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Colorado City, CO 81019
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Robotic Plasma
Cutting Machine!
Our demo video shows many artistic and geometric items being cut,
including this art scene, Giving Thanks, cut in one 10 foot long piece.
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700

s new Model DHC

plasma cutting machine
conveniently holds a hand-held plasma torch and plugs into your
personal computer. This powerful and accurate system is remarkably
versatile, easy to use and affordable.
The DesignEdge software, developed by PlasmaCAM

for plasma cutting, is the most valuable part of the system. You can
quickly create impressive designs, easily importing and reproducing
almost any shape from scanned images, computer fonts, and
common drawing programs.
Call PlasmaCAM

today to request our exciting,

in-depth demonstration video and see what your
shop is missing!
Plasma Cutting System
Youll be amazed how quickly your
ideas turn into outstanding products.
Youll be amazed how quickly your
ideas turn into outstanding products.
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
While shopping, my wife saw an expensive
metal table she liked. I offered to make her one,
but with my own design & style. Even with little
metalworking experience, I imported my sketch
and cut out the metal table - all in one piece and
with no other materials. The table came out just
how I imagined! Plus, several people want to
buy my table design. Now I can make my ideas into unique
& proftable projects using the PlasmaCAM

Graphic Designer
Revolutionize your
metalworking business
today with PlasmaCAM

4 5
Unleash your
metalworking potential
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
Cut intricate
metal art like
Cut intricate
metal art like
lighting, furniture &
We used to cut everything by hand and had a lot
of trouble. Now our PlasmaCAM

machine does
it all, attaining levels of production not possible
before. Its the main piece of equipment in my
shop and has run 40-50 hours a week for the past
three years.
Drawing up our own designs and scanning them into the computer
is extremely simple. Ive been totally impressed with this machine
ever since the day I bought it. It attains incredible detail, is very
easy and cost effcient to operate, and requires little maintenance.
The bottom line is: this machine makes me money!
Unlike conventional CNC
machines, PlasmaCAM

is a complete, integrated cutting

Traditional programming and
processing steps have been
eliminated and replaced with
a graphical interface, where you
work directly with the images you
want to cut.

even the complicated
seem simple.
U.S. Navy (on board ship) and all other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Toyota
Motor Mfg., Boeing (Cape Canaveral), Caterpillar, General Motors, UCLA, Hollywood Set
Makers, and thousands of other institutions, schools and businesses.

Dan, IZ Design
metal art, xtures & signs
We do custom
work and use

most of it. Every
project is unique, so
design time is critical.
The software makes it super easy to
go from my ideas to quality-cut parts.
With art, the fnal product is often
different than the idea you start with.
The software gives you the freedom
to experiment. Its easy to change
things, like a font for a customer
who has a different preference. The
machine works amazingly well too.
Parts consistently come out just like
your drawings - precise and smooth.
Its great to bring into the world ideas
from your imagination, made of
something as lasting as metal.
Make geometric and artistic parts the
easy way with PlasmaCAM

Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700 8
welding & vocational shop teacher
These days, vocational students really need CNC
experience. I get my students started with a simple thirty-
minute demo on the PlasmaCAM

and turn them loose on

it. Its so easy to use, even our special education students
have no problems running the machine. The kids spend
the rest of the semester testing what the machine is really
capable of. Besides playing a key
role in our shop program, our
PlasmaCAM has saved enough
money to pay for itself just by
making signage for our
school district!
Create fantastic custom signs featuring school mascots,
company logos, names and addresses, and much more!
Hundreds of Schools use PlasmaCAM

machines in their shop classes
The PlasmaCAM system
works well with full
sheets of metal or smaller
pieces, as shown here.
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700 10
Nesting is easy with PlasmaCAM

The PlasmaCAM

system works just as well for cutting geometric

parts as it does for cutting metal art.
All of the parts shown on this page were quickly drawn in PlasmaCAMs
DesignEdge software.
Mechanical Parts
In the past, hand cutting my metal parts
took time and they werent exact enough.
The front grill of my 1948 F-1 Ford street rod
required each piece to be exactly the same to ft together. I could only get this
level of precision by using the PlasmaCAM

fabricator & hot rod enthusiast
Materials & Sizes
The machine plasma cuts precise and intricate fat shapes ranging in size from inch to 20 feet.
Any thickness from 30 gauge through 1 inch can be cut, depending on your plasma cutter.
Virtually any metal can be plasma cut including: steel (feur-de-lis and round slug), stainless steel (control panel and fan
bracket), aluminum (drain grate), brass (seahorse), copper, galvanized, etc.
Cut precise metal shapes
in a ash!
Cut precise metal shapes
in a ash!
Create Instant Products From Art Discs
Each professional Art Disc contains numerous silhouette shapes designed for use in
various metal projects like our samples.
These copyrighted images were scanned from highly detailed, hand drawn artwork and
converted into our own PlasmaCAM drawing format by our software (included with
the system). They are ready to cut on your PlasmaCAM machine and come out really
smooth and precise.
The PlasmaCAM DesignEdge software lets you
scale an image to any size. You can use
entire images, pieces of images, or
any combination - depending
on your design.
Mike Elins
Mike Elins
Mark Kageys
Carol Todaros
Carol Todaros
Mike Elins
Carol Todaros
15 Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
from our Art
Discs or your
own artwork with
the PlasmaCAM
DesignEdge Software.
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
1. Click the shape you want and enter the details.
2. Preview the 3D shape & at pattern(s) with connectors,
seams, bend lines, etc.
3. Print the material list and reports specifying how the
part is made.
4. Cut the at pattern(s) with the PlasmaCAM

