Reduction The president placed another obstacle in heat, Party of Regions National Deputy
ernment receives the necessary financial Program, the U.S. government is also the way of the government on November 11 Volodymyr Rybak said on November 4.
resources, we can’t sign a single contract offering Ukraine’s Central Sanitary when he sent back to Parliament a bill rais- About 4,300 schools and nurseries are
and fight the epidemic,” she said. “We Epidemiological Station equipment and ing excise taxes on cigarettes, which could without heating, he estimated, as well as 364
believe it’s activity directed against test supplies to improve their diagnostic have raised 6 billion hrv ($741 million) in hospitals and medical clinics. Those esti-
Ukraine when the president doesn’t sign capabilities and ability to react to the out- desperately needed government revenue, mates were confirmed by Vitalii Yakovenko,
– consciously for eight days – the law to break of illnesses. according to Serhii Soboliev, a Tymoshenko chair of the Heating Engineering Association
Bloc national deputy. of Ukraine.
“He doesn’t want her to get revenue to To make payments beyond the required
cover holes in the budget,” said Dr. Oleh budget expenditures, Ms. Tymoshenko has
Soskin, director of the Institute of Society repeatedly turned to printing additional
Transformation in Kyiv. “Moreover, he money by issuing government bonds that
knows her money-laundering schemes for are bought back by the National Bank of
financing her election, and he’s taken the Ukraine.
course of stopping her by any means.” About 18 billion hrv ($2.2 billion) in
Dr. Soskin said he believes Ms. bonds were issued in July to boost the
Tymoshenko has hatched a money-launder- finances of Naftohaz, Ukraine’s state-owned
ing scheme with her IMF counterparts, natural gas distribution company. Ms.
which is why IMF Managing Director Tymoshenko also issued government bonds
Dominique Strauss-Kahn made a rare state- to restructure a $500 million loan to foreign
ment on November 9 declaring that no more bankers on which Naftohaz defaulted on
tranches would be extended to Ukraine until September 30.
after the presidential election. “Parliament didn’t authorize the loan’s
“If not for his statement, the lowest rung restructuring and bond issuance, which is a
would have said Ukraine needs the fourth crime on her part,” Dr. Soskin said of Ms.
tranche,” said Dr. Soskin, an economic advi- Tymoshenko. Meanwhile, the state railroad
sor to former President Leonid Kuchma. monopoly, UkrZaliznytsia, on November 11
“He neutralized the lower and middle man- defaulted on a $550 million loan from
agement of the IMF working with Ukraine.” Barclay’s bank.
Ceila Pazarbasioglu is the head of the IMF Another 9.8 billion hrv ($1.2 billion) in
mission to Ukraine. bonds were approved in October to finance
A week after the president signed the Euro-2012 preparations, and 44 billion hrv
wage and pension raises, the Verkhovna ($5.4 billion) were printed to refinance
Rada approved amendments to the 2009 bankrupt banks whose owners embezzled
budget to finance the increases, infuriating money and speculated on Ukraine’s curren-
Ms. Tymoshenko’s allies, who called for the cy exchange.
resignation of Rada First Vice-Chair While President Yushchenko thinks more
Oleksander Lavrynovych of the Party of money should be spent for wage and pen-
Regions. sion increases, he doesn’t believe the gov-
He violated parliamentary regimen by ernment should be allowed to issue 1 billion
leading a vote on the first reading of the hrv in bonds to finance efforts to cope with
amendments, without allowing a required the influenza epidemic.
second reading, the Tymoshenko Bloc stated “All the vaccines are waiting for our pay-
in a November 6 press release. ment, which we don’t have because we
Mr. Lavrynovych “deprived Ukrainian don’t have the president’s signatures,” Serhii
society of the chance to obtain objective Soboliev, a Tymoshenko Bloc parliamentary
information about the difficult and danger- deputy, told the Channel 5 TV network on
ous consequences of implementing the law November 11.
on social standards, and corresponding “At the same time, precisely a week
changes to Ukraine’s state budget,” the state- ago, the president signed a law increasing
ment said. a hryvnia emission for 8 billion [hrv] for
Furthermore, Parliament violated the only two months. I am referring to the
Constitution because only the Cabinet of law that allegedly helps those with a min-
Ministers can initiate legislation to adjust imum pension, though he knows very
wages and pensions, the prime minister well that 8 billion hrv don’t exist. He
told the diplomats. Should the president vetoes 1 billion hrv, but approves 8 bil-
sign the amendments into law, she said lion hrv. Where’s the logic?”

