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Republic of the Philippines

Quezon City
First Reul!r Session
Sub$itte% by the Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs on ################
Infor$in the House of its fin%ins !n% reco$$en%!tions"
Sponsor & Represent!ti'e (!l%en F" )ello
*r" Spe!+er&
The Co$$ittee on O'erse!s (or+ers ,ff!irs to -hich -ere referre% House
Resolution No" .. intro%uce% by Rep" (!l%en F" )ello/ entitle%&
,N2 2EP,RT*ENT OF 0,)OR ,N2 E*P0O5*ENT
!n% House Resolution No" 67 intro%uce% by Rep" 8on!th!n ," 2e l! Cruz/ entitle%&
h!s consi%ere% the s!$e !n% h!s the honor to reco$$en% to the House the !tt!che%
report on its fin%ins !n% reco$$en%!tions"
Respectfully sub$itte%&
Co$$ittee on O'erse!s (or+ers

House of Represent!ti'es
Quezon City
So$eti$e in 8une/ .<=7/ %urin the l!st %!ys of the =>
Conress/ Co$$ittee
Ch!ir$!n (!l%en F" )ello issue% ! st!te$ent -hich -!s !n e?plosi'e in%ict$ent of
se?u!l !buses on -o$en O'erse!s Filipino (or+ers @OF(sA !llee%ly co$$itte% by
Philippine o'ern$ent offici!ls !n% e$ployees st!tione% !bro!%" The Co$$ittee
-oul% surely h!'e in'esti!te% the serious !lle!tions but for the li$ite% ti$e left in
the ter$ of the =>
Conress" In the s!i% st!te$ent of Ch!ir$!n )ello/ -hich c!n be
!ccesse% throuh the -ebsite of the ,+b!y!n P!rty
/ he -!s Buote% !s s!yin/ !$on
others/ th!t/ 9(hen this represent!tion too+ o'er !s Ch!ir$!n of the Co$$ittee on
O'erse!s (or+ersC ,ff!irs of the House of Represent!ti'es/ our first $!Dor $ission
-!s to S!u%i ,r!bi!/ -here -e %ocu$ente% !buses/ inclu%in se?u!l !ss!ults/
perpetr!te% on our o'erse!s -or+ers/ p!rticul!rly %o$estic -or+ers/ in th!t country"
Se?u!l !buse on our -o$enfol+ perpetr!te% by their hosts in ! forein country is !n
!-ful cri$e" )ut there is so$ethin $ore !-ful/ !n% th!t is their e?ploit!tion by their
o-n co$p!triots in th!t str!ne l!n%" ,n% it is triply terrible -hen they !re e?ploite%
se?u!lly by o'ern$ent offici!ls th!t !re suppose% to protect the$" In this l!st press
conference th!t the CO(, is hol%in %urin the =>th Conress/ -e !re un$!s+in
so$e of the se?u!l pre%!tors th!t our in'esti!tion h!s re'e!le%" (e -oul% li+e to
th!n+ those of you in the $e%i! th!t c!lle% our !ttention to !lle!tions of -h!t -!s
c!lle% Ese?:for:flihtF tr!ns!ctions pro$ote% by people in Philippine E$b!ssies in the
*i%%le E!st";
1pon the openin of the =Gth Conress/ the First Reul!r *eetin of the
Co$$ittee too+ up the so:c!lle% 9se?:for:fliht; sche$e/ or $ore !ppropri!tely H
sc!$/ !n% in'esti!te% the s!$e on October .7/ .<=7" Further in'esti!tions -ere
con%ucte% on No'e$ber .I/ .<=7 %urin the Co$$itteeFs Secon% Reul!r *eetinJ
on 2ece$ber ==/ .<=7 %urin its Thir% Reul!r *eetinJ on 8!nu!ry/ .K/ .<=6 on its
Fourth Reul!r *eetinJ on Febru!ry .G/ .<=6 on its Fifth Reul!r *eetinJ !n%/
fin!lly/ on its Si?th Reul!r *eetin on *!rch =./ .<=6" ,s ! result of the
Co$$itteeFs probe on the s!i% sc!$/ Secret!ry ,lbert 2el Ros!rio of the 2ep!rt$ent
of Forein ,ff!irs @2F,A $et -ith Ch!ir$!n )ello !n% rec!lle% !ll he!%s of posts in
the *i%%le E!st !n% l!unche% !n intern!l in'esti!tion he!%e% by ,ssist!nt Secret!ry
Petronil! G!rci!" The 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n% E$ploy$ent @2O0EA !lso sent !n
in'esti!tion te!$ to the *i%%le E!st he!%e% by ,tty" 0e!h Fortun! -ith ,ssist!nt
Secret!ry Glori! T!no !s the Ch!ir of the he!rin p!nel"
=" Publishe% 8une =L/ .<=7/ ,+b!y!n (ebsite/ https&MM!+b!y!n"or"phMne-sM=.:press:
." http&MM---"r!ppler"co$Mn!tionM77K..:%ole:co$pletes:f!ct:fin%in:se?:for:fliht:sche$e
E'en before the Co$$itteeFs for$!l in'esti!tion -!s initi!te%/ the e?plosi'e
e?pose of Ch!ir$!n )ello -!s !lre!%y huin the he!%lines !n% recei'e% the ut$ost
!ttention of concerne% !encies of the o'ern$ent !n%/ !s ! result thereof/ Ch!ir$!n
)ello recei'e% ! letter fro$ 2O0E Secret!ry Ros!lin%! )!l%oz on ,uust ../ .<=7
s!yin th!t the Secret!ry h!% or%ere% the filin of Gross Nelience/ Gr!'e
*iscon%uct !n% Si$ple Nelience c!ses !!inst 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us!/ OIC
0!bor ,tt!che *!rio ,ntonio !n% ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che ,ntonio 3ill!fuerte/
respecti'ely" 0i+e-ise/ on Septe$ber .6/ .<=7/ the N!tion!l )ure!u of In'esti!tion
@N)IA infor$e% Ch!ir$!n )ello th!t it -!s reco$$en%in to the 2ep!rt$ent of
8ustice @2O8A the filin of ,tte$pte% R!pe !n% three counts of ,buse ,!inst
Ch!stity c!ses 'ersus ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che 3ill!fuerte !n% ,tte$pte% R!pe !n% ,buse
,!inst Ch!stity ch!res 'ersus 2O0E 9loc!l hire; 8ose C!sic!s/ the %ri'er of 0!bor
,tt!che *us!"
