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Issue 32

ADVERTISEMENT To all the aspiring engineers with an interest in Automotive Technology! CampBuzz Editorial Board
To all the aspiring engineers with an interest in Automotive Technology!
Editorial Board
Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE)
Membership is Open!
Maj. M. Salman Rashed
Malik Basharat Ali Khan, DME
By becoming a SAE MEMBER you get the EXCLUSIVE bene-
fits of:
1. Trips to various industries including Honda Cars, Attock Oil
Refinery and Pakistan Tobacco Company, Jhelum.
Jawwad Ahmed, DME
Syed M. Ather Ali, DCE
2. Workshops on Automotive Engines, Competitions and much
3. Free access to SAE technical papers, books and standards.
4. Upcoming Events include Go Cart Competition , Trips to Paki-
stan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra and seminar on Alternative
Energy Resources!
Talha Aftab, DCE
Sohaib Afzal, DEE
To Join, get the Membership forms from Photocopy
Shop NOW and submit them to:
Saad Asif, President SAE. 0333-5601330
Shuja Zaidi, DEE
Saran Ahmed, DME
Shoaib Riyasat, DME
Sohaib, DME
Waleed Mirza, DME
Moazam Hameed, Vice President SAE. 0345-4773917
Abdur Rehman Zafar, General Secretary SAE. 0321-7358422
Muhammad Umar Bilal, DCE
Ahmed Zia, Manager Membership Wing SAE. 0336-5032548
Last Date: 5th December 2009
Membership dues: 1000/=
College of Electrical and
Mechanical Engineering
Printing Press
Your articles, news and reviews for the next issue of the publication, as well
as ideas for improvement in Campbuzz, are welcome at
OVERTURE FROM CAMPBUZZ FAREWELL Our campus has been full of colour lately, with the suspension
Our campus has been full of colour lately, with the suspension of
uniforms for students. This is a change we heartily approve of
(though some have decided to stick to their uniforms, and others
have started reminiscing about the good old days
We should
not forget, however, that our country is passing through a very
difficult time. We should pray for success in the struggle against
violence and hatred. The innocent victims of this conflict- from
the displaced persons to the victims of terror- should be helped
whole-heartedly. The dastardly attacks on students deserve com-
plete condemnation.
This issue of CampBuzz allows us to congratulate several people:
big 'mubarakbaad' to the graduating students of DE-27. We
wish them lots of success in their future lives. More
'mubarakbaad' to the new appointment holders in our college.
We also welcome the new HODs of various departments. Read
our coverage for information about these administrative changes.
This year also sees Jauhar company being crowned Champions
after a long hiatus. Well done Reds! We are starting a new cam-
paign to ask more writers to contribute to CampBuzz. This pub-
lication offers you a chance to make your voice heard in the col-
lege. In the current issue, we bring you an informative article on
polymers, as well as some Urdu poetry from Nawa-e-Sarosh.
Read and Enjoy!
Campbuzz is happy to report that the college’s official
news letter’s founding editors, Maj. Muhamnad At-
tique and Maj. Kashan Siddiqui have been assigned new
challenges and have been posted to new locations
where they are gearing up to embark upon the duties
assigned to them. Also, Maj. Attique was honored sec-
ond position in the technical course MCC-49 held here
at the College of E&ME. Campbuzz has become a long
way since its inception, but it was for the founding edi-
tors who took the vital step of creating a newsletter,
which is now the official media representative of the
College of E&ME. The Campbuzz editorial board pays
its heartiest tribute to the great work done by the
founding editors of Campbuzz and and we wish them
all the success in their lives. Farewell!
The present editorial board is keen to carry on with the
same spirit, and take CampBuzz to new dimensions.
Sohaib Afzal
Interview, President SAS
Page 4-5
An Inspirational Tale…
The news hit many as a surprise when a book authored
by GC Uzair Bangash of DE-30 came on the general view. The
book is comprised of about 70 poems in Urdu focusing mostly on
the devastating earthquake of October 8.
Articles: Tech talk, Digital Dakya
Page 6-7
This tale includes the recovery of the houses, shattered bodies
and paranoid eyes. The book is a poetic story of humanity being
ravaged and devoured with such strong fury and vengeance that
obliterated the foundations of human emotion of arrogance. It
harrows with fear and wonder when we recollect those defaced
corpses of humans lying over the dead bodies of animals.
