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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

(A Govt of India Enterprises)
Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath
New Delhi - 110 001
No. 1-11/2013 SEA BSNL
Dated 20
May, 2014


Subject : Promotion and posting of regular Executives of Senior Time Scale level of
Telecom Finance to the grade of Deputy General Manager (equivalent to Junior
Administrative Grade) of Telecom Finance on ad-hoc basis.

Approval of the Competent Authority in BSNL is hereby conveyed for promotion of
following regular executives in the grade of STS (CAO/AGM) to the grade of Deputy General Manager
(equivalent to Junior Administrative Grade) in E5 IDA pay scale of Rs 32,900-58,000 on adhoc basis,
as per BSNL MS Recruitment Rules 2009 and are posted as under, in the interest of the Company:

Name of the Executive
Staff no Category Present Circle
Circle of
posting on
1 R Balasubramanian 87382
2 N S Kaladharan 88617 ST KT KT
3 R B Sunagar 89175 ST KNT MHT
4 Nandanwar S T 89275 ST MPT MPT
5 Het Ram Singh 89286 ST HRT COBSNL
6 Ajoy Kr.Das 88283 SC
7 Ajit Chand 88357 SC PBT PBT
8 Jagdish Kumar Chhabra 87416 OC PBT PBT
9 Qazi Mohd Iqbal Hussain 87421 OC CTD CTD
10 Nitai Ch Sonar 87603 OC CTD CTD
11 Rai Singh Singroha 87443 OC HRT HRT
12 M Narayanaswamy 87456 OC TNT APT
13 S Sethu 87471 OC CH TD NATFM
14 Om Prakash Pathak 87482 OC MPT MPT
15 V Manoharan 87487 OC CH TD ITPC,HYD
16 Dilip Kr Roy Barman 87488 OC WBT WBT
17 Ganesh V Bhat 87490 OC KNT KNT


Name of the Executive
Staff no Category Present Circle
Circle of
posting on
18 Tushar Chatterjee 87507 OC CTD CTD
19 Namboodiri K.K.N. 87508 OC KT KT
20 V Radhakrishnan 87510 OC TNT MHT
21 Basave Gowda B 87531 OC KNT KNT
22 N Ramesh 87537 OC CH TD STR
23 P.Annadurai 87541 OC CH TD CHTD
24 Augustin M K 87546 OC GJT GJT
25 Harsh Wardhan 87548 OC NTR NTR
26 Sujit Mitra 87559 OC CO BSNL COBSNL
27 Krishnamurthy S 87609 OC KNT KNT
28 Ranjan Goswami 87573 OC CTD CTD
29 P Murali Krishna 87615 OC APT APT
30 Brindaban Bhabak 87633 OC
31 Samarendra Nath Das 87636 OC ETP WBT,Kol
32 Manik Chandra Ray 87639 OC TS Kol TSKOL
33 Radhakrishna M R 87641 OC KNT KNT
34 R. Agilandeswari 87644 OC CH TD APT
35 R.J.Raval 87645 OC GJT GJT
36 Muraleedharan.M. 87646 OC GJT GJT
37 Prema M 87667 OC KT KT
38 R Arunachalam 87673 OC TNT TNT
39 Narayan Das 87677 OC MPT MPT
40 M. Chokalingam 87681 OC TNT TNT
41 A. Thomas 87686 OC CH TD CHTD
42 Prem Chandra Dubey 87688 OC UP (E) UPE
43 M.G.Sridhar 87693 OC KNT KNT
44 R.A.Tripathi 87700 OC UP (E) UPE
45 T. Ramanathan 87701 OC KT KT
46 M Mohan 87702 OC CH TD APT
47 Richard Louis.A. 87709 OC TNT TNT
48 Jayakumar S. 87713 OC CH TD APT
49 Arumugam C 87723 OC TNT WTP
50 Phool Chandra 87724 OC UP (E) UPE
51 Hegde.M.G 87743 OC KNT KNT
52 K. Akbar Basha 87751 OC APT APT


