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2 0 1 4 International Admissions Information

[Graduate Courses]
Category Academic Department
Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Electronic Materials Engineering, Computer
Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Chemical
Engineering, Radio Sciences and Engineering, Architectural
Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science,
Architecture, Defense Technology Management, Department of
Plasma-Bio Display
Sciences Electrophysics, Mathematics, Chemistry
Business Administration, International Trade, Public Administration,
General Law, Korean Language and Literature, English Language
and Literature, Industrial Psychology, Department of Journalism &
Communication Studies, Management Information Systems,
International Area Studies, Criminology, Real Estate, Construction
Legal Affairs (doctors degree only)

1. Application: 12 May 23 May 2014
How to apply
1) Send to : Office of International Affairs, Kwangwoon University,
20 Kwangwoon-Ro, Nowon-Gu, Seoul 139-701, KOREA
2) Documents should arrive by 5:30 p.m. on due date.

2. Screening Schedule
1) Overseas applicants: Individual paper screening
2) Domestic applicants: 14 Jun 2014

3. Ideal Candidate
Any applicant who:
1) has foreign nationality
2) has graduated or is going to graduate from university in a foreign
country or in Korea
* Those who studied at vocational/training schools are not
qualified to apply.

4. Documents for Application
(1) KWU application
3 pictures, same as the picture attached to the application, are needed.
(2) Personal statement and Study plan (1-2 pages)
(3) Diploma(high school/college, or expected graduation certificate) and Notarized
Certificate of Diploma
- Applicant with masters degree: transcript of college
- Applicant with doctors degree: transcript of college and graduate school
Applicants who present expected graduation certificates must provide final diploma
before opening of the first semester. If not, admission will be cancelled.
(4) Transcripts (high school/college) and Notarized Certificate of Transcripts
Transfer students need to translate their transcripts in Korean or English.
Notarized Certificate of Diploma and Transcripts: An Apostille or an official
endorsement from the applicant's country embassy (with notarization marks printed on
the transcript)
(5) Release of Information Form
(6) Financial certificate (Financial guarantor is expected to be applicant's parents)
- The financial guarantor's certificate of bank deposit over USD 13,000
(7) Original certificate of sponsors(parents) income / employment.
(8) Copy of an applicants passport and each family members identification card.
(9) Reference letter from one of college professors.
(10) Attendance and Transcript Certificate of Korean Process
(need 1paper /Only suitable student)
(11) Copy of Family Census Register(Chinese only)
(12) Family registration certificate issued by the governmental offices
(13) Application fee
Masters degree: KRW 50,000
Doctors degree: KRW 60,000

5. Graduate School Scholarship and privilege
50% scholarship can be given per semester to international students.

6. Contact information
Address: Office of External & International Affairs, Kwangwoon University
20 Kwangwoon-Ro, Nowon-Gu, Seoul, 139-701, Korea
Telephone number : +82-2-940-5014~5
Fax number : +82-2-940-5016
International Admissions webpage : http://iphak.kw.ac.kr
E-mail address : mcshin@kw.ac.kr, sunae_01@kw.ac.kr

** For further information about admission, you can visit Kwangwoon University
homepage as below.