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4216 Teakwood Drive JASON KOPROWSKI Phone: (757) 679-2497

Williamsbr!" #$ 2%1&& www'(ason)o*rowski'+om )o*rowski,!mail'+om

Sr. Finance Manager, FP&A Analytics Mechanics Associates
(anar-" 2.1% / Presen0 1$2$ 3an!le- - 4am*0on" #$
5ana!e all 6inan+ial and bsiness as*e+0s 6or $5$7s 8%27 million 1$2$ 3an!le-9s Te+hnolo!-" $eros*a+e and 5ission 2**or0 2
(T:$52 2) +on0ra+0' Work wi0h in0ernal and !overnmen0 +s0omers 0o im*rove da0a in0e!ri0-" 0rans*aren+-" and +lari0-' )e-
res*onsibili0ies: ;P<$" =on0rollin!" >e*or0in!" $?P" $?>" Pro+ess @m*rovemen0s" ;ore+as0in!" and 2o60ware Develo*men0'
1e!o0ia0ed wi0h 0he !overnmen0 0o se+re an addi0ional 87..k *er -ear in *ro6i0 (25A in+rease)
@n+reased $5$9s *eriod over *eriod +os0 +on0rol s+ore b- 6.A resl0in! in an in+reased *ro6i0 o6 over 8%..k *er -ear
Bn+overed ano0her 89 million dollars o6 n+om*ensa0ed !row0h de 0o dollar vale bein! obs+red b- nearl- eCivalen0 +os0 savin!s
@m*lemen0ed a0oma0ed ra0e +on0rol do+men0 0o s-n+hroniDe da0a a+ross 4 di66eren0 s-s0ems 0ha0 im*roved da0a in0e!ri0- b- 92A
>edesi!ned < a0oma0ed 0he a++on0s *a-able *ro+ess 6or 0he more 0han 4.. sb+on0ra+0ors on *rime +on0ra+0' 1ew *ro+ess and
+on0rols resl0ed in a 2?%rds red+0ion in mon0hl- *ro+essin! 0ime b- or $?P anal-s0 and &5A de+rease in 6reCen+- o6 errors' 1ew
*ro+ess iden0i6ied as bes0 *ra+0i+e and sbseCen0l- rolled o0 a+ross all o6 $5$7s o0her +on0ra+0s'
>e*li+a0ed or ele+0roni+ mana!emen0 s-s0em in :E+el 0o enable ad-ho+ re*or0in! de0ail *reviosl- nob0ainable
$0oma0ed 0he mon0hl- 5%% !overnmen0 deliverable red+in! 0he 0ime 0o +om*le0e 6rom 2 da-s 0o 2. min0es
Director of Finance !ontroller "aleo Ser#ice $SA
$*ril" 2.11 / (anar-" 2.1% 4am*0on" #$
Fversaw 0hree de*ar0men0s (;inan+e" $++on0in! < @'T') and res*onsible 6or im*rovin! *ro6i0 mar!ins a+ross #aleo 2ervi+e7s !rowin!
nmber o6 *rod+0 lines and +s0omer a++on0s' 3ed ml0i*le *roGe+0s desi!ned 0o de+rease +os0s" in+rease sales" and im*rove
or!aniDa0ional e66i+ien+-' Dail- res*onsibili0ies in+lded mana!emen0 re*or0in!" sales 6ore+as0in! and bd!e0in!" inven0or- < +os0 +on0rol'
ProGe+0 mana!er 6or new sales a++on0 re*or0in! so60ware (Pho+as) in +har!e o6 s++ess6ll- mi!ra0in!" in0e!ra0in!" and 0rainin!