Name of the Executive
Staff no Category Present Circle
Circle of
posting on
53 Prem Prakash Sinha 87754 OC UP (E) UPE
54 Ramesh Chander 87763 OC PBT PBT
55 J G Kulkarni 87766 OC MHT MHT
56 A.P.Bansal 87772 OC HRT HRT
57 P Rajeswara Rao 87775 OC MHT MHT
58 N Chandrasekaran 87779 OC TNT MHT
59 Madhu Sudan Ghosal 87782 OC CTD CTD
60 M. Ramachandran 87806 OC CH TD APT
61 Datta Shankar Jois.N 87807 OC KNT KNT
62 G L Koul 87823 OC J&K J&K
63 Surinder Paul Bansal 87828 OC PBT PBT
64 Lal Ji Keshri 87838 OC UP (E) UPE
65 S. Rohini 87839 OC CH TD APT
66 Om Prakash Jha 87856 OC UP (W) UPW
67 Nand Kishore 87862 OC HRT COBSNL
68 Om Prakash Sharma 87863 OC RJT RJT
69 Nagaraja P S 87867 OC KNT MHT
70 Yadagiri Ch 87869 OC APT APT
71 Gora Chand Dutta 87870 OC NE-I NEI
72 Vinod Kumar Bazaz 87878 OC CO BSNL COBSNL
73 Vinay Mohan Gupta 87895 OC CO BSNL COBSNL
74 K C V Reddy 87896 OC APT APT
75 Alok Kumar Chattopadhyay 87900 OC CTD CTD
76 Usha R 87908 OC KT KT
77 Shivarama Karanth.K 87912 OC MHT KNT
78 Gururaj Rohidekar 87913 OC KNT KNT
79 B.J Parmar 87964 OC GJT GJT
80 Ramachandra C K 88147 SC KNT KNT
81 Mariasamy C 88151 SC TNT MHT
82 P Tamilselvan T Samuel 87914 OC TNT TNT
83 J Bhrhma Chary
84 Sanjay Garg 87920 OC ITPC
85 T B Manohari 87923 OC CH TD CHTD
86 Mohinder Pal 87931 OC HRT HRT


Name of the Executive
Staff no Category Present Circle
Circle of
posting on
87 Brijesh Kumar 87935 OC RJT RJT
88 Mohinder Nath 87937 OC PBT PBT
89 S Hanumantha Rao
90 G Ramesh
91 Shailendra Kumar Sharma 87956 OC UP (W) UPW
92 Venkataraman S 87962 OC TNT KT
93 Jalaja B L 87963 OC KNT GJT
94 Kolhe L G 87965 OC MHT MHT
95 Sundararajan A 87968 OC CH TD APT
96 Saroja R Morab 87969 OC KNT GJT
97 R Leelavathy 87970 OC CH TD APT
98 Shamsher Singh Rana 87972 OC HPT HPT
99 Narayan Ram Choudhary 87974 OC RJT RJT
100 V Viswanadham 87975 OC APT APT
101 Rajender Parkash 87977 OC HRT HRT
102 Srikanth V Mopagar 87979 OC MHT KNT
103 Siddappa B Nabapure 87980 OC MHT KNT
104 Sasikumar B 87981 OC KT ITPC,Pune
105 Kedar Ram 87982 OC UP (E) BRT
106 Gian Chand 87984 OC HRT HRT
107 Champa Lal Jangid 87985 OC RJT RJT
108 Andavan P B 88501 SC CH TD APT
109 Ram Prasad 88558 SC UP (E) UPE
110 Durge M S 88561 SC MHT MHT
111 Mani P 88584 SC TNT TNT
112 Santosh Kr. Halder 88588 SC
113 Gaindilal 88589 SC CO BSNL COBSNL
114 Ramchandra Rao 88593 SC UP (W) UPE
115 Bankim Ch Mandal 88600 SC CTD A&N
116 Sangili P 88601 SC CH TD MHT
117 Roshan Singh 88606 SC PBT PBT
118 Garja M L 88607 SC MHT MHT
119 Sampatha Rao K 88608 SC APT APT
120 Meghraj Dangi 88610 SC RJT COBSNL
121 Uma Shankar 88790 SC UP (W) UPE