Convocation Special
Page 8-9
ITU Youth Forum Geneva
Page 10-11
the other perspective it is a humble effort to sing for all those
brave hearts who gave up everything to help the country out of
that era of turmoil and chaos. The lesson of national integration is
the crux of the collection.
Student Appointments
Page 5
It’s a very impressive show of commitment and is a beacon for all
the students to follow. The book is available at the stationary
shop in the college at a price of Rs.150 only.
And lots more
INTERVIEW PRESIDENT SAS With the new academic year starting this October in College of E&ME,
With the new academic year starting this October in College of E&ME, the clubs, societies
and various student bodies active in the institution had vacant appointments which were due to
be filled by the now senior most degree in the college, DE-28. The following is the first of the
series of interviews conducted from the newly appointed presidents of College of E&ME’s
precious societies.
First up, President of Sports and Adventure Society (SAS) NS Muhammad Waqas Haider (DE-
28 CE) took a seat with the Campbuzz co-editor and answered a few interesting questions on
how he sees things and plans on running them while heading the society which is the heart and
soul of any sports related extracurricular activity being held at the college.
Co-Ed: First of all Waqas, congratulations for being elected as the third president of SAS. I would like to ask you how did the
journey start? When did you first learned about SAS and decided to be a part of it, and what led you to the position you’re in
President SAS: Thanks a lot. Well, I’ve always been an avid fan of sports and have been doing a lot of playing and watching
numerous sports (cricket, football head that list) and during our third semester, when the foundations of SAS were being laid by
the college authorities and the students of DE-26, I knew I had to be a part of it. I applied for a position in SAS and was ap-
pointed as an Admin Co-ordinator , after which I was re-appointed as the Coordinator for Basket ball. During that time, I
worked for the football and cricket wings as well and finally, I was elected as the president of SAS in October 2009.
Co-Ed: What goals did you achieve during your time in SAS, especially after being elected as the president?
President SAS: I helped organized the Inaugural FUTSAL Competition in College of E&ME in December 2008, a one of its
kind tournament which introduced flood light football to the college. I also conceived and along with the support of the society,
organized the first even Premier League Football Tournament in which the college players were divided into four teams accord-
ing to their fan bases. Another major event which I helped organized along the SAS team was the Hassan and Waqas Memorial
Cricket Tournament (in the memory of the two demised students of DE-27, who lost their lives in a road crash). So far I’ve only
overlooked the Inter Departmental football tournament after becoming the president, which got cancelled due to security rea-
Co-Ed: How do you see SAS evolving during your tenure and what changes you plan on bringing for the betterment of this soci-
President SAS: My aim is to concentrate and improve on the weaknesses that SAS has and to work by taking each and everyone
related to SAS together, so that no one should feel he/she is either overburdened or left out. Another aim is to improve the
overall reputation and credibility of SAS with regards to sports in our college. My goal is to make SAS the sole representative of
sports in the College, not just inside the college but also outside of it. Let me give you an example of the LUMS Sports Society
(SLUMS). They control each and everything which happens in LUMS that has the word sports in it, any outside interaction with
other institutions, intra university competitions, etc. SAS should also hold the status here in College of E&ME, and we need to
work on it to make it this way.
Co-Ed: , What would you like to request to the College authorities through this interview?
President SAS: This one’s simple: One thing only. Support us. I appreciate and thank the college authorities, especially the
Cadet Battalion who support us round the clock and solve many of our problems and I urge them to continue doing so further
down the road as well since only with student-admin co-ordination we can improve.
Co-Ed: A lot of new students of DE-31 will be interested in working for SAS,
Co-Ed: A lot of new students of DE-31 will be interested in working for SAS, what do you have to say to them regarding how
to join SAS and other precarious details?
President SAS: SAS has it’s doors open for anyone who wants to work for it anytime, and this goes especially for DE-31. If
someone wants to work, he/she may volunteer and we’ll be pleased to make them part of our family. Regular vacancies will
also pop up at regular intervals during the semester so keep your fingers crossed and make sure you read the college notice
boards regularly
Co-Ed: Any message, thanks, appreciation you want to say via this interview.
President SAS: Quite a few actually. I would first like to thank the college authorities (Patron SAS, Battalion Commander,
Company Commanders) for bestowing their confidence in me for a challenging job. Secondly, I would like to thank all my fel-
low members of SAS who helped me (and still are) so much throughout and made it possible to do some very big things while
our time in SAS and lastly to my friends who have always supported me through thick and thin and continue to do so.