Soccer November 4. The 30-year-old striker fell medals at the 2009 World Sambo and released on November 10. Other
out of favor with the coach after criticiz- Combat Sambo Championships in Ukrainian chess players ranked among
• Shakhtar Donetsk is in first place in ing Ukraine’s qualifier against Croatia, in Thessaloniki, Greece, held on November the top 100 include Ruslan Ponomariov
Group J of the UEFA Europa League, which he didn’t see any playing time. His 5-9. Silver medalists were: Viktor Savinov (13th), Pavel Eljanov (17th), Serhiy
with four wins and no losses, scoring 14 last performance for the national team (74 kg), Olha Lazoriv (52 kg) and Tetiana Karjakin (18th), Andriy Voloktin (44th),
goals for and two against, for a total of 12 was in September against Belarus, which Savenko (72 kg). Bronze medalists were: Evgenii Miroshnichenko (46th),
points. Club Brugge KV is in second ended in a 0-0 draw. The named forwards Serhiy Balabn (82 kg), Ivan Vasylchuk (90 Alexander Moiseenko (49th), Zahar
place with 7 points. Donetsk defeated for the upcoming match include: Andriy kg), Anastasia Matrosova (80 kg) and Olha Efimenko (56th), Alexander Areshchenko
Brugge 4-1 on September 17, FK Partizan Shevchenko, Artem Milevsky, Volodymyr Davydko (+80 kg). In Combat Sambo, (62nd), Vladimir Baklan (73rd) and
4-1 on October 1, and Toulouse FC 4-0 Homenyuk and Evgen Seleznev. Serhiy Hlushchenko (57 kg) won silver Anton Korobov (99th).
on October 22 and 2-0 on November 5. and Serhiy Chorny (52 kg) won bronze
Scorers for the Ukrainian club on Boxing medals. • Yuriy Kuzbov won the Spice Cup
November 5 were Luiz Adriano (49th • Viacheslav Senchenko retained his Grandmaster Invitational held in
minute) and Gai (63rd). Shakhtar’s next WBA welterweight title against Japan’s • Natalia Verloka defeated American Lubbock, Texas, on September 29. The
match will be against Brugge on Motoki Sasaki in Donetsk on October 3. Soolmaz Abooali and won the Karate grandmaster tied for first place, with 5.5
December 3, followed by a match against The referees unanimously scored World Cup 2009 in Wires, Poland, on points out of 10, with Dmitry Andreikin
Partizan on December 16. With its latest Senchenko the winner of the fight October 10. of Russia and Rauf Mamedov of
win, Shakhtar qualified for the knockout (119-107) that lasted 12 rounds. On the Azerbaijan. An additional blitz tourna-
stage with two matches to spare. same card, Oleh Yefimovych defended •Ukraine’s men’s team won four ment determined the victory for Kuzbov.
his European featherweight title against bronze medals at the Judo World Cup in
• Ukraine’s women’s team is in the Baku, Azerbaijian, on October 10-11. Weightlifting
Esham Pickering with a KO in the 3rd
qualifying rounds of the 2011 FIFA Medalists included Anatoliy Laskuta (60 Olena Kiriyenko (69 kg) won the
Women’s World Cup. Ukraine lost its first kg), Volodymyr Rohalsky (66 kg), bronze medal with a combined lift of 195
match in Group 4 against Poland 1-4 on Dmytro Sheretov (73 kg) and Vitaliy kg (87 + 108) at the Under-23 European
• World Boxing Council heavyweight
September 19 and won its second match Dudchyk (81 kg). Championships in Poland on October 16.
champion Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KO)
on October 25 against Bosnia-
is scheduled to fight Kevin Johnson Gymnastics Fencing
Herzegovina 7-0. Ukraine will play
(22-0-1, 9 KO) on December 12 at
against Hungary on November 14 and on Oleksandr Yakubovsky and Vitaliy Ukraine finished in fifth place at the
PostFinance-Arena in Bern, Switzerland.
March 27, 2010, and against Romania on Nakonechny won three gold medals each 2009 World Fencing Championships in
The arena is renowned for having the larg-
June 10, 2010. Ukraine is in fourth place at the Beresh Cup international artistic Antyala, Turkey, on October 6. Ukraine’s
est standing-room grandstand capacity in
in its group with eight goals for and four gymnastics tournament in Kherson, team won three medals – one gold, one
against with a total of three points. the world – 10,422 people. Klitschko com-
mented that he is also eager to fight David Crimea, on October 28. Yakubovsky won silver and one bronze. The women’s saber
Haye of Great Britain, who recently won in vault, floor exercise and parallel bars, team won gold and included Olha
• Dynamo Kyiv tied 2-2 with FC and Nakonechny won in floor exercise, Kharlan, Olena Khomrova, Olha Zhovnir
Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) in the the WBA heavyweight title against Nikolai
Valuev of Russia on November 9. pommel horse and high bar. and Halyna Pundyk, Kharlan won the sil-
UEFA Champions League Group F match ver medal in the women’s saber individu-
on October 20. Taras Mikhalik scored the Tennis Figure skating
al event. Anfisa Pochkalova won bronze
opener goal in the fifth minute; Milan Seven skaters were approved to com- in the women’s epee event.
answered back in the 35th minute with a • Serhiy Stakhovsky defeated Argentine
Horacio Zeballos (2-6, 7-6, 7-6) and won pete in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
goal by Dejan Stankovic. After the half, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Cycling
Milan’s Lucio scored an own goal in the the St. Petersburg Open on November 1,
earning his second ATP title. Zeballos, approved competitors for Ukraine in pairs Ukraine’s cyclists won three bronze
40th minute, and in the 47th minute are Tetiana Volosozhar/Stanislav Morozov
who is ranked 54th, led 3-0 in the second- medals at the UCI Track World Cup
Walter Samuel evened the score. In the and Kateryna Kostenko/Roman Talan; in
set tiebreaker but allowed 93rd-ranked 2009-2010 in Manchester, England, on
follow-up match on November 4, Inter singles Anton Kovalevsky. Yet to be
Stakhovsky to reel off six straight points, October 30 through November 1. Serhiy
defeated Dynamo 2-1 with an opening determined are the last pair of skaters
winning it 10-8 to level the match. Lahkuti won the bronze medal in the men
goal from Andriy Shevchenko in the 21st (Alla Zadorozhniuk/Serhiy Verbylo or
Stakhovsky, whose first title came last scratch race final and Ukraine won the
minute. The second half was dominated Alla Beknazarova/Volodymyr Zuyev)
year in Zagreb, broke for a 4-3 lead in the men’s team pursuit final, which included
by the Italian squad, which netted two after the championships are held in
third set and had a match point in the Maksym Fonrabe, Maksym Polishchuk,
more goals in the 86th (Milito) and 89th Ukraine in December and in Europe in
ninth game, but Zeballos held before Vitaliy Shchedov and Roman Kononenko.
(Sneijder) minutes. Inter Milan lead January 2010.
breaking back. In the deciding tiebreak, Shchedov won bronze in men’s individual
Group F with six points, and Dynamo has
both players held match points before the Chess pursuit. Additional legs of the tournament
fallen to the bottom of the group with
four points after four games played. 23-year-old Kyiv native finally sealed will take place on November 19-21 in
victory 9-7. • Ukrainian grandmaster Vasyl Melbourne, Australia, followed by Cali,
Dynamo’s next match will be on
Ivanchuk is in 12th place in the World Columbia, on December 10-12, and
November 24 against Russian club Rubin
Kazan in Russia. Barcelona faces against • Alona Bondarenko advanced to the Chess Federation (FIDE) rankings, Beijing, China, on January 22-24, 2010.
Dynamo on December 9 in Kyiv. semi-final match but was defeated by
Italy’s Francesca Schiavone (4-6, 0-6)
• Coach Olexiy Mikhailichenko
dropped veteran forward Andriy Voronin
during the Kremlin Cup on October 24.
Schiavone won the tournament. To subscribe to The Ukrainian Weekly,
in naming the squad for Ukraine’s World
Cup qualifier against Greece on
Martial arts call 973-292-9800, ext. 3042
November 14, as reported by Reuters on • Ukraine’s Sambo team collected nine

