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School: Colegiul Tehnic Anghel Saligny, Cluj-Napoca

Grade: 11

Le!el: ad!anced" #nen$i!e Engli$h Cla$$
Nu%&er o' Pupil$: (1
Te)&oo*: Ne+ Gold ,ir$ Ceri'icae
Le$$on Tile: -. $hoe$
/ae: 1(
o' -a. (011
Teacher: #ulia ,undianu
2e. concep$: envy, sympathy, story, idiomatic expressions, video, new words, speaking
- to practise and develop receptive skills ( listening, reading)
- to practise and develop productive skills (speaking, writing)
- to develop students general knowledge
- to practise language in a given context
- to develop idiomatic expressions related to envy and sympathy
S*ill$ de!eloped: analytical thinking, receptive skills, communication skills, information skills
Teaching $*ill$: writing a short story, watching a short film, individual and pair work
Suden$3 pro&le%$: students may have difficulties in understanding the meaning of certain
words or some of them might find the topic not interesting enough
-aerial$ needed:
- film
- Blackboard
- Notebooks
- Handouts
- PP
Aci!i. 1: 4ar% up
Ai%: - to create a relaxed working environment for students to feel inspired and curious to
participate in the lesson
Ti%ing: "#
#neracion: $%s
Aci!iie$: - teacher greets her students, she puts down the absentees, she is interested in
their emotional condition
Aci!i. (: Lead in
Ai%: $ to introduce and personali&e the topic
- to state the ob'ectives of the lesson
- to encourage %s$%s interaction and group work
-aerial$: picture
Ti%ing: (#
#neracion: $%s, %s$%s
Aci!iie$: $ writes the words )*y %hoes+ on the board and tells the students that they are
going to watch a short film with this title,
- asks them what they think the film will be about-
Aci!i. 5: Pre-+aching he 'il%
Ai% :
- o make predicaments related to the topic of the film,
- .evelop vocabulary, speaking and writing,
*aterial/ notebooks, blackboard
iming/ (0
1nteraction/ $%s, %s$%s
2ctivities/ $ shows the students a picture from the middle of the film,
- puts them into pairs and asks them to write a short story which explains what
happened before this picture and what happens after,
- walks round the classroom and helps with any language they need,
- 3hen students have finished writing their stories one member of each team reads
out their story-
Aci!i. 1: 4aching he 'il%
Ai%: $ to develop listening skills
-aerial: video
Ti%ing: 63
#neracion/ s$%s, %s$%s
Aci!iie$: $ tells the students they are going to watch the film and that they should compare
their stories with the one told in the film-
Aci!i. 7: A'er +aching
Ai%: - enrich vocabulary
$ develop students0 general knowledge
-aerial: notebooks
Ti%ing: !5#
#neracion: $%s, %s$%s
Aci!iie$: - students work in small groups and answer some 6uestions based on the film,
- asks students if they ever write or read comments about the videos on 7ouube,
teacher asks them what they think of the comments,
- shows them 4 contrasting comments about the film and in the same groups
students have to discuss the comments and say which one they most agree with-
Aci!i. 8: ,ollo+-up
Ai%: - to practice speaking,
- o focus on proverbs and idiomatic expressions
-aerial: notebooks, blackboard
Ti%ing: (#
#neracion: $%s, %s$%s
Aci!iie$: - writes on the blackboard some proverbs and idiomatic expressions,
- 1n the same groups students try to work out the meaning of the expressions, if
necessary helps the students and gives examples in context,
- %tudents have to answer which of the expressions best describes the message of
the film-
- eacher checks the answers and offers feedback on the activity during the class,
- eacher checks if the ob'ectives were fulfilled-