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BTEC- Level 7

EDSML in strategic Management and

Project Development and implementation for
strategic managers
(Unit 17)
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At first I would like to praise to my almighty GOD who give me strength and knowledge to
make this assignment. I want to express thanks to my lecturer for providing precious
suggestion and supervision. She inspires me how to make assignment as well as she gives us
valuable materials and examples for making this assignment, it was really very helpful for
me. I also want to say thanks to Blake hall college authority to provide nice environment and
all kind of facilities to make this assignment. Finally I want to express thanks to some of my
classmate who were group partner with me, we help each other for making this assignment.

Table of contents
Stage 1:
1.1 Analysis the factors which give to the process of project selection with relation of JP
1.2. Improve outline project specifications for the implementation of a new product for JP
1.3 Specification for the particular project to implement product or process:
Stage 2
2.1 project plan for agreed project for JP Apparel:
2.2 matching appropriate resources for the project:
2.3 Costing all the resources required to implement the project;
2.4 Timescale for the management and implementation of the project:
2.5 Appropriate strategy planning to implement of project:
Stage 3:
3.1 Explain obstacles which hamper implementation project in accordance with an approved
3.2 Improve right measures for monitoring and evaluating process and outcome:
3.3 Assess issues in monitoring the implementation of the project:
Stage 4:
4.1 Outcomes of the project in terms of the original project specification:
4.2 Assess the outcome of the project:
4.3 Recommendation for improving the project:
Stage 5:
5.1 produce a report of all project procedures used:
5.2 Explain the outcomes of project to audience using agreed format and appropriate media:

In this assignment there are lots of factors which the company must look for making it a
successful project. In this case I am going to discuss about the project development and
implementation for the strategic managers in order to complete a new project in the London
for the JP Apparel Company. To complete a new project, it is very important for a project
manager to selection project and project specification for the implementation. After that there
are some more important things like, strategic planning for the project, matching appropriate
resources, budgets, estimate time and so on.
A project in an organisation and science is a collaborative enterprise, regularly involving
research or design which is well planned in order to achieve a particular goals and targets.
(Source: Oxford English Dictionary)

Company profile:
JP Apparel is a sportswear company which is situated in the Northern Beaches of Sydney,
New South Wales. They are link with some educational board and they are providing shirts,
hats, Hoodies, polos-Gildan, Sweats-Gildan,T-Shirts-Gildan, Tracksuits, Youth-Gildan and
sweatshirts for state champion in the all major sports. They also provide their products to the
universities and college for some special ceremony and sports events. They also provide logo
apparel for different kind of ceremonies and sports events. They are totally unique from their
competitors because first they listen and understand consumers needs and demands after that
they supply products within 28 days. Especially they are making wears for Basketball,
Cricket, Rugby League, Compression Wear, and some casual wears as well.

1.1 Analysis the factors which give to the process of project
selection with relation of JP Apparel:

(Source: www.Google image)

Technological factor:
By the influence of modern technology any