Party of Regions... Markov, has a criminal history that extends

back to 1995. Mr. Markov has been on a
senior adviser to the Russian ambassador
whose responsibility included the Black
The Party of Regions is the only centrist
(Continued from page 3) Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) wanted Sea Fleet. The Odesa consul has also
political party that has survived the post-
outside. “This is a psychological attack,” list since September 11 and is believed to covertly provided financial assistance to
Kuchma era in good shape; the majority of
Mr. Yanukovych claimed. “Our opponents, have fled from a clinic to the separatist Rodina.
other centrist parties have become margin-
no doubt, will rub their hands that we are Transdniestr enclave in neighboring
Two potential pitfalls alised or have disintegrated. This stems
arguing and disillusioning Crimeans and Moldova. This would not be the first occa-
from the fact that, of the centrist parties,
they will then support Yulia Tymoshenko. sion when suspects have been permitted to If Mr. Yanukovych wins the presidential only the PRU had two strong regional
I am certain that our political opponents flee from Ukraine by corrupt or incompe- elections, the Party of Regions will be in bases (Donetsk-Luhansk [Donbas] and
will receive a stern response from Crimean tent (or both) law enforcement officers. power and will take on responsibility for Crimea) from which to launch a comeback
voters in the presidential elections,” Mr. In Odesa, Rodina Party activists had the first time. The PRU has been in oppo- during the Yushchenko era. Although the
Yanukovych said on Crimean television on undertaken a campaign of terror over the sition throughout the Yushchenko era Industrial Union of the Donbas (IUD) is a
September 26. Such words ignore the real last three years against pro-Ukrainian and (even though it came first in both the 2006 regional business competitor to Systems
personal and business conflicts that plague Orange supporters, particularly in summer and 2007 elections) and has therefore Capital Management, whose CEO, Mr.
the Party of Regions in Crimea, Odesa and 2007 when Ukrainian NGOs organized escaped the responsibility that goes along Akhmetov, is a major PRU sponsor, the
elsewhere. protests against the unveiling of a monu- with being in government. IUD has never sponsored its own political
ment to Tsarina Catherine. Mr. Markov’s A President Yanukovych would face party in the Donbas.
Pro-Russian extremists reign of terror culminated in the tragic hostility from two sources. Firstly, from a This makes the Donbas region differ-
Business rivalries in Odesa have led to murder in April of a 21-year old Ukrainian non-cooperative Orange parliamentary ent from the two other centrist regional
the removal of local oligarch Leonid nationalist student activist, Maksym majority that will likely grow in size out strongholds: Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv. In
Klimov from the leadership of the Party of Chaika, by the Antifa (Anti-Fascist) NGO of opposition to Mr. Yanukovych (as in Dnipropetrovsk, the Labor Party (led in
Regions amid fears that this will reduce linked to the Rodina Party. This would be 2006-2007). Secondly, from a non-coop- the Kuchma era by Viktor Pinchuk and
the financial resources available to Mr. the second known occasion when a erative Tymoshenko government. Mr. Serhii Tihipko and linked to Mr.
Yanukovych to campaign in the Odesa Ukrainian nationalist activist has been Yanukovych will attempt to disband Pinchuk’s Interpipe) competed with Igor
area. murdered by Russian nationalists, the first Parliament in order to change the coali- Kolomoisky (Pryvat) who supported the
Mr. Klimov’s local business empire being the singer Ihor Bilozir who was mur- tion and government – a step that will put Orange Revolution and President
controls all of the regional branches of the dered in Lviv in May 2000. him on a collision course with Yushchenko. In Kyiv, the Social
PRU in the Odesa Oblast in a process that Mr. Markov is known to have financed Tymoshenko. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and Mr. Democratic Party United could never
is not atypical for the party: a fusion of from his own sources, and with Russian Yushchenko may support pre-term elec- establish its dominance because the city
business with politics. covert money, a network of anti-Ukrainian tions in order to establish their own par- has traditionally backed national demo-
If Mr. Yanukovych were to lose the organizations throughout Odesa. His anti- liamentary factions. cratic and Orange parties.
elections, the PRU would lose its leading Ukrainian violent activities within the city If Mr. Yanukovych loses the elections, The Party of Regions is fractured along
position in southern Ukraine, Komentari over the last three years were ignored by the PRU will most likely replace him as four axes and held together by what it
(September 11) predicted. Mr. Klimov was Mr. Yushchenko and the two institutions leader, particularly as he would have then opposes and fears, rather than by a con-
removed because of his ‘scandalous’ that the president constitutionally controls: lost two presidential elections. The crete ideology of what the party seeks to
image, Komentari (September 11) wrote, the SBU and Procurator-General’s Office replacement of Mr. Yanukovych could achieve. As an opposition party, it has
which damaged the local popularity of the until the Chaika murder. well lead to a major – and overdue – split been ineffective in proposing concrete
PRU, and further reduced its support to 22 Rodina has been financed by local orga- in the Party of Regions. In Crimea the alternatives to Prime Minister
percent from a high of 62 percent in the nized crime and Russian intelligence, already deeply divided PRU would inevi- Tymoshenko’s government policies. In
September 2007 pre-term elections. according to the SBU and the Ukrainian tably splinter further, leaving a vacuum addition, Mr. Yanukovych has been an
The Party of Regions is seeking other Foreign Affairs Ministry. Two Russian into which the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc ineffective opposition leader.
supporters for the local Odesa branch, and diplomats were expelled from Ukraine in could expand its presence (Ukrayinska
among them is the scandalous Rodina August after they were accused of under- Pravda, October 6). Ultimately, the PRU The article above is reprinted, with per-
(Homeland) Party. This would place the taking activities “incompatible with their needs to be led by its own Yatsenyuk, a mission, from Dr. Taras Kuzio’s bimonthly
PRU in an unholy alliance with an extrem- status” (i.e., espionage). The diplomats representative of the younger generation of Ukraine Analyst. It appears in the October
ist pro-Russian force whose leader, Igor were the consul general in Odesa and a PRU leaders. 31 issue. (See

