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True Agile in Healthcare

Challenging Situation

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Welcome to the True Agile Breakout of the Application Delivery Sales Product Deep-Dive in Orlando April 22-23,
2014. Your table will have 45 minutes to review, discuss and prepare for a presentation to the broader group.
This workshop will help capture the information youve learned from the pre-work, from this session and your
past sales experience. Under the supervision of your table captains review the case and prepare for the
presentation. Good Luck!
HealthPoint Networks is a managed health care company in the Birkshire Hathaway Holdings. It used to be
traded under the symbol HLP before becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Hathaway in 1998.
HLP is heavily outsourced, where Accenture and Wipro are responsible for all major development and Cognizant
provides independent validation and verification services out of their Chennai office. HLP maintains very strong
SLAs around quality with Accenture and a managed services agreement with Cognizant. Wipro mainly provided
all development functions around their BizTalk middleware. IBM manages all Infrastructure and also major IT
operations, including production application monitoring and support. HealthPoint has retained architecture,
governance and project management features.
Integration testing has been a real challenge because of distributed development and multiple vendors
involved. As a result end-to-end functional testing in combined application testing (CAT) environment is
negatively impacted.
Blame game: Accenture is not ready to take the blame because of its dependency on IBM for pristine
development environment with application components and test data. Accenture also depends on BizTalk
shared services from Wipro.
Legacy systems being shared amongst multiple teams cause conflict. Wipro and Cognizant teams have to share
common backend systems across their development and testing environments.
Architectural considerations
Primary platform is Epic, where Microsoft BizTalk is used as the middleware platform.
All front-end applications are rich windows UI written in C#. HLP support Unix Platforms with rich-UI
written in Motif.
Only Web UI is the Admin Console, which uses Adobe AMF calls to communicate to the backend.
True Agile in Healthcare Challenging Situation

Copyright 2014 CA. All rights reserved. CA confidential and proprietary information for CA internal use only. No unauthorized copying or distribution permitted.
IIS is the main application server and .NET Remoting is used for most communications between backend
systems and with communication with BizTalk Server.
MSMQ for accessing legacy systems
Database Microsoft SQL Server with ODBC connection
Chief Architect believes that there is Java in their environment, but was not sure.
Known competition:
Microsoft TFS
TOSCA Virtualize from Tricentis
Opportunity Status
Multiple conversations have taken place with the Chief Architect, Accenture Client Partner, head of project
management, and platform engineering lead.
Chief Architect is our champion in the account. She has spent a ton of time with us to walk us through her
upcoming deliverables, which are to define a new set of processes within the company to take them closer to a
true performance engineering organization. Chief Architect loves the concept of Business in a box and believes
that it will solve their vendor conflict.
Project Manager from the PMO office has walked us through many of the upcoming initiatives in various project
areas. Platform engineering lead is trying to find a way to decrease hardware requirements and is seeing this as
a way to decommission some hardware and redistribute some other pieces.
Meeting Attendees
Chief architect, Stephanie Yates
Client partner, Daniel Wolfson from Accenture
PMO lead, Lorry Blackwell
Platform engineering lead, Dan Rowell
Required deliverables
Presentation agenda. Create a bulleted list that would serve as your agenda for the client meeting.
Approximately 5-7 bullets
Whiteboard. Create whiteboard imagery and talking points to support agenda.