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Speed Seduction Algorithm

by Michael Ellis
0. Preparation: Look and feel your best
Speed Seducer's State of Mind
1. Approaching and making them interested
- Say Hello; Give a Compliment; Ask for information
- Comment about the situation you are both in or music! paintin"! #hether$
- %e&uest or offer assistance in doin" somethin"
- 'ntroduce your(self
- )isclose some(thin" about your(self; *+press your feels about situation
- ,ell a -oke. Get her lau"hin"
- Get her alone
. !alibrate the girl
Ask open(ended &uestions. Ho# do you like /0
1ody 2osture; 1ody movements; Gestures; *ye Movements; ,rance 3ords; 4an"ua"e 2atterns
45% hand; Meta(non(verbal(body$(messa"e;
main representation system; internal submodal strate"ies; 2ersonal ,ime 4ine
4ie )etector; 6on(verbal 7es(6o response8
". Pace #$apport%
2eople like people like them self; make her feel completely understood by you;
9ind and talk about topic #hich both of you like very much : ; automatic rapport
1ody 2osition; <erbal 2ace& verbally pace the on"oin" situation
2A7 A,,*6,'=6 ,= H=3 SH* %*S2=6)S ,= 7=>???
'. Lead #use Patterns%
*mbedded Commands : 3easel 2hrases @ Command <erbs @ )escription of State
( focus her attention on your #ords
( Get her feelin" secure! rela+! trust
( *motional Connection
( Get her ima"ination "oin" horny
(. State Accelerators and Patterns
Another 2erson *+perience
Bip anchors
Sub(modality shifts
Commands such as! C9eel it buildin"888focus in on those feelin"s8888surrender completely8888C
Se+ual metaphor88CCreate an openin" for it88888feel it penetrate88888come over and over a"ain
to the same conclusion888C
A"e re"ression
Story(tellin" and metaphors
4in"uistic double binds! use of su""estion ,hree 4evel Stackin"$
)isorientation 5 confusion
Sensory deprivation and5or sensory overload
). Anchoring and link into yourself
- 2our on the kino physical contact$
- <erbal Anchrin"
- 1inder commands.
- C)= ,HA,8886=3C
- C)= ,HA,883',H M*8886=3C
- C3',H M*888)= ,HA,8886=3C
*. !lose
- 9ind out her 6ame and Contact information phone! email$
- Ask for lunch! coffee! or date
- Ask for "o out
- Eiss Close
- Eiss and fuck her do your best$
*6) ( close or e-ect based on the indicators8 Closin" #ill stall #hen you don't realise that you #ill succeed
#ith the close if you have #itnessed F positive indicators8 )ecide on either the Gclose or the Hclose8 'f
pressed for time! -ust Hclose888 but try to kiss her "oodbye on the 4'2S if you have a little time! al#ays E'SS
+. Self,-efence: Accept 6o #ith smile
6ever resist her #ords directly8 %efremin" of situation8 Slei"ht of Mouth 2atterns8
6e"otion 2attern. C7our're ri"ht8 ' shouldn't 888C
Stop 2attern.CStop88 and start think thin"s differently888C
C4et me ask you somethin"8 'f ' had a ma"ic #and! and ' could #ave it and make anythin" #e #anted to
disappear! #hat #ould have to disappear in order for you to feel comfortable "oin" out #ith me0C8
.. to break up
Hey! it isn't there any more! for me? 1ut ' still care deeply for you888 AS A 9%'*6)?C
0. /E0122120 ( preparation 888 clothin"! props! initiate an entertainin" and interactive conversation
that is #hat an =2*6*% is all about$8
4ook and feel your best! all the time
1e playful8 1e confident8 1e in char"e
Make yourself more attractive8 3ork out re"ularly8 3ear better clothes8
confidence @ humour @ smile
#ell "roomed 5 "ood looks
ability to create an emotional connection 5 a feelin" of romance
bein" sensitive to ho# she feels5responds and modifyin" your approach accordin"ly
do not spend more than IJ minutes #ith any one "irl if you have not been "iven any si"nal to keep "oin"
Seducer3s state of Mind:
I$ Affirmations. >nstoppable Confidence
K$ Good tonality. 1reathin" *+ercises
F$ ,ri""er. Special playful melody in mind @ Boom on part of her body @ 3=3??? @ 4etLs have some fun??
M$ 9ocus on your final outcome8 7ou are keepin" your mind on #here you #ant her to be! #here she is
no# and #hat you need to do to brid"e that "ap8 C7our mind is focused on your final outcome; you "o
for #hat you #ant con"ruently and po#erfully8C
1. Approaching and making them interested
(Speak #ith "ood tonality! clearly! and deeply #henever you talk to a #oman8
(Make "ood eye contact8
3herever you are! don't #ait for more then three seconds to be"in8
3hen approachin" these chicks! ' used Mystery's F second rule approach and tried to pick out somethin"
about them to comment on8 't could be a book! somethin" they are #earin"! &uestions about somethin"
that they MA7 not necessarily )=$ have kno#led"e on! somethin" #e have in common! #hatever8C
Eeep enou"h eye(contact
>se humour to "et you started
Set the mood of the date from the start8
4a 0otta 0et 5Em 6o Stop7
8E$/ALL4 PA!E 69E :20:120 S16;A61:2
C4ook! ' kno# this is a totally nutty #ay to meet someone pacin" her on"oin" belief $888but ' kne# if '
didn't do S=M*,H'6G to stop you! #e'd never "et a chance to talk also completely true888a truism #ith
#hich she cannot ar"ue$ and maybe see ho# much 3* C=>4) %*A447 4'E* *ACH =,H*% embedded
su""estion $8
-EM:2S6$A6120 ;2-E$S6A2-120< 4:; 12!$EASE $APP:$67
*+cuse me! 9or"ive me for interruptin" you! ' -ust #anted to tell you88888pause a second or t#o for
effect888they #ill be"in to #onder C#hat00088 #hat does he #ant to tell me0C$ ' think you're absolutely
stunnin"8888and ' really #anted to meet you8 2ause a"ain$
CMy name's 8888C ' then e+tend my hand and shake theirs?
,H* '6,%>S'=6 2%'6C'24* to Get Her Attention 9ocused =n 7ou.
3ell! #hen you take her hand to shake it888 )=6', 4*, G= A9,*%3A%)S???8 Eeep holdin" on as you
continue to talk to her! lookin" strai"ht in her eyes8
,o ,ake Control =f Her 'nternal %epresentations.
7ou could say somethin" like! C7ou kno#! ' can tell you are a #oman #ith "reat taste?C And #hen she says!
