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Livigno, Italy . 18.22 June 2014

Camp Dirt Livigno is the all mountain and gravity mountain bike camp made
by riders for riders, to know Livigno, test the new mtb products and attend the
international event 'Nine Knights M!'"
### " ###
The mountain bike lovers will taste an adrenaline menu among the rograms
o!!ered by Camp Dirt Livigno" a #$days o! mountain biking and !un to know
Livigno !rom % to &, going through %ll 'ountain $ (nduro and )reeride *
+ownhill trails. (verything together with the e,ert lo-al guides and the ro
riders hosted by the !amous event .ine /nights 'T0, annual summer !reeride
mtb haening in Livigno.
(very morning you will 1oin di!!erent guides for each eve and discipine,
while in the a!ternoon you shall e,lore the leisure side o! Livigno, based on
sort, wellness and shoing. 2ou will also en1oy an entire morning ride !ith
a Pro rider and a mechanica !or"shop in the a!ternoon. The evenings will
be dedi-ated to !un and )ood30everage, with a fim premiere, happ# hours
and fina part#. +uring the -am you shall test the products e,osed in the
test village" /ona and Ibis bikes, 4o5ro -ameras, 6gio and (vo- te-hni-al
ba-ka-ks, 7y goggles and eyewear, #.10 !ootwear as well as other brands.
$C % ALL MO&NTAIN pac" % ' ()*
4 nights in 89 hotel room and board
8 days guides on -ross -ountry and all mountain trails
1 day bikeass at 'ottolino 0ikeark
+R,,RID, - GRAVIT. pac" % ' /0*
4 nights in 89 hotel room and board
2 days bikeass and guide at 'ottolino 0ikeark gravity trails
1 day o! guided trails at 0ernina with van
Special pack for under 18 years old bikers available on request.
$ncluded in all packages% products testing, welcome aperitif, final party,
stickers, gadgets, photos, video and &ide with a 'ro(
Note: one day will be possible to ride with a Pro rider (Ride with a Pro!. Na"e
and date#ti"e will be co""unicated soon.
+or a the information3
mail" in!
so-ial" www.!a-ebook.-om;-amdirt
hone" 008<.0#<.<=888<=
Camp Dirt Livigno ... )nother one bites your dust(
Camp Dirt Livigno is organised by $%%N . $%untain * %utdoor Network, the communication
agency dedicated to mountain and outdoor pro+ects, in cooperation with Livigno ouristic
'romotion )gency" hanks to the media partners !iciLive"it, ,M!ike and !ike,rade"
4ednesda# 10th 5une (*12 - Arriva da# % Touristic Center 6Pa7a Pacheda6
10 am *
>egistration, wel-ome a-k i-king u, !ull ayment at ?am +irt o!!i-e at 5la@a 5la-heda A-redit
-ard ayments are a--etedB
10.80 m Cel-ome 0eer at D0irreria 181E LivignoD
Thursda# 1)th 5une (*12 - Da# 1 riding 8 fim premiere 8 tasting
<.80 am 'eeting oint at 5la@a 5la-heda and test rodu-ts i-king u AbookingB
10 am 7tarting ?ross ?ountry and 4ravity rides !rom 5la@a 5la-heda Auntil 2 mB
# m Test rodu-ts return and DChere the Trails (ndD !ilm remiere Aat 5la@a 5la-hedaB
E.80 m +65 -heese and -old -ut tasting at DLatteria LivignoD Aotional" 10F;ersonB
+rida# (*th 5une (*12 - Da# ( riding 8 mechanica !or"shop
<.80 am 'eeting oint at 5la@a 5la-heda and test rodu-ts i-king u AbookingB
10 m 7tarting ?ross ?ountry and 4ravity A0ernina triB rides !rom 5la@a 5la-heda
4.80 m Test rodu-ts return and 'e-hani-al Corksho Aat 5la@a 5la-hedaB
E.80 m Cellness 3 75% Aotional" dis-ounted ri-e 20F;ersonB
9aturda# (1st 5une (*12 - Da# / riding 8 ):nights MT; 8 fina part#
<.80 am 'eeting oint at 5la@a 5la-heda and test rodu-ts i-king u Aon bookingB
10 am 7tarting ?ross ?ountry and 4ravity rides at D'ottolino 0ikearkD to wat-h together the </nights 'T0
4.80 m Test rodu-ts return Aat 5la@a 5la-hedaB
10.80 m 6!!i-ial </nights 'T0 5arty at 'ikyGs 5ub with all the 5ro riders
9unda# ((nd 5une (*12 - Departure da#
<.80 am
'eeting 5oint at 5la@a 5la-heda to i-k u the hoto and video ?+ !rom the week
4uided tours on demand will be ossible also on 7unday 22