Co-Ed: Thank you for your time Waqas, we wish you the very best of luck.
President SAS: Thanks for the wishes!
SNSH Muhammad Umar Bilal , (DCE)
SNS Yasir Mehmood Qureshi , (DEE)
SNSH Ahmad Mushtaq , (DME)
SGS Wajeeha Nafees ,(DEE)
SNSH Saad Akhter , (DEE)
SNSH Urooj Khalid Qasmi , (DME)
Waqas Ashraf
Jawad Akbar
Asif Niazi
Adnan Khan
Faheem Iftikhar
By NS Khawaja Fahad Iqbal DE-29 MTS
We all are familiar with Polymers, these are the sub-
stances composed of a large number of molecules with repeat-
ing structural units called monomers and are bonded together
through covalent bonds. Active Polymers are such polymers
which respond to external stimuli such as electric field, pH,
magnetic field and light etc. But today I am introducing you to
Electroactive Polymers (or EAPs) which are the class of active
polymers which change their shape or size corresponding to
electrical stimulis. They have the ability to undergo a large
amount of deformation while sustaining large forces when volt-
age is applied across them. They can be easily deformed and
repeatedly deformed. They return back to their original posi-
tion if the voltage polarity is reversed. They are considered the
future in artificial muscles and have great potential in the
field of robotics. They are used because they are generally
lightweight, inexpensive, fracture tolerant, pliable and have the
ability to return back to any desired shape.
EAPs. Electronic EAPs are driven by Coloumb forces. They
have high mechanical energy densities and can maintain strain
under DC voltage. They have fast response time, operate at a
very low power, require no power to keep the actuator at a
given position and produce a large output force. The disad-
vantages are that you need high activation voltages (>1kV)
and since high voltages are near breakdown level, unwanted
movement can occur. On the other hand, Ionic EAPs (also
called wet EAPs) require mobile ions for activation. Nor-
mally, an electrolyte is sandwiched between two electrodes.
When a low voltage (<2V) is applied to the electrodes, the
ions in the electrolyte move, causing mostly a bending of the
actuator. They create a large displacement with low voltages
but the disadvantages are that most of them don’t hold strain
under DC voltages, the response time is slow, the produced
force is small, they need to be wet and it is hard to produce
materials consistently.
Polymers that can be activated to change shape or size
have been available for many years. The first documented ex-
periment with EAP materials is attributed to Roentgen where
in 1880, he observed length change in a rubber band (with one
fixed end and mass attached to the free end) that he subjected
to electric field. Since 1999, the field of EAP has rapidly
evolved to become an internationally established activity. Two
annual conferences are now in place. The International Society
for Optical Engineering (SPIE) in March, covering actuators
and devices and Material Research Society (MRS) in Novem-
ber, covering material science. Moreover, two forms of com-
munication were initiated: the WW-EAP Newsletter and the
EAP Worldwide Website (www.eap.jpl.nasa.gov).
For many years, EAPs received little attention. How-
ever, the increased demand for electrically controlled compact
adaptive structures recently boosted the research efforts, re-
sulting in novel electroactive materials and a large number of
prototype devices such as robot fish, catheter steering ele-
ments, lens positioners, robotic arms, grippers, dust wipers,
heel-strike generators and strain sensors. EAPs are very attrac-
tive in performing the energy conversion between the electri-
cal and mechanical forms and hence can be utilized as both
solid state electromechanical actuators and motion sen-
The Arm wrestling Match of EAP Robot Arm against
Human (AMERAH) is a challenge posed by Yoseph Bar-
Cohen of the JPL in 1999. The first trial was held on March
7, 2005 at the SPIE’s 2005 Electroactive Polymer Actuators
and Devices (EAPAD) conference in San Diego, California.
Three teams entered robotic contestants. The human opponent
was a high school student from San Diego school district. She
beat all three robotic contenders easily.
Depending on their activation mechanism, EAP are
divided into two major types i.e. Electronic EAPs and Ionic
In Biomimetics (making robots that mimic the op- eration of humans or animals), in spite
In Biomimetics (making robots that mimic the op-
eration of humans or animals), in spite of the success in mak-
ing robots that mimic biology there is still a wide gap between
the performance of robots and nature creatures. Current ro-
bots are constructed of metal, plastic frames, motors, gears,
electronic circuit boards etc, that allow producing efficient
machines but insufficient human characters, bodies and faces.