The Co$$ittee con%ucte% fi'e @>A he!rins on this $!tter on October .7/
.<=7/ No'e$ber .I/ .<=7/ 2ece$ber ==/ .<=7/ 8!nu!ry .K/ .<=6/ Febru!ry .G/ .<=6
!n% *!rch =./ .<=6" The follo-in o'ern$ent !encies/ non:o'ern$ent
or!niz!tions @NGOsA !n% pri'!te !ssoci!tions -ere represente% in the Co$$ittee
=" 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs @2F,A H represente% by 1n%ersecret!ry
8esus 5!bes/ ,sst" Sec" Petronil! G!rci!/ ,sst" Sec" 3ic 0ec!ros/ ,sst"
Sec" *elit! St!" *!ri!:Tho$ecze+/ ,$b!ss!%or Oli'i! P!l!l!/
,$b!ss!%or Ezze%in T!o/ 2irector )elin%! ,rBue/ 2irector 8e!n 2in!l/
*r" Ren!to 3ill!/ *s" )elin%! ,nte !n% *s" Priscil! )!hDinJ
." 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n% E$ploy$ent @2O0EA H represente% by
1n%ersecret!ry 2!nilo Cruz/ 2irector Ro%olfo S!bul!o/ ,sst" Sec" 8oDi
,r!on/ ,tty" 0e!h Fortun!/ 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us!/ ,sst" 0!bor
,tt!che ,ntonio 3ill!fuerte/ ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che *!rio ,ntonio/ *r"
E%-ynpole 2i'in!r!ci! !n% *r" N!sser *ust!f!J
7" Philippine O'erse!s E$ploy$ent ,%$inistr!tion @POE,A H represente%
by ,%$inistr!tor H!ns C!c%!c/ 2irector Robert 0!r! !n% ,tty"
Rose$!rie 2uBuezJ
6" O'erse!s (or+ers (elf!re ,%$inistr!tion @O((,A H represente% by
,%$inistr!tor C!r$elit! 2i$zon/ 2irector ,lbert 3!lenci!no/ ,tty"
Opheli! ,l$en!rio/ ,tty" 3enus )r!'o/ *s" ,nn Greorio/ *s" Connie
*!rBuez !n% *s" Ross!ne )!hi!:C!t!p!nJ
>" 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice @2O8A H represente% by Sec" 0eil! 2e 0i$!/ ,sst"
Sec" N!be%in ,zis/ Prosecutor:Gener!l Cl!ro ,rell!no/ St!te Counsel
N!ncy 0oz!no/ ,sst" St!te Prosecutor N!til!ine S!l'ill! !n% ,sst" City
Prosecutor 2!rlene P!D!ritoJ
G" 2ep!rt$ent of Soci!l (elf!re !n% 2e'elop$ent @2S(2A H represente% by
,sst" Sec" 0il! Sh!h!niJ
I" N!tion!l )ure!u of In'esti!tion @N)IA H represente% by ,tty" Ro$ulo
,sis/ ,tty" 8on!th!n *enullo !n% ,tty" Rol!n% ,tienz!J
L" ,n T!o *un! !t )!y!n OF( *o'e$ent @, T!$b!y OF( *o'e$entA H
represente% by For$er Conress$!n O$!r F!D!r%oJ
K" Center for *ir!nt ,%'oc!cy @C*,A H represente% by *s" Ellene S!n!
!n% *r" Peter 3!n N!renJ
=<" Filipino *ir!nt (or+ers Group @F*(GA H represente% by *r" 8un
,uil!r !n% *r" R!shi% F!bric!nteJ
==" *ir!nte Intern!tion!l @*ir!nteA H *r" G!rry *!rtinez/ *s" Connie )"
Re!l!%o !n% *s" Cherry Cle$enteJ
=." Co!lition of 0icense% ,encies 2eployin 2o$estic !n% Ser'ice (or+ers
@C0,2SA H represente% by *s" *!rci! S!%iconJ
=7" (or+ers (elf!re (!tch @((("PHA H represente% by *r" 8erry T!n !n%
*r" 8oel S!rz!J
=6" OF( F!$ily Club H represente% by *r" Roy SeOeres/ 8r"J
=>" *ir!nt Foru$ in ,si! H represente% by *s" Corey 2e'riesJ
=G" 3is!y!n Foru$ H represente% by *s" Cecili! Oeb!n%!J
=I" Recruit$ent Consult!ncy H represente% by *r" *!nny Gesl!niJ
=L" Philippine *ir!nt Rihts (!tch H represente% by *s" C!r$elit! NuBuiJ
=K" )l!s Ople Policy Center @)OPCA H represente% by *s" Sus!n OpleJ !n%
.<" For$er Sen!tor 0etici! R!$os Sh!h!ni"
2urin the First Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee on October .7/ .<=7/
2O0E Secret!ry )!l%oz infor$e% the Co$$ittee th!t the 2O0E h!% !lre!%y !%opte%
se'er!l $e!sures to pre'ent the re:occurrence of se?u!l !buses !!inst fe$!le OF(s
H !$on -hich -!s the !ssin$ent of fe$!le 2O0E personnel to !tten% to the nee%s
of fe$!le OF(s especi!lly in Filipino (or+ers Resource Centers @F(RCsA or
9)!h!y:4!lin!; centers !bro!%" On the p!rt of the 2F,/ 1n%ersecret!ry 8esus
5!bes infor$e% the Co$$ittee th!t !s e!rly !s 8une .=/ .<=7/ Secret!ry 2el Ros!rio
!lre!%y $et -ith three !llee% se?u!l !buse 'icti$s fro$ Riy!%h/ S!u%i ,r!bi! to
he!r %irectly fro$ the$ their co$pl!ints" On the other h!n%/ Ch!ir$!n )ello brouht
to the fore& @=A the c!se !!inst ! cert!in El+y *!l'!s -ho/ to the surprise of the
Co$$ittee/ !lre!%y h!s r!pe !n% theft ch!res !!inst hi$ file% -ith the P!s!y City
ProsecutorFs Office -ithout infor$!tion thereon bein sent to the Co$$ittee !s !
$!tter of courtesyJ @.A the !lle!tion of ! cert!in Er-in S!ntos/ ! Filipino t!?i %ri'er
in 4u-!it/ -ho e?pose% ! se? %en in ,l$oth!n! )uil%in in the s!i% city:st!te
'icti$izin fe$!le OF(s !llee%ly in'ol'in ! cert!in )l!s *!rBuez/ ! 9loc!l hire;
of the Philippine E$b!ssy thereJ !n% @7A the Buestion !s to the -!ys !n% $e!ns by
-hich ! person/ especi!lly ! Filipino citizen/ -ho co$$itte% ! cri$e !!inst !