CHo# do you kno#0C %espond! C1ecause you lau"h at #hat ' say8 And the more you lau"h! the more you'll
4==E 9=%3A%) to havin" the best time #hen #e "o out?C8 3hen she lau"hs at this! you say! CSee888-ust
like that8
,o add to this you say! CSeriously888haven't you ever met someone! and you -ust kne# you #ere "oin" to
like this personpoint to yourself$! cause you could -ust S,=2! and 'MAG'6* 1*'6G ,=G*,H*%! feelin"
totally comfortable! and absolutely connected! for all the ri"ht reasons0C8
As she si"hs and says! CyeahC you say! C3ell! see0 So! as you think about it like that888C then -ust keep
*+cuse me! ' don't mean to interrupt you #hile you are #hatever she is doin"$! but you look e+actly like888
someone ' should "et to kno# betterC or C888somebody ' #ould like to meet?C
My name is /C8C
C*+cuse me888for"ive the interruption888but ' had to pay you a compliment8C
,hen ' #ill pause8 3hen she asks! C3hat0C ''ll reply! C7ou carry yourself #ith discipline and ele"ance88it's a
very rare and attractive combination8 My name is %oss8888C
C)amn888you are both stron" A6) feminine8 Ho# totally #onderful and uni&ue and special too?C
Spot the #oman you #ant to meet8 3alk up to her! and put a puDDled look on your face; the look you'd use
if you sa# someone you truly thou"ht you reco"niDed them but couldn't &uite put your fin"er on it8 ,hen
you say. C2ardon me miss8 ' kno# this is "oin" to sound a little funny! but ' kno# ''ve seen you some#here
before! and ' -ust can't fi"ure out #here8C So far! sounds like a standard pick(up ploy! ri"ht0 Here's #here
you ad the t#ist8 2ause for another second and say! #ith a sudden look of realiDation. C' kno# #here it #as8
' #as readin" a book on an"els! and they had your picture in it?C 6o#! this ne+t part is critical8 3hen she
lau"hs! immediately follo# up #ith! C''m "lad you lau"hed! because ' think you are absolutely break(takin"!
small pause$ and ' really #anted to meet you8 My name is.N N N N N N N8C
)elivered rapid(fire fast?$ Hi? )o you have a boyfriend0 3ould you like a better one0 Ans#er the second
&uestion first?
,o #oman #ith "reat le"s in any situation?$ *+cuse! but ' -ust #anted to tell you! if God made anythin"
nicer than your le"s!or smile?$ he's savin" it for himself? My name is888888888888888?
,he shy! sincere approach$ *+cuse me? ''m sorry to interrupt you here but ' really #anted to meet you and
''m #illin" to make a total fool of myself to do it? My name is8888888888?
C2ardon me m'am888for"ive me for interruptin" you here88888but you are so pretty88888''m #illin" to make a
total ass of myself! -ust to "et a chance to meet you8 My name's /8C She lau"hed and told me her name
and #hen ' asked #hy she lau"hed she responded! C1ecause it's so uncommon8C8 Step t#o. Say somethin"
like! C ' can tell you're a #oman #ith "reat taste888cause you lau"h at #hat ' say886o#! the more you lau"h
at #hat ' say888 the more you'll reco"niDe -ust ho# attractive you find that888and the more you'll look for#ard
to bein" #ith someone -ust like that8888C Step three3ork it into a connection pattern$ C'n fact888-ust standin"
here8888talkin" #ith you888' have an intuition888that #hen you connect #ith someone888someone you really
like888someone you're really attracted to #ho makes you feel that click88ri"ht there888you kno# that sense of
-ust feelin" totally dra#n888like you've kno#n this person forever888like you #ere meant to kno# them8888a bi"
part of it is that reco"nition that you can %*4AO and lau"h #ith this person88can you feel that88is maybe ho#
it #orks0$ Step four. transition into talkin" about ho# interestin" it is ho# people be"in the process of
connectin"88oftentimes there's a stron" element of fascination involved888' find #hen ' start to listen
carefullyblah blah blah$8 ,o "et them 4au"hin".
C' #ish ' #ere a "irl like you888so ' could have a "uy like me come into my life?C
C' kno# #hat you ideal! dream "uy looks like88888' see his face every mornin"! #hen ' look in the bathroom
C'f ' #ere a #oman88and ' #ere half as attractive as you are88''d stand in front of the mirror all day
lon"88until ' #orked up the coura"e to ask myself out?C
C'n fact! ' don't kno# if you can reco"niDe that #ith each little "i""le888#ith each breath you take888#ith each
beat of your heart888 you're "ro#in" more intri"ued! but any#ay88-ust settin" aside #hatever pictures -ust
keep poppin" into your mind #hen ' say that888ho# are you doin" today0C
Super Lead,1n Phrase:
C' have an intuition about youC or C' kno# somethin" about youC @ C'ncredible Connection 2atternC
' have an intution about her888 that #hen she feels a connection #ith someone888that special click that -ust
let's her kno# she's "oin" to really like someone888and feel absolutely intri"ued888etc8 etc8 ' -ust use the intro
of C' have an intuition about youC as an e+cuse5lead in for the standard incredible connection patterns8
Anchor this by s&ueeDin" her hand and sayin" ! CCan you 9**4 ,HA,88is maybe ho# it happens0C8 6e+t time
you come in! fire off the anchor and ask her out?
C7ou 3anna See Somethin" %eally Cool About ,he 3ay ,hin"s 3ork 'nside 7our Mine0C
C'sn't it interestin" ho# the mind #orks0C or C7ou kno# #hat ' find really fascinatin" about places like this0C
@ you then "o on to slip in a CconnectionC pattern or even talk by talkin" about the process of fallin" in
love8 @ C,he 1lammoC8
CCan ' ask you a really interestin" &uestion0C
CCan 7ou %emember ,he 4ast ,ime 7ou888000C @ to start up either the Cfallin" in loveC or Cpeak
e+periencesC patterns8
C)o you have a &uarter0C C3hy0C CMy mother told me to call her #hen ' met the #oman of my dreams8C
,his one deserves at least a chuckle! perhaps even a Cnice try! but888C8 =h! #ell8
2ardon me! ' seem to have lost my phone number8 Can ' borro# yours0
C7ou have such beautiful blue eyes888C
C,hat's a very nice dress888C
C3hat do you think of the #eather lately888C
C7ou seemed so lonely! standin" there by yourself888C
C3hat's a nice #oman like you doin" in a place like888C
C,hese snacks taste a little stale! don't you think888C
C)o for"ive me8 ''m not "ood at this sort of thin"8 2lease allo# me to present myself8C
C' admire that perfume! may ' in&uire as to #hat it is0 ( my sister has been lookin" for a uni&ue fra"ranceC
*+cuse me miss! do ' kno# you00 6=8$ ''m sorry! you look like my friend Ciny Cra#ford8
)o you believe in love at first site! or do ' have to #alk by a"ain0
'f ' told you that you had a beautiful smile! you #ould probably think ' #as tryin" to pick you up8 3ell you
do have a beautiful smile!888and ' am tryin" to pick you up?