EAP actuators benefiting from the functional similarities in-
cluding resilience, damage tolerance and large actuation
strains (stretching, contracting and bending) provide more
lifelike aesthetics. Exploiting the properties of EAPs as artifi-
cial muscles may enable the movement of the covering skin,
define the character and provide human-like expressivity.
Electroactive Polymers have emerged with great potential and
may enable the development of unique devices that emulate
equivalences, and some commercial products have started to
emerge. The potential to operate biologically inspired mecha-
nisms driven by EAP as artificial muscle enable capabilities that
are currently considered science fiction. The arm wrestling
match between an EAP-actuated robot and a human opponent
highlights the potential of EAP. Progress towards this goal will
lead to great benefits for mankind particularly in the field of
medical prosthetics.
By Zain Mustafa (29-Cptr)
Ever wondered why you have to go out of your way to see the notice board to find updates from the college? Or why such im-
portant notifications or announcements are often missed by the target audience? Well wonder no more, because the solution is
here. Digital Dakya is a web based SMS notification system with the aim of bringing the notice board to the students, staff and
faculty rather than the other way around. Digital Dakya will bridge the communication gap within EME College using the
cheapest and most widely used communication medium available today, “SMS”.
Dakya has been developed as a communication solution under the
college. Along with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Sys-
tem being developed which includes the new RFID cards; this is
EME College’s entry into the world of IT. Even though IT forms
only a small sub domain of Computer Engineering, we have
matched specialized IT institutes by developing our own IT solu-
tions. Digital Dakya will be a sub domain of the college website
from where those with the right privileges could log in and send
Text messages to groups within the college or the whole college!
Faculty may text their classes about assignments, Administration
may make announcements via sms, etc. And with the auto reply
feature being developed, students may even be able to query the
college about different updates via SMS e.g. sessionals, holidays,
class timings, busses, GPA etc.
This is a completely Open Source project. Find its host platforms below:-
Operating System: Linux (currently Ubuntu, may be migrated over to Fedora)
HTML with PHP and JavaScript
Other Interfaces: Kannel ( for communicating with the GSM modem being used via AT commands)
Network: Currently being tested with Ufone, but probability of migrating over to Zong due to its more suit-
able offers.
Digital Dakya has been initiated and developed by NS M. Zain Mustafa of DE-29, Computers and Wahib-ul-Haq of Communi-
cation Systems (Electrical) Engineering of SEECS. What started as a simple email by two friends to the Commandant of EME
College as a suggestion turned into a full fledged project to develop a software solution. The response from the college was
swift and encouraging, immediately taking the project under its wing. From there on, the Mechatronics Department under our
new Dean was the most involved in its development. Being part of ICTEC, I want this project to be developed and managed by
a student ICTEC team for the future. This would be a great opportunity for those interested to learn Open Source Web Devel-
So don’t worry EME College, you won’t miss any more announcements. And your days of going to notice boards for updates
will soon be over. Enter the Digital age with the Digital Dakya.
th CONVOCATION 2009 15th undergraduate students convocation of College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering was
15th undergraduate students convocation of College
of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering was held on 03 Octo-
ber 2009. Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr.
Javaid R. Laghari was the Chief Guest on the occasion. A
large number of civil/military dignitaries also attended the
ceremony. More than 200 students were awarded the Under-
graduate Degrees in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mecha-
tronics Engineering. Commandant College of Electrical &
Mechanical Engineering Major General Muhammad Shahid,
SI (M) in his welcome address highlighted the achievements
of the college during last few years and the scope of teaching
methodology followed by the able faculty in line with Na-
tional University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) vision to
absorb the emerging engineering technologies. Rector NUST
Lt Gen Muhammad Asghar HI(M), highlighted the need and
importance of engineering education in the country and the
contributions made by the NUST. He informed that NUST
has been ranked amongst the 500 Best Universities of the
World. The College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
has so far produced 2381 BE and MS students, besides having
the honour to produce ten PhDs. This College of Electrical &
Mechanical Engineering is the premier technical training insti-
tution of the Army and the largest constituent College of the
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST),
offering BE, MS and PhD degrees in various engineering dis-
ciplines. It also has the unique distinction of being declared as
the best Engineering College in Pakistan by Pakistan Engi-
neering Council (PEC) in the past and is also one of the first
engineering institutions of the country to get ISO-9001 Certi-
The Chief Guest awarded Gold medals to the outstanding
students. Details of the medals awarded are:-
President’s Gold Medal
President’s Gold Medal is awarded to the students getting
first position in academics. Following NUST Students were
awarded President’s Gold Medal:-
Electrical Engineering Department
NUST Student (NS) Muhammad Hanif
Mechanical Engineering Department
NUST Studnet (NS) Zeeshan Sajid
Computer Engineering Department
NUST Student (NS) Sunila Saqib
Mechatronics Engineering Department
NUST Student (NS) Zohaib Riaz
Prime Minister‘s Gold Medal
Prime Minister‘s Gold Medal is awarded to the over all Best
Student. This medal was awarded to NUST Student
Muhammad Hanif for having A Grade in 43 out of his 45
Degree Prograames.