Filipino citizen !bro!%/ c!n be brouht to the Philippines to f!ce tri!l" For his p!rt/
Co$$ittee 3ice:Ch!ir Roy SeOeres sueste% the for$ul!tion of ! 2F,:2O0E 8oint
*!nu!l of Oper!tions for !ll o'ern$ent personnel !ssine% in Philippine
o'ern$ent officesMcenters !bro!% t!+in into consi%er!tion the so:c!lle% 9One
Country Te!$ ,ppro!ch;"
On the Secon% Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee hel% on No'e$ber .I/
.<=7/ Ch!ir$!n )ello $entione% the n!$e of ! cert!in ,lbert Gu!nzon -ho is
!llee% to be runnin ! prostitution rin in S!u%i ,r!bi! usin his connection !n%
stron ties -ith 0!bor
,tt!che ,%!$ *us!"
Ch!ir$!n )ello !n% the Co$$ittee -ere !lso infor$e% by
Prosecutor:Gener!l Cl!ro ,rell!no th!t the c!ses 'ersus ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che
3ill!fuerte !n% *r" C!sic!s -ere !lre!%y sche%ule% for Preli$in!ry In'esti!tion
-hile th!t !!inst *r" *!l'!s -!s !lre!%y file% in court H RTC )r!nch .7= of
P!s!y City"
2urin the Thir% Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee/ hel% on 2ece$ber ==/
.<=7/ Ch!ir$!n )ello !%%e% the n!$es of *r" ,b%ulh!li$ 0!noco/ *r" 2!'i%
)eD!rin/ *r" 8!c+ T!n!n%!to/ *r" *u!$$!r *!$osi!n/ *oh!$e% T!ros!n/ ! cert!in
9*r" )i!zon;/ ! cert!in 9*r" R!lph;/ ! cert!in 9)enDie;/ ! cert!in 9)!be; !n% !
cert!in 9E%ith; H the l!st three s!i% to be b!se% in ,l+hob!r )!h!y 4!lin! Center in
S!u%i ,r!bi! H !s !$on those bein co$pl!ine% !!inst by OF(s for '!rious se?u!l
!buse/ r!pe/ pi$pin !n%Mor se?u!l h!r!ss$ent offenses" 1pon he!rin this/ Secret!ry
0eil! 2e 0i$! of the 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice @2O8A st!te% th!t she -ill for$ ! speci!l
inter:!ency t!s+ force/ -ith the 2O8 !s the le!% !ency/ to o !fter perpetr!tors of
se?u!l !buse/ r!pe/ pi$pin !n%Mor se?u!l h!r!ss$ent offenses !!inst Filipino
citizens !bro!%/ especi!lly OF(s" She li+e-ise st!te% th!t she is open to e?plorin
the in'o+in of n!tion!l security/ public or%er or public s!fety !s b!sis for the
c!ncell!tion of p!ssports of !llee% perpetr!tors -ho !re still !bro!% !n% beyon% the
re!ch of our courts here" She -!s !lso !ble to he!r fro$ the co$pl!in!nts the$sel'es
on ho- they -ere !llee%ly 'icti$ize% by 0!bor ,tt!che *us! / OIC 0!bor ,tt!che
,ntonio/ ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che 3ill!fuerte !n% *r" C!sic!s/ !$on others"
,%$inistr!tor H!ns C!c%!c of the Philippine O'erse!s E$ploy$ent
,%$inistr!tion @POE,A st!te% th!t/ !s ! result of this e?pose/ the recruit$ent !encies
of !t le!st four @6A co$pl!in!nts h!'e been pl!ce% un%er pre'enti'e suspension"
On the Fourth Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee/ hel% on 8!nu!ry .K/ .<=7/
the He!% of the 4u-!it ,nti:Tr!ffic+in T!s+ Force/ Prosecutor 2!rlene P!D!rito/
briefe% the Co$$ittee !bout the report she sub$itte% to 2O8 Sec" 0eil! 2e 0i$!/
%!te% 2ece$ber =G/ .<=7/ in connection -ith the in'esti!tion of possible Tr!ffic+in
in Persons c!ses th!t c!n be file% !!inst cert!in Philippine o'ern$ent offici!ls !n%
e$ployees !ssine% in 4u-!it" ,ssist!nt Secret!ry 0il! R!$os:Sh!h!ni of the
Co$$unic!tions Group Office of the Office of the Presi%ent of the Philippines/
l!$ente% the non:inclusion of cert!in hih o'ern$ent offici!ls !ssine% in the
*i%%le E!st -ho !re the subDect of co$pl!ints by so$e OF(s in the list of those
reco$$en%e% to be prosecute% in the report of Prosecutor P!D!rito" The l!tter replie%
th!t she coul% not inclu%e the$ !$on those to be prosecute% bec!use not enouh
e'i%ence -!s !there% !!inst the$ !n% th!t the court reBuires e'i%ence beyon%
re!son!ble %oubt" ,sec Sh!h!ni !lso %ecrie% the publishin by the Philippine
E$b!ssy in 4u-!it of the n!$es of the co$pl!in!nts thereby 'iol!tin the ,nti:
Hu$!n Tr!ffic+in 0!- -hich $!n%!tes th!t their i%entity sh!ll not be publicly
%isclose%" On the other h!n%/ 3ice:Ch!ir$!n SeOeres reco$$en%e% to the 2F,/
2O0E !n% other o'ern$ent !encies th!t !re hirin so:c!lle% 9loc!l hires;
!bro!% to inclu%e in the
7" http&MM%z$$"!bscbnne-s"co$Mne-sMN!tion!lMPinoy#foun%er#n#rupon#n!nlolo+o#
contr!ct of the s!i% personnel ! cl!use -hich -ill co$pel the$ to be rep!tri!te% b!c+
to the Philippines -hene'er they !re to be prosecute% for offenses co$$itte% !bro!%
!!inst Philippine l!-" He li+e-ise stronly ure% the s!i% !encies to be $ore strict
!n% circu$spect in the selection of those to be hire% !bro!% to $!+e sure th!t they
-ill not co$$it !ny offense !!inst Filipinos there bec!use the pri$!ry obli!tion of
the o'ern$ent is the protection of its n!tion!ls"
The Co$$ittee resol'e% to continue/ e'en !fter its for$!l inBuiry into the
$!tter is close%/ the tiht $onitorin of the on:oin preli$in!ry in'esti!tions !n%
court tri!ls bein con%ucte% !!inst those !ccuse% toether -ith the continuin
in'esti!tions bein con%ucte% by t!s+ forces cre!te% by the 2O8 to protect OF(s"
The Co$$ittee -ill !lso ensure th!t the s!fety of co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses -ill be
i'en ut$ost !ttention by the !uthorities !n% th!t those Bu!lifie% to be enrolle% in the
-itness protection pror!$ -ill in%ee% be pl!ce% un%er the s!i% pror!$ !s lon !s
2urin the Fifth Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee/ hel% on Febru!ry .G/
.<=6/ the Ch!ir stronly ure% the 2O8 to put !ll the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses
un%er the (itness Protection Pror!$ @(PPA %ue to the f!ct th!t the 2O8 itself
