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Drekkana / Dreshkana / Decante

In Vedic Astrology it is referred as Drekkana /Dreshkana (mostly Drekkana) and is 1/3

of a sign equal to 10 degrees: there are three Drekkana in each sign Drekkana holds an
im!ortant !osition in di"isional charts Various ancient and classical te#ts ha"e
mentioned different methods of calculating Drekkana $enerally kno%n Drekkana (D3)
are as follo%s:&
1 'arashara Drekkana
( )agannath Drekkana
3 *omanath Drekkana
+ 'ri"ritti&traya Drekkana
'arashara Drekkana: ,his is the most commonly used Drekkana in Vedic astrology In
fact %hen you read a-out Drekkana any%here %ithout s!ecific reference then it is
understood that it this Drekkana 'arashara Drekkana is used to kno% a-out the si-ling of
a !erson and analy.ing all matters related to co&-orns
)agannath Drekkana : ,his Drekkana reflects karma of !re"ious life of a !erson D&/0
must -e analysed along %ith it
*omnath Drekkana : *omnath Drekkana is used to kno% a-out the se#ual dri"e of a
!erson and descri-es the attitude of a !erson to%ards the se#ual matters and his li-ido
,his is generally used in Prashna Jyothisha
'ri"ritti&traya Drekkana: ,his chart is used to see the dri"es and initiati"es that the !erson
a!!ly to achie"e his goals ,his is generally used in Prashna Jyothisha
Parashara Drekkana
$enerally the first Drekkana of any sign is ruled -y the o%ning !lanet0 second Drekkana
-y the 1th lord and the third Drekkana -y the 2th lord 3or e#am!le0 the first Drekkana of
Aries is ruled -y 4ars0 the second Drekkana is o%ned -y *un and the third Drekkana is
o%ned -y )u!iter
*age 'arashara named three sages as lords of three Drekkana of each sign as follo%s:&
3or 4o"a-le *igns: Aries0 5ancer0 6i-ra 7 5a!ricorn 8 9arada0 Aghastya and Dur"aasa
3or 3i#ed *igns: ,aurus0 6eo0 *cor!io 7 Aquarius 8 Aghastya0 Dur"aasa and 9arada
3or Dual *igns: $emini0 Virgo0 *agittarius 7 'isces& Dur"aasa0 9arada 7 Aghastya
*I$9I3I5A95: ;3 6;<D*=I'
9arada 4uni %as kno%n for his >?hakti@ (De"otion) to the *u!reme 6ord ?hakti is the
!rime necessity of the soulA therefore 9arada might re!resent the Atma0 or the soul
Aghastya 4uni is associated %ith mind in many !laces in the Vedas Dur"aasa 4uni %as
famous for his efforts to control his senses0 therefore he re!resents the Indriyas0 or senses
*o %e might say that the three Drekkanas of the signs may refer to the soul0 the mind and
the senses
'arashara states that the Drekkana 5hart should -e used to analy.e relationshi! %ith
si-lings0 or co&-orns Be might conclude that the !lanets in the Drekkanas ruled -y
9arada %ould denote the s!iritual/karmic relations to the nati"e@s -rothers ,hose in the
Drekkanas ruled -y Aghastya %ould signify the mental/!sychological effects from
-rothers0 and those in the Drekkanas ruled -y Dur"aasa %ould refer to the
sensual/!hysical comfort or discomfort caused -y the -rothers and sisters
$:9:<A6 C*: ;3 D<:DDA9A
A!art from its use to analyse the information related to the co&-orns / si-lings0 Drekkana
is also used for follo%ing !ur!oses:
In the conte#t of 6ost =orosco!y %hen the time of -irth or time of conce!tion is
unkno%n0 through horary method the lost -irth details can -e traced ,he effects of
ten di"isions (Dasha"arga) %ill hel! to arri"e at the natal Ascendant
Drekkana of your ascendant gi"es an insight into your !ersonality0 -eha"iour and
other im!ortant attri-utes
Details of all 3/ Drekkana co"ering 1( signs are a"aila-le in 5ha!ter 10 of Dalyana
Varma@s Saravali
((nd Drekkana is called Khara and its lord is kno%n as Kharesh((nd Drekkana is
considered one of the first&ranked malefic !lanet for the nati"e and gi"es clue to his
,he effects / nature of death for each Drekkana for 1( signs are e#!lained in 5ha!ter
