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Why choose Autoclaved aerated concrete block

AAC autoclave is an equipment of Autoclaved aerated concrete block plant, After autoclaved, the
Autoclaved aerated concrete block complete an important step.
Autoclaved aerated concrete block is lime, cement, sawdust, sand, fly ash, fat gas agent, agents
and conditioning agents follicles strong spirit as a secondary raw material medicine, by grinding,
measuring ingredients, mix casting, hair gas contraction, static stop, cutting, autoclave curing,
waste processing and other porous-year-old program crafted coagulation market products. inor
practical framework established in manufacturing, in-situ concrete walls filled knot made to
establish, interior sliding door, also can be used in the construction of multi-storey structure
seismic ring beam or wall cling wall insulation compounds, can also be used to build the roof !aul
softer sound. Compared with the conservative mud bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete block can
be a waste of farmland resources, better preservation of sound effects to build the wall, the
progress of construction of energy-saving effect. "hus, the full development and use of autoclaved
aerated concrete block products can get good economic and social benefits, are kept small
stagnant future.
"he main function of an autoclaved aerated concrete block
#.# lightness

Autoclaved aerated concrete block normal density is $%%kg&m' ( )%%kg&m', can float on the
water. *ollow clay bricks equal to #& ' solid clay bricks #&+ , Concrete #&$, also below the normal
light weight aggregate concrete , as shown in "able #. "herefore , the adoption of autoclaved
aerated concrete block walls for information can greatly increase the weight of construction
materials , construction materials and waste fortifications expense .

#., !reservation

Autoclaved aerated concrete block exterior contains a small amount of follicles and pores , and
therefore have excellent preservation of function . Aerated bulk density of $%%kg&m' ( )%%kg&m'
conductivity of concrete is generally %.%-W & .m/ 01 ( %.#)W & .m/ 01, preservation is ' to $
times the power of mud bricks , usually $ to concrete 2 -fold ."able ,1 .

#.' crush resistance

%3 autoclaved aerated concrete block compressive strength of '.+!a, %) level is +.%!a.
Autoclaved aerated concrete block all strength, each block is equal to #% normal mud brick,
masonry and thus its high strength applications , the intensity factor of .) to %.2 applications , but
the intensity of the application as long as the coefficient of mud bricks %., to %.'.

#.$ -resistant tempered

Autoclaved aerated concrete block conductivity , low coefficient of thermal migration is slow, can
resist fire ineffective and does not cover structural response by fire . easure up to its fire )%%

as primary refractory materials, is no burning of organic matter , there is no harmful gases occurs
at low temperatures , the 4ire exempt goods .

#.+ sound absorption

Autoclaved aerated concrete is being kept sealed spherical porous structure , so there will certainly
sound absorption function , absorption coefficient of %., to %.' , acoustic feature superior general
of the concrete , practical sound absorption on special request for the construction of the wall .
5ound insulation aerated concrete wall , #%%mm thick $+d6, #2%mm thick +'d6, ,$%mm thick as

#.3 !ersistence

#+%mm 7 #+%mm 7 #+%mm specimen is exposed in the air progressive compressive strength of
,+8 after one year , #% years later still maintain the strength of a solid , big all aerated concrete
carbonation strength after being contrived a slight improvement , which indicate the aerated
concrete deposit is an excellent long-lasting functionality.

#.) impermeability *ospital 9oad

Autoclaved aerated concrete foot stand deposit is closed spherical structure , so absorbent wicking
rapids . After the experiment , the adoption "halasso showers distinguish ,$%mm thick mud brick
walls to aerated concrete wall spray, mud brick #,h heavily after penetration , and aerated concrete
wall spray after ),h leaking depth 2%mm ( #%%mm. "hus , aerated concrete products useful in the
rainy city wall area .

#.2 ease of processing

Autoclaved aerated concrete block does not only be able to consume a variety of specifications in
the workshop are also able to stop sawing, planing, drilling , nailing .