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This essential resource provides you with comprehensive information for implementing and
executing data archiving projects with SAP systems. It examines the fundamental technologies in
detail and highlights all the specific elements involved in data archivingfrom archiva!ility chec"s
to the archiving process# and from storing created archive files to displaying archived data. This
!oo" focuses on data archiving in the SAP $%& system# although it also addresses more recent
archiving concepts relevant to mySAP '$( and SAP )*. The final chapter presents a practical
step+!y+step description of the standardi,ed phases for planning and executing an archiving project.
Archiving your SAP -ata is designed to !enefit system and data!ase administrators# as well as
project managers and team mem!ers who are implementing data archiving as part of an SAP
customer project.
.ighlights Include:
)asics and Processes
Storing -ata
Accessing Archive /iles
Archive -evelopment 0it 1A-02
Archiving in mySAP '$(# SAP )*# and $%& 3nterprise
4nderstanding Project Phases
Archiving O!jects
Project 'hec"lists
Additional $esources:
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Ta!le of 'ontents:
5 The )asics of -ata Archiving
5.5 The mySAP.com 3+)usiness Platform
5.5.5 The components of mySAP.com
5.5.6 *e! Programming with the SAP *e! Application Server
5.6 -ata Archiving as a Part of mySAP Technology
5.6.5 The )enefits of -ata Archiving System Availa!ility $esource 4sage
5.6.5.& $esponse Times
5.6.6 Scope of Performance
5.6.& Areas of 4se
5.6.7 The Archive -evelopment 0it
5.6.8 The Archiving O!ject
5.& The -ata Archiving Process
5.&.5 Accessing Archived -ata
5.&.6 Storing Archive -ata
5.7 Performance Aspects
5.8 Archiving Projects
5.8.5 The $ight (oment
5.8.6 -ata Prevention
5.9 Taxation $e:uirements Placed on Archived -ata
5.9.5 Audit Information System
5.9.6 -ata $etention Tool
6 -ata Archiving Processes
6.5 'hec"ing archiva!ility
6.5.5 ;in"ed Application -ata
6.5.6 Performing the Archiva!ility 'hec"
6.6 (ain -ata Archiving Processes
6.6.5 *riting -ata from the -ata!ase to the Archive
6.6.6 -eleting -ata from the -ata!ase -eleting after *riting -eleting in Parallel with *riting
6.6.& Storing Archive /iles 1optional2
6.& Other Processes and Tas"s
6.&.5 Accessing Archived -ata
6.&.5.5 3valuating Archive /iles
6.&.5.6 -isplaying Archived Single O!jects
6.&.6 $eloading Archived -ata
6.&.& 3xecuting Preprocessing and Postprocessing Programs
& Storing Archived -ata
&.5 'riteria for Selecting a Storage Strategy
&.5.5 Security
&.5.5.5 .ow Secure is the Storage Path<
&.5.5.6 .ow Secure is the Storage Itself<
&.5.5.& *hat Security Possi!ilities does the Storage System Offer<<
&.5.6 'osts
&.5.6.5 Purchase 'osts
&.5.6.6 Operating 'osts
&.5.& Integration
&.5.&.5 .ow does the Storage System /it the 3xisting IT ;andscape<
&.5.&.6 )esides -ata Archiving# .ow -oes Storage Add =alue<
&.5.7 Performance
&.5.7.5 Parallel Tas" Processing
&.5.7.6 )loc"+!y+)loc" Access
&.5.8 ;ong+Term Storage
&.6 Storage in a 'ertified Storage System
&.6.5 -efinitions: Archive;in"# 0Pro# '(S
&.6.6 *hat is Archive;in"<
&.6.6.5 The 'entral Tas" of Archive;in"
&.6.6.6 The Term -ocument
&.6.6.& -ocument In:uiries