COAS‘s Gold Medal
COAS‘s Gold Medal is awarded to the Technical Cadet is
awarded to the Technical cadet displaying overall best per-
formance. This medal was awarded to the Battalion Senior
under Officer Aamir Munir Chaudhary.
Rector’s Gold Medal Rector’s Gold Medal is awarded to the student producing best engineer project.
Rector’s Gold Medal
Rector’s Gold Medal is awarded to
the student producing best engineer project. Following NUST
Students were awarded Rector’s gold medal for the best pro-
jects: -
Electrical Engineering Department
Project Team Leader Technical Cadet Saad Saleem received
the Gold Medal for the project of “Design, Fabrication and
Control of a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capable
Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV)”
Mechanical Engineering Department
The Chief Guest in his address congratulated young
graduating engineers and their parents. He appreciated the ef-
forts of NUST and College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineer-
ing for producing the young breed of engineers in the diverse
disciplines of engineering. He said that NUST was working in
line with the four point agenda of the government for the devel-
opment of science and technology and R & D institutions. He
reiterated that strengthening the R& D institutions and building
their capacity are the priorities of the government.
Project Team Leader NS M. Awais Jilani received the Gold
Medal for the project of “Design/Fabrication of Rock Climb-
ing Robot”.
Computer Engineering Department
Project Team Leader PC Umair Bin Ali received the Gold
Medal for the project of ”Data Flow Graph Transformation”.
Mechatronics Engineering Department
Project Team Leader NS Ahsan Ijaz received the Gold Medal
for the project of “An Auto Pilot System for a Fixed Wing
The event was very well organized by the college, the proceed-
ings started in time and finished in time. Various committees
were formed to ensure smooth function. The cooperation of
Graduating students was commendable. They appeared in time
on a short notice and it is expected in future the students would
continue to cooperate with the college authorities.
The Campbuzz team very warmly congratulates all the Gradu-
Emenents keep the Pakistani flag raised @ ITU with pride! Aneeqa Ishaq wins the 2009
Emenents keep the Pakistani flag raised @ ITU with pride!
Aneeqa Ishaq wins the 2009 ITU Cyberse-
curity and ICT Applications Essay Compe-
Hamza Zaidi represents Pakistan at Tele-
com World Youth Forum 2009 Geneva
Great news! Aneeqa
Ishaq, alumna of College
of E&ME from Degree-
27, participated in 2009
ITU Cyber-security and
ICT Applications Essay
Competition and was
selected as one of the
winners. She has been
offered a consultancy
contract within the ITU
Development Sector's
ICT Applications and
Cyber-security Division
in Geneva, Switzerland.
Aneeqa has recently
graduated with a degree
in Electrical Engineering from the College of E. & M. E.,
National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
where she was one of the co-founders and president of
the ICT and Entrepreneurship club. While at university;
she represented Pakistan at the 2008 ITU Telecom Youth
Forum Asia in Bangkok, where she was elected as one of
the co-chairs.
Two students, Syed Hamza Zaidi (De- 28 EE) and
Maleeha Rizwan from CEME [NUST] and LUMS respec-
tively, represented Pakistan in the ITU Telecom World
2009 Youth Forum held in Geneva, Switzerland from Oc-
tober 05-09 this year.
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the lead-
ing UN agency for information and communication tech-
nologies (ICTs), which organizes major events for the
world’s telecommunication community. These events
provide a unique global networking platform where great
minds, companies and new technologies connect.
