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School: Colegiul Tehnic Anghel Saligny, Cluj-Napoca

Grade: 11

Le!el: ad!anced" #nen$i!e Engli$h Cla$$
Nu%&er o' Pupil$: (1
Te)&oo*: Ne+ Gold ,ir$ Ceri'icae
Le$$on Tile: -ard a +or*
.ae: 1(
o' /a0 (112
Teacher: #ulia ,undianu
3e0 concep$: job, qualities, CV, to apply, interview, new vocabulary, reading
- to practise and develop receptive skills ( reading)
- to practise and develop productive skills (speaking)
- to develop students general knowledge
- to practise language in a given context
- to develop vocabulary related to employment
S*ill$ de!eloped: analytical thinking, receptive skills, communication skills, information skills
Teaching $*ill$: matching and fillin, correct order, individual and pair work
Suden$4 pro&le%$: students may have difficulties in understanding the meaning of certain
words or some of them might find the topic not interesting enough
/aerial$ needed:
- !extbooks
- "lackboard
- #otebooks
- $andouts
- %ictionary
Aci!i0 1: 5ar% up
Ai%: - to create a relaxed working environment for students to feel inspired and curious to
participate in the lesson
Ti%ing: '(
#neracion: !)s
Aci!iie$: - teacher greets her students, she puts down the absentees, she is interested in
their emotional condition
Aci!i0 (: Lead in
- to introduce and personali*e the topic
- to state the objectives of the lesson
- to encourage )s)s interaction and group work
/aerial$: picture
Ti%ing: +(
#neracion: !)s, )s)s
- ! shows her students a picture with a teacher and asks them what they think about
this job, )tudents have to answer the following questions- what the job involves,
what qualities are needed for the job, whether the job is suitable for them.
- / discussion follows up regarding this job,
Aci!i0 6: Pracice 78ui9:
Ai% :
- !o focus on vocabulary related to jobs.
- !o preteach vocabulary for a text about jobs in the reading section.
- %evelop vocabulary and writing.
0aterial- textbook, notebooks, blackboard
!iming- +1
2nteraction- !)s. )s)s
/ctivities- students have to do a personality qui* to help them decide what kind of work might
be suitable for them, !hey work with a partner,
- "efore doing the qui*, students read through the questions and answers and write
down any words they don1t understand and check if they can work out what they
mean from the context,
- !hen students look at page &45 and check the results of the qui*,
Aci!i0 2: Pracice
Ai%: !o discuss the qualities that are needed for different jobs.
6ractise and develop speaking skills.
- %evelop vocabulary and writing.
/aerial: dictionary, textbook, notebooks.
Ti%ing: ;4
#neracion- !s)s, )s)s
Aci!iie$: students work with a partner and decide which of the jobs listed are suitable for
them. they have to think about what the job involves and what qualities are needed for the job.
- ! reviews some nouns that express the qualities needed for certain types of jobs.
- ! supervises the activity and helps her students whenever they are in need.
- )tudents present to the other colleagues their appreciation of the best job,
Aci!i0 <: ,urher pracice 7correc order:
Ai%: - enrich vocabulary
develop students1 general knowledge
focus on words and expressions related to work
/aerial: textbook, notebooks
Ti%ing: +(
#neracion: !)s. )s)s
Aci!iie$: - before moving on to the vocabulary section (employment), teacher asks her
students what they would have to do if they found a job they wanted to apply for.
)tudents read the advice on how to find a job in the 78 and put the sentences in the correct
teacher tells the students to close their books and reads them the sentences out loud in the
correct order leaving gaps for some of the key words or expressions,
!eacher supervises the activity.
!eacher corrects the answers and writes them on the board,
Aci!i0 =: Pracice 7di$cu$$ion:
Ai%: - to practice speaking.
- !o focus on vocabulary related to work,
/aerial: textbook, notebooks, blackboard
Ti%ing: &5(
#neracion: !)s, )s)s
Aci!iie$: - in pairs students have to answer and write down some questions from a list.
- !hen students read out loud their answers,
Aci!i0 ;: ,ollo+-up aci!i0
- !o provide the )s with the opportunity to practise the vocabulary.
- !o develop reading, writing skills.
/aerial: textbook, notebooks, blackboard
Ti%ing: &5(
#neracion: !)s, )s)s
Aci!iie$: - students work in pairs and add new ideas to the list provided in the textbook.
!hen they discuss which they think are the most important and why.
)tudents then compare the answers with the other students1.
!eacher checks the answers and offers feedback on the activity during the class.
!eacher checks if the objectives were fulfilled,