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Redefning Print Cost Control and Security

A Breadth of Choice
Choose from PIN code, proximity badge, smart
card and swipe card.
Select the user validation method that matches
your technical architecture:
Validate through a local ID list loaded on
Direct validation through LDAP/AD
Validate through an authentication gateway
Leave user management to the users. Users can
enroll and unenroll badges or cards without any
IT support because of self-enrollment.
Tracking and Reporting
Track Resource Usage and Costs
Track printer resource costs as they are being
Report Walkup Activity
Monitor all usage with detailed web-based
reports, statements and graphs.
Forecast Expenses
Use past recorded data to better prepare an
accurate printing budget.
Job Accounting
Keep an eye on who uses offce printers and for
what purpose so its possible to adapt printing
infrastructure accordingly.
Rules Based Printing
Determine which functions can be used by
specifc users and departments.
Secure Printing
Secure Release
Retain print jobs on the printer hard drive or print
server until a user authenticates on a printer or
MFP and releases print jobs.

Enterprise 7 delivers next generation security, traceability and mobility solutions for printing,
copying and scanning. SecureJet Enterprise can defne, enforce and easily monitor print and copy
policies, simplify print device usage through pull printing and protect valuable information through
authentication while providing complete tracking and reporting.
Unclaimed Print Jobs Self-Delete
Confgure print jobs to automatically delete after a
set time.
Encrypt Data
Encrypt print jobs from the client PC to the printer/
MFP (possibly via the print server), protect
confdential data en route to the printer/MFP.
Secure Mobile Printing
Authenticate and retrieve print jobs from any
SecureJet-enabled printer or MFP in the network,
even print devices on the other side of the world.
One Print Queue for All Printers
Simplify print queue management with pull printing.
By utilizing a single SecureJet print queue, users
no longer have to search for the printer closest to
Flexible Architecture
Revolutionary Serverless Pull Printing
Eliminate all print servers and reduce network
traffc by storing pull print jobs on end-users PCs.
VDI Pull Printing
Use one unique virtual print queue to your virtual
desktop to print anywhere in the company.
Server-Based Pull Printing
Release print jobs from any SecureJet enabled
printer on the network by authenticating at the
Optional Connectors
Public Sector connector: strong authentication
with smart cards, email encryption, document
encryption, job classifcation.
Healthcare connector with SSO and EMR
FSI connector for banks, insurance and structures
with many remote branches.
SAP connector for native SAP print confrmation,
pull printing, rules based printing and tracking.
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DIC: SJDS-7-HP-20140328

Enterprise 7 for
HP Print Devices

information traceability, security and mobility

Pull Print Server (optional)
SecureJet-Track GreenSaver
SecureJet Web Admin Software
SecureJet-Track GreenSaver
SecureJet Enterprise Pack SecureJet Enterprise Pack
SecureJet Enterprise Pack
Windows, Linux, HPUX, Solaris, MAC
2014 Jetmobile Pte Ltd
Jetmobile products
are available in most
countries worldwide.
More information at:
Supported Devices
Devices with host USB connectivity:
Note: Not all MFPs have the same features, please review the list of supported devices for SecureJet 7.
HP MFPs HP Printers
Supported Devices
via SecureJet Box
PIN codes
Proximity badges
ISO swipe cards
PKI smart cards
Alternate AD/LDAP
Direct live LDAP lookup
Individual user rights
Badge dual factor
Injects FROM for emails
Injects TO/CC/BCC for emails
Secure Printing
Pull printing
Push printing
Individual color right
Data encryption
Cost Reduction
Copy quota
Regular print quota
Pull print quota
Rules based restrictions
Copy/Print prepayment
Tracking and Reporting
Detailed copy/print tracking
Detailed scan tracking
Detailed fax tracking
Legacy Printers/MFPs with
CompactFlash connectivity:
: No built-in keypad, external SecureJet keypad option required!
: Embedded proximity badge reader available
: Push printing only available on devices with HDD instead of SSD
drive due to very limited SSD storage size
: Embedded proximity badge reader available for dn and xh
Swipe cards, proximity badges on all devices. PKI smartcard on
MFPs and Digital Senders only.
For non-supported HP MFPs and printers, use SecureJet Box to
add pull printing capabilities to the device.
Please review the full list on
LJ 4240, 4250, 4350
CLJ 4650
CLJ 4700
LJ 4345 MFP
LJ 5200
CLJ 5550
LJ 9040, 9050
LJ 9040 MFP, 9050 MFP
DS 9200c
CLJ 9500 MFP
LJ500 MFP M525
LJ Color MFP M855
LJ M4555 MFP
LJ500 CM551
LJ Color MFP M880
LJ 4730 MFP, CM4730 MFP
LJ500 MFP M575
LJ P3014 LJ M5035 MFP
LJ600 M601
LJ P3015
LJ CP5525
LJ600 M602
LJ M3035 MFP LJ CP6015
LJ Color MFP M651
LJ CP3505
, CP3525
LJ CM6030 MFP, CM6040 MFP
LJ Color MFP M680
CM8050 MFP, CM8060 MFP
LJ700 MFP M712
LJ P4014
LJ M9040 MFP, M9050 MFP
LJ700 MFP M725
LJ P4015, P4515 Digital Sender 9250c
LJ Color MFP M750
LJ CP4020
, CP4025
HP Scanjet 7000n
LJ700 Color MFP M775
LJ M4345 MFP, M4349 MFP HP Scanjet Enterprise 8500 fn1
LJ Color MFP M806
LJ CP4520
, CP4525
Offcejet Enterprise color MFP X555
LJ Color MFP M830
Offcejet Enterprise color MFP X585
SecureJet Enterprise
Pack includes in one single
Secure push printing
Secure pull printing
Embedded monitoring
copy/print/scan jobs
Rules based printing
Web reporting
Pack-PIN (P/N: SJPP) with
PIN authentication
Pack-Badge (P/N: SJPB)
proximity badge
Add SecureJet Track-PM
(P/N:SJTPM) to track and
control desktop printers
attached to PCs
Add SecureJet Print-ERP
for SAP (P/N SJSAP001) to
add native pull printing, job
tracking and delivery control
to the SAP printing system
Add SecureJet Print-
Healthcare (P/N: SJPH001)
for MFP/printer SSO,
pull printing, job tracking
and delivery control to
healthcare system
Add SecureJet Print-FSI
(P/N: SJPFSI00x) connector
for serverless pull printing,
rules based printing and
Add SecureJet Print-
Public Sector to get a strong
authentication with smart
cards, email encryption,
document encryption, job