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Happy Memorial Day to all our friends and family

in the US! We are thinking of you this weekend

from the other side of the world.. Here is a quick
update on our lives and ministry at the moment.
We seem to be going through a season of
challenges and testing. We keep getting slammed
with unexpected expenses and special needs which
mixed with recent lower monthly support has
made it very hard at times to meet even our most
basic needs. In addition, many people have come
to us for help and it breaks our hearts to not be
able to give everyone what they need. We do
what we can and have to trust the Lord for the
FAMI LY: Speci al Prayer Request
Prayer Requests:
For the leaders of Africa
Harvest of Hope, Alan
and Shannon Reed as
they raise funds for the
orphanage stateside.
Encouragement through
this challenging season.
Finding a good lawyer to
help us with the land
Additional financial and
prayer support.
Upcoming medical camp
in Kenya
Good health for all of us.
For plans for a possible
furlough at the end of the
year. For the right timing
and favor with the visa
Sports ministry for at risk
youth that is in the
works, especially as they
identify the most needy
Praise Report:
Elis return to good
health after a bad
Good mini-health
outreach at the
Nice visit by
Georges mom.
API Medi cal Camp i n Gem
In August API, the awesome
medical outreach ministry we
have been blessed to know
and help serve with, will be
putting on a weeklong
medical camp in Gem,
Georges rural home village.
We are thrilled to bring their
much needed services to this
"My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts," says the LORD. "And my ways are far beyond
anything you could imagine. Isaiah 55:8
April/May 2014
Georges mom came to Moshi. She was a blessing and
brought much laughter and encouragement.
THE ORWA chroni cles
We know we arent the only ones dealing with
things like this as many people we know in the US
(and in Kenya and Tanzania) are going through the
same situation. It sure has brought us closer to
the Lord as we constantly have to come to Him on
our knees for encouragement and peace.
In addition to that stress, we feel discouraged at
times with the slow progress of the orphanage.
Its just how it goes here, but waiting is still hard.
We have to remind ourselves that this is a
marathon, not a sprint and the Lords ways are not
our ways and thank goodness for that! We
would much rather choose the plans of the
Creator of the universe than our own, even if we
dont understand them in the moment.
So we ask for your prayers to get us through this
time. And that God would show us more
opportunities to serve Him. Thank you for letting
us be transparent with our emotions and needs.
Thank you for your prayers, love, financial support
and care you send our way. They mean so much
to us.
Lots of love,
George, Stacie and Eli

very poor area where
George grew up. To be able
to give back there means so
much to us.
Over the next two months,
well be working from here
to put things in place for the
teams arrival. We would
love your prayers as we make
arrangements such as the
hotel booking, pastor
training, church set up,
finding translators, etc. We
want everything to go well
for the team so as many
people as possible can be
reached and see the love
God has for them.
Check out our blog for stories, photos and prayer requests.
We update it frequently to keep you involved:
P.O.BOX 8893

Tel: +255714200660
George, Stacie & Eli Orwa
Ministry Update
In April, we put on a mini-
medical outreach with the folks at
the Playground Ministry. Their
goal is to help the kids and people
surrounding the playground with
their physical needs in addition to
their spiritual needs. They asked if
we could help and we said we
would love to.
Through special donations we
were able to get de-worming
medicine for 100 kids and hand
them out to their parents at the
Saturday event. We were also
able to get supplies for a wound
care station. George tended to
Mi ni - Heal th Outreach
George in the wound
care tent.
some of the kids who had wounds
- cleaning and bandaging and then
teaching them how to manage
them once they left.
The following week, we helped
with a special tooth brushing event
where the kids were taught
proper tooth brushing techniques
and sent home with toothbrushes
and tooth paste.
It has been a blessing to see what
God is doing through this ministry
and be able to join them in their
George and Stacie Orwa work with Africa
Harvest of Hope and are sent by Rancho
del Rey Church. They have to raise
100% of the funds to support their
work. If you feel called to join their
financial support team, tax deductible
monthly or one time donations can be
sent to:
Rancho del Rey Church
5651 Palmer Way Suite C
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Or online at
Be sure to note their name in the memo line.