%isclose% th!t the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses !re not !ble to !tten% the Preli$in!ry
In'esti!tion @PIA he!rins" The Ch!ir !ssure% the 2O8 th!t his office !n% the
Co$$ittee -ill help the 2O8 loc!te the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses by i'in their
n!$es !n% !%%resses" Ho-e'er/ the Ch!ir !lso c!lle% on the 2O8 to use !ll its po-ers
!n% $e!ns to ensure the !tten%!nce of co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses in !ll he!rins
consi%erin th!t the N)I is un%er the 2O8 !n% is $ore th!n c!p!ble of loc!tin their
-here!bouts" The Ch!ir li+e-ise reiter!te% th!t he sub$itte% !roun% t-enty:fi'e @.>A
n!$es of possible perpetr!tors of '!rious cri$es !!inst OF(s in %ifferent !re!s of
the *i%%le E!st !n% th!t he e?pects the 2O8 to in'esti!te !n% t!+e the necess!ry
,sst" Sec" 0il! Sh!h!ni of the 2ep!rt$ent of Soci!l (elf!re !n% 2e'elop$ent
@2S(2A too+ e?ception to the st!te$ent $!%e by ,sst" City Prosecutor 2!rlene
P!D!rito th!t the 2O8 is fin%in ! h!r% ti$e in oin !fter the so:c!lle% bi fishes
bec!use e'i%ence beyon% re!son!ble %oubt is nee%e% to ensure th!t the courts -ill
con'ict the$" ,sst" Sec" Sh!h!ni re$in%e% the 2O8 th!t !ll th!t is nee%e% is to file
c!ses !!inst !ll suspects irrespecti'e of their st!tus or r!n+ in o'ern$ent or the
pri'!te sector !n% th!t e'i%ence beyon% re!son!ble %oubt is not nee%e% in or%er to file
c!ses !!inst suspects but $ere e'i%ence sho-in prob!ble c!use" *s" Sus!n Ople of
the )l!s Ople Policy Center re$in%e% e'eryone th!t !lthouh 0!b!tt *us! !lre!%y
+ne- th!t there -!s !n !tte$pt by his %ri'er to r!pe the 'icti$/ he still !llo-e% his
%ri'er to resi%e in the shelter -here the 'icti$ -!s st!yin" She s!i% th!t 0!b!tt *us!
%i% not %o !nythin !bout the $!tter/ %i% not or%er !n in'esti!tion on it/ !n% %i% not
i$$e%i!tely report it to the ,$b!ss!%or/ -hich -!s the protocol in these c!ses"
In the Si?th Reul!r *eetin of the Co$$ittee hel% on *!rch =./ .<=6/
-hich -!s the l!st $eetin hel% to %iscuss the se?:for:fliht issue/ the Presi%in
Officer/ Co$$ittee 3ice:Ch!ir (eslie G!tch!li!n re!% ! letter prep!re% !n% sine%
by Ch!ir$!n (!l%en F" )ello/ %!te% *!rch =</ .<=6/ !%%resse% to 2O0E Secret!ry
Ros!lin%! )!l%oz re!r%in the s!i% issue" The letter re!%s !s follo-s&
9*!rch =</ .<=6
2e!r Secret!ry )!l%oz/
I !$ -ritin to e?press the re!t %is!ppoint$ent of the
Co$$ittee on O'erse!s (or+ers ,ff!irsF ,ff!irs !t the
sentence $ete% out to 0!bor ,tt!che to S!u%i ,r!bi!
,%!$ *us!" The one:$onth suspension -ithout p!y
for ! r!'e offence shoc+e% co$$ittee $e$bers/ -ho
e?pecte% ! $uch he!'ier pen!lty" One c!nnot si$ply be
!llo-e% to esc!pe -ith ! t!p:on:the:-rist for !tte$ptin
to bribe the 'icti$ of !n !tte$pte% r!pe by oneFs
subor%in!te" If $!y 'enture !n opinion/ *r" *us!
%eser'e%/ !t the le!st/ to be %is$isse% fro$ his position
!n% rec!lle% to the Philippines"
,t the l!st Co$$ittee $eetin on Feb" .G/ .<=6/
$e$bers of the Co$$ittee resol'e% to reBuest th!t you
reconsi%er the %ecision of the !%$inistr!ti'e p!nel !n%
$ete out the !ppropri!te pen!lty"
(e hope to he!r fro$ you soon on this reBuest for
(!l%en F" )ello @sine%A
Co$$ittee on O'erse!s (or+ersF ,ff!irs;
=" There !re !lle!tions of se?u!l !buse/ r!pe/ pi$pin !n%Mor se?u!l
h!r!ss$ent/ !n% ille!l e?!ction of fees/ !!inst cert!in offici!ls !n% contr!ctu!l
e$ployees of the Philippine o'ern$ent in %ifferent posts in the *i%%le E!st !s -ell
!s by so$e 9NGO le!%ers;" Those bein co$pl!ine% !!inst !re 0!bor ,tt!che
,%!$ *us!/ OIC 0!bor ,tt!che *!rio ,ntonio/ ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che ,ntonio
3ill!fuerte/ *r" 8ose C!sic!s/ *r" )l!s *!rBuez/ *r" El+y *!l'!s/ !n% NGO 0e!%er
,lbert Gu!nzon/ !$on others" There !re -itnesses !!inst the$ -ho h!'e co$e out
in the open to %enounce their !llee% $is%ee%s" Ho-e'er/ none of those !ccuse% h!'e
been con'icte% by the courts !s of this -ritin"
." *r" 8ose C!sic!s !n% *r" )l!s *!rBuez !re !$on the so:c!lle% 9loc!l
hires; or contr!ctu!l e$ployees of the Philippine o'ern$ent -ho h!'e been
re$o'e% fro$ office/ throuh !%$inistr!ti'e procee%ins/ !s ! result of the
co$pl!ints !!inst the$"
7" ,si%e fro$ !lle!tions of se?u!l !buse/ r!pe/ pi$pin !n%Mor se?u!l
h!r!ss$ent/ there !re !lso so$e !lle!tions of ille!l e?!ction of fees !n% corruption"
,$on se'er!l co$pl!in!nts/ one -ho oes by the n!$e of 9*!%!$ *!y; !llees/
!$on others/ th!t 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us! trie% to e?!ct t-o thous!n% fi'e
hun%re% to three thous!n% S!u%i Riy!ls @SRP./><<"<< to SRP7/<<<"<<A fro$ her for
the procure$ent of ! tic+et for her to be rep!tri!te% b!c+ to the Philippines" She
li+e-ise !llees th!t *r" *us! %i% not help her !cBuire ! o'ern$ent:pro'i%e% free
tic+et !n% th!t she herself/ out of her o-n $oney/ bouht the tic+et th!t en!ble% her to
o b!c+ ho$e" She !lso infor$e% the Co$$ittee th!t 9p!rt:ti$e;/ in the p!rl!nce of
Philippine o'ern$ent offici!ls !n% e$ployees in the *i%%le E!st/ $e!ns
6" ,nother co$pl!in!nt -ho oes by the n!$e of 9*iss ,nel; st!te%
th!t ,sst" 0!bor ,tt!che ,ntonio 3ill!fuerte !s+e% her if she -!nte% to o 9p!rt ti$e;
-hile -!itin to be rep!tri!te%"
>" , co$pl!in!nt -ho oes by the n!$e of 9*!%!$ 8une;/ on the other
h!n%/ !llees/ th!t -hen she souht the help of *r" *us! for rep!tri!tion/ he -!s
referre% by *r" *us! to ! cert!in Rene G!r%uce -ho tol% her to Dust touch !