' heard you #ere a lesbian8 'f not! 2%=<* ',??
My name's Pyour nameQ8 ,hat's so you kno# #hat to scream8
,hink of a number bet#een I and IJ ( 7ou lose ( take all your clothes off ?
*+cuse me! has anyone ever told you you're a shinin" e+ample of physiolo"ical5"enetic perfection0C
Her response of course! #as to lau"h and say C,hank you888 no! you are the first?C
' then >S*) her lau"hter response by sayin"! C3ell! ''m "lad you lau"hed8 1ecause althou"h you really are
breathtakin"! and ' #anted to "et a "limpse at the personality inside of the beauty before ' introduced
myself8 My name is 888C8
CHi8 Are you the sort of person ' should "et to kno# better0C 'f she says C7esC! then ask C3hy0C
C*+cuse me8 3ould you be so kind to hold this up in front of you for a moment0 't's my sister's birthday
ne+t #eek and you are about the same siDe as her and from #hat ' can tell you have the same e+cellent
fashion sense8C
C*+cuse me to "et her to stop$ ' -ust #anted to say thank you8C
Her curiosity bells -ust #ent )'6G8 She'll almost inevitably ask #hy! thou"h it is ok if she doesn't8 Move into
standard mirrorin" and rapport buildin" techni&ues as you continue888
CHave you ever had one of those days #here! you find yourself feelin" sort of aloof888 you're not really
happy! but not really sad either888 you -ust feel like your adrift8 ,hen suddenly you find you bump into
somebody #ith an incredibly #arm and beautiful smile that -ust makes you feel #onderful for the rest of the
She #ill almost surely smile more at this point! or "ive some de"ree of positive response8
CSo! ' -ust had to thank you for bri"htenin" up my day888 ,hou"h! you kno# it #ould be a shame if this is
the last time ''ll see that #onderful smile888 #hat's your name0CC
Ho# #as your day0
C' kne# you had a smile that could li"ht up the room8C
C3hat do you do0C C''m a human bein"8C
''m an avatar8C C''m the reincarnation of Albertus Ma"nus8C ''m ,he =ne And =nly8C
. !alibrate the girl
there are basically M door#ays into a #oman's mind.
I8 Gettin" her to visualiDe
K8 1ody sensations
F8 *motional connections
M8 Askin" &uestions that re&uire her to access deep levels of the mind to ans#er
mirror her physically; notice her trance #ords! remember and use them; rephrase everythin" she says and
feed it back to her ; anchor all "ood feelin"s; don't ar"ue #ith her! be very understandin"! deeply
understandin" ( this can help create an immense rapport ; use presuppositions to direct her actions; have
and keep "ood eye contact ( also helps to create an immense rapport ; touch her
and al#ays start #ith the cutest "irl around.$
Me. )o you like livin" here in P#hatever(the(place(is(calledQ0
Her. 7a! ' "uess8
Me. GG2layfullyGG 3hat do you like to do for fun0 )o you have a lot of "uys chasin" you0
Her. 6o! not really888 ''m kind of picky8
Me. %eally0 ' mean! ' don't mean to sound stran"e or anythin"888 but #hat &ualities do you look for in a
GGG,his is #here you shut up and listenGGG
6he ;ltimate =ulfillment 1n A $elationship Pattern:
7ou. >hat5s important to you in a relationship?
Her. =h! ' don't kno#88' "uess mutual admiration8
7ou. Gee88that is an important one8 9o@ do you kno@ @hen you haAe mutual admiration8
Her. 3ell888' "uess #hen ' see thin"s in him ' really admire! that make me look up to him8 And
he e+presses to me that there are thin"s about me he really admires8
7ou. ' a"ree888that's a po#erful one8 3ell! @hat else important to you in a relationship?
Her. =h888 a sense of humor8 6ote here she's "one off track by namin" a &uality she #ants in
the man8 Here's ho# you steer her back to values in the relationship #hen this occurs.$
7ou. 3ell! ' kno# that's an important &uality for a person to have! but @hat does a person5s
haAing a sense of humor allo@ you to eBperience that you @ouldn5t other @ise
6ote. ,his can be done after you've dropped the topic888from an hour later to #eeks later8 Say somethin"
7ou. 7ou kno#888''ve been thinkin" that maybe #e've really "ot the start of somethin" here8 And
' think maybe it's somethin" based on really en-oyin" each other's company! mutual
admiration! and trust8 7ou'll see her "o into a profound pleasure state888as this is peakin"
reach over and touch her and as you do so you say.$ Can you =EEL 69A6 #ould be a
really #onderful thin" to e+perience0
Ask &uestions that "et her to "o inside R come back #ith values and criteria8
Auestions that touch on her identity as a person8
3hat she #ants0
3hat she likes0
3hat she thinks she needs0
3hat she thinks she deserves0
3hat she had in the past that she #ants to repeat0
3hat she had in the past that she #ants to avoid0
3hat scares her0
3hat makes her happy0
3hat makes her feel se+y0
C3hat are the challen"es in her line of #ork 5 #hat are the easy parts 5 #hat she likes 5 #hat she doesn't
like about her -ob0C
C3hat is the most unusual thin" you've done #hen playin" Ctruth or dareC0C Hopefully she comes up #ith
some se+ual stuff.$
C3hat do you think ' am like0C 7ou'll "et useful feedback on ho# you're doin" and ho# she perceives you.$
C7our first childhood memory0C 'f its positive! anchor it! and even if its -ust neutral! never mind that! in her
mind she sees herself as openin" up to you #hen tellin" you about such stuff.$
C7our most pleasant 5 s#eetest memory from school0C Hopefully has somethin" to do #ith a "uy! anchor
it.$ 'f not! be more specific8
C7our first day at school0C Same as #ith Cfirst childhood memoryC! but don't use it before the Cs#eetest
memory from schoolC ( it #ould make it too easy for her to ans#er C#ell! my first day at school #as itC and
avoid any possible romantic memories.$
C'n #hat period of your life #here you most popular0C Have her remember the C"ood timesC.$
C)o you remember the first time you fell seriously! completely and helplessly in love.$ Ho# did it happen0C
C,he happiest moment of your life0C
C3hat role #ould you like to play in some movie0C
CAchievin" #hat "oals in your life have brou"ht you the most -oy0C
CHo# #ell do you kno# yourself0C
I$ makin" her feel completely understood by you
K$ and completely understandin" her ( #hich is #hat you need in order to kno# ho# to make her feel the
#ay she #ants to feel #ith that special man of hers.$
C7ou kno# )ebbie! most of the time #e talk about surface stuff! like #hat #e did last ni"ht at the party! or
#here #e #ant to "o ne+t #eekend! thin"s like that8 't's ok to talk about that stuff! and ' en-oy it8 ' find
that ' "et a lot more out of talkin" about #ho #e are as people on a deep level! #hat's important to us!