The purpose of the 2009 ITU Cyber-security and ICT Ap-
plications Essay Competition was to increase awareness of
cyber-security and the potential of ICT Applications, and
give young people, especially from developing countries,
exposure to main issues related to these topics and to
ITU's ongoing work in this area. The competition was
open to students from all over the world.
Congratulations Aneeqa! We wish you all the best in your
future endeavors.
By bringing together over 300 youth fellows from across
150 countries spanning the globe, the forum presented
the participants with a number of new perspectives on
global communications and interconnectedness alongside
the privilege of benefitting from the valuable comments
and remarks delivered by globally revered personalities
such as Mr Ban Ki Moon [UN Sec Gen], Mr Nelson Man-
dela [ex-Pres of South Africa], Mr Hamadoun Toure [ITU
Sec Gen], the President of Rwanda, the Chancellor of the
Canton of Geneva and many others throughout the tenure
of their stay.
“If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he is not fit to live.” Martin Luther King
“The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business.” George Bernard Shaw
ITU Youth Forum 2009 - Geneva A part from sightseeing in the beautiful Geneva suburbs,
ITU Youth Forum 2009 - Geneva
part from sightseeing in the beautiful Geneva suburbs,
Hamza, along with other youth, got a rare chance to visit
Youth attending the forum
Towards the close, a committee was formed, who
drafted the Youth Forum Declaration, which is an ef-
fective means to convey the youth’s message to the
ITU officials, other telecommunication stakeholders
and the world in general. Due to outstanding partici-
pation and effective representation of youth, both
Pakistani students were elected from Asia Pacific re-
gion. In the final elections Hamza Zaidi made it to the
last five nominees for the mail chair. A part from this,
through his amicable nature and enthusiastic conversa-
tions with other youth and officials, Hamza made sure
CERN Labs (France)
Hamza Zaidi (L) with Hamadoun Toure (R) – ITU Sec General
to leave a good impression about Pakistan at all fo-
rums. Thumbs up Hamza!
For the participant selection phase, the ITU Headquarters
invited applications from the youth of each member coun-
try of the World and selected two students, one male and
one female through a highly competitive process. The se-
lection process involved evaluation of the CVs of the appli-
cants and an essay writing competition on a given topic. It
was a matter of great honor and pride for CEME [NUST]
represent Pakistan at this august forum twice in a row.
GOLD MEDAL PROJECTS OF DE - 27 Design fabrication & control of VTOL capable UAV
Design fabrication & control of
VTOL capable UAV
Rock Climbing Robot
(Electrical Engineering)
(Mechanical Engineering)
Muhammad Abdullah Adeel
Muhammad Awais Jillani
Faizan Razzaq, Aamir Javed,
Umair Ehsaan, Saad Saleem
A VTOL (Vertical Take-off & Landing capable)
aircraft is capable of take off, land and hover like a helicopter
without compromising its speed and fuel consumption in
straight flight. The shrouded-rotor con fi guration was se-
lected for this purpose due to its inherent safety of the design
and the potential for significant performance improvements.
Due to extensive funding, research & machining facilities
required for the development, it was divided in different
phases. This year as the first phase its designing was done by
studying different thesis, research papers & empirical data.
Finally CAD models were drawn using various sophisticated
tools and fabrication done using molding techniques and laser
cutting CNC machines with dimensions validated from CFD
analysis. The controls for the structure were simulated in
MSC VisualNastran 4D TM using SIMULINK®. The simulated
results were implemented on an onboard controller. A fly-
by-wire system was developed in which throttle was manu-
ally controlled while the PID controller maintained the sta-
bility of the structure by providing deflections of control
surfaces using feedback signals from Inertial Measurement
Unit. Further research and development is being done to
produce a Military Grade VTOL capable UAV.
The project was aimed at design of an intelligent robot capa-
ble of adapting to various terrains with minimal dependence
on sensors and traction control. This rover is able to passively
overcome un-structured obstacles of up to two times its
wheel diameter.
With this high mobility, this architecture is the perfect candi-
date for long range reconnaissance mission, mine detection
and rescue operations, having ability to carry payloads up to
4kg. With adequate sensors and mounted wireless camera, it
would be able to send back sensitive as well as important field
data, thereby increasing the efficiency, speed and safety of any
mission. The flexible chassis of the robot enables to climb
possible for robot to maneuver in areas of confined spaces. The project was an overall
possible for robot to maneuver in areas of confined spaces. The
project was an overall success and further work on its automation
phase is underway.
