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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Context of Practice 3 Proposal Form 2013

Make sure you print a copy off for your own records

Name: Grace Buckley

E-mail: gb108610@students.leeds-art.ac.uk


Level 4: Art Nouveau & Art Deco

Level 5: Sustainability within Graphic Design

A study into how far luxury goods can be sustainably packaged.

1. What research needs to be undertaken into the general and specific contexts of your practice?
I need to do primary research into the kinds of materials that are used in luxury packaging including food,
drink and gifts. I could go to Waitrose to look at all the food and drinks goods there because a lot of them are
luxury brands.
Also need to research the materials in depth and whether they are sustainable or not. Could look into case
studies of luxury brands that are making an effort to be sustainable such as Gucci and then the opposite.

2. What approach(es) will you take and what processes, methods, materials and tools are to be involved
in research into your practice?

I will practically research methods of making a package more sustainable such as using soy based ink and
using sustainably managed stock. I will also practically research existing packaging of luxury goods and
those that are considered sustainable to compare the two.

3. What preparation or investigations do you need to undertake for your creative practice to take place?

I need to research further what is meant by sustainable materials and processes so that my arguments are
accurate. I also need to try to find case studies of luxury packaging that is sustainable and examples of
packaging that is not to compare and contrast.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design Context of Practice 3 Proposal Form 2013
Make sure you print a copy off for your own records

4. What research do you need to undertake regarding who your creativity is for?
I need to research an existing brand that is not very sustainable so that I can propose to create more
environmentally conscious packaging for them to show that there are ways of creating sustainable
packaging that looks luxurious and sells the high end product well.

Primary Sources of Information

1. Description Luxury packaging
Location Waitrose, perfume boxes that I have at home

2. Description Sustainable packaging
Location Supermarkets, online

3. Description

Secondary Sources of Information

1. Books on sustainable packaging solutions

2. Books on luxury brands

3. Web articles on case studies to do with luxury brands and packaging




Perceived problems or difficulties:

How to create sustainable packaging so that it is not overly expensive for me
Sourcing sustainable materials
Getting enough primary research