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Telecom Protocol Testing Training Bangalore
Telecom Protocol Testing Training
1. GSM
1.1. 3GPP Landscape, History and Evolution
1.2. GSM Services Voice, SMS, SS
1.3. GSM Network Nodes & Architecture
1.4. GSM Air Interface & Channels.
1.5. Making a Call in GSM
2.1. 2G Limitations and Packet Data Networks
2.2. Time Slot structure and TDD
2.3 GSM Protocol Stack
2.4 GSM Call Flow
1. Motivation for GPRS
1.1. Limitations of a circuit switched network
1.2. Requirement to support packet switched data
1.3. The limitations of Circuit Switched Data
1.4. New GPRS applications
2. GPRS Key Features
2.1. Overview of GPRS
2.2. Overview of the enhancements provided by EDGE
3. GPRS Architecture, Channels & Interfaces.
4. Evolution of GSM to GPRS and GPRS to UMTS
4.1. Impact of GPRS on GSM
4.2. Strategy to evolve to GSM/GPRS to UMTS
4.3 GPRS Protocol Stack
4.4 GPRS Call Flow
1.UMTS (WCDMA) Overview
1.1. Motivation behind UMTS
1.2. Key features, services and supported data rates
1.3. Technology landscape
1.4. Evolution from GSM/GPRS to UMTS
2. WCDMA Technology in UMTS
2.1. Encoding and modulation techniques
2.2. Spreading and scrambling
2.3. OVSF codes in WCDMA
2.4. Importance of power control
2.5. Macro diversity in WCDMA
3. UMTS Core Network Architecture
3.1. Network architecture
3.2. Key components (i.e., SGSN & GGSN)
3.3. Differences between GPRS and UMTS
3.4. Migrating from GPRS to UMTS
4. UMTS (WCDMA) Radio Network
4.1. Functions of UTRAN
4.2. Key components (RNC and Node B)
5. UTRA Channels and Protocols
5.1. Channel structure in UMTS
5.2. Logical, physical and transport channels
5.3. MAC, (3GPP TS 25.321 release7)
RLC (3GPP TS 25.322 Release 7)
RRC (3GPP TS 25.331 release7)
6. Circuit-Switched Scenarios
6.1. Overview of a circuit-switched call
6.2. Call origination and termination
7. Packet-Switched Scenarios
7.1. UMTS attach procedure
7.2. PDP context activation
7.3. Establishing a packet data session
8. System Scenarios
8.1. Radio and core network mobility
8.2. Handovers and SRNS relocation
9. Evolution of UMTS
9.1. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
9.2. High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)
1.1. The Problem with UMTS R99
1.2. HSPA Key Concepts in UL and DL
1.3. Network & Handset Impact of HSPA
1.4. HSDPA Channels and Operations
1.5. HSUPA Channels and Operations
1.6. Data Transfer (Downlink, Uplink)
1.7. Mobility Management and Interworking
1. LTE Overview
1.1. Trends for 4G networks
1.2. Goals and requirements of LTE
1.3. LTE strengths and challenges
6. TTCN-2 scripting and development
Live Demonstration with course
Scripting and development of Test cases according to 3GPP TS 34.123 and 51.010.
Test plan creation
Test Scenario development
Testing methodology
Hands on experience with tools like Agilent 8960 and Anite SAT
Duration of the Telecom Protocol Testing Training: 3 months
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