Receives award nized Dr. Decyk for “his seminal contri-
butions to the development of parallel A top attorney
for physics research in Michigan
algorithms for particle-in-cell simula-
tions, for his subtraction technique, and
for the body of work which has benefited
CULVER CITY, Calif. – Viktor from his PIC codes and software.” ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Andrey T.
Konstantyn Decyk, Ph.D., of the Dr. Decyk explained: “What this really Tomkiw, of Royal Oak-based Tomkiw
University of California, Los Angeles, means is that I was a pioneer in develop- Dalton, plc, has been named by Michigan
received an award given by the ing algorithms for particle simulations in Super Lawyers magazine as a top attor-
International Conference on Numerical plasma, and that many others have bene- ney in Michigan for 2009. Only 5 percent
Simulation of Plasmas for his pioneering fited from this work. Since the award is of the lawyers in the state are named by
advances to plasma physics obtained Super Lawyers.
given only every two years and is named
through simulations. The award was pre- Mr. Tomkiw was selected for his work
after my advisor, John Dawson, I am par-
sented during the 21st international con- in representing management in employ-
ticularly happy to receive it.”
ference, which took place in Lisbon, ment and labor law issues. He has dedi-
Dr. Decyk is a fellow of the
Portugal, on October 6-9. cated his legal career to representing
Shevchenko Scientific Society and a
A plasma physicist, Dr. Decyk works employers in labor and employment law
member of the Ukrainian National
at UCLA, primarily in the Department of cases, and in related business matters,
Association. He and his wife, Betsy
Physics and Astronomy, but also in the with focus on litigation avoidance coun-
Decyk, the ombudsman at California
Institute for Digital Research and seling. Mr. Tomkiw is a skilled negotiator
State University in Long Beach, live in
Education (IDRE). His specialty is the in dealing with unions and frequently
Culver City, Calif. Their daughter Marika
development of numerical models for advocates on behalf of employers in front
just started medical school at Tufts
computer modeling of plasmas. of numerous state and federal agencies.
University in Boston. Dr. Decyk is the
The International Conference on His experience also includes success-
son of Taissa Decyk Meleshko of Apopka,
Numerical Simulation of Plasmas recog- fully defending numerous discrimination Andrey T. Tomkiw
Fla., and the late Dr. Wolodymyr Decyk.
and sexual harassment litigation matters,
as well as complex commercial disputes.
He counsels employers extensively in the Key Professional Media, of Minneapolis.
implementation and administration of Each year, Law & Politics undertakes a
workplace policies, with an emphasis on rigorous multi-phase selection process
workplace violence and navigating the that includes a statewide survey of law-
complexities of the various state and fed- yers, independent evaluation of candi-
eral employment laws. dates by Law & Politics’ attorney-led
The selections for Super Lawyers are research staff, a peer review of candidates
made by Law & Politics, a division of by practice area, and a good-standing and
disciplinary check.

“Notes on People” is a feature geared toward reporting on the achievements of members of

the Ukrainian National Association and the Ukrainian community. All submissions should
be concise due to space limitations and must include the person’s UNA branch number (if
applicable). Items will be published as soon as possible after their receipt.

The colorful, exciting

and internationally acclaimed

Dr. Victor Decyk delivers his acceptance address at the International Conference
Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas, where he was honored for his pioneering
research. Taras Lewyckyj, Artistic Director

Meets with soccer star Shevchenko

Sunday, November 22, at 3:00 PM

Guest Artists
The Russian Carnival Ensemble
Balalaikas and Domras
The Sudarushka Ensemble
Village Folk Singers
The exciting Gypsies Internationale

SEATTLE – Jaroslaw Pikolycky (right) met with soccer star Andriy Shevchenko at Gen. Admit. $25 • Seniors $20 • Students $18
the Four Seasons Hotel prior to an exhibition match between Shevchenko’s for- Mastercard and Visa credit cards only
mer club FC Chelsea of England and the Seattle Sounders FC on July 18. During Box office: 908-737-7469
their meeting, the two spoke in Ukrainian, which Mr. Pikolycky noted made the
meeting that much more memorable. Chelsea defeated the Sounders 2-0 in front Kean University Wilkins Theatre
of 67,000 fans at Qwest Field Stadium in Seattle. Mr. Pikolycky resides in La 1000 Morris Ave. Union, NJ 07083
Jolla, Calif., and is a member of UNA Branch 39.

Ukraine Little League (LL) Baseball (since 1995)