The results obtained in this project were duly verified for a
large set of data of varying level of logic complexity and
number of nodes. The behavioral simulation of original and
optimized DFGs was monitored to establish that our Algo-
rithm preserves the logic.
An Autopilot System for a Fixed Wing
RC Airplane
Ahsan Ijaz, Umair Shafiq,
Naveed Anjum, Harris Naeem
The project is aimed at making an Aircraft that would fly autono-
mously from one given way point to another, thereby tracking a
target and navigating autonomously.
Cadet Senior MK-II model airplane was used. Linux operating
system on a Single Board computer (SBC) was mounted on the
aircraft. GPS and IMU were used for measuring orientation and
motion parameters of aircraft and the data fused through Kalman
Filter, which also estimated the angles for elevator, rudder, ai-
leron and throttle for control of the aircraft. Successful Data link
was established with the ground station for upto 5km of range.
Wireless live video transmission from the airplane to the ground
station upto 3 km was made possible. Localization of airplane po-
sition on a map with an update rate of 1Hz at the ground station
was one of the major achievements.
ChipScopePro has been used to verify that the Verilog code
generated by our algorithm is bug-free. Furthermore, syn-
thesis reports were compared to support the validity of our
algorithm. We also compared our results with those re-
ported by other researchers in the recent past and found
them to be comparable and in certain cases even better. Our
optimization algorithm is independent of compression tree
implementation and its performance can further improve in
case of a better implementation.
From the core of the heart…
Speaks Omer Zia
وہ ہن ںاج مغ کا روا ےلم ھتاس ارت کا
وہ ہن ںامگ اک تنج ںيم ايند ںويک اتب وت
اک ےنيج ھتاس ےرت ںيرک بج یھب روصت
Adaptive Data path Optimizer
وہ ہن ںايب ںيم ںوظفل وج ،یسيا وہ تيفيک
(Computer Engineering)
Sunila Saqib, Umair Bin Ali,
Waqas Ali
وک مھ ںيل ھکيد وج هو ےس رايپ راب کا
Taking into account the recent developments in the field of carry-
save representation in the synthesis of arithmetic circuits, it was
considered imperative to develop an automated system to opti-
mize an arithmetic circuit design to handle cases of practical inter-
est, including scattered logic, and generate an optimized solution.
We attempted to design, develop and implement a specialized
system using adaptive transformations for optimization of data
path designs. The developed system takes circuit design from our
specialized drag-and-drop environment/interface, and uses adap-
tive arithmetic transformations to generate time-optimized circuit
design for hardware implementation. We developed algorithms to
restructure the data-flow graphs so that they are synthesized as
high-quality arithmetic circuits, close to those that a proficient
designer would envision. Our developed system and technique
significantly reduced the critical path complexity and achieved the
quality of manual implementations and also managed to reduce
the cell area.
وہ ہن ںاميا ےب ںويک لد ہي ہن ۓاج کہب ںويک
وک سا وہ ےتڑوت ںويک،ےھ ھچک تہب یھبروا
وہ ہن ںاہج اک لد ےرم،ےسيج ئوک وہ انولھک
" ےہ تبحم ےس مت ںيمہ "ود لوب راب کا
وہ ہن ںاملسم یھبک رھپ،رفاک لد ہي وہ اسيا
Ns Umer Zia
DE – 29 Mechatronics
MR ZAFAR IQBAL Hav (R) Zafar Iqbal served the Army from 1975 to 1995 in
Hav (R) Zafar Iqbal served the Army from 1975 to 1995 in ACC. He is a steno-
typist. Since November 2003, he has been PA to HOD Basic Sciences and Hu-
manities. He joined EME College in 1995, and served as PA to various Comman-
dants including Brig Burney, Brig Saleemuddin, Brig Raza, Brig Akbar Saeed
Awan, Brig Shahid Mukhtar Shah and Brig Qamar Zaman.
The honest and dutiful Mr Zafar Iqbal was earlier PA to Brig Akram, who later on
became Lt Gen Akram. He also has the honor of serving as PA to Lt Gen Syed
Amjad who later on became Chairman NAB.
Mr Zafare Iqbal is a highly respected individual in the college due to his sheer hard
work and polite behavior. He takes pride in his job, and gives his best.
The Editorial Board wishes him the very best.