#hat #e believe in! ho# #e feel! and #hy8 So ' #as #onderin" #hat's important to you in a relationship or
this class! or a friend! or/$0C ,hen listen to #hat she tells you/ Stick to #hat emotions she's e+periencin"
R #hy and you'll never run out of thin"s to talk about8C
C' think its an absolutely fantastic feelin" to "et to kno# another human bein"8 And #hat's really
stimulatin"! is to learn #hat someone else thinks of ma-or issues revolvin" around us in this #orld/ and
discoverin" #hat's important for her in life8 So if ' #ere to ask you! #hat do you really value and #hat's
important to you in a relationship! #hat #ould you ans#er0C 'f she replies #ith ends values feelin" loved!
understood$ ( bin"o? 1e the one to make her feel that by incorporatin" that into talk about yourself or
makin" up a pattern about that$8 'f she replies #ith means values the means of achievin" ends values ( like
a stron"! brave man888 to make her feel #hat0 you need to find out?$! do some additional askin". CAnd #hat
does it feel like to have a relationship #ith such a "uy0C8
9ind out! by askin"! #hat she looks like #hen she a"ree's #ith somethin"8 9ind out! by askin"! #hat she
looks like #hen she disa"rees #ith somethin"8 9ind out! by askin"! #hat she looks like #hen she's nuetral
about somethin"8
7ou could of course "o C3ell! ' kno# you had a very beautiful nameS but #hat #as it e+actly0C
C'f ' #ere to ask you! #hat's the most important thin" in a relationship! ho# #ould you describe it to me0C
M. So! #hat is important to you in a relationship0
H. 3ell ' like tall "uys8 Means <alue$
M. GnodG And #hat feelin" does that allo# you to e+perience #hen you are #ith a tall "uy0
H. 3ell it makes me feel safe and protected *nds <alue aka )esired State$
9ind out #hat she needs
A simple value(elicitin" scheme from an unkno#n source$.
7ou. 3hat's important to you in a relationship0 A relationship! not &ualities in a person888
Her. 3ell888 +I
7ou. 7eah888 that's really important to me too8 Ho# do you kno# #hen you have +I0
Her. +++ talkin" about +I$8
7ou. ' a"ree888 that's a po#erful one8 3ell! #hat else is important to you in a relationship0
Her. +K
7ou. 7eah888 +++ talkin" about +K$8
Her. +++ talkin" about +K$8
7ou. 3o#888that #ould be "reat to be #ith someone like that8 3ell! #hat else is : important to you in a
Her. +F
7ou. 7eah888 +++ talkin" about +F$8
Her. +++ talkin" about +F$8
Step K
7ou. =f those three values ( +I! +K! +F ( #hich is the most important0 3hich #ould you absolutely have to
Her. 3ell888 +n n bein" either I! K or F$
7ou. 3ell888 ' could see that8 =f the other t#o! #hich is most important0
Her. +n n bein" either I! K or F$
Step F
About an hour@ later.
7ou. 7ou kno#888''ve been thinkin" that maybe #e've really "ot the start of somethin" beautiful here8 And '
think it's somethin" based on +I! +K! and +F in order of her preference she provided in step K$8
She #ill "o into a pleasure state! at the peak touch her and say.
7ou. Can you 9**4 ,HA, #ould be a really #onderful thin" to e+perience0
Lie -etector
,ry it out #ith a series of yes! yes! yes &uestions and #atch carefully8 ,he eyes )= access some#here8
try a series of 6o! no! no &uestions and #atch carefully8 7our &uestions can't be the kind that can be
ans#ered Coff the top of the head #ithout thinkin"C! so they have to be surprisin" &uestions that the
sub-ect must retrieve somethin" to ans#er8 And the eyes are not the only thin" that responds (( as
biofeedback #ill tell you if you "o into that stuff #hich can be absolutely marvelous as the body responds
1*9=%* the client can frame a verbal ans#er?$8 ,he series of innocent yes! yes! yes and no! no! no
&uestions it the basis for all mentalism and Ccold readin"sC done by fortune tellers and other cons8 3hen
you have calibrated their body lan"ua"e they don't even have to ans#er your &uestions out loud! you've
already "otten your ans#er8
,o pass lie detector.
642 strate"y to accomplish this mi"ht be desi"ned thus. Create a full <AE=G e+perience internally R
associate fully to it8 )o this #ell enou"h R maybe #hen &uestioned about it your response may be as if it is
". Pace #$apport%
>se stems like C' have an incredible connection #hen88C! C' feel e+cited #hen88C! C' am comfortable #hen88C!
C' feel "ood about88C and then note the trance #ords8
So that if it #ere to be C' feel absolutely turned on #hen88C C888' am safe! #arm! and comfortableC! you
mi"ht -ust say CStop! "o inside and think back to #hen you first felt safe! #arm! and comfortable888C
C*+cuse me! ' don't mean to interrupt you Pdrinkin" coffee 5 readin" the ne#spaper 5 #aitin" for the
commuter 5 your train of thou"htQ! but ' -ust #anted to tell you that ' find you very attractive and #anted to
meet you8 My name is %ick! #hat's yours0C PHere comes the pacin"Q C7ou kno#! you never kno# #hen
somethin" #onderful is about to happen! like you could find yourself Pin the cafe 5 in the #aitin"(hall 5
sittin" on the bench 5 #hereeverQ -ust thinkin" about Peatin" another donut 5 #hat time the commuter
arrives 5 #hatever she's doin" or e+pectin" to happenQ! and the ne+t thin" you kno# an attractive stran"er
is talkin" to you! and as you listen to him you may notice that even thou"h Pyou've never seen him before 5
you've seen him before at this bus(stop 5 you've met him before here in this libraryQ! someho# today!
because he is talkin" to you! you may see him in a ne# and different #ay8 Can you ima"ine that0C
2A7 A,,*6,'=6 ,= H=3 SH* %*S2=6)S ,= 7=>???
