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Name the

United States
South Africa
England (Great Britain)
Israel & Palestine
Saudi Arabia
North Korea
South Korea
Tell the persons name,
and then what
theyre known for
ancient King of
Babylon, known
for his strict law
King Tut
King Tut
new kingdom
pharaoh, restored
Egypts religion,
died young
Ramses II
Ramses II
New Kingdom
pharaoh known for
building many
temples, lived to a
very old age.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Roman general, his
assassination led to
the fall of the
Roman Republic
Emperor Chin
Emperor Chin
first emperor of
China, he unified
the nation, and it
is named after him
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Greek general who
conquered much of
the world, but died
Leonardo DaVinci
Leonardo DaVinci
inventor and artist,
famous for his work
Mona Lisa
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
English writer
during the
Renaissance, famous
for his many plays
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
French general who
conquered much of
Europe during the
Revolutions period
George Washington
George Washington
American general
and first president
of the USA
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
American president
during the Civil
War, ended slavery
in America
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
leader of Germany
during WWII, head
of the Nazi party
Martin Luther
Martin Luther
German monk, began
the Reformation and
broke from the
Catholic church
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus
explorer who sailed
with 3 ships and
discovered America
leader who used
non violence to get
independence for
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
American president
during the Great
Depression and
WWII, served for 12
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
American president
during the Cuban
Missile Crisis,
assassinated in 1963
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin
Russian leader of
the Communist
Revolution, founder
of the Soviet Union
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
American Civil
Rights leader during
the 1960s,
Anne Frank
Anne Frank
Jewish girl who
kept a journal
while in hiding
that was later
Prime Minister of
England during WWII,
influential leader
during the war.
Prime Minister of
England during WWII,
influential leader
during the war.
Winston Churchill
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden
Founder of the Al
Qaeda terrorist
network, planned the
9/11 attacks
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Dictator of Iraq,
removed from power
by American forces
during the Iraq War
George Bush
George Bush
President of America
during the 9/11
attacks, and the Iraq
and Afghanistan wars
Name what era or
decade the events
occurred in
Here are the options:
Old King. Egypt
New King. Egypt
Archaic Greece
Classical Greece
Hellenistic Greece
Roman Republic
Roman Empire
Middle Ages
Turn o the Century
The Pyramids and the Great
Sphinx were built in Giza
Egypt built around
the Nile River
US leaves Vietnam
Revolution and hostage
crisis in Iran
US President Nixon resigns
after Watergate scandal
Axis vs Allies
Hitler & the Nazis
The Holocaust
Battles of D-Day
and Pearl Harbor
Alexander the Great was
born in Macedon, conquered
most of the known world,
and died at a young age.
Roaring Decade
Great Economy
Flappers and Prohibition
Roman expansion
the Pax Romana
Colosseum built
Rome split into
East & West
The Cold War ends
The Gulf War
in Iraq
Apartheid ends in
South Africa
Civilizations built
around the Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers
Fertile Crescent
Code of Hammurabi
Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil Rights Movement in
the US
Assassinations of many
important leaders
The Golden Age of
Ancient Greece
The Parthenon built in
Persian Wars &
Peloponnesian War
King Tut restored
Egypts religion
Ramses the Great
built many structures
Tombs dug in the
Valley of the Kings
Punic Wars:
Rome vs. Carthage
the Roman Senate
Julius Caesar assassinated
Causes were MANIA
Trench warfare and
chemical weapons
Sinking of the Lusitania
Columbus led an expedition
to the Americas
Colombian Exchange
Aztecs and Mayas
2 World Superpowers
USA and the USSR
Korean War
Suburbs, rock n roll,
appliances, & big cars
The Trojan War
The First Olympic
Games were played
Greek city-states, religion,
and culture were developed
Feudal system
The Crusades
Knights & Castles
The Black Plague
The Great Depression
( bad economy )
Rise of dictators in
European countries
The New Deal
Sept. 11th
Terrorist Attacks
US wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan
The Arab Spring
Industrial Revolution
Other Revolutions In:
Latin America
The Berlin Wall
is torn down
Protests in
Tienanmen Square
Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Hunters & Gatherers
Paleolithic &
Neolithic Ages
Ice Ages
Time of rapid
change with many
new inventions
New Economic Ideas:
Socialism & Communism
rebirth of knowledge
& learning
art & architecture
DaVinci & Shakespeare
Write the answer
to each question
Not all of these questions
are on the test, but all of
the questions that are on
the test are in this section,
Human migration in the Neolithic Age was made
possible because the low sea levels exposed
___________ that people could cross between
A. glaciers
B. freeways
C. land bridges
D. volcanoes
A century is equal to ________________ .
A. 10 years
B. 100 years
C. 1000 years
D. a long period of time.
This line of LONGITUDE is at 0 degrees.
A. Equator
B. Prime Meridian
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Tropic of Capricorn
Ancient Mesopotamian cultures began between
the _________ and _________ rivers.
A. Tigris & Euphrates
B. Yangtze & Snake
C. Ghaggar & Ganges
D. Nile & Green
The curving strip of good farm land
between the rivers is called the Fertile
________ .
A. Roll
B. Crescent
C. Baguette
D. Pita
Sumerians developed a written
language that we call _________ .