>ene!o0ia0ed +s0omer 0erms 0o +onsolida0e and ali!n dis*ara0e +s0omer +ondi0ions a+ross a++on0s +ased b- 0he re+en0 mer!in! o6
5 bsiness lines (and +s0omers) in0o one or!aniDa0ion
$nal-Ded +s0omer a++on0s (sales < mar!in b- *rod+0 line) 0o im*rove revene 6ore+as0s based on in0ernal and eE0ernal
2$P" 4-*erion" < :ssbase ke- ser involved 6rom s0ar0 0o 6inish o6 na0ionwide :>P im*lemen0a0ion' 1o los0 *rod+0ion da-s or
dela-ed mana!erial drin! 0he :>P mi!ra0ion' $lso a+Cired s0ron! knowled!e o6 2$P 2D < ;@ modles
Desi!ned and im*lemen0ed new 0ools < *ro+ess 6or +om*le0in! annal inven0or- s0o+k +on0" *loadin! resl0s 0o new :>P s-s0em"
and re+on+ilin! an- di66eren+es while red+in! 0he 0o0al 0ime 0aken b- %.A
5odeled and a**roved >F@ im*a+0s on all sales *romo0ions" +a*i0al eE*endi0res" and inven0or- allo+a0ions'
>e+ommended +han!es 0o 0he indire+0 +os0 allo+a0ion me0hodolo!- 0o more a++ra0el- re6le+0 0he *ro6i0abili0- o6 ea+h *rod+0 line
Senior %&siness Financial Analyst %&sch 'ar(ens Willia)s*&rg
(anar-" 2..& / $*ril" 2.11 Williamsbr!" #$
5ana!ed 0eam o6 ei!h0 bsiness anal-s0s 0o s**or0 all mana!erial?6inan+ial re*or0in!" bd!e0in!" and )P@ me0ri+s a+ross 0wo 0heme *arks'
3ed 0eam res*onsible 6or evala0in! and *resen0in! 0he 6inan+ial < o*era0ional viabili0- o6 endin! an o0sor+ed 87 million annal
main0enan+e +on0ra+0' @m*lemen0ed a+0ions -ield eE*e+0ed savin!s o6 8% million over neE0 5 -ears
Develo*ed e+onomi+ model resl0in! in in+reased *arkin! revene o6 84.."... *er -ear while lowerin! avera!e +onsmer *ri+e
=onsolida0ed dis*ara0e 0ele*hone *lans and rene!o0ia0ed wi0h ml0i*le vendors 0o save +om*an- over 812."... annall- in *hone
eE*enses while re+eivin! *!raded new *hones and smar0 *hones 6or all em*lo-ees
Develo*ed in0e!ra0ed 6inan+ial re*or0in! s-s0em sin! :E+el < #H$ 0o a0oma0e &.A o6 mon0h and -ear-end re*or0in! *ro+esses
3ead anal-s0 on 0eam o6 dire+0ors 0ha0 eEe+0ed a +am*ai!n 0o red+e o*era0in! eE*enses b- 82.5 drin! 0he 2..&-2..9 6is+al -ears
=rea0ed a balan+ed s+ore+ard anal-sis 0ool now in se b- all *arks 0ha0 +om*ares and ranks maGor rides" shows" even0s" and a00ra+0ions
Analyst +A,ril, -../ 0 Jan&ary, -..12 Wacho#ia Sec&rities
Per6ormed 0rend and varian+e anal-sis' Trained and develo*ed new anal-s0s while +om*an- was nder!oin! mer!er wi0h $I :dwards.
F&t&res & 34&ities 5ra(er +A&g&st, -..6 0 A,ril, -../2 Wily5ra(er.co)
2++ess6ll- 0raded s0o+ks" 60res" < 6orei!n eE+han!e on a da- and swin! basis' Desi!ned < a0hored *o*lar ni+he ed+a0ional websi0e'
5H$ (3.91 GPA) 2.1. =olle!e o6 William < 5ar-" Williamsbr!" #$
H2 Ps-+holo!- - Summa Cum Laude 2..4 Fld Dominion Bniversi0-" 1or6olk" #$
H$ ;inan+e - Summa Cum Laude 2..% Fld Dominion Bniversi0-" 1or6olk" #$