Name of the Executive
Staff no Category Present Circle
Circle of
posting on
122 Debasish Das 88809 SC CTD CDRITPC,Kol
123 Gunesekaran S 88814 SC CH TD KT
124 Darshi Jacob 88852 SC APT APT
125 Garwal R S 88854 SC MPT MPT
126 Gharade D N
88857 SC
127 Periasamy P K 88858
128 Reba Biswas
88859 SC
129 N.W.Mhetre
88862 SC
130 Ram Krishna 88864
131 Ponnuchamy U 88868
132 Pulesu A
88869 SC
133 Shinde N T
88968 SC
134 Ratna Basnotra 88972
135 Ram Awadh 88594 SC UKD UKD

2. The promotion of the executives is further subject to the condition that no
disciplinary/vigilance case is pending against the executives. In case any disciplinary/vigilance case of
the type referred to in DoP&T OM no 22011/4/91-Estt(A) dated 14.9.1992 is pending against the
executive or some punishment like stoppage of increment etc. is current, he / she should not be
promoted and the matter should be reported to SEA and Vigilance branch of Corporate Office, BSNL

3. Before implementation of these order(s), the Circle(s) must ensure that Presidential
orders for absorption of these executives in BSNL have been issued and executives to be promoted are
working in the grade of STS (CAO/AGM) on regular basis in the circle. If the executives are not
working in the circle shown against column Present Circle, the earlier orders of transfer should be
implemented first, with direction to report to the concerned circle of posting shown against him and
the matter should be reported to CO BSNL HQ.

4. Any request for declination of promotion will not be entertained by administration, due to
administrative exigencies.

5. On promotion, the pay will be fixed as contemplated in BSNL MS RR-2009, communicated
vide no 400-106/2007-Pers I dated 14.7.2009 and further modifications on the subject issued from
time to time.

6. The executive in case is looking after in the higher grade locally, the arrangement shall
stand terminated, before implementation of this order.


7. The circles must ensure posting of suitable executives in the SSAs concerned, wherever
specific mention is not there in CO BSNL order and intimate the name of SSA and branch in which they
are posted for record and updating the data.

8. The Executive(s) is /are required to join their assignment on promotion within a time
period of 30 days from the date of issue of the order to the concerned circle/station of posting.

9. The Executives would not have any claim for their seniority/regular service in DGM's
grade of Telecom Finance based on this ad-hoc promotion. Their seniority will continue to be
determined with reference to their basic seniority in the substantive grade of CAOs/AGMs of Telecom
Finance Service (STS level).

10. The date on which the above order are given effect to, may be intimated and necessary
charge report sent to all concerned including Deputy Manager (SEA) BSNL CO.

11. The executives under transfer on promotion may be relieved immediately without waiting
for joining of substitutes in their places and TA/TP may be regularized as per guidelines issued by CO
BSNL vide OM no. (i) 19-27/2002 L&A (Pt) dated 15.04.2004 (ii) 412-10/2009-Pers I dated 9th May,
2012 and any other orders issued on the subject from time to time.

12. In respect of executives mentioned at sl no 77, 102 and 103 presently posted in
Maharashtra Telecom Circle and being promoted to the grade of DGM(F) on ad-hoc basis, their transfer
to Karnataka Telecom Circle will be on their OWN Cost.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(S K Bhardwaj)
General Manager (FP)

Copy to:

1. CGMT/IFAA&N/AP/Assam/Bihar/Gujarat/Karnataka/Kerala/MP/Maharashtra/Haryana/J&K/
Himachal/Punjab/Rajasthan/NE-I/NE-II/Tamilnadu/UP East/UP West/Uttrakhand Telecom Circle,
2. The CGM/IFA Chennai Telephones Dist, BSNL, Chennai/Calcutta Telephones Dist, BSNL, Kolkata
3. The CGM/IFA NTR BSNL New Delhi/STR BSNL, Chennai/ETR BSNL, Kolkata/ WTP BSNL,
Mumbai/ETP BSNL, Kolkata /Telecom Factory, BSNL, Kolkata/Telecom Stores, BSNL,
Kolkata/NATFM, BSNL, Hyderabad
4. Executive Director (Finance)/CVO/CLO(SCT) BSNL CO, New Delhi
5. All PGMs/Sr GMs/GMs of BSNL CO, New Delhi
6. PPS to Director (HR)/Director (Finance) BSNL
7. DM, Hindi Section, BSNL CO
8. Executives concerned through their controlling circles
9. Office Copy/Guard File/Spare file