&.6.& -ocument Scenarios
&.6.&.5 *or"flow+)ased -ocument Scenarios
&.6.&.6 )arcodeScenario
&.6.&.& Outgoing -ocuments
&.6.&.7 Print ;ists
&.6.7 Interface to 3xternal Systems
&.6.7.5 'ommunication
&.6.7.6 'ertifying Storage Systems
&.6.7.& 'ertified Systema and SAP 'ontent Server
&.6.8 Storing Archive /iles
&.6.8.5 Asynchronous Storage
&.6.8.6 Synchronous Storage
&.6.9 0nown Technical Pro!lems with Archive /ile Storage
&.6.9.5 Synchronous Pro!lem
&.6.9.6 Security .ole
&.6.9.& Performance Pro!lem
&.6.> Access to Archive /iles
&.6.? 0nown Technical Pro!lems Accessing Archive /iles via Archive;in"
&.6.@ Advantages of 4sing Archive;in"
&.& Storage via .S( Systems
&.&.5 *hat is .S(<
&.&.6 Storing Archive /iles
&.&.& Accessing Archive /iles
&.&.7 Typical Technical Pro!lems
&.&.8 Advantages of 4sing .S( systems
&.7 (anual Storage
&.7.5 -irect Integration
&.7.6 Indirect Integration
&.7.& Advantages and -isadvantages of (anual Storage
&.8 Summary
7 Accessing Archived -ata
7.5 Introduction
7.5.5 *hat is Aot 'overed in this 'hapter Print ;ist Storage -ocument Storage
7.5.5.& $eloading -A$T /inancial )oo""eeping Audit Trails Accessing Stored Archive /iles
7.6 The )asics
7.& Se:uential $ead Programs
7.7 -irect Access
7.8 Archive Information System
7.8.5 'reating an Infostructure
7.8.6 Activating an Infostructure
7.8.& )uilding an Infostructure
7.8.7 3valuating an Infostructure
7.8.8 $emoving an Infostructure
7.8.9 'reating a /ield 'atalog 'reating a /ield 'atalog with a Source Ta!le 'reating a /ield 'atalog with Several Source Ta!les
7.8.9.& Typical Pitfalls when 'reating /ield 'atalogs
7.9 Archive Access )ased on the Archive Information System
7.> -ocument $elationship )rowser
7.>.5 'onnected O!ject Types in -etail
7.>.5.5 Accounting -ocument
7.>.5.6 'ost Accounting -ocument
7.>.5.& Sales Order
7.>.6 'onfiguring the -ocument $elationship )rowser
7.>.6.5 Presetting the 3ntry Programs
7.>.6.6 'hoosing 3ntry ;ist /ields
7.>.6.& 'hoosing O!ject Types to !e -isplayed
7.>.6.7 'hoosing /ields in -$)
8 Technology and Administration
8.5 The )asic Technology of SAP Archiving Solutions: The Archive -evelopment 0it
8.5.5 A-0 'lassification and 'omponents
8.5.6 A-0 as $un+Time 3nvironment
8.5.& A-0 as -evelopment 3nvironment
8.5.&.5 -eveloping Aew Archiving O!jects
8.5.&.6 3xpanding SAP Archiving O!jects
8.5.7 -ata Archiving and 4nicode
8.6 Tas"s of the -ata Archiving Administrator
8.6.5 The $ole of the B-ata Archiving AdministratorB
8.6.6 (onitoring Archiving Sessions Archive (anagement -ata Archiving 1-A2 (onitor
8.6.& Security =ersus Performance
8.6.&.5 =erifying Archive /iles
8.6.&.6 'hec"ing /ile Access -uring Archive Selection
8.6.&.& 'hanging the Order: Storing )efore -eleting
8.6.7 -ata Archiving Statistics
8.6.8 $eorgani,ing the -ata!ase After -ata Archiving
8.& Automated ;ive Operation
8.&.5 Periodic Archiving
8.&.6 Scheduling -ata Archiving Co!s
8.&.6.5 Co! Types
8.&.6.6 4sing Server Droups
8.&.& Suspending and 'ontinuing Archiving Co!s
8.&.7 Possi!ilities for Automating -ependent Processes
8.&.8 'ontrolling -ata Archiving Co!s 4sing 3xternal Co! Schedulers
8.&.8.5 Scheduling *rite Co!s
8.&.8.6 Scheduling -elete Co!s
8.&.8.& Outloo"
8.7 Application+Independent 3rrors and Their $ecovery
