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Rachel Charlip

- WBOY Channel 12 News-Morgantown Aug. 2013-Dec. 2013
Shadow local reporter Krista Baker.
Go with Krista to all stories that she covers during her evening shift.
Learn (via example) effective reporting techniques, including: ways to ask pertinent interview questions, pertinent filming
techniques for packages, cover stories and interviews, effective and efficient research techniques to find leads and other
information to bolster a story.
Generate ideas to aid in reporting if need be, such as: effective or concise wording for introducing or reporting on a story,
pertinent video shots for a story, and informative sources for interviews.
Staff Writer
- Her Campus magazine To commence Aug. 2014
Remain current on campus trends among female students.
Write weekly blog posts and/or articles of about 500-600 words, based on the information collected from my own research
and interviews.
Meet strict deadlines for submission of all written content to my editor for publication.
Sales Associate
- BCBG Max Azria Jun. 2013-Aug. 2013
- Ski Chalet Chantilly Aug. 2009 Dec. 2012
Maintain current and adequate knowledge of inventory (past and current seasons) and customer service, in addition to
knowledge of the brand itself.
Maintain good rapport with repeat costumers and follow up with my personal costumers.
Keep note of inventory at my location of employment in addition to that of locations in the Northern Virginia area.
Ensure that the sales floor remains clean at all times, and that all clothing on display remains evenly spaced on racks, and
folded neatly on tables.

Proficient in Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.
Proficient in current and previous versions of Microsoft Office on both Windows and Mac.
Proficient in APA and MLA writing styles.
Can speak, understand, read, and write in French
Very outgoing, excellent communication skills with a large variety of people of varying vocations, backgrounds, etc.
Self-motivated and persistent in finding information and interviews, and very punctual and organized.
Very strong/innovative problem solving and quick decision making skills.
Works very well independently or on a team, and requires very little direction when working independently.
West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia Fall 2010-present
Major: Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Television Journalism
Minor: French
Previous Major: Biology, Fall 2010-Summer 2012
Expected graduation: December, 2014

Member of the Radio, Television, Digital News Association (RTDNA) Apr. 2013-present
- Community Service Chairman Jan. 2014-present
Orchestrate RTDNAs involvement in the semi-annual Relay for Life event in Morgantown.
Volunteer ballet instructor at the Morgantown Dance Studio Sept. 2012-present

*References available upon request