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Memorandum or
Short Reports

Please examine the question and marking guide and/or check with your tutor as the specific
memorandum report format required may vary.

The memorandum or short report is a written presentation of factual information based on an
investigation. It involves interpreting and/or deducing from the information, to provide
recommendations to improve a situation or to solve a problem. It is usually one page in length
and begins with the headings:





The three basic sections that follow are:


This introduces the purpose of the report, or the problem to be investigated or reported on.

It may include the terms of reference and a brief outline or background to the issue or
relevant circumstances.

The terms of reference sets out the purpose and scope of the report. It states:

who asked for the report,

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what specifically is asked for, and
when it is due.

The body states the procedure (methods) used to gather the information (findings), for
example, interviews, questionnaires, visits, observations and/or research

Often set out in paragraphs under subheadings and/or numbers, the findings are the
specific and relevant facts obtained e.g. the garden centre customers often come in family

The paragraphs should contain a topic sentence containing the main idea, and this should
be adequately supported with details of the evidence and findings.

Paragraphs should be arranged in a logical order.


It summarises the clear and logical deductions or interpretations from the findings e.g. the
needs of especially the seniors and young children should be catered for.

It gives suggestions or recommendations on what exactly should be done, how, and who
should take the specific action(s), in order to fulfil the purpose of the report, or to solve
the problem(s) e.g. set up a play area for young children, and provide benches for seniors
near the play area.

(Note: Introduction, Body and Conclusion are NOT used as headings in the memo Report. They
simply identify the three essential main parts of the memorandum report).

The writer ends the report with his or her signature, to acknowledge responsibility for the accuracy
and quality of the report.