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Anahuac Comeback

Hurricane Relief Project for Central Chambers County Texas November 16, 2009

Work Trips Fall Project Progress

Nov 20 & 21 Materials Needed Nov. 20-21 WorkTrip Work To Do

People are asking “What do Each house still needs work:
December 5
you need”?. A trip to Smith Sign up for Friday or Saturday Matthew: Install Vanities, toilets,
December 12 Point Sunday, Nov. 15 was or both. Call or email Rocky at one bathtub, finish sheetrock in
made to get some answers: 281-732-8422 bathrooms, texture and paint
Do you see how rockytheoriginal@yahoo.com throughout interior. Install kitchen
Appliances: One more
few trips are left? cabinets, sink, appliances, plumb-
gas range Eight propane Bring a sack lunch, drinking
Don’t miss out. ing connections. Replace one
converters for ranges and water, snacks, mosquito spray,
Sign Up Now! window. Install flooring.
water heaters One small carpentry tools. No lunch
gas water heater. One served on this trip. Mark: Install tub, toilet, vanity.
full size refrigerator Finish float and tape work, texture
Smith Point Contact : Lois Woodfin
and paint throughout. Install ceil-
Bathrooms: One Shower- 409-355-2531 nitelife44@yahoo.com
ing fans, light fixtures, Install
Help Needed Tub unit ; 12 Simple ceil-
kitchen cabinets, sink, stove
ing light fixtures
Carpenters Fall 2009 Project hood. Finish around windows
Wall cabinets for four and doors. Install flooring. In-
kitchens Lumber: Finish- repair spect septic tank.
Electricians ing materials for windows
4 Houses Luke: Finish flooring installation,
and doors
in just Run plumbing lines for kitchen
Doors: 2 interior doors and bathroom, install vanity and
4 Months toilet. Install sink, upper cabinets.
Plumbing: PVC/CPV pipes
Errand Runners
to bring Finish around doors & windows.
and fittings to connect
General Help houses to utility lines. John: Run plumbing lines to con-
4 Families
nect to sewer. Install kitchen sink
YOU Home and cabinets, stove and vent
for Christmas, hood. Install doors for bedroom,
and it’s all for bathroom, Install flooring. Finish
GOD! around windows and doors.


We are accepting donations of furniture, appliances, etc. Twin beds and child beds are needed, easy chairs and end tables, small night stands, lamps,
chest of drawers are welcome. Every house needs kitchen table and chairs. No clothing or used linens. Kitchen wares for the four houses have been
selected at Target. Go to Target.com, click Registry-Lists: Select Lists, Enter Margaret Lawley TX. There are lists for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with
the last name “Smith Point”. Gift Cards also welcome-volunteers will shop for the families. Giving Deadline is December 13.

Anahuac Comeback is a ministry of First United Methodist Church of Rosenberg, TX, Reverend John Black, Senior Pastor. For more information access our
site: acomeback.org , email Margaret Lawley at molawley@yahoo.com, or phone 281-342-9651
November 16 Comeback NEWS

For more information call: Margaret Lawley: 281-342-9651 281-633-1255 molawey@yahoo.com;

Marcia and Rudy Lee 281-495-4721 rudymarcialee@yahoo.com; Rocky Lane 281-732-8422 rockytheoriginal@yahoo.com;

“I want to help, but I’m too far away.” Are you too far away to join a work crew? There are many ways to help
get our four families home for Christmas. Church groups are sponsoring kitchen showers, angel tree projects,
and fundraisers to benefit Anahuac Comeback. Maybe you can sponsor a fundraiser or shower. Individuals are
sending gift cards and checks and household goods. Each family has a queen sized bed, stove, refrigerator,
couch, and not much more. There are many options for helping. Remember us as you do your Christmas shop-
ping, and select a few gifts that will maker these families comfortable in their newly restored houses.

Think of all the things you use in your home, things these people need to get settled: broom, mop, cleaning sup-
plies, dishes, pots, pans, baking pans, flatware, towels, sheets, blankets, twin bed, night stands, easy chair,
lamps, door mat, TV, microwave, mixer, crock pot, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners. You get the point. They need
lots of things. We are registered at Target and Wal-Mart so you can shop online, or send a gift card and our vol-
unteers will shop for you. Another special need is for a kitchen table and chairs for each family. Think of the
blessings of gathering with your family around the table for a meal together! Donation Deadline: 12-13--09