A. calligraphy.
B. Sumerianese.
C. hieroglyphics.
D. cuneiform.
Egyptian kings are known as ___________ .
A. artisans
B. pyramids
C. papyrus
D. pharaohs
The Egyptians made an early form
of paper known as:
A. tablets
B. parchment
C. papyrus
D. hieroglyphics
Embalming is a word that means:
A. the process of making a mummy.
B. a large Egyptian boat.
C. a season of Nile ooding.
D. the land of Upper Egypt.
King Tut restores Egypts priests
and religion.
A. Old Kingdom
B. Middle Kingdom
C. New Kingdom
Why did the Egyptians mummify their dead?
A. To keep the bodies from stinking.
B. To honor the dead persons family.
C. They didnt believe in cremating the dead.
D. They believed that they would need their
bodies in the afterlife.
Life in Egypt was made possible
by water from:
A. the Nile River.
B. the Tigris River.
C. the Euphrates River.
D. the Snake River.
Known as the Golden Age of Athens,
many temples were built including the
A. Archaic Greece
B. Classical Greece
C. Hellenistic Greece
The ruler of all of the Greek gods
was __________ .
A. Zeus
B. Poseidon
C. Hades
The two most famous city-states were:
A. Athens and Thebes
B. Sparta and Thespia
C. Athens and Sparta
D. Thebes and Thespia
Inside the Parthenon in Athens was a
30-foot tall statue of the Goddess
______________ .
A. Artemis
B. Hera
C. Aphrodite
D. Athena
Two of the main geographical
features of Greece are:
A. mountains and islands
B. desert and islands
C. mountains and rivers
D. desert and rivers
The Romans contributed ________
and ________ to building technology.
A. concrete and columns
B. columns and statues
C. concrete and the arch
D. the arch and statues
The ________ was a large Roman
amphitheater used for gladiator ghts
and other entertainment.
A. colosseum
B. pantheon
C. forum
D. bath house
Romans used ________ to bring
fresh water into their cities.
A. columns
B. temples
C. forum
D. aqueducts
Chinese history is broken up into
historical periods known as:
A. Kingdoms
B. Empires
C. Republics
D. Dynasties
The rst emperor of China, he unied all of
the warring states under his strict leadership
and began construction of the Great Wall.
A. Confucius
B. Chin
C. Laotzu
D. Genghis Khan
A mongol leader who excelled at horse-
warfare and helped to create the worlds
largest empire was:
A. Confucius
B. Chin
C. Laotzu
D. Genghis Khan
A major trade route linking Europe
and China was known as the
__________ .
A. Royal Road
B. Camel Road
C. Caravan Road
D. Silk Road
A belief in many Gods and
A. Monotheism
B. Polytheism
C. Atheism
D. Agnosticism
A place of worship in Judaism.
A. a shrine
B. a church
C. a synagogue
D. a mosque
The sacred writings of Islam, this book
contains the teachings of the prophet
A. the Vedas
B. the Tripitaka
C. the Torah
D. the Quran
E. the Bible
A Jewish prophet who revealed Gods
Ten Commandments for his people.
A. Abraham
B. Jacob
C. Joseph
D. Moses
In Medieval Times, many of the same
businesses grouped together to form:
A. guilds
B. clubs
C. blacksmiths
D. bakeries
Scientists have now discovered that the Black
Plague was caused by:
A. a strange alignment of the planets
B. poison gasses seeping up from inside
the Earth
C. bites from eas infected with Bubonic
Plague bacteria
D. the sins of the people.
Germans suspected the Americans were sending
weapons to the British, so they sunk a passenger
ship called the ___________ .
a. Queen Mary
b. Lusitania
c. Titanic
d. Bismarck
Because charging across open elds made
soldiers vulnerable to attack, most of the ghting
in WWI was done in _________ .
a. the sea
b. the air
c. trenches
d. cities
Germany invaded other countries with fast
attacks using tanks, trucks, and airplanes. This
was a new type of warfare known as:
a. ash war
b. blitzkrieg
c. thunder attacks
d. D-Day
The two sides ghting in WWII are
known as the:
a. Axis and Allies
b. Central Powers and Allies
c. Union and Confederates
d. Empire and Rebellion
The term for the murder of millions of
Jews in Europe by the Nazis is:
a. the Mass Murder
b. the Genocide
c. the Holocaust
d. the Jewish Killings
The decade was characterized by the Civil
Rights Movement, hippies, the Cuban Missile
Crisis, and assassinations.
a. the 1950s
b. the 1960s
c. the 1970s
d. the 1980s
e. the 1990s
During the Cold War, the US adopted a policy
of containment trying to stop the spread of:
a. Apartheid
b. Communism
c. Racism
d. Diseases
The decade was characterized by disco music,
the Watergate Scandal, the end of the Vietnam
War, and the Iranian Revolution.
a. the 1950s
b. the 1960s
c. the 1970s
d. the 1980s
e. the 1990s
The Cold War was a period of conict from
the end of WWII until the early 1990s
between these two superpowers:
a. Germany and the Soviet Union
b. The Soviet Union and Japan
c. The Soviet Union and the USA
d. The USA and Germany