9luff talk ( C#here ya "oin0C! C#hatcha doin0C! C#hat did you do today5yesterday0C
)*M=6S,%A,'6G >6)*%S,A6)'6G! 7=> '6C%*AS* %A22=%,? ,alkin" to her : echoin" her
'n order for her to feel understood! you need to listen to #hat she says! rephrase it and feed it back to her
it helps if you a"ree #ith #hatever statement she made.$8
C' kno# #hat you mean888C
I$ makin" her feel completely understood by you
K$ and completely understandin" her ( #hich is #hat you need in order to kno# ho# to make her feel the
#ay she #ants to feel #ith that special man of hers.$
Her. 3hy do you ask0
7ou. 3ellS as #e are sittin" here talkin"S over coffeeS ' thou"ht it #ould be nice S to "et to kno# youS as
a personS ' remember one "irl doesn't matter if you do or not.$S ' #as in colle"eS it #as like there #as an
almost ma"ical bond connectin" usS #e #ould even finish each others sentences8 ' #onder did you everS
feel that #ayS 3ith meS it is so #onderfulS to have that sort of connectionS don't you think0
)o all this Paskin" &uestions! elicitin" valuesQ 1*9=%* tellin" her about yourself8 ,hen selectively edit or
9A1%'CA,* your e+istence to al#ays fit the thin"s that she told you H*%S*49 are positive thin"s and A<=')
#hat she told you H*%S*49 are ne"ative thin"s8
9ind out 9'%S, #hich one she #ants and ,H*6 pro-ect that ima"e to her8
Her favourite pastimes and hobbies can also be useful8
3hat they ,*44 M* they #ant is easily demonstrated to them throu"h stories! and ' don't have to tell them
A67,H'6G directly8 ' #ould never say C' love cats myself too888C! ' #ould tell them a story '6 3H'CH '
demonstrated that ' like cats8 ' let her derive #ho ' am by tellin" her a story based on #hat she #ants to
hear in the first place.$C8
'. Lead
%ecall that the basic pattern for 2acin" and 4eadin" is.
2ace! 2ace! 2ace! 4ead
2ace! 2ace! 4ead
2ace! 4ead
4ead! 4ead! 4ead8 8 8
M'))4* ( usin" entertainin" stories and routines! you convey the humour! confidence and the other typical
attractive traits! use 6*GS to make them chase you! test them stop conversation to see if they reinitiate it$
and look for the indicators to see if closin" is #orth doin" like E'6=! position and body lan"ua"e! lau"hter!
etc$! usually F positive indicators8
Humor! romance! humor! romance! se+ talk! romance! humor! kino! se+ talk! humor! se+ talk! kino! kino!
kino! kino888
instantaneous connection! time distortion! brin"in" out feelin"s of incredible pleasure and satisfaction8
3ith #omen #ho #ant it to be their o#n e+perience! combinin"! body sensations! their o#n personal trance
#ords! va"ueness and se+ual metaphor is a knock(out combination?
the se+ual metaphorsCopen yourselfC Ccome deep insideC$ as #ell as the commands Ce+perience thatC Clet it
she told me ' #asn't her CtypeC and she had a boyfriend8 6o problem! ' said and -ust kept talkin"("ot her
lau"hin"! built that incredible connection! anchored peak e+periences! Doomed her around in space and time
and this time ' left her in that peak state #hile ' ushered her back to my place8
*nou"h 9le+ibility ,o Get ,he 'nitial *ntry#ay 'nto Her 6eurolo"y 3hen you start runnin" patterns on a
#oman! the point is to find that initial entry into her neurolo"y that li"hts her up and "ets a stron"
if you can combine body sensations5emotional feelin"s5se+ual stuff all at once! it completely overloads and
li"hts up her neurolo"y to the point #here she -ust can't resist it8
I8 1reak the #oman's current state5fi+ed belief set8
K8 9ocus her attention on you8
F8 ,ake control of her internal representations8
M8 Create the state
2ut yourself in some of the feelin" states you #ant to install in others?
GGGGHave you ever888GGGGG
GG3hat's it like #henGGGGG
GGGCan you remember the last timefirst time$ you everGGG
T8 1ind5link it to you
/inder commands.
C)= ,HA,8886=3C
C)= ,HA,883',H M*8886=3C
C3',H M*888)= ,HA,8886=3C
U8 Amplify
I8 Bip anchors
K8 Synethstesia
F8 Sub(modality shifts
M8 Commands such as! C9eel it buildin"888focus in on those feelin"s8888surrender completely8888C
T8 Se+ual metaphor88CCreate an openin" for it88888feel it penetrate88888come over and over a"ain to the
same conclusion888C
C7ou kno#! #hen #e "o out! ' don't kno# #hether it #ill be an incredibly e+citin" adventure or -ust a
#onderfully fun time! but it sure is "oin" to feel "ood to lau"h alot! isn't it0 3hen you think about it like
that! are you a#are of ho# much more it makes you really look for#ard to doin" it0C
=nce she lau"hs! call attention to it by sayin" somethin" like! CSee888you're lau"hin"8 't feels "ood to lau"h8
And the more you lau"h! the more you'll discover that you really #ant to "o out #ith me?C8
C6he more you try to think of reasons #hy you can't! the more you realiDe -ust ho# much you can?C
C,he more you lau"h the more you reco"niDe ho# much fun it #ould be to spend time to"ether! 6=38 )o
you #ant to have coffee! or #ould lunch #ork better0C
C,he more you try to think of your boyfriend! the more you find yourself thinkin" of me8C
CHi8 ''m #ritin" a book on an"els! and have to intervie# one for my final chapter8 Are you available for
coffee or #ould lunch be better0C
Ask &uestions that "et her to "o inside R come back #ith values and criteria8 Auestions that touch on her
identity as a person8
C''m sure that you! like me! have had some really interestin" e+periences in your life8 7ou kno# e+periences
that #ere incredibly fascinatin" and absorbin"! like maybe #hen you #ere a kid and you #ent to a museum
and you -ust "ot lost in #onder and deli"ht at #hat you #ere seein"8 'f you #ere to share a memory about
one of your most interestin" e+periences! a person you met perhaps! or a place you've been! or somethin"
you've learned that still holds a deep interest for you! #hat #ould it be0C
Her. C' #ant a man #ho makes me feel comfortable #ith myselfC you remember CfeelC and C comfortableC$
7ou. C3ouldn't it be nice if you could spend time #ith a man #ho makes you feel like you could let do#n
your "uard and -ust be comfortable0 3hose voice soothed and at the same time stimulated you0 ' "et the
feelin" that this could happen to you ri"ht no#! #ith me8C
4ike. C3hat #as your first kiss like0C! C3hen did you have se+ for the first time0C! CHo# did you have your
first or"asm0C! C3hat makes you horny0C!