FOUR HOUSES - Four Families - Home For Christmas 2009

Matthew’s House Luke’s House

Mark’s house John’s House
Homeowner is doing so much The owners have chosen a
work, and has made huge Volunteers have been hard at pretty green paint for the John’s house looks better outside
improvements. He is skilled work here at Mark’s. People interior, and the walls are all now that Sugar Land UMC volunteers
in sheet rocking, finishing from Rosenberg, Sugar Land, finished. Doors and win- finished the siding on the gable and all
touches on doors and win- Missouri City, Bryan, Fulshear, dows are in place but need the soffit and fascia. There is lots of
finishing touches. All of the work to do inside the house with floor-
dows, and carpentry. Mission Bend, Richmond, and
Houston have worked together appliances are ready for in- ing to install and plumbing for the
The outside looks much the stallation, too, purchased by kitchen and bathroom to complete.
to get this house looking MUCH
same, but the interior is better. the homeowners.
Water and sewer lines are in place
amazing. Still need to re- Here you see installation of along Plummer Camp Road, but when
Methodist partners welcomed
place that window, get bath- the lines were installed, nobody was
help from Baptist and Episcopa- siding on Luke’s House,
rooms and kitchens installed, lian and Catholic volunteers who soffit and fascia are needed,
living at this address, so the house is
paint walls and put in the car- provided electrical and plumbing then the exterior can be not connected to the utilities. Ana-
peting. expertise. Home Depot volun- painted. huac Comeback will provide these
teers worked hard inside the connections using money donated
Ten people are waiting to house. See the results:
for the fall project. Now that this
move into this trailer. The detail has been resolved, the work at
little house they have been John’s can be completed.
renting is unsafe and they The homeowners are not skilled in
have had to put out several construction, but are volunteering to
electrical fires. This new help get trash removed and lots
home will be safe and clean, cleaned up at the other sites.
and attractive.
November 16 Comeback NEWS Page 3

W o r k T r i p s - G e n e r a l I n f o r m a t i o n
Where do we go? A little community head south for 30 miles following the fore the trip. Bring snacks, water,
30 miles from Anahuac called Smith signs. Go left on Plummer Camp Rd, tool box, and any special tools
Point. It takes about 2 hours driving VFD is on left. needed if you have them. Don’t for-
from Houston area. get mosquito repellant!
What do we eat? BRING A SACK
When do we go? Trips are on usually LUNCH AND DRINKING WATER! Who goes? Men and women, boys
on Saturdays, we meet at the Fire De- and girls , teens, seniors, everybody
partment in Smith Point at 9AM. Are the sites modern? Yes, there is can help.
electricity. Yes, there are bathrooms.
What do we do? We work on Lots of mosquitoes. Community service hours for vari-
houses, painting, putting in sheetrock, ous clubs and schools are awarded
putting up insulation and siding. There When do we go home? We work for a day’s work. Please bring your
is work for all skill levels. until we are too tired to work any more, forms so they can be signed there.
until the job is done, or until it is dark.
How do we get there? We drive, car- Usually get home before 6PM. Mosquitoes have been thick this fall.
pool, or take church vans. Take I-10 Bring heavy-duty spray and use it as
east over the Trinity River and exit on What do I bring? Tool needs are soon as you arrive ant often during
TX 61 - exit 811. go right and then posed on the web site a few days be- the day.

LIABILITYRELEASE FORMS: Workers under 21 years old must complete forms to help in case of injury on a
work trip. The forms protect Anahuac Comeback and the Church from the possibility of law suits, and provide

Volunteer During the Week Breakfast Tacos for Anahuac Comeback

2 Cor. 10:14 “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”
Some of our volunteers can’t come on week-
ends. Rocky Lane is helping these folks get On Sunday November 1, The Missouri City First UMC held a
fundraiser for Anahuac Comeback. Their Mighty Missions Com-
involved by assigning jobs at one of the
mittee sold breakfast tacos and collected donations. The total
houses and providing materials so workers received was $2,000.68. Hallelujah! Praise God and give
can go during the week. Call Rocky if you thanks! Special thanks to Jennifer, Tonja, and Rocky and all the
want to schedule a special time to work. workers who made this event a big success. The event also raised
awareness of the ministry and brought more volunteer workers.

Come and Go Kitchen Shower

Benefiting Anahuac Comeback

Sponsored by Thursday Night Growth Group of Rosenberg UMC -

1106 4th St. Rosenberg

Please come for punch and treats and learn more about the Fall
Project to get four houses ready for Christmas.

Go to Target.com, Click Registry-Lists, Click Lists, enter Margaret

Lawley, TX and see lists for each family Matthew Smith Point,
Mark Smith Point, Luke Smith Point and John Smith Point. Gift
cards also welcome.

Sunday December 6, 2-3:30 PM

Home Depot - Framing Hope - Gifts in Kind , Int’l
Rosenberg UMC has been approved to participate in The
Hope Depot Framing Hope program. This entitles us to
receive certain materials free, and to be a part of a na-
tional GIKI program for other benefits. Home Depot is
also sending volunteers to help us rebuild. WAY TO GO
Home Depot!!! Thanks for helping!

Anahuac Comeback is a ministry of First United Methodist Church of Rosenberg, TX, Reverend John Black, Senior Pastor. For more information ac-
cess our site: acomeback.org , email Margaret Lawley at molawley@yahoo.com, or phone 281-342-9651