5. Form and assemble the pieces to make the nished part.
Make quality custom ttings like these in minutes!
Make high-quality ducts and fttings for custom
mechanical jobs. The optional software (shown above)
automatically designs 3-dimensional custom HVAC
parts based on your dimensions, materials, and other
Note the 6-foot long piece easily cut from a 4ft x 10ft galvanized sheet.
Sheetmetal Fabrication for HVAC ttings
16 17
Cut artistic designs, letters or geometric
shapes into pipe. The optional pipe cutting
attachment cuts tubing between 1 and 13
inches in diameter. Tube length is unlimited
through indexing.
Notch and Cut Pipe
Software includes
advanced pipe notching
features for welded pipe junctions.
Wooden scroll
work for house
was cut from 4ft
x 8ft sheets of
plywood on the

Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
PlasmaCAM gives
you the freedom to
Besides plasma cutting metal, the machine can be
congured for other applications - if needed.
Some of our customers put various tools
in their machines including routers,
vinyl cutters, mig welders, straight
torches, markers, glue guns,
water jets, etc.
Use Other Tools and Cut Other Materials
Both the plasma-cut metal
scene and the router-cut wood base
of this coat rack were made on the machine.
PlasmaCAMs new DesignEdge
software even lets you make
3-dimensional projects with the
machine from wood, plastic, metal,
or other materials.
This 3D
seashell was
carved from
wood using
a router.
Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700 20

of-the-art Digital
Height Control,
gives you optimum
cutting performance,
especially when the
height of the material
varies. The torch
raises and lowers
between cuts, senses
the material, and
avoids collisions. It
also hovers a precise
distance over the
metal during cutting-
giving you the best
possible cut quality.
Cut Non-Flat Material Software
Designed specifcally for plasma cutting, the DesignEdge
software is included with the PlasmaCAMmachine. This
complete CAD/CAM program not only creates designs, it
also runs the machine (no other software is needed). The
program is Windows-based and very easy to use.
The DesignEdge software lets you work directly with
the images that you want to cut, eliminating any need for
machine programs, layout drawings, or metal patterns.
The DesignEdge software automatically prepares
complex drawings for cutting.
You simply place parts on the screen where you
want them cut from the metal.
You can read and convert scanned pictures and
hand-drawn artwork, CAD les, and many other
You can add custom lettering to your
designs using TrueType fonts.
You can draw precise geometric shapes and/or
modify designs with ease.
In less than one hour, this hand-drawn art scene was
scanned, prepared for cutting by the DesignEdge
software, and cut out of metal. Then it was painted
and framed.
With PlasmaCAM,

your ideas quickly turn

into production:
Watch our demo video to see more of what the
PlasmaCAMDesignEdge software will do for you!
Jobs that used to take all day can now be
done in just minutes.
Save time and money with

Call PlasmaCAM for your FREE demo video to see what your shop is missing! (719) 676-2700
The machine is more accurate than a plasma
torch. This drawing (1/10th the size of the
plasma cut part) was made by the machine
holding a pen. With plasma, the machine
can achieve part accuracies as high as
0.005 inch, depending on setup conditions.

Servo motors provide accurate, high-speed motion
Durable construction handles heavy production
Wide plasma torch compatibility
Includes specialized DesignEdge Software plus comprehensive
video manual

is committed to its customers and stands

behind its product 100%. Every machine is
built to the highest quality control
Our video-based instruction
manual makes learning the
system really easy!
Giant machine cuts a 5ft x 10 ft area
and is designed for large fabrication and
mass production.
Standard machine cuts
a 4ft x 4ft area and will
conveniently cut larger shapes up
to 20 feet long through indexing.
Model Standard Giant
Weight (pounds)
Packaged 385 700
Ships in a single crate.
Dimensions (inches)
Width x Depth x Height 69 x 65 x 90 133 x 82 x 97
Table surface is 33 inches high.
Cutting Capacity
Cut Area (inches) 48 x 48 60 x 120
Material Thickness 1 inch max
Material Weight 2,000 pounds max
Speed (inches per minute)
Cutting/Rapid (X/Y axes) 0.1 to 1,000
Raise/Lower (Z axis) 4 to 104
Resolution (inch)
X/Y Axes 0.0005
Z Axis 0.002
Power Required
Electrical 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
Can power off same circuit as PC.
PO Box 19818
5112 Graneros Rd.
Colorado City, CO 81019-0818
(719) 676-2700
Get the Demo
Video & watch the
machine in action!
The machine plasma cut
these perfect bucket ears
from 1 thick steel
Powerful machine
makes heavy
production easy