8.7.5 )ehavior in 'ase of A!normal Program Termination A!normal Program Termination during the *rite Phase A!normal Program Termination during the -elete Phase
8.7.6 Typical Pitfalls Access to /ile System Aot Possi!le Insufficient (emory in /ile System
8.7.6.& Overflow of System ;og /ile for -ata!ase 4pdates -ata!ase 3rror O$A+5888 + Snapshot Too Old 1Only in Oracle -ata!ase System2 -ata!ase ;oc" Pro!lems
9 -ata Archiving in =arious 'omponents of mySAP.com
9.5 SAP $%& 3nterprise
9.5.5 Archiving in /inancial )oo""eeping 1/I2 -ata Prevention 'ustomi,ing
9.5.5.& -ata Archiving Accessing Archived -ata
9.5.6 Archiving in 'ost Accounting 1'O2 Ta!le 'O3P in 'ontext O!ject Aum!er and O!ject Type
9.5.6.& Analy,ing Overhead 'ost 'ontrolling Ta!les -ata Prevention + ;ine Item Summari,ing 'hoosing Archiving O!jects 'OEIT3(: 'entral Archiving O!ject
9.6 '$( Server
9.6.5 The '$( Server in the mySAP '$( Solution
9.6.6 Special /eatures of -ata Archiving with '$( Server
9.6.& The $elationship !etween )usiness O!jects and Archiving O!jects
9.6.7 The Three+Phase (odel of -ata Archiving
9.6.8 'ross+Archiving+O!ject Programs for 'ontinuous -ata Archiving
9.6.9 The '$( )usiness Process -ata (odel
9.6.> The Archiving O!ject '$(EA'TEOA
9.6.? Summary and Outloo"
9.& SAP )usiness Information *arehouse
9.&.5 SAP )* in mySAP.com
9.&.5.5 Technical )asics
9.&.5.6 'onsiderations for -ata Archiving
9.&.6 -ata Archiving in SAP )*
9.&.& (odeling Archiving O!jects
9.&.7 The -ata Archiving Process
9.&.7.5 *riting -ata to the Archive
9.&.7.6 -eleting -ata in the -ata!ase
9.&.8 Typical 3rrors and .ow to 3liminate Them
9.&.9 Accessing Archived -ata
9.&.> Outloo"
> Planning and 3xecuting Archiving Projects
>.5 Introduction
>.5.5 Setting up an Archiving Project 3arly
>.5.6 Setting up an Archiving Project ;ate
>.5.& 'onsiderations in the /ield of -ata Archiving
>.6 Procedures after ASAP Implementation Phases
>.& Project Phases
>.&.5 Project Preparation
>.&.5.5 Assem!ling the Project Team
>.&.5.6 -ata!ase Analysis
>.&.5.& 'reating the )lueprint
>.&.6 )usiness )lueprint: -esign and 'onception
>.&.6.5 'reating a )usiness )lueprint
>.&.& Implementation
>.&.&.5 'onfiguration and 'ustomi,ing
>.&.&.6 Integration Testing
>.&.7 Production Preparation
>.&.7.5 'hec"ing the Settings and Aotes
>.&.7.6 Test Phase
>.&.7.& 3nd+user Training
>.&.7.7 $elease for the ;ive System
>.&.8 Do ;ive F Support
>.&.8.5 ;ive Setup
>.&.8.6 Implementing a ;ong+term Archiving Plan
>.&.8.& Project 3nd *or"shop
.7 Guality Assurance in the Project
>.8 3xecuting an Archiving Project 4sing S- as an 3xample
>.8.5 Introduction
>.8.6 Project Preparation
>.8.6.5 Assem!ling the Project Team
>.8.6.6 Analysis
>.8.6.& Preliminary 'oncept
>.8.& )usiness )lueprint
>.8.&.5 )lueprint
>.8.7 Implementation
>.8.8 Production Preparation
>.8.9 Do ;ive F Support
>.8.9.5 Preparing and 3xecuting -ata Archiving
>.8.> 3xample: Archiving a Sales -ocument
>.9 'ritical Success /actors in an Archiving Project
>.> 'hoosing the $ight $esidence Times
.? 'hoosing the $ight Archiving Se:uence
A An 3xample of an O!ject -escription for the )lueprint
) 'hec"lists for Archiving Projects
' Other Information and Services
'.5 Information
'.6 Services
'.& Training
- Dlossary
3 Acronyms and A!!reviations
/ ;ist of $eferences
D The Authors
by Helmut Stefani