CIUS scholars... Minister Vladimir Putin and President
Dmitry Medvedev. They have recently
(Continued from page 10) decried efforts to revise pro-Soviet views
Ukraine Little League Baseball & Orphanage Project (since 2003)
dent over the last several months that of the war in Ukraine and criticized
political relations between Ukraine and President Viktor Yushchenko’s support
Proudly announces:
Russia are associated with the treatment for a favorable treatment of the national-
of events and personalities of World War liberation struggle of the Ukrainian
The Second Ukraine Little League Baseball Championship, only program of its
II in Ukraine. Insurgent Army (UPA).
kind in the world for children from orphanages (ages 11-12), was held on the
While Ukraine was still part of the The conference examined the politics
grounds of an orphanage in the city of Kremenets, Ternopil oblast, Ukraine on
Soviet Union, especially in the Brezhnev of memory in Ukraine and in neighboring
October 1 - 4, 2009 .
years, a Soviet myth of the war was con- and nearby countries – Poland, Russia,
structed, idealizing it as a great struggle Germany and Belarus. Papers were pre-
All-star teams from four orphanages: Lutuhene, (Luhansk Obl); Mizoch (Rivne
against fascism, emphasizing the military sented and discussions held on theoretical
Obl); Donetsk Orphanage #1 and Kremenets, (Ternopil Obl) competed for the
issues pertaining to memory. Some pre-
second Little League Baseball Championships for orphans. victory over Nazi Germany, and propa-
senters at the conference focused on con-
gating a type of Russian patriotism and
troversial, painful and still not fully
Championship game results on October 4, 2009: Donetsk 21 - Mizoch 8. All the nationalism associated with the war
researched questions, including Polish-
children were winners. effort. Referred to as World War II world-
Ukrainian massacres and ethnic cleans-
wide, in the Soviet Union the war was
ings and the Holocaust in Ukraine.
The Lead Sponsor for this Championship for orphans was the Chopivsky glorified as the Great Patriotic War.
The conference wrestled with issues
Foundation. This Soviet-era myth, imposed on soci- that bear directly on today’s politics of
ety at large by the Communist Party, memory in Ukraine and also abroad. Its
Thank you so much for being there for all the children. You truly care and you Soviet state institutions, and public offi- proceedings helped integrate the academ-
showed it. cials, helped mold the prevailing histori- ic discussion of World War II in Ukraine
cal memory, or commonly held view, of with the international scholarly reflec-
There were many hits, many runs and so many smiles from the children. These the war. This historical memory became tions on this topic.
smiles are for you. You, who helped me help the almost forgotten children of an important element in the identity of The conference was international in
Ukraine play baseball, compete in skills competition and visit local cultural sites. many, if not most, Soviet citizens, includ- scope, as scholars from many European
ing Ukrainians. It was reinforced not only countries, the United States and Canada
Co sponsors: by the educational system but also took part. It was co-sponsored by more
through public commemorations of the than 20 academic institutions and govern-
Self Reliance (NY) Federal Credit Union war and Ukraine’s role in it, as well as ment bodies, including the Embassy of
representations of the war in art, film and Canada and the Canadian Institute of
California Association to Aid Ukraine (CAAU) literature. Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) at the
Following Ukraine’s independence, University of Alberta.
Anglo - Ukr - Energy events and subjects related to the war that Two CIUS scholars, Bohdan Klid and
had been forbidden or treated negatively Mykola Soroka, participated in the con-
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America - Philadelphia Branch (UCCA) during the Soviet period began to be re- ference and presented papers at the ses-
examined by historians and others, sion on “Culture and the Formation of
Victor & Clara Battin Foundation including public figures. However, there Memory.” Dr. Klid’s paper discussed
is as yet no consensus on a new view of “Historical Memory of World War II and
United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC) the war more accurately reflecting the the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in
specifics of Ukraine’s experience in Ukrainian Rock and Hip Hop Music.” Dr.
National Olympic Committee of Ukraine World War II. Some views of the war Soroka’s paper dealt with “Memory of
remain highly contentious, while particu- World War II in Ukrainian Émigré
Kraft Foods - Ukraine lar events are not fully known or under- Literature.”
stood. Ukrainian historical memory can Olesya Khromeichuk, a Ph.D. student
Hertz Auto Rental - Ukraine
be described today as hybrid or perhaps at the School of Slavonic Studies,
fractured, with some specifically University College of London, who
Lufthansa Airlines
Ukrainian national elements grafted onto received a scholarship from CIUS, gave a
the traditional Soviet model. paper on “The Reconstruction of World
The City of Kremenets, Ternopil Oblast
Defenders of the pro-Soviet view are War II Memory and Its Contemporary
Supporters: now receiving the strong support of offi- Political Framing: The Case of Ukrainian
cial figures in Russia, including Prime Surrendered Enemy Personnel.”
Ukrainian American Sports Center - Tryzub
Baltimore Ukrainian Festival
Ukrainian Homestead, Lehighton, PA
Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) - Ellenville Oselia
Little League Baseball International Inc.
Emily Rivers, Eastern Region Little League Baseball
Roman A. Leskiw, photographer at Championships
Dima Nedirko, head umpire at Championships
Mark Sokolski, umpire at Championships
Chad Liddle, umpire at Championships
Ukraine Ministry of Sports
Volodymyr Mishko Tamara Jeziorski
Vitaliy Lizogubenko Charles Cristolon
Tom Rawlings McQuillen Family
Ihor Kushnir Leskiw Family
Stephen Tymkiw, MD Weissman Family
Tamara Tymkiw Enrico Corelli
John S. Yaworsky Joseph Lello
Leo Worobkevich Lubov O. Knox
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
Anne Kerry Desiree E. Melnychenko
Robert Hite Atanas T. Kobryn At the session on culture and the formation of memory (from left) are: Myron
Greg Weir Shae Butler Stachiw (Fulbright Program in Ukraine) and Mykola Soroka (Canada).

And thanks to the many kind individuals who purchased Ukrainian sports souve-
nirs from me at various Ukrainian Festivals.
Experts downplay... Copyright 2009, RFE/RL Inc.
Reprinted with the permission of Radio
The third annual Ukraine Little League Baseball Championships for children Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201
(Continued from page 2)
from orphanages is planned for late September of 2010. Financial help is needed. Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC
Please consider helping me help those almost forgotten children. Yanukovych’s presidential campaign in
2004, when accusations of vote rigging 20036; (See http://www.
following his initial victory sparked the
To contribute or to learn more about this program for orphan and / or abandoned
children please contact: Orange Revolution that brought Mr. Fears_Over_UkraineRussia_Gas_
Yushchenko to power. Crisis_/1869197.html.)
Basil (Vasyl) P. Tarasko
District Administrator - Little League Baseball Orphanage Project in Ukraine
(2003 and ongoing)
c 718-415-7821
e mail:
Visit our archive online:
please visit: www.

