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SOPHIA......... Year-01, Issue-01 September, 2012 Rajni Bala(Co-editor) eC) Loe | The Positive Philosophy Society P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh "4 Teacher “takes a hand, ghon a omind, amd “Louches 2 Mad.” on Jatnniysantic ” a a The faaitice Mfosophy dociety 1 F soctety See ees brat ‘ster Agal® Aga er a vemagr Be oe Prearfer -xarer eRe or errererrar ere maka oat &/ me vat wer af & Bay seem ve Pera are spy _ Pires PERT (- KIT) Pots — ainesir aia Fever (aac) FF weorhir oF gaan Arar 9 oth Henry Para CWA &/ TE sperma Prema By Paar & Rare srerere “water er ge ots 3 at crerpery wh cater ober, gor wR Be egRT e —Hemer carers Peg EFF / spon stn ghea? star vegans Fo aya: rae HET ae tre ar ok 2 ite _ bRT ear Pree. Rise qactt ser fe es ola ee Corilact us DR Siusual @ grail: Com Wrankan. Nisha 189 O-gmal Grn s ragiualign a move dnportant Pan Roowckedys «Rede x Hentt dnlstation tnerntlea: Be World.” ? he Cinatecr’? he Western Philosophical enquiry originated as a pursuit of knowledge in Greece, Later on it was overshadowed by the mediaeval supremacy of religious faith against reason, The perod following tis mediaeval petiog 's known as the period of intellectual awakening or the age of enlightenment and is described as the European Renaissance. This period winessed the rise of freedom of thought and indwvidual thinkers own attempt to ‘aise and solve the epistemological and ontological problems and DR. RADHAKRISHNAN-A PHILOSOPHER 4 OF INDIAN RENAISSANCE by Dr. Tapati Chakravarty philosophical system building gainst authonty and tradition. faith ‘and dogma leading to ihe feconstniction ofthe structure of the tentire philosophical thought anc so interpret them in thei true and logical perspective Compared to the above, the contemporary Indian Philosophy, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan belongs to, may be described as Indian renaissance in the sonse that this period marks individual thinkers attempt to tree Indian Philosophy ‘rom the subjugation ofthe foreign tulers and from their misinterpretation of it and to reconstruct and reinterpret the ‘wealth of the ancient wisdom, Besides being a Pilosopher of the Indian renaissance, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is also a product of the indian renaissance. Social and religious retorm movements tke ‘Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samaj, theosophical society had its own impact on Or. Hacnakrishnan. Or SS. Radhakrishnan isnot a sectarian thinker, but a man of universal mind ‘and universal ideas andideals. He is the undisputed Protagonist and Champion of world religion and ‘world civilisation. He has although Contd on pane 49 | educationists of the country. In contin of hi eget a mam de be seady, Fine best Teacher is one who suggests rather than dogmiatises and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himset = Lard Lytton [VoL xxix NO. 23 PAGES 40 Ms fo spoken rom the platform not only of Hinduism but from those of Christiana ofboth the Catholic and Protestant brands, of the Islamic faith, Zoroastrianism, Sufism and ‘many ether faiths. Well ground in thought, Western and Indian, he caninterptet and expound thetraditons of Indian thought and cuture tothe West, and Western thought and Civkzation to Indian traditional thought. He is the most competent authorty in Philosophy who can unite th \Westem ang Eastern cultural rastions. He has been held as a cultural biinguist teaching the etemalideas andideals ‘ofthe East to the West, and West tothe East itis {0 the credit of the intellectual efforts of Dr. S. Radhaitishnan who has mastered the Philosophies of the west besides his own philosophical tradition, and thus has awakened us to the mits and demerits of both of them. Such an effort has resulted in a mutual growth of both the East and the West. In other words, itis a cross fertilisation of eas and principles that Or 8. Rdhakrishnan has emphasised. Its aimed at strengthoning the cultural ties of Beth the hemispheres of our Planat 1S. Raghakriehnan repeatedly inssis on this great phenomenon taking piace In our time, to elfect a now Ehange in our thinking and behaviour. We can not be arrow parochial and narrow nationalist. We have 10 look to the whole world and the whole humanity as one unit or fone family and develop in ourselves universat outlook land behaviout. This is the responsibilty of greater ‘magnitude and its cimensions are multiple. No sphere of ‘our Hfe should be allowed to remain unefiected by the Universality of outlook. In the former days counties and nations and races were unknown to each other and Jealousies and hatred of one nation for ancther was Common because they did not come into contact with one ‘another. But now we notice thatthe world is no better than ‘2 small comer ol tho vast universe, and therfore, living together in peace and harmony is the most unavoidable responsibility thrown on our shoulders. Or. Radhakrishnan is ofthe view that such a global outlook must be cultivated by each among us ‘Side by side Philosophising in loneliness and silence he takes lively intrest in allphilosophical, religious, cutural scientific, social and educational aa. He never shuns to take upon himset the social responsibility he is asked to, and adores it wth all ignity and honour. When he was clovated to the highest chair of the Presidentahip of the ation, Newspapers and Magazinos had come cut with their editorial notes that after centuries, Plato's ideal that the Philosopher should be the King has become re Br 8 Paanakribnnan’ nea Been “one-ol-the his Being an: honoured: teacher, hie bichday Yaling 80 the fifth of Septorber, is observed as Teacher's Day thfoughout th, ‘country. sag (Add HNO: 18, Muri Nagar, Koyla Nagar, Dhanbat cy HOW INSPIRIN Do what you desire, Or it will set you in fire, Do what you want, Don't think you can't, Have confidence in self, Don't think of them. They say | Say and say | Bad or good about you, So, do what you desire, Or it will set you in fire, Choose for your future,| A happy lif. Or the fire, Its upto you! What you want. You can help but T can't, So, do what you want, poem by Manju Chauhan B.A. final Year (Philosophy), P.6 Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh Session 2011-2012 Retiagremtamtaesare “Kilin is dhe Real measure of dntelligner.” J, 4 bhaBe ow and improvise most’ effectively have prevailed. ‘charies Darwin “When you’re out of willpower, you can call on stubbornness. dll greet woreda kings AL Kis Trough onighly é > feed Y) ses 2 Te omy enfeer ah Sa wa Weer af rere TS