>se personal e+perience or fantasy stories to "et her horny and use third person speech if you #ant to be
AS9. C6ever use stories )'%*C,47 '6<=4<'6G the "irl you're #ith8 A>=,* about #hat you did to other
chicks or #hat you #ant to do to other chicks or ask her about #hat she has done or #ould like to do #ith
other "uys8
(,alk some more! tell more stories ' tell a story about CMy friend! #ho is a play"irl! and tries to sleep #ith
married men88 Can you believe that88 ' mean! did you ever do like her88 ie Have you ever had a I ni"ht
blah blahC8
(,hen ' move on to the story of my drunk chick co(#orkers! #ho at a dinner party! #e asked if they ever
did a Fp F person$ se+! and one raised her hand8 ,hen ' asked ho# many #anted to! and A44 raised their
hands? And then
"ot each to tell us all the stuff they did #ith their 19s costume play! SM88etc$88 )id you ever have any 19's
like this0C8
(Vud"e her reactions to the above story! this #ill tell you #hat she mi"ht5mi"ht not be interested in8
(She may ask you about old G9s! so tell her some "ood stories
(9ind out about old 19's! #hat she liked5didn't like8 And #hen she mentions a feelin"! elaborate on it the
"ood feelin"s and ho# you like them! and the bad ones; ho# you hate it #hen that happens! and ho# to
feel 777 "ood feelin"$ is much better88
(Ask! Cho# do you kno# you are "ettin" into a special relationship! or someone has become your boyfriendC
and then do 5talk about those steps$! "et her visualiDin" that ideal relationship5time #ith a "uy88
(finish drinkin"8
dreams about you pattern
CHave you ever had dreams about someone you really really like0 Me! for instance! ' find that #hen you
meet somebody #ho you're very attracted to ! and you start to ,H'6E A1=>, ,HA, 2*%S=6 all the time!
that's #hen you can really be"in to 6=,'C* ,HA, 2*%S=6 '6 7=>% )%*AMS8 ' mean you kno# ho# you
%*M*M1*% some dreams ! and others you 9=%G*,0 't's like #hen you constantly ,H'6E A1=>, ,H'S
2*%S=6 ! you conscious mind G=*S )=36 %*A4 )**2 into your subconscious and 1%'6GS 1ACE all these
#onderful dreams about them8 'f you #ere to )= ,HA, at ni"ht! ho# lon" #ould it take you to %*A4'B*
that you're dreamin" about this person0 Me! ''ve had that happen before many times888C
-on5t Let 4our =eelings -etermine >hat 4our 8ision >ill /e7
this %ossLs pattern is very "ood if "irl is in bad mood$
4isten. recently ' #as talkin" #ith a friend #ho had been feelin" do#n88"oin" throu"h a <*%7 tou"h
period888and she #as askin" me ho# ' "ot throu"h my bad times#hich have been pretty bad and desperate
at times888,%>S, M*?$8 And it occurred to me that everyone has stru""les; everyone has difficulties!
everyone has some real challen"es8 1ut those #ho "et throu"h it all and make a life for themselves the #ay
they #ant don5t let ho@ they feel in the moment determine @hat their Aision @ill be. 6o#88don't
"et me #ron"8 ''m not sayin" to i"nore the initial frustration you mi"ht feel #hen you are first tryin" to fly
and maybe trippin" on your dick or fallin" on your ass8 =r even more frustratin"! "ettin" some really "reat
responses from hot #omen! but for"ettin" or not kno#in" that last Aital step to close the deal. 3e've
all been there8 3hat ' am sayin" is! ackno#led"e the frustration88or even the confusion8 1ut don't make
them the decidin" factor 8 4et me "ive you a hint about somethin"; #e live in a #orld #here WWX of the
population are controlled by their feelin"s in the moment8 ,hat means they have little or no discipline8 ,hat
means they have little or no direction or motivation8 ,hat means they sit around and #ait for their feelin"s
to kick them into action8 ,hat means you can be a Dillion times more successful than them in A67 area of
life if you can -ust "et past this8 Here's my antidote for life success.
Ackno#led"e 7our 9eelin"s 1ut
Act 1ased =n 7our <ision =f ,he 3ay 7ou 3ant ,hin"s ,o 1e And 3hat 7ou 3ant ,o Have Happen And
)evelop A Stubborn %efusal ,o Give >p >ntil 7our *+ternal %eality Matches ,hat <ision?
A bit more about Cstubborn refusalsC8 7ou see! sometimes! ' think bein" Cne"ativeC can #ork better in
the boost phase of a pro-ect or an endeavor than bein" positive8 A"ain88don't "et me #ron"8 4our
81S1:2 can and should be positiAe. 1ut as far as feelin"s "o! sometimes @hat it takes to get
started is a S6;//:$2 refusal to accept things as they currently are88to be #illin" to do anythin"
to fi"ht your #ay out of it and "et to somethin" better8
As an e+ample from my o#n life. #hen ' #as IW years old! ' #as still absolutely terrified of life8 1ut '
decided that summer88and this is really #eird88' -ust decided one afternoon that ' #ould no longer be a
prisoner of fear8 ,hat ' didn't care #hat happened to me #hile ' did it or #hat ' had to "o throu"h but
that ' #as either "oin" to "et over my fear of life or die in the attempt8
And "uess #hat0 After about the KJth attempt88a stran"e feelin" came over me8 A rush of elation88of
kno@ing 1 had kicked oAer and triumphed oAer a boundary and barrier that had kept me back7
And ' kne# that everytime ' fou"ht that barrier88everytime ' defied and #orked and acted a"ainst it! ' #as
"ro#in" stron"er! no matter H=3 the #omen happened to respond8 ' #as e+periencin" the po#er and -oy
of definin" throu"h bravealbeit not very effective$ action ho# ' #anted to be8
6o#88since then ''ve developed and found M;!9 better tools8 1ut that #illin"ness to pay the price and
the stubborn refusal to stay stuck made all the difference in the #orld8 3hich brin"s me to another vital
point8 And that is888
;nderstand And ;tiliDe 6he 8alue :f C>illingessC 8s. >ill77
My point is this; if you simply open yourself to #hatever learnin"s mi"ht come your #ay and #hatever initial
embarassments or frustrations you mi"ht e+perience as you are attainin" mastery at SS! you don5t haAe
to steel yourself like you are about to be in a car accident7 %ather! you can $ELAE and accept that
it may be tou"h for a #hile and decide you #ill push youself throu"h it any#ay8 1ecause #hen you rela+
into it you5ll rocket through the learning curAe88
3illin"ness on the other hand allo#s you to rela+ and keep your focus durin" the learnin" curve8 7ou're not
fi"htin" yourself and thin"s therefore flo# much easier8 ,he learnin"s come faster and above all you "et to
keep your 9=C>S on #here you #ant to be? A 0ood Practical EBercise =or Maintaing 4our 8ision ''ve
found that the follo#in" meditation %*A447 has helped me durin" the tou"hest times to keep my vision
focused on the future? Sit &uietly! and do some deep breathin"8 'f you kno# some breathin" disciplines or
already kno# ho# to do altered state #ork of some kind! "o ahead and do it8 =nce you reach that altered
state! close your eyes and say to yourself! C' rise above #hat others think is possible and enter a place
#here anythin" can be8C As you say that! literally visualiDe yourself risin" above the "round and see the city
beneath you! containin" all the limits and limited thinkin"includin" #hat #as once your o#n$ do#n there
belo#8 And no# from this 6*3 place88this place #here anythin" can be possible88#here anythin" can be
tried out and anythin" can be tried on88from ,H'S place! think about ho# you'd like thin"s to be and #hat
ans#ers you can find8 9rom this place set your vision and do your thinkin"8 And carry this place #ith you8
1ecause it's #here you )*S*%<* to live from8 And the truth is this. it is :2L4 @hen you liAe from is
place =1$S6 that your eBternal reality @ill begin to reflect it8 ,he sole trick is getting through the
lag time bet@een the t@o? ,hat act of discipline! clarity and #illin"ness is the key to "ettin" #herever
you #ant to in life?