27 students... Comparison of Post-Franco Spain

and Post-Soviet Ukraine.” Eighteen candidates... (Sky) gathered to hold an ‘avtoprobih’ (parade of
automobiles). They had two cars and drove through
(Continued from page 13) Prof. Mykhailo Minakov of the (Continued from page 6) the central streets with a red-black (nationalist)
(Zhyvi) by Serhiy Bukovsky (2008) National University of Kyiv-Mohyla ing one of the most alarming statements during flag.”
was timed to coincide with Prof. Academy paid his first visit to Ukraine’s influenza epidemic. The Regions thugs stopped the cars, dragged the
Graziosi’s treatment of the Harvard University to speak on the He made the statement amidst the president’s girls out and beat them, Mr. Hudymenko said. After
Holodomor in his history class, thus topic of “The Logic of Political requests for public calm and accusations that it was the assaults, the Zaporizhia police arrested seven
resulting in a unique synergy and Populism and Institutional Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko fueling panic in assaulted patriots, while supporting the attackers,
sparking further discussion. A series Responses.” society. offering a verbal rebuke to the gunslinger, “You
of short films – “The River” by Wrapping up the 2009 HUSI sum- No other leading politician saw any need to call don’t need to do that.”
Tamara Karpynsa, “Oath” by mer seminar series was a lecture that martial law or postpone the election, and the public Attacks continued on the remaining patriots as
had much to say not only to the stu- largely ignored the latest presidential brainstorm. about 40 Regions thugs chased them into courtyards
Maryna Vroda, “T” by Mykhailo
dents but also to the broader commu- and beat them with police supervision, he said.
Kaliuzhny and “Taxi Driver” by On November 10, the president acknowledged just
nity. Adrian Slywotzky, a partner at Meanwhile, the arrested patriots were charged with
Roman Bondarchuk – was also as much, his own panic apparently subsiding.
Oliver Wyman, a global manage- petty hooliganism. About 20 patriots were beaten,
shown. “The Fourth Wave” by
ment consultancy firm, addressed *** two of were hospitalized, Mr. Hudymenko said.
Victoria Melnykova concluded the
issues concerning the global eco- “If the Party of Regions and Communist Party
summer film series. Ukraine’s political parties are using ever more
nomic downturn and its effects on and their satellites are so concerned about UPA and
This summer’s evening lecture Ukraine in a talk titled “Surviving innovative techniques to mobilize their otherwise
series offered a particularly diverse disillusioned voters, but few are as effective in the the nationalists that they ‘called the people to the
the Perfect Storm: How We Got into streets,’ then why were there only four people repre-
program of experts and scholars. This Economy and How We Can art of manipulation as the tried and true method of
Former Vice-Minister of Defense of hate and violence. senting these forces in the summer when we held a
Get Out.”
Ukraine and recent HURI Research The Zaporizhia leadership of the Party of march in honor of [UPA Commander Roman]
A reception was held on Friday,
Fellow Leonid Polyakov began the Regions of Ukraine decided to make use of St. Shukhevych on the central streets of Zaporizhia?”
August 7, to mark the end of the
series and spoke about the regional Mary the Protectress Feast Day (October 14) – also Mr. Hudymenko asked rhetorically at an October 23
term and students received certifi-
context of Ukraine’s security. considered the founding date of the Ukrainian press conference. “Perhaps because elections are
cates of accomplishment. Three
During the month of July HUSI students – Iuliia Kysla of the Insurgent Army, which fought the communists and around the corner. These Ukrainians were simply
hosted five talks. Joyce Dove, found- National University of Kyiv- the Nazis – to mobilize their supporters to attack used.”
er and director of Foundation for Mohyla Academy and Kherson; Ukrainian patriots. Lustration asked the Procurator General of
Children Inc., gave a lively and James Marsh of the Russia, Eastern Despite the fact that local courts forbid any rallies Ukraine to file criminal charges against the assail-
impassioned talk about the good Europe and Central Asia Program in the city center, more than 30 Ukrainian patriots ants. It also demanded that the Internal Affairs
work that the foundation has under- at Harvard University; and held an improvised march on October 18, which Ministry punish those police officers who stood by
taken during the last 12 years to Anastasiya Prymovych of the was countered by more than 1,500 supporters of the as the attacks, including the shootings from pneu-
assist orphanages in Crimea. Ukrainian Catholic University and Party of Regions and Communist Party, called by matic guns, were allowed to happen.
The noted Ukrainian American Lviv – received the Theodosius their leaders to an illegal rally that was guarded by In standard Soviet fashion, however, that would
writer Askold Melnyczuk conduct- and Irene Senkowsky Prize for police officers. have made his Bolshevik forefathers proud, City
ed a writing workshop for HUSI Achievement in Ukrainian Studies When the UPA supporters approached police Council Member Volodymyr Kaltsev of the PRU
and other Harvard Summer School for their extraordinary efforts. officers, “people under Party of Regions flags near claimed afterwards to local journalists that it was the
students, and even managed to Established in 1989 through the the police barrier threw themselves at the patriots, outnumbered Ukrainian patriots who shot at the
have the participants write small generous donation of Marta and beating and shooting at the Zaporizhia residents,” Regions supporters.
pieces of prose during the two-hour Ostap Tarnawsky of Philadelphia in reported Oleh Osukhovskyi, the chair of the “Zaporizhia isn’t Kyiv or Lviv,” Mr. Hudymenko
session. memory of Mrs. Tarnawsky’s par- Lustration civic organization in Kyiv. wrote on the Olena Bilozerska blog, a forum for
Prof. Oxana Shevel of Tufts ents, the prize honors those students “I saw with my own eyes someone who emerged Ukrainian patriots. “Our government customs
University delivered an extremely who the faculty agrees have demon- from the group of Regions supporters, took out a haven’t changed from the Soviet times.”
well-attended talk on a subject of strated exceptional achievement gun and began shooting at us,” said Yurii No kidding.
comparative politics, “The Politics over the course of their work in the Hudymenko, organizer of the UPA march. (More details of the incident are available at:
of Memory in a Divided Society: A program. “Members of the patriotic organization Nebo