police$!n -ith the tip of her finer @9+!l!bit;A H ob'iously suestin prostitution H
!n% th!t it c!n e!sily be re$o'e% !ny-!y by Dust t!+in ! b!th" She !%%e% th!t she
-!s then referre% by *r" *us! to ! cert!in 94uy! 8oDo; -ho !s+e% her if she h!%
$oney to buy !n !irline tic+et" She li+e-ise !llees th!t they -ere $!%e to sin !
%ocu$ent -hich s!ys th!t they recei'e% free !irline tic+ets e'en thouht they -ere the
ones -ho bouht the tic+ets -ith their o-n $oney"
G" ,s one of the %irect conseBuences of the e?pose of Rep" (!l%en )ello
on the se?u!l !n% other +in%s of !buses !!inst fe$!le OF(s by Philippine
o'ern$ent offici!ls !n% personnel/ Secret!ry 0eil! 2e 0i$! of the 2O8 or%ere% the
cre!tion of the 4u-!it ,nti:Tr!ffic+in T!s+ Force on Septe$ber .6/ .<=7 %ue to
nu$erous reports of !buses co$$itte% !!inst fe$!le OF(s in 4u-!it/ !n% the he!%
of the s!i% t!s+ force/ ,ssist!nt City Prosecutor 2!rlene R" P!D!rito/ sub$itte% !
report %!te% 2ece$ber =G/ .<=7 to Sec" 2e 0i$!" The report i%entifie% t-enty:nine
@.KA co$pl!in!nts -ith only fifteen @=>A of the$ pursuin for$!l !ction !!inst
!llee% offen%ers -ith three @7A -ho c!nnot be loc!te% !n% the rest no loner
intereste% in filin c!ses" There !re t-enty:fi'e @.>A in%i'i%u!ls/ inclu%in Philippine
o'ern$ent offici!ls in 4u-!it/ !n% t-el'e @=.A recruit$ent !encies th!t -ill be
subDecte% to further in'esti!tion" , briefer on the s!i% report h!s been rele!se% to the
public throuh the -ebsite of the 2O8"
I" The 4u-!it ,nti:Tr!ffic+in T!s+ Force reco$$en%e% the filin of
c!ses !!inst cert!in o'ern$ent offici!ls !n% e$ployees/ recruiters !n% e$ployees of
recruit$ent !encies for '!rious c!ses li+e 'iol!tions of the follo-in l!-s&
Tr!ffic+in in Persons ,ct @R, K.<L/ !s !$en%e% by R, =<7G6AJ the Co%e of
Con%uct of Public Offici!ls !n% E$ployees @R, GI=7AJ the ,nti:Gr!ft !n% Corrupt
Pr!ctices ,ct @R, 7<=KAJ !n% the *!n! C!rt! of OF(s @R, L<6./ !s !$en%e% by
R, =<<..A"
L" The Co$$ittee e?presse% its %is!ppoint$ent !t the pen!lty $ete% out
to 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us! throuh ! letter of Ch!ir$!n )ello %!te% *!rch =</
.<=6 -hich -!s recei'e% by the Office of 2O0E Secret!ry Ros!lin%! )!l%oz on
*!rch ==/ .<=6" In the s!i% letter/ the Co$$ittee e?presse% its 'ie- th!t the one:
$onth suspension -ithout p!y pen!lty on *r" *us! is ! $ere 9t!p:on:the:-rist for
!tte$ptin to bribe the 'icti$ of !n !tte$pte% r!pe by oneFs subor%in!te"; The Ch!ir/
!lso in the s!i% letter/ opine% th!t *r" *us! %eser'es to be rec!lle% to the Philippines
!n% %is$isse% fro$ his position" The Ch!ir li+e-ise infor$e% Sec" )!l%oz th!t the
Co$$ittee resol'e%/ %urin its Febru!ry .G/ .<=6 $eetin/ to reBuest the 2O0E
Secret!ry to reconsi%er the %ecision of the !%$inistr!ti'e p!nel 9!n% $ete out the
!ppropri!te pen!lty";
K" On *!rch =7/ .<=6/ 2O0E Sec" )!l%oz !nnounce% in the $e%i! li+e/
!$on others/ the *!nil! )ulletin @http&MM---"$b"co$"phM%ole:%ecision:on:$us!:
fin!lMA/ th!t there -!s no $otion for reconsi%er!tion file% by !ny p!rty in the c!se of
0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us! !n%/ therefore/ the %ecision bec!$e fin!l !n% e?ecutory"
=" The !llee% offenses of se?u!l !buse/ r!pe/ pi$pin !n%Mor se?u!l
h!r!ss$ent/ !n% ille!l e?!ction of fees/ !!inst cert!in offici!ls !n% contr!ctu!l
e$ployees of the Philippine o'ern$ent in %ifferent posts in the *i%%le E!st $ust be
resol'e% throuh pro:!cti'e %ue process -hich inclu%es the filin of !ppropri!te c!ses
in the courts -ithout %el!y !n% the prosecution of the s!i% c!ses -ith ut$ost 'ior to
!tt!in con'ictions -ithin ! re!son!ble ti$e perio% so th!t Dustice $!y be ser'e%"
." The o'ern$ent/ p!rticul!rly the 2O0E !n% the 2F,/ $ust resol'e the
issue of ho- to pre'ent si$il!r c!ses fro$ re:occurrin in the future in or%er to
pro'i%e the hihest for$ of protection for our OF(s/ especi!lly those in the *i%%le
=" It -!s b!re% by the Co$$ittee in'esti!tion th!t there is no sure -!y
of forcin Filipino citizens !bro!%/ -ho co$$itte% cri$es !!inst fello- Filipino
citizens/ to co$e b!c+ to the Philippines for prosecution of their c!ses e?cept for
public officers or e$ployees -ho co$$it !n offense in the e?ercise of their function"
,s ! result/ the o'ern$ent first nee%s to pro'e th!t the !ccuse% co$$itte% the
offense 9in the e?ercise of their function; before they c!n be force% to o b!c+ to the
Philippines for prosecution !n% th!t the !ccuse% !re in%ee% 9public officers or
e$ployees;" It h!s been borne out by the he!rins of the Co$$ittee th!t there is !