2attern 9lo# 's 'mportant? =ne of the most crucial skills is kno#in" ho# to transition from one pattern to
the ne+t?
(. State Accelerators
Bip anchors
Sub(modality shifts
Commands such as! C9eel it buildin"888focus in on those feelin"s8888surrender completely8888C
Se+ual metaphor88CCreate an openin" for it88888feel it penetrate88888come over and over a"ain
to the same conclusion888C
Another 2erson *+perience
A"e re"ression
Story(tellin" and metaphors
4in"uistic double binds! use of su""estion ,hree 4evel Stackin"$
)isorientation 5 confusion
Sensory deprivation and5or sensory overload
C6hree LeAel StackingC...:
1. Fuotes
7ou. C7ou kno#888' #as readin" the most interestin" article about ho# men and #omen fall in love
differently8 And it #as sayin" that men usually feel an attraction first! but that #omen! by contrast!
usually feel a connection and then become more attracted8 ' mean! you kno# that kind of special
connection you sometimes feel888 that mysterious compellin" click that takes place ri"ht ,H*%*888C
7ou then "o on to do the connection pattern for a #hile! and say! CSo888this article #as sayin"! that
#hen it's really special888that's #hen you can -ust S,=288and 'MAG'6* a time in future888say years
from no#888blah blah blahC8
. Fuote >hat A C=riendC 9ad 6o Say 6o 4ou About 1t7 #stacking realitiesC pattern %
7ou kno#! ' #as tellin" my friend about this! and she #as sayin"! #hen she really starts to 9**4
,HA, C=66*C,'=68888 888and G%=3 even more attracted88she be"ins to pay attention in a special
#ay8 9irst! becomes a#are888of the rhythm of her breathin"888 the beatin" of her heart888and that
sense of "ro#in" fascination888 such that as she continues to be a#are oll this888one particuliar
feature of the "uys face be"ins to rivet her attention888so as she -ust continue to keep lookin"8it's
like the rest of the enviroment disappears888and the entire #orld becomes this face888this voice that
-ust start to #rap itself around her like a pair of po#erful but "entle arms888pullin" her
in888deeper8888-ust allo#in" that #armth88 etc88etc
". 0iAing 9er 4:;$ :pinion :n the SubGect77
7ou. 6o#888#hat really fascinates me about all this is not -ust ho# people connect so po#erfully
#ith someone888but ho# people connect #ith their o#n needs and #ants and desires888like88think
about the difference bet#een compulsions and anticipation8888 Here of course! you launch into my
famous C1lo# Vob 2atternC
). Anchoring #Hino%
(3hile you are doin" all this! often #hen you lau"h88etc$! touch her side #aist! or shoulder! or back #ith
your hand! firmly88 dont do the hands or hips yet! unless she starts to initiate5"et in closer! or starts
touchin" your shoulder5#aist sometimes$8 ,his is authoritarian! and she #ill respect this! and your
authority8 )o this =9,*68
(*very time you lau"h! or say somethin"! put your hand on her shoulder! or #aist! or thi"h! "ently! but
authoritively88"et the kino "oin"8
CCan't hear you.$C8 'f she says somethin"! lean for#ard as if you aren't hearin" her very #ell! and touch her
arm or back$8
I$ 'nitial fluff talk to establish some faint rapport
K$ 2atterns and tonality to establish deeper rapport8 ,ake your time! don't hurry! slo# do#n the tempo of
the conversation! #atch your tonality8 She'll be feelin" a lot by no#! but she is probably confused as to the
nature of her feelin"s! so its time for step F8
F$ incredible connection 1! pattern or a modification of it$ to help her realise that an incredible
connection #ith 7=> is e+actly #hat she is feelin" at the moment.$C 6ot all #omen #ill respond to
CconnectionC patterns8
Some #omen #ho are already emotionally occupied! but se+ually bored! or shut do#n emotionally! but
open se+ually or -ust don't believe relationships are possible #ill still be very receptive to a Cbody
sensationC approach8
As far as possible! layer in body sensations alon" #ith your connection patterns? 3hen you combine body
sensastions alon" #ith emotional connections! either at the same time or rapidly in se&uence! the effect is
practically irresistible and the po#er isn't additive888it's e+ponential?
A Peak EBperience Pattern
7ou. CCan you remember the last time you had a peak e+perience0 4ike climbin" a mountain888 or #atchin"
a beautiful sunset888 or the first time you looked at someone point to yourself! self(pointin"! sp$ and
reco"nised 7=> %*A447 4=<* ,H'S 2*%S=6 sp$8C
Her. CSure888C
7ou. C3hat #as that like0C
Here you should shut up and let her describe it8 4isten carefully as she #ill "ive a#ay lots of trance #ords8
C,hat's really interestin"8 7ou kno#! ' find it so neat ho# 7=>% M'6) can be "oin" alon" in one direction!
you kno# in an everyday ordinary state! and then S>))*647 for #hatever M7S,*%'=>S reason! you -ust
G= '6,= A M>CH )'99*%*6, S,A,*888 a state #here 7=>% M'6d is so in touch #ith the M7S,*%7 and the
3=6)*% and the beauty of life point to yourself! dumbshit?$8 And sometimes it's like in 7=>% M'6)! you
-ust S4=3 ,'M* )=36! and the #hole #orld stops! as you -ust 4*, 7=>%S*49 G= 3',H ,H'S point to
yourself$8 Can you 9**4 ,HA, reach out and touch anchor$ is an incredible thin" to e+perience@ 3',H
M*@ 6=3! ' kno# that for a lot of people different thin"s can tri""er that8C
Her. CGod888 yeah888 ' 4=<* the #ay you talk888 it's like your inside my soul8C
7ou. C3ell! thank you #hatever(your(name(#as$8 And you kno#! for a lot of people fallin" in love! or an
or"asm are peak e+periences! but for me! it's music8 4ike! the other ni"ht ' #as listenin" to MoDart! and '
don't kno# if you are familiar #ith him or not CMoe #ho0C ( at least that's #hat Arnold Sch#artDene""er
responded #ith in 4ast Action Hero.$! but some of his stuff is -ust a series of short little musical se"ments888
like little pecks on the cheek! and #ith some of his stuff those se"ments -ust G*, 4A') #hatever(your(
name(#as$! from end to end! and keep "ettin" repeated8 1ut his really "reat stuff is composed of these
lon"! slo#! lin"erin" movements888 they're like lon"! slo#! lin"erin" kisses888 lon" slo# lin"erin" caresses!
and you -ust 9**4 A44 =9 ,HA, A44 =<*% 7=>% 1=)7 #hen you 4'S,*6888 ,= M*@ 6=3888 it's an
incredible thin"888 you kno#8C
2atural >oman pattern
C)o you think most men kno# #hat #omen really #ant0C
=f course! she'll -ust lau"h8
C' think most men mi"ht ,H'6E they kno#! but ' think almost every man makes one! hu"e! critical mistake
#hen it comes to #omen888C
6o# ,HA, should "et them intri"ued8$
C,he mistake is that they don't reco"niDe that in each #oman their are actually ,3= #omen888 the natural
#oman and the culturally pro"rammed #oman8 ,he culturally pro"rammed #oman is the one #ith all the
rules and all the roles888 all the restrictions! constrictions888 all the shouldn'ts! shoulds! don'ts! can'ts!