Inaugural Kinofest NYC film festival slated for February

NEW YORK – The inaugural Kinofest and Vidkryta Nich (Open Night), he said. the world is now coming of age. Their says the timing of the festival could not
NYC film festival will take place at The “Despite the fact that Molodist does not films reveal a creativity that shows they be better. “Over the past two years, the
Ukrainian Museum in New York City showcase Ukrainian film per se, it is the are moving on from the immediate mem- museum has begun to develop an in-
over the weekend of February 26-28, highest-profile film festival in Ukraine. ory of the past, and are interpreting it house film program that represents the
2010. Vidkryta Nich, on the other hand, is more from a fresh perspective. These filmmak- ideals of the museum in a powerful and
Philadelphia-based Kinofilm Project is of a casual open-air experience where ers also do not hesitate to address and universal medium,” Ms. Krill noted. “I’m
spearheading this premier international independent, young Ukrainian filmmak- create the future.” very pleased that The Ukrainian Museum
film festival in close partnership with The ers have an opportunity to showcase their “Kinofest NYC is about celebrating will host this introductory festival, as a
Ukrainian Museum. These two organiza- talents.” the independent spirit of interesting and more appropriate venue would be diffi-
tions have a keen interest in promoting Mr. Kotliar explained: “Our ultimate original storytelling,” said Mr. Kolodiy. cult to find. With our East Village loca-
independent Ukrainian film and are now goal is to bring together established and “Bringing together diverse voices and tion, we are advantageously situated in
working in concert to bring Ukrainian emerging film talent within a context that films with a focus on Ukraine and other the heart of New York’s historic Ukrainian
and post-Soviet film to a growing New is true to its roots, while simultaneously Soviet bloc countries is our goal; other community. While we expect to draw a
York City audience. maintaining broad, international appeal. than this geographic focus, we do not sizable crowd from our local patrons, we
Festival Director and Kinofilm Project It’s an ambitious undertaking, but our favor any single style or topic. We are are looking to tap into the New York film-
founder Andrew Kotliar expressed his intention is for Kinofest NYC to combine looking for great films and interesting going audience, as well as the consider-
enthusiasm about the upcoming festival the ambience of Molodist with the bare- points of view from residents of these able student population that lives just
and about working with a visionary orga- bones essence of Vidkryta Nich.” countries, or from ‘foreigners’ who see blocks away.”
nizing team, which includes award-win- Mr. Kolodiy, a New York filmmaker this geographic region through a Western, The Ukrainian Museum is located in
ning director Damian Kolodiy; the muse- who is the program director of Kinofest or other, perspective.” the East Village at 222 E. Sixth St.,
um’s program director, Hanya Krill; and NYC, is currently putting together a com- The film festival represents the first between Second and Third avenues. For
Kyiv-based filmmaker Dmytro prehensive programming schedule for the collaborative effort between Kinofilm more information about Kinofest NYC
Zacharevych. festival. A veteran of the independent film Project and The Ukrainian Museum. Ms. readers may visit www.kinofestNYC.
“The time has come for New Yorkers festival circuit through his experience Krill, program director at the museum, com.
to experience a weekend festival dedicat- with his award-winning film “The Orange
ed to contemporary film from Ukraine Chronicles,” Mr. Kolodiy noted that,
and the former Soviet bloc,” said Mr. while the event will focus on emerging
Kotliar. “As a multicultural global center films produced in Ukraine, plans are also UUARC sends... getting the cargo packaged and ready for
shipment in such a short period of time,
of media and entertainment, New York is under way to include works from other (Continued from page 4) as well as to Paul Bandriwsky of Chicago
the ideal location for a festival that com- countries of the former Soviet bloc. for initiating the contacts.
Dovhopyat). The UUARC’s representa-
bines the amenities of a big city and the “Regardless of nationality, people who Requests from other oblasts have been
best in emerging film from an often over- lived under the shadow of Soviet authori- tives in Lviv, Andrij Dyda and Alexandra
received through the Ukrainian Embassy
looked region of Eastern Europe.” tarian rule continue to share a common Spirniak, worked with the three oblasts.
in the United States and its Consulates, as
“We are designing this festival to mir- heritage. Twenty years have passed since The cargo transportation service and the well as the two UUARC offices in
ror two of the more notable festivals that the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a new gen- leading forwarding company granted their Ukraine. The UUARC is conducting a
take place in Kyiv every year – Molodist eration of filmmakers from this part of time, services, equipment and packaging fund-raising campaign to cover the
free of charge. $75,000 cost of the initial shipment and
Special thanks were expressed by the future shipments. The Consulate Generals
UUARC to David Hennessey at AeroSvit in Chicago and New York are helping
Cargo and John Khodov at Delex Inc., for with the solicitation of funds.

Terror,” presented by Prof. Larry

Preview of events... Schweikart of Dayton University. Prof.
Schweikart is the author of “America’s
(Continued from page 24) Victories,” “48 Liberal Lies” and co-author
Ukrainian Catholic Church will celebrate of “A Patriot’s History of the United
its 25th anniversary with a series of events States.” He is also a commentator on Fox
beginning with an Exhibit of Religious and News. The presentation will take place at
Ethnic Art on Saturday, November 28, 2-4 p.m. at the Palatine Public Library
through Monday, November 30. On dis- located at 700 N. Court, Palatine, IL 60067.
plays will be: icons, church architecture, There is no charge for the event. For more
embroidered ecclesiastical vestments and information call Roman Golash,
other church objects, traditional embroi- 847-910-3532, or e-mail romangolash@
dered “rushnyky,” ritual breads, pysanky,
ceramics woodcarvings; national costumes
and Ukrainian contemporary embroidery Saturday, December 19
and “merezhyvo” will also be featured. A BETHESDA, Md.: The Taras Shevchenko
wall hanging/quilt embroidered by several School of Ukrainian Studies will host a
dozen ladies of the parish with the squares Mykolai Show and Holiday Bazaar.
representing specific regions of Ukraine
Students will present “Mykolai –Superhero”
will be unveiled. There will also be work-
at noon. Sviatyi Mykolai (St. Nicholas) will
shops, lectures, a gift shop and tours of the
then meet with each grade/age group (non-
church. Admission is free. The celebration
continues with a moleben on Friday, students welcome). The Heavenly Office
December 4, at 3 p.m., followed by an will be open at 9:15-11:45 a.m.; please
anniversary concert at 3:30 p.m. Solemn bring only one item per child ($2 fee),
divine liturgy will be celebrated on Sunday, clearly labeled (child’s full name, grade/
December 6, at 10 a.m. and a jubilee dinner age). The bazaar/bake sale at 9:30 a.m.-
will follow at 12:30 p.m. For information noon will feature: torte slices, fancy cook-
contact Roman Maluk, 941-497-3548 or ies for your holiday cookie tray, kolachi, makivnyky, medivnyky, children’s sweets,
varenyky and vushka (frozen), books, CDs,
Saturday, December 5 gift items. Location: Westland Middle
PALATINE, IL: The Ukrainian American School, 5511 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda,
Veterans 1st Lt. Ivan Shandor Post 35 in MD 20816. For further information visit
Palatine and the Palatine Chapter of ACT, or
invite you to a presentation “Why the U.S. contact Lada Onyshkevych, lada2@veri-
Wins Wars and Will Win the War on or 410-730-8108.


Preview of Events is a listing of community events open to the public. It is a
service provided at minimal cost ($20 per listing) by The Ukrainian Weekly to the
Ukrainian community.

Information should be sent to: or Preview of Events,

The Ukrainian Weekly, 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054; fax,
973-644-9510. NB: If e-mailing, please do not send items as attachments;
simply type the text into the body of the e-mail message.