+E titled >A!horisms of death >in Dalyana Varma@s >Saravali
Drekkanas ha"e an im!ortant role in 'rashna astrology0 es!ecially 4edical Astrology
,he classical %ork on 'rashna astrology FKrishneeyamG gi"es details of methods of
using Drekkana significations in horary astrology
4:,=;D ;3 5A65C6A,I9$ ((9D D<:DDA9A
,here are 3/ DrekkanasA 3 for each of the 1( <ashis 3rom the 6agna Drekkana in your
horosco!e0 count successi"ely till the ((nd Drekkana 3or e#am!le if your 6agna is in the
first 10 degrees you are -orn in the first Drekkana 3rom that count the num-er of
Drekkanas for each <ashi *o0 in this case0 the ((nd Drekkana %ill -e the 1st Drekkana
of the Hth house for your horosco!eA if your -irth in the second Drekkana ie -et%een 10
and (0 deg of a sign0 the ((nd Drekkana %ill fall in the (nd Drekkana of the Hth signA if
your -irth is in the third Drekkana0 the ((nd Drekkana %ill -e in the 3rd Drekkana of the
Hth sign from your 6agna ,he ((nd Drekkana is also called the F9iryaana DrekkanaG
,here are "arious methods of counting ((nd Drekkana0 -ut a short cut technique is to
look for the lord of H
house in D&3 ,hat !lanet %ould -e lord of ((nd Drekkana for
your chart
9;,:* ;9 ((
?rihat 'arashara =ora *hastra states that in natal astrology0 the nature of the
Drekkana indicates the source/ manner of death In general condition %hen
6onge"ity is not at its end0 it is concerned %ith -odily discomfort and health matters
*ome of the s!ecial effects are as follo%s:
;ccu!ation of natural malefic in ((nd Drekkana0 in <ashi0 reduces the !otential of
the chart u! to a great e#tent
Ayudha Drekkana indicates inIury %ith %ea!ons as cause of death / accidents
*ar!a Drekkana mean danger from !oisonous re!tiles that could -e life
Dasha/?hukti of lord of ((nd Drekkana generally afflicts nati"e@s health and yield
mental agony0 %hen de"oid of -enefic as!ects If the concerned !lanet is also a
natural malefic and !osited in malefic <ashi then intensity of e"il %ould definitely
-e higher than e#!ected
Bhene"er lord of 6agna transits the ((nd Drekkana0 loss0 -odily discomfort0 grief
and quarrel %ill result
*imilarly0 transit of lord of ((nd Drekkana in ascendant !roduces trou-le
regarding significance of 1st house
6ike ascendant0 o-tain ((nd Drekkanas of other !lanets s!ecially 4oon and *un
,ransit of that !lanet into res!ecti"e ((nd Drekkana al%ays mar the significance
of !lanet transited
A"oid starting any ne% task %hen your luminaries are transiting their ((nd
Drekkana or/and Kharesh mo"ing o"er *un or 4oon
$eneral !oints
If the 6agna Drekkana is 'asha Drekkana0 then the nati"e may e#!erience
-ondage/ incarceration
If the -irth is in 5hatush!ada Drekkana (quadru!ed Drekkana) or if
the Eth lord is in the 5hatush!ada Drekkana0 then the se#ual acti"ity of
the nati"e %ill resem-le that of a quadru!ed
,his has -een e#!lained in detail in "arious classics including Brihat Parashara
Hora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani and Saravali.
Details a-out *ar!a0 Ayudha0 'akshi0 'asha0 9igala and 5hatush!ada Drekkanas
can -e found in 5ha!ter JII0 @5oncerning :ight =ouse@ in >How to Judge a
Horoscoe ! "olume #wo $y Sri B" %aman
Bestern 5onnection
Bestern astrology uses Decante technically identical to )agannath Drekkana0 in order to
assess nati"e@s character Among *un0 4oon and Ascendant if all three or t%o fall into
Decante of malefic !lanets then the nati"e %ould -e e"il minded0 sinner and %rathful If
trend is mi#ed then nati"e %ill -e la.y0 -ack -iter and ill&-eha"ed ?ut if all three (among
*un0 4oon and Ascendant) rises in -enefic Decante (and their lord of Decante are also
!o%erful) then nati"e %ould -e -lessed0 intelligent0 soft s!oken and successful