1ut the natural #oman8888that's the #oman ri"ht there at the core888 #here you keep your most e+citin"
memories888 #here you ponder fantasies888 daydreams888 amaDin" possibilities888 the thin"s you'd do if no one
#ere #atchin" and no one888 even your best friends888 #ould ever! ever kno# about888
Most men -ust do thin"s that tri""er the culturally pro"rammed #oman888 1ut #hen a man888 a rare man888
can touch a #oman in that special place in all those special #ays you 4=6G to be touched888 in #ays you
maybe even can't admit to yourself888 then 3=3888 an almost complete transformation takes place888 and
you start blossomin" #ay beyond #hat you ever even thou"ht possible8
So ' think the smart man is the man #ho has the realiDation that that place is there888 #aitin" and lon"in"888
even inspite the fact that #omen often have to lock all of that a#ay888 and yet they are still there888C
0irl inside Pattern
C3here is the "irl that lived in your mind0 %emember the little one; the one that believed in love0 Maybe
she dreamed of that ideal man she'd one day "ive her heart to! and she kne# at that moment she dreamt
of him! she had already fallen in love8 And each day! each moment of her lived! she carried that love #ith
her in her heart! #aitin" for the day #hen it could be released; released and "iven to the one #ho #as
#orthy82oint to yourself$8 3hat #ould it be like to realiDe that after all the sorro# and tears888that person
had come alon"0point to yourself$ 'f you #ere to 4==E for that "irl #ithin your heart and mind88and
4'S,*6 to the messa"e888she is sendin" you886=3888ho# do you feel0C
Auite often! you #anted to be more like her
$esistance /reaking Pattern
9irst step is! "et 'em lau"hin"? ''ll say somethin" like!C7ou kno#! ' #ish ' #ere a "irl like you! so ' could
have a "uy like me come into my life?C8
61ME -1S6:$61:2
So! as soon as they finish lau"hin" you say! CSpeakin" to you as a person #ho loves to lau"h888C 6o#! their
are t#o possible options for step three8 =ption one. C3on't it be "reat A9,*% #e've "one out and lau"hed
and felt really comfortable to"ether0 ,hen you can -ust look back at it all! smile that smile of satisfaction!
and think to yourself. that #as one of the best times! ''ve ever had?C8
=ption t#o. C ' don't kno#! #hen #e "o out! #hether it #ill be a #onderfully fun adventure or -ust an
incredibly en-oyable "ood time! but it sure #ill feel "reat to lau"h that much! #on't it0C8
=rom 1ncredible !onnection pattern 6o the /lo@ Iob pattern
C7ou kno#! the other thin" ' think is so interestin"! besides GGGho# #e connectGGG #ith each other!
is GGGho# #e connectGGG #ith our o#n fantasies!daydreams and desires8888and #hen #e do that! ho#
#e strike a balancebet#een compulsions and anticipationC
3ell! any#ay88to put a #oman into this mindset! you must structure your communication from start to
finish to do at least t@o of the three follo@ing things8
I8 Structure opportunities
K8 =ffer challen"es
F8 *licit5evoke processes
1y structure opportunities! ' mean specifically offer somethin"
SH* can intuit! perceive! or think of a benefit to H*%8
C4ook! ' don't have a lot of time heresets me up as a challen"e88more on this #hen #e discuss HK$8 1ut if
you'll sit #ith me for a couple of minutes! ''ll analyDe your hand#ritin"8 7ou'll "et to learn thin"s about
yourself your best friends don't kno#opportunity$! and ''ll "et to find out if you're the kind of person ' #ant
to kno# better8
CHey )ebbie88this is 1ob88' thou"ht ''d "ive it one last shot at "ettin" a chance to talk8 ''ve learned one
lesson! livin" in insert your city or part of the country888since ' live in 48A8! ' say 48A?$ 48A8 my #hole life!
and that's that beauty is common888but people #ith a "reat attitude88a "reat ener"y88a "reat outlook on life
are rare88and they're #orth #orkin" to "et to kno#8 And ' think that's an understandin" that "oes 1=,H
#ays8 So if you can find your o#n reasons to call me! my number is TTT(TTIK8C
*. !lose
7ou. C3ell! Myname! it's really been fun talkin" to you8 't's too bad that #e #on't "et the chance to do it
a"ain #ithout all these distractions and interruptions8C
Her. 'f she doesn't catch the hint! then before you leaveS$
7ou. C7ou kno#! ' meant #hat ' said about it bein" fun talkin" to you8 Maybe #e could meet for coffee
sometime8 4ike tomorro#0C
C' have to "o! but ''ve really en-oyed this conversation! #hy don't you "ive me your number and #e can talk
Say C't's been a pleasure meetin" you.$C8 Say it like you really really mean it ( in a friendly! respectful yet
empathic manner8
!lose J1: 3hy don't #e continue this some#here else and see ho# much #e can en-oy each other's
!lose J: 't's too bad you're not the type of person #ho can ima"ine feelin" and doin" all the thin"s you
love to feel and do88for all the reasons that make sense to you88but as you think about it -ust like
that88doesn't it -ust seem that spendin" some time to"ether is somethin" #e have to do0
!lose J": So88#hat steps #ould #e have to take in order to make sure #e can talk a"ain0
!lose J': ' have an intuition88and ' don't kno# if you can ima"ine this as ' describe it88that #hen #e "et a
chance to talk #ithout time pressures or interruptions888#e'll really en-oy each other's company88and ''m
#onderin" if there's a number #here you feel comfortable havin" me call you8
+. Self,-efence
' never "et re-ected8 ' only discover if a #oman has "ood taste??
3henever they don't react positively enou"h! you say.
CHide your -oy 5 pleasure??C
C4ast time ' sa# someone as e+cited as you! she #as in a coma?C
C'f you don't like cute "uys! -ust tell me?C
C'f you buy me a drink! you mi"ht "et lucky toni"htC
C' can't please every "irl but ''ll "ive you a chance toni"htC
C3omen are linin" up to be #ith meC
C't's tou"h to be such a se+ symbolC