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School: Colegiul Tehnic Anghel Saligny, Cluj-Napoca

Grade: 1

Le"el: upper-in!er#edia!e$ %n!en&i"e Engli&h Cla&&
Nu#'er o( Pupil&: 1)
Te*!'oo+: Going (or Gold
Le&&on Ti!le: Gi"e u& a clue
,a!e: 1-
o( .a/ -10
Teacher: %ulia 1undianu
2e/ concep!&: crime, evidence, suspect, police, fingerprints, clue, new vocabulary, reading
- to practise and develop receptive skills ( reading)
- to practise and develop productive skills (speaking)
- to develop students general knowledge
- to practise language in a given context
- to develop vocabulary related to crime and evidence
S+ill& de"eloped: analytical thinking, receptive skills, communication skills, information skills
Teaching &+ill&: matching and fill-in, individual and pair work
S!uden!&3 pro'le#&: students may have difficulties in understanding the meaning of certain
words or some of them might find the topic not interesting enough
.a!erial& needed:
- Textbooks
- Blackboard
- Notebooks
- andouts
- !ictionary
Ac!i"i!/ 1: 4ar# up
Ai#: - to create a relaxed working environment for students to feel inspired and curious to
participate in the lesson
Ti#ing: #$
%n!erac!ion: T-%s
Ac!i"i!ie&: - teacher greets her students, she puts down the absentees, she is interested in
their emotional condition
Ac!i"i!/ -: Lead in
- to introduce and personali&e the topic
- to state the ob'ectives of the lesson
- to encourage %s-%s interaction and group work
.a!erial&: picture
Ti#ing: ($
%n!erac!ion: T-%s
- T shows her students a picture with a crime scene and the students have to analy&e
it very closely and answer some )uestions based on the picture* who are the people
in the picture, what are they doing, where is the picture taken+
- , discussion follows up regarding crime dramas- %tudents discuss whether they
en'oy watching such T. programmes and mention their reasons- ,lso, teacher asks
them to mention some titles of crime dramas-
Ac!i"i!/ 5: Prac!ice 6pre-reading7
Ai# :
- To focus on vocabulary related to crime/
- To pre-teach vocabulary for a text about crime in the reading section/
- !evelop vocabulary and writing/
0aterial* textbook, notebooks, blackboard, 11T
Timing* (2
3nteraction* T-%s/ %s-%s
,ctivities* - students are asked to work with a partner and write down five words connected
with the topic of crime- They have to make sure they know what they mean/
- T asks them to write a mixture of nouns, verbs and ad'ectives/
- T writes the words on the blackboard dividing them into # sections* nouns, verbs and
- T shows on the 11T her own list of words to complete the students2 choices-
Ac!i"i!/ 0: Prac!ice 6#a!ching e*erci&e7
Ai#: - 1ractise and develop reading skills/
- !evelop vocabulary and writing/
- 5se a dictionary to help understand words and phrases/
- 6ocus on vocabulary related to crime-
.a!erial: dictionary, textbook, notebooks/
Ti#ing: 83
%n!erac!ion* Ts-%s, %s-%s
Ac!i"i!ie&: - T divides the class into 7 groups and gives each group a dictionary- %tudents
should look up in the dictionary the words in the list and then match the words with their correct
- T supervises the activity and helps her students whenever they are in need/
- The 7 groups compare their results while the T writes on the blackboard the correct
Ac!i"i!/ 5: 1ur!her prac!ice
Ai#: - enrich vocabulary
- develop students2 general knowledge
.a!erial: textbook, notebooks
Ti#ing: ($
%n!erac!ion: T-%s/ %s-%s
Ac!i"i!ie&: - students work in the same groups and they have to complete the sentences given
at ex- 8 with the correct form of the words and phrases from the previous exercise/
- Teacher supervises the activity/
- Teacher corrects the answers and writes them on the board-
Ac!i"i!/ 9: :eading
- To practice reading for general and specific information/
- To match headings with paragraphs in a text/
- To develop reading, writing skills-
.a!erial: textbook, notebooks, blackboard
Ti#ing: "9$
%n!erac!ion: T-%s,
Ac!i"i!ie&: - students have to individually read the text and think about the content of each
- Then they write a )uestion which will make a heading for each paragraph/
- %tudents compare their answers to find out the best solution-
Ac!i"i!/ ;: 1ollo<-up ac!i"i!/
- To provide the %s with the opportunity to practise the vocabulary/
- To develop reading, writing skills/
.a!erial: textbook, notebooks, blackboard
Ti#ing: "9$
%n!erac!ion: T-%s, %s-%s
Ac!i"i!ie&: - students work in pairs and match the headings (,-:) with the correct paragraphs
in the text/
- %tudents then compare the answers with the other students2/
- Teacher checks the answers and offers feedback on the activity during the class/
- Teacher checks if the ob'ectives were fulfilled-