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CIS 305 Project 2

The purpose of this assignment is to enable each student to use what they have learned in the course to
conceive, analyze, design, develop and implement a database application that fulfills a practical business
You are encouraged to pick an application domain that excites you. This is an individual project. Every
project should illustrate the following features:
Conceptual design of the domain,
Schema design for the application,
Sophisticated querying of the database,
Examples of the database are:
1. Operation of an academic department, such as Computer Information Systems Department at
College of Business Administration here. Focus is on improving efficiency of the operation.
Examples of an academic office operation are student management (pre-requisite verification,
independent study and internship registration, etc. management of department assets such as
equipment (such as notebook, etc), training materials (such as DVD, Video, etc.), alumni
management (record keeping of where they about, when they graduated, etc). Note you may
interview an academic department chair and/or office manager to obtain the data requirements)
2. Internship management system - management of sponsoring organization, management of
student applications, management of internship assignment and progress monitoring, etc. Note
you may consult an internship coordinator to gather the data requirements)
3. Restaurant operation including input and maintenance of inventory (raw materials), customers
and employees, sales, payment, etc.
4. Auto repair shops management or an online student dating service etc.

Project deliverables: (Due on 06/02/2014)
1. Project report (a Word file)
Please include following components in a MS Word file.
(1) Project description (25 points)
Project name
Business problem description
o The relevant background information about the organization (or pseudo
o Explain the practical problem the database is trying to solve (existing
problem description and proposed data requirements).
o Focus is on the questions that the database will be able to answer for the
decision makers.
(2) Conceptual database design
An E-R Diagram with appropriate cardinality notation (include at least four entity
types) (15 points)
A complete yet concise description of your semantic rules (business rules) (10 points)
(3) Logical database designconvert the ERD to a relational model (should be normalized at
least into 3NF).
A relational schema (10 points)
(4) Implementation (table, relationship diagram, query) using SQL Server 2012 (earlier version is
also acceptable).
A description of data type in each table (5 points)
A relationship (database) diagram created in SQL Server (10 points)
Screenshots of SQL statements and the query outputs (25 points)
o List five questions to be answered by writing database queries
o Paste the screenshot of SQL statements and query outputs after each
o At least two of the queries need to process two or more tables (use JOIN or
o At least one of the queries needs to use an aggregate function such as
COUNT(), SUM(), MIN(), MAX() and AVG()
o At least one of the queries needs to use GROUP BY and HAVING statement
2. Database files
(1) Database name:
When you create your database, name it as YourLASTNAME-F-P2. For
example, Barack Obama creates a database named OBAMA-B-P2.
Your project will not be graded if you do not meet the naming code.

(2) Database files:
Detach a copy of your database on MS SQL Server 2012
o Step1: Right click on the database (e.g., OBAMA-B-
P2)TasksDetachClick OKthe database will disappear from
the database list.
o Step2: Locate database files
C:/Program files or Program files (x86)/Microsoft SQL
Find OBAMA-B-P2.mdf and OBAMA-B-P2.ldf
Submit the files to Blackboard
o Step3: Attach your database
Right click on DatabasesAttachclick Addbrowse the
mdf file you want to attach (e.g., OBAMA-B-P2.mdf)click
OKconfirm file names (mdf & ldf) and click OK
Check if the database is attached successfully.
Query files
o Attach all query files you created (e.g., bestCustomer.sql)
When you submit your project on Blackboard, you need to attach two
database files, five or more sql files (if you create more than one query to
answer a question), and the word file (for the project report).
o The data file (e.g., OBAMA-B-P2.mdf)
o The log file (e.g., OBAMA-B-P2.ldf)
o The word file (e.g., OBAMA-B-P2.docx)
o The sql files (e.g., bestCustomer.sql)