Administrative Changes There have been several administrative changes at the top level in the past
Administrative Changes
There have been several administrative changes at the top level in the past month as it is necessary for any efficient system that
there be a change of guard after regular interval. We Welcome the new faces feeling sure that they will up hold the high standards
expected from EME College.
Prof Dr Akhtar Nawaz Malik
Phd(UK) Post Doc (UK)
(Mechanical & Mechatronics)
Prof Dr Afzaal Malik
(Electrical & Computer)
Prof Dr M Younas Javed
Prof Dr Azad A Siidiqi
Phd(Pak) Post Doc (Sweden)
Prof Dr M A Khan
Assoc Prof Dr Khalid Iqbal
Assoc Prof Dr Javed Iqbal
TABLE TENNIS TRIUMPH NUST ON THE RISE Reported By : Saleha Maqsood (MTS-30) The premier
Reported By : Saleha Maqsood (MTS-30)
The premier university of Pakistan, NUST joins the elite club of
"Top 300 Universities of the World”. Positions in top three
disciplines are:
1). Engineering / IT : 285
2). Life Sciences / Biomedicine : 293
3). Natural Sciences : 260
Overall 350th position among 30,000 universities of the world.
For details relating to the ranking systems, please visit the URL
The match was held on 10th October 2009 between EME
and MCS in premises of EME. It was held in the squash
court. The event consisted of two singles matches and one
doubles (meant to be played only in case of a tie after end of
first two matches). Each match was a best of five with win-
ning point being 11. A national level table tennis player who
belonged to Fatima Jinnah University came over to do the
job of the referee.
The Campbuzz crew wishes heartiest congratulations to ALL the
students of NUST, as we continue to rise through the competi-
tion. We’re sure that there’s a lot more to come in the future,
MCS: Mahnaum Maqsood , Hina Binte Haq.
and we will definitely be burning midnight oil to make our suc-
cess part of our tradition.
EME: PC Yusra Fakhar (28 EE), NS Farah Sarwar (28 EE),
NS Asma Javed Paracha (28 CE), PC Fatimah Khalid (29
EE), NS Saleha Maqsood (30 MTS).
Match 1
By : GC Syed Shuja Hasan Zaidi (EE-29)
In the past year the Jauharites worked hard and strived
for the championship badge which the Nishterites have been deco-
rating on their uniform for six years. The journey to earn the ele-
vated status of being champions started with the nail biting match
of hand ball, which the Jauharites lost. But they did not let this loss
deter their ambition and the appointments kept on motivating the
juniors so that they did not lose morale.
The first singles match was played between Saleha Maqsood
and Hina binte Haq. Saleha Maqsood won it by 3-2. She lost
the first two games but came back to win remaining three
games to win the match. That match was a very close com-
petition where both players gave each other a tough time by
playing their best game of table tennis. The crowd (5 to 7
girls from hostel and a few supporters from MCS) cheered
them on as the match proceeded.
Then the struggle of Jauharites bore fruit and they won the inter
coy squash tournament. This event put the Jauharites on the track
to the esteemed status of champions. Ultimately their hard work
paid off and the Jauharites won the sports trophy.
Match 2
The second singles match was played between Mahnaum
Maqsood and Asma Javed. Asma won it by 3-0.
Match 3
The Jauhar coy was on the winning track, but the Nishtrites were
putting their best efforts to defend their title. Both the companies
were well prepared for the Drill Competition, where the Nishter-
ites sweated & clinched the trophy.
Another hurdle towards the championship which the Jauharites
As EME won both singles matches, they won the whole
event and the doubles match wasn’t played. However in case
it would have been played, Asma and Yusra would have
played from EME and Mahnaum and Hina would have
played from MCS.
had to cross was to compete the Nishter coy in Inter Coy Decla-
mation. The eloquent speakers of Johar Coy brought laurels for
the Jauharites and won English Declamation.
The match was followed by tea, Award ceremony and lunch.
Results of many of the events raised a situation where both the
companies had equal points and they were in quandary. Now, both
the companies were aiming towards the Academics Trophy as it
had the highest points amongst all the events, and Jauharites were
found more studious.
In this game of snake & ladder of being honored as champions,
both the companies put in their best, but ultimately, the more
industrious was titled as champions. So the Jauharites lifted the
trophy and that too after six years of hard struggle.
Lets wait and see what Jauharites will do to retain their status as
champions as it was disheartening for the Nishterites to loose
championship after 6 glorious years. Lets see if they medicate their
pain by perseverance and hard work.

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