nee% for tre!ties to be neoti!te% !n% entere% into by the Philippines -ith other
countries/ !n% for the en!ct$ent of l!-s of preferenti!l !pplic!tion o'er the current
Re'ise% Pen!l Co%e/ to en!ble the Philippine o'ern$ent to for(i)*+ re,atriate
Filipino n!tion!ls !llee% to h!'e co$$itte% cri$es !bro!% 'ersus fello- Filipinos H
to inclu%e those -ho !re not public officers or e$ployees" Other-ise/ the !ccuse%
c!nnot be force% to f!ce tri!l in courts here in the Philippines"
." The Co$$ittee is incline% to i'e $ore prob!ti'e '!lue to the
st!te$ents of the co$pl!in!nts !s !!inst the $ere %eni!ls $!%e by the respon%ents"
The Co$$ittee/ especi!lly the Office of Ch!ir$!n )ello/ co$$its to follo-:up the
c!ses -ith the !ppropri!te o'ern$ent !encies such !s the 2O8/ the N)I/ !n%
prosecutors !ssine% therefor to ensure th!t e'erythin le!lly possible -ill be %one
!n% no stone is left unturne% to !tt!in Dustice for the co$pl!in!nts e'en if it t!+es ti$e
!n% e'en if the c!ses -ill re!ch the Supre$e Court"
7" The Co$$ittee foun% out/ throuh the testi$ony of !n intern!tion!lly:
reconize% non:o'ern$ent or!niz!tion le!%er/ *!" Cecili! Flores:Oeb!n%! of the
3is!y!n Foru$ Foun%!tion/ Inc"/ th!t one of the $!in c!uses -hy OF(s !re left open
to !buse !n% $!ltre!t$ent by foreiners !n% fello- Filipinos !bro!% is their %el!ye%
rep!tri!tion thereby e?posin the$ to %!ner !n% h!r$ for e'ery $inute $ore they
st!y !bro!% nee%lessly"
6" The Co$$ittee $!int!ins th!t the pen!lty of one:$onth suspension
-ithout p!y i$pose% on 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us! is ! $ere t!p:on:the:-rist/ th!t he
$ust no loner be poste% !bro!% henceforth/ !n% th!t he shoul% h!'e been $ete% !
pen!lty th!t is $ore co$$ensur!te to the !ctu!l offenses co$$itte%" The Co$$ittee
li+e-ise $!int!ins th!t it -ill be con%e$n!ble if other respon%ents in other c!ses/
herein in'esti!te% !n% in si$il!r c!ses th!t $!y !rise in the future/ -ill !lso be $ete%
'ery liht pen!lties %espite the ple! of the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses for enuine
=" Inclu%e un%er 9Ille!l Recruit$ent; specifie% un%er R, L<6./ !s
!$en%e% by R, =<<../ the in%uce$ent/ persu!sion/ encour!e$ent or recruit$ent of
!n OF( to co$$it prostitution or !ny se?u!l !n%Mor i$$or!l !ct in e?ch!ne for
$oney/ !irline tic+et/ f!'or/ speci!l tre!t$ent or !ny other consi%er!tion" 0i+e-ise/
inclu%e/ !s !$on those to be e?ten%e% free le!l !ssist!nce by the o'ern$ent/ the
filin !n% prosecution of c!ses in forein courts by OF(s !bro!% !!inst !ny !n% !ll
those -ho co$$it cri$es !!inst s!i% OF(s"
." The !r!'!tin circu$st!nce th!t $!nifies the -ron%oin of the
respon%entsM!ccuse% is th!t they !re o'ern$ent offici!ls !n% e$ployees precisely
t!s+e% to protect the rihts !n% pro$ote the -elf!re of OF(s/ !n% yet/ they !re the
ones th!t 'iol!te% the rihts/ persons !n% honor of the s!i% OF(s" The Co$$ittee
therefore reco$$en%s th!t the $!?i$u$ pen!lty both for the !%$inistr!ti'e !n%
cri$in!l offenses be i$pose% on the respon%entsM!ccuse%"
7" Further !$en% R, L<6./ !s !$en%e% by R, =<<../ to est!blish ! ti$e
li$it for the rep!tri!tion of OF(s rec+onin the st!rtin ti$e fro$ the %!te -hen !n
OF( e?presses hisMher %esire to be rep!tri!te% un%er re!son!ble circu$st!nces !n%
con%itions to be pro'i%e% by l!-" ,lso to be inclu%e% therein shoul% be the or%er of
priority of those -ho -ill be rep!tri!te% follo-in the ener!l rule of first:in/ first:out
-ithout !ny f!'oritis$ or speci!l tre!t$ent for the so:c!lle% 9chosen ones;"
6" The 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs/ toether -ith the 2ep!rt$ent of
0!bor !n% E$ploy$ent/ shoul% ensure th!t tre!ties/ $e$or!n%! of !ree$ent or
$e$or!n%! of un%erst!n%in -ill be neoti!te% !n% entere% into by the Philippines
-ith other countries/ to en!ble the Philippine o'ern$ent to forcibly rep!tri!te
Filipino n!tion!ls !llee% to h!'e co$$itte% cri$es !bro!% 'ersus fello- Filipinos H
to inclu%e those -ho !re not public officers or e$ployees"
>" The Co$$ittee shoul% $!+e represent!tions -ith the !ppropri!te
House Co$$ittee for the en!ct$ent of l!-s of preferenti!l !pplic!tion o'er the
current Re'ise% Pen!l Co%e to e$po-er the Philippine o'ern$ent to forcibly
rep!tri!te Filipino n!tion!ls !llee% to h!'e co$$itte% cri$es 'ersus fello- Filipinos
!bro!%/ to inclu%e those -ho !re not currently co'ere% by e?istin l!-s @i"e"/ those
-ho !re not public officers or e$ployeesA/ -ithout !ny nee% to pro'e th!t the offense
-!s co$$itte% in the e?ercise of their function"
G" The 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n% E$ploy$ent shoul% be pro:!cti'e in !ll
c!ses such !s those herein in'esti!te% by the Co$$ittee/ in !i% of leisl!tion/ so th!t
co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses on e?istin or si$il!r c!ses in the future -ill in%ee% be
infor$e% of !ll their rihts !t the proper !n% opportune ti$e li+e the riht to !ppe!r
before the bo%y con%uctin !%$inistr!ti'e procee%ins !n% the riht to file $otions
for reconsi%er!tion so th!t ! %ecision f!'or!ble to respon%ents -ill not i$$e%i!tely
beco$e fin!l !n% e?ecutory -ithout first !ffor%in the co$pl!in!nts !ll the necess!ry
$e!ns/ inclu%in free tr!nsport!tion/ free le!l !ssist!nce !n% fin!nci!l !ssist!nce"
I" The 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n% E$ploy$ent shoul% ensure th!t !ll
co$pl!in!nts in !ll c!ses such !s those herein in'esti!te% by the Co$$ittee/ in !i% of
leisl!tion/ -ill be i'en !ll the help they nee% inclu%in free tr!nsport!tion/ free
!cco$$o%!tion/ free le!l !ssist!nce !n% %irect fin!nci!l r!nts -hile they !re here in
the Philippines to pursue their c!ses" Co$pl!in!nts here in the Philippines $ust be
tre!te% !s thouh they !re !bro!% follo-in up c!ses in forein courts" OF(s %o not
ce!se to be 9Ne- Heroes; !n% no loner Bu!lifie% to recei'e !ll the !ssist!nce they
nee% Dust bec!use they !re here in the Philippines to pursue their c!ses"
L" The 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice shoul% file !ppropri!te c!ses !!inst !ll
respon%ents in !llee% cri$es herein in'esti!te% by the Co$$ittee !n% in si$il!r
!llee% cri$es th!t $!y be co$$itte% in the future s-iftly !n% -ithout re!r% for the
st!tus in life of the respon%ent H -hether heMshe is ! hih o'ern$ent offici!l or !