November 17 Lecture by Andrea Graziosi, “The Holodomor and November 21 Dance, featuring music by Vox Ethnica, St. George
Toronto the Soviet Famines, 1931-1933,” Canadian New York Academy, school auditorium, 212-473-3323 or
Foundation for Ukrainian Studies, Trinity College, 917-915-2209
aspx?eventid=7358 November 21 Concert, featuring pianist Valentyna Lisitsa,
Alexandria, VA Westminster Presbyterian Church, 703-655-2301
November 17 Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company,
University Park, PA Eisenhower Auditorium at Penn State, November 21 Dance, featuring music by Udech, Ukrainian
800-ARTS-TIX or Stoughton, MA American Educational Center of Boston, Club Luis
De Camoes, 508-245-1890 or
November 18 Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company,
Binghamton, NY Binghamton University, 607-777-ARTS or November 21-22 Christmas Bazaar, Ukrainian Catholic National
Washington Shrine of the Holy Family, 202-526-3737
November 19 Concert, featuring music by Ephyra, Darkroom,
Chicago or November 22 Film screening, “Bereza Kartuzka” by Yurij Luhovy,
London, ON Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Ukrainian Cultural
November 20 Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company, Center, 519-204-1647
Rockville, MD Montgomery College, 301-279-5301
November 22 Film screening with filmmaker, “Between Hitler and
November 20 Conference, “The Orange Revolution: Five Years Arlington, VA Stalin” by Slavko Nowytski, Arlington Sister City
New York Since,” Columbia University, Association, Shirlington Library, or 212-854-4697

November 20 Dinner and Jazz Night, featuring music by Grupo November 22 Concert, featuring the Voloskhy Ukrainian Dance
Whippany, NJ Yuri, Sports, Recreation and Fitness Committee, Union, NJ Ensemble, Kean University Wilkins Theater,
Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey, 908-737-7469
November 22 Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company, with
November 20 Lecture with Jaroslawa Gerulak, “The Enchanted Philadelphia free performance by Svitanya Women’s Vocal
New York World of Halyna Cigash,” Ukrainian National Ensemble, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Women’s League of America Art Gallery, in Philadelphia,
212-260-4490 or or 215-893-1999

November 21 “Winter Vechornytsi,” Ukrainian East Village

New York Restaurant, 212-571-1555 ext. 35
Entries in “Out and About” are listed free of charge. Priority is given to
November 21 25th anniversary gala, Ukrainian National Women’s events advertised in The Ukrainian Weekly. However, we also welcome
New York League of America – Branch 113, Ukrainian submissions from all our readers. Items will be published at the discretion
Institute of America, 212-460-8615 or of the editors and as space allows. Please send e-mail to mdubas@

Soyuzivka’s Datebook Friday, November 20
WHIPPANY, N.J.: The Sports, Recreation
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2701
Cameron Mills Road, Alexandria, VA
22302. Admission is free, seating is unre-
and Fitness Committee of the Ukrainian
served. For information call 703-549-4766.
November 13-15 Plast Orlykiada November 26 Thanksgiving American Cultural Center of New Jersey
cordially invites all to attend “Dinner and
NEW YORK: The Center for Traditional
Jazz Night.” The evening will begin with a
November 21-22 Private function December 31 New Year’s Eve buffet dinner at 7:30 p.m., followed by a
Music and Dance and Ukrainian Wave
present “Winter Vechornytsi” (Village
performance by Grupo Yuri at 8 p.m. This
Dance Party), 7:30-11 p.m. at the
group features acclaimed violinist Yuri
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140
Turchyn with his quintet, and performs a
fusion of diverse styles from World Beat, Second Ave. (between Eighth and Ninth
Latin and jazz flavors. The group has per- streets). Enjoy Carpathian mountain music
formed recently at New Jersey Performing by the Cheres band, led by Andriy
Arts Center (NJPAC), Teatro Si, South Milavsky, and learn traditional Ukrainian
Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC), d a n c e s w i t h d a n c e m a s t e r Ta m a r a
Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival, Chernyakhovska. Dance instruction is at
Trumpets Jazz Club, The Cavalier Social 7:30-8:15 p.m.; dance party, 8:30-11 p.m.
Lounge, Black River Jazz Festival, Admission: $10 for adults, $5 for children;
Shanghai Jazz Club, Tim McLoone’s all ages welcome. For further information
Supper Club and other venues. Tickets are call 212-571-1555, ext. 35.
$35 per person; seating is limited and Tuesday, November 24 -
advance reservations are required. Attire is Thursday, December 24
To book a room or event call: (845) 626-5641, ext. 140 casual. For reservations and event infor-
216 Foordmore Road P.O. Box 529 mation call 973-884-3336. Net event pro- NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Institute of
Kerhonkson, NY 12446 ceeds will benefit the Ukrainian American America is pleased to announce the open-
E-mail: Cultural Center of New Jersey. The ing of “Remediation,” an exhibition by
Website: UACCNJ is located at 60 N. Jefferson Ukrainian Canadian artist Taras Polataiko.
Road, Whippany, NJ 07504. The show will be on view from November
24 through December 24. A reception for
Saturday, November 21 the artist will be held on Tuesday evening,
NEW YORK: The Shevchenko Scientific November 24, at 6-8 pm. The exhibition
Society (NTSh) and its Medicine and will feature paintings from “Glare” and

Want to see Biology Section invite all to a lecture by

Dr. Alexandra Kushnir, director of the
“Cut” series, the photographic series
“Human Locomotion,” the video works

your name in print? NTSh Section of Medicine and Biology,

and Dr. Marta Kushnir, medical director
“Kyiv Classical” and “Dreams,” and the
sound sculpture “Pyramid.” Much of the
work in the show revisits seminal moments
consultant, on the subject “Medical Life
Then why not become a correspondent of Insurance: Risk Assessment and the of art history and concerns itself with the
practice of remediation. For information
Application Process.” The lecture will take
The Ukrainian Weekly in your community? place at the society’s building, 63 Fourth call the UIA, 212-288-8660.
We welcome submissions from all our Ukrainian communities, no matter Ave. (between Ninth and 10th streets) at 5 Saturday, November 28 -
where they are located. Let the rest of us know what you’re up to in your p.m. For additional information call Sunday December 6
corner of the Ukrainian diaspora! NORTH PORT, Fla.: The Presentation of
ALEXANDRIA, Va.: Valentina Lisitsa, the Most Holy Mother of God (St. Mary’s)
Any questions? Call The Weekly, 973-292-9800, ext. 3049. pianist, will give a recital at 7 p.m. at the (Continued on page 22)