po-erful foreinMloc!l business$!n" The s!i% 2ep!rt$ent $ust !lso see to it th!t !ll
c!ses th!t it files in the prosecutorFs office or the court -ill be tre!te% -ith ut$ost
urency !n% sincerest %esire to see to it th!t Dustice is ser'e%"
K" The 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice !n% the Co$$ission on Hu$!n Rihts
shoul% !ssist/ holistic!lly !n% pro:!cti'ely/ the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses in the c!se
in'ol'in 0!bor ,tt!che ,%!$ *us! to fin% out if there is still !n !%$inistr!ti'e
re$e%y to the 'ery liht pen!lty i$pose% on the respon%ent in the s!i% c!se" The
!fore$entione% o'ern$ent !encies shoul% !lso e?ten% the s!$e robust !ssist!nce to
!ll other co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses in !ll other c!ses herein in'esti!te% by the
Co$$ittee !n% in !ll si$il!r c!ses th!t $!y !rise in the future"
=<" The 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice shoul% be pro:!cti'e in !ll c!ses such !s
those herein in'esti!te% by the Co$$ittee/ in !i% of leisl!tion/ so th!t co$pl!in!nts
!n% -itnesses on e?istin or si$il!r c!ses in the future -ill in%ee% be inclu%e% in the
(itness Protection Pror!$ !n% not $erely be pro$ise% to be inclu%e% in the s!i%
pror!$" The 2O8 shoul% !lso use !ll !'!il!ble po-ers/ c!p!bilities !n% resources in
its %ispos!l to !scert!in the -here!bouts of co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses/ !n%/ !fter
loc!tin the$/ pro:!cti'ely ensure @throuh the e?tension of !ll +in%s of !ssist!nce/
li+e free tr!nsport!tion/ free !cco$$o%!tion/ free le!l !ssist!nce/ security %et!il !n%
%irect fin!nci!l r!ntsA th!t the co$pl!in!nts !n% -itnesses -ill in%ee% be
p!rticip!tin !cti'ely in !ll he!rins/ -hether in the preli$in!ry in'esti!tions or in
the courts/ until the c!ses !re resol'e% -ith fin!lity"
==" The 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs !n% the 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n%
E$ploy$ent shoul% ensure th!t !ll $!nu!ls/ rules/ reul!tions/ %ep!rt$entMbure!u
or%ers !n% $e$or!n%! !n% other such issu!nces th!t nee% to be re'ie-e% or !$en%e%
-ill in%ee% un%ero such re'ie- or !$en%$ent in or%er for the s!i% !encies to
strictly be pro:!cti'e to pre'ent si$il!r c!ses li+e the ones herein in'esti!te% by the
Co$$ittee fro$ re:occurrin in the future" )oth %ep!rt$ents shoul% for$ul!te !
2F,:2O0E 8oint *!nu!l of Oper!tions for !ll o'ern$ent personnel !ssine% in
Philippine o'ern$ent officesMcenters !bro!%/ t!+in into consi%er!tion the so:c!lle%
9One Country Te!$ ,ppro!ch";
=." The 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs !n% the 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n%
E$ploy$ent shoul% ensure th!t the $!?i$u$ ti$e li$it for !n inci%ent to be reporte%
to the Philippine ,$b!ss!%or shoul% be cle!rly specifie% to pre'ent non:reportin or
%el!ye% reportin thereof" The inclusion in the contr!cts of 9loc!l hires; of the
-!i'in of their rihts !!inst forcible rep!tri!tion b!c+ to the Philippines shoul% !lso
brouht for %iscussion" 0i+e-ise to be consi%ere% shoul% be the non:ter$in!tion of
the contr!cts of s!i% 9loc!l hires; H !ccuse% of cri$es H until they !re rep!tri!te% to
the Philippines so th!t they -ill re$!in un%er the Duris%iction of the Philippine
=7" The 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs !n% the 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n%
E$ploy$ent shoul% ensure th!t no un!uthorize% personnel/ especi!lly ! $!le
un!uthorize% personnel/ is st!yin or li'in in !ny of the Filipino (or+ers Resource
Centers @F(RCsA or 9)!h!y:4!lin!; centers !bro!%"
=6" The 2ep!rt$ent of Forein ,ff!irs !n% the 2ep!rt$ent of 0!bor !n%
E$ploy$ent shoul% ensure th!t the !llee% pr!ctice of confisc!tin the OF(sF
p!ssports/ cellphones/ De-elries/ !n% other person!l properties by !nyone H especi!lly
by Philippine o'ern$ent offici!ls/ e$ployees/ or personnel !bro!% H -ill be stoppe%
once !n% for !ll"
=>" ,ll concerne% o'ern$ent !encies shoul% ensure th!t !ll persons/
Filipinos or foreiners/ to be hire% by Philippine o'ern$ent !encies !bro!% sh!ll
un%ero ! 'ery strict selection process to !'oi% the hirin of those -ho $!y co$$it
offenses in the future !!inst Filipinos !bro!%" , speci!lly:%esine% psycholoic!l
e?!$in!tion !n% ch!r!cter b!c+roun% chec+in shoul% be !%$inistere% for those
-ho -ill un%ero the s!i% selection process"
=G" ,ll o'ern$ent !encies shoul% ensure th!t the strict $!n%!te of
Republic ,ct No" K.<L or the ,nti:Tr!ffic+in:In:Persons 0!- of $!int!inin the
secrecy of the i%entity of co$pl!in!nts in tr!ffic+in !n% other c!ses sh!ll !l-!ys be
reliiously obser'e%"
=I" The 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice shoul% ensure th!t e'en if so$e or !ll
co$pl!in!nts sin !ffi%!'its of %esist!nce or refuse to pursue c!ses !!inst those
!ccuse%/ s!i% c!ses -ill still be pursue% by the o'ern$ent especi!lly if they in'ol'e
public cri$es"
=L" The 2ep!rt$ent of 8ustice shoul% i$$e%i!tely file c!ses !!inst hih
Philippine o'ern$ent offici!ls !ccuse% of !busin OF(s if there is pri$! f!cie
e'i%ence !!inst the$ !n% not -!it for e'i%ence beyon% re!son!ble %oubt to be
!there% first before c!ses !re file% !!inst the s!i% persons"
=K" Reul!r se$in!rs shoul% be con%ucte% in )!h!y:4!lin! Centers
!bro!% !$on OF(s st!yin there/ !n% those -ho $!y not be st!yin there but !re in
nee% of rep!tri!tion/ in or%er to e%uc!te the$ on the proper process of o'ern$ent:
sponsore% rep!tri!tion !n% !'!il$ent of free tic+ets so th!t they -ill not f!ll prey to
bl!c+$!il/ ille!l e?!ction of fees !n% other ille!l !cti'ities in their pursuit of
rep!tri!tion !n% of !cBuirin free tic+ets fro$ the o'ern$ent" Sufficient ti$e $ust
be pro'i%e% for open foru$ %urin these se$in!rs so th!t !ll the Buestions of OF(s
-ill be !ns-ere% %irectly by o'ern$ent officers !n%Mor e$ployees !uthorize% to
issue offici!l replies !n% st!te$ents to s!tisfy the Bueries of the OF(s concerne%"
These se$in!rs $ust !lso be the proper 'enue for OF(s to be infor$e% of the st!tus
of their '!rious reBuests !n% !pplic!tions/ inclu%in but not li$ite% to/ their
!pplic!tions for i$$e%i!te rep!tri!tion"
.<" ,ll concerne% o'ern$ent !encies shoul% ensure th!t !ll o'ern$ent
offices !bro!% h!'e e$erency hotlines !n% inter!cti'e -ebsites th!t !re !'!il!ble .6
hours:!:%!y/ I %!ys:!:-ee+ @.6MIA for OF(s/ especi!lly those in %istress/ to be !ble to
et proper !n% ti$ely !ssist!nce H le!l/ $e%ic!l/ etc" H fro$ their o'ern$ent
-hene'er the nee% !rises"
.=" The Co$$ittee shoul% follo-:up !ll c!ses herein in'esti!te% or
si$il!r c!ses th!t -ill !rise in the future @-hether !lre!%y file% or !-!itin filin in
the ProsecutorFs Office or the courtsA -ith the !ppropri!te o'ern$ent !encies to
ensure th!t e'erythin le!lly pursu!ble is %one to !tt!in Dustice for the
'icti$sMco$pl!in!nts re!r%less of the ti$e it -ill t!+e !n% until the c!ses !re %eci%e%
upon by the Supre$e Court -ith fin!lity"

Republic of the Philippines
House of Representatives
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Attached to this letter is the Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs report on the
committee hearings we have devoted on the house resolutions nos. 22 and 43
looking into the socalled !se"forflight# scheme. $n the course of our committee
hearings we have e"posed an intricate we% involving our officials who have se"uall&
a%used and e"ploited our O'Ws. $t was a disconcerting revelation that those who are
on the frontlines of defending our migrant workers were perpetrating these a%uses.

(he testimonies of the various victims and witnesses together with the evidence our
committee was a%le to gather painted the picture of a cli)ue of pu%lic officials who
are s&stematicall& running a prostitution, racketeering, and e"tortion ring while
dispensing their duties as pu%lic officials. Our consulates and em%assies and
government operated safe houses are no longer havens our migrant workers can
seek shelter from a%use.

We have also seen a sordid scheme perpetrated %& the *epartment of 'oreign
Affairs and the *epartment of +a%or and ,mplo&ment to ensure that the officials
involved in these a%uses are not held accounta%le for their crimes. A glaring e"ample
of this is the *'A-s incomplete investigation on the matter and its cover up of a rape
case involving one of its officials who a%used a 'ilipina O'W in $ran.

Also, there was the astonishing slap on the wrist meted %& *O+, to Assistant +a%or
Attache Antonio .illafuerte and +a%or Attache Adam /usa, who were charged %&
O'Ws, respectivel&, with attempted rape and coverup of an attempted rape. /usa
was simpl& given a one month suspension while .illafuerte was given a mere
reprimand. Adding insult to in0ur& is +a%or 1ecretar& 2osalinda 3aldo4-s defense of
*O+,-s handling of these cases arguing that the victims- failure to give further
testimon& weakened the cases and such decisions are final despite our committee-s
re)uest to reconsider them.

(his does not %ode well for our efforts to strengthen and reform these institutions. $f
%oth agencies are trul& committed to hold erring officials accounta%le and restore our
O'Ws trust in these institutions the& would have e"hausted all avenues and used
ever& resource at their disposal to secure the victims- testimonies and gather
sufficient evidence to hold their officials lia%le. 1adl& we did not see such efforts.
While %oth agencies have promised reforms to prevent such incidents of se"ual
a%use such as increasing female officers handling distressed female migrant
workers, we are worried that such reforms would %e an e"ercise in futilit& unless the
erring individuals are prosecuted.
Roo$ >=6/ South (in )uil%in
House of Represent!ti'es/ )!t!s!n P!$b!ns!
==.G Quezon City/ Philippines
Tel& @G7:.A K7=:><<= loc" I.K.
Telef!?& @G7:.A K7=:G>I>
A%$A&AN- Citi.ens/ A(tion Part+

(he disappointing response of *O+, and *'A can %e rectified %& the *epartment of
5ustice-s full commitment to prosecuting those involved in the se"forflight scheme.
As of now, the *O5-s prosecutors are investigating the merits of each case of a%use.
We e"pect no less than filing of criminal charges in court. We would also like to
remind 1ecretar& +eila *e +ima of her promise to use her agencies resources to
secure the protection of the witnesses. (his not onl& entails securing their safet& %ut
also ensuring that the victims are given the necessar& support from our government
to pursue their cases. We will hold 1ecretar& *e +ima to her promise.

Our recommendations to the agencies are contained in the report. $t details the
necessar& actions that officials of *O+,, *O5 and the *'A must take in order to
%ring the perpetrators of these a%omina%le crimes against our O'Ws to 0ustice. $t
reflects our committee mem%ers- collective resolve to trul& reform the institutions that
respond to our migrant workers- needs and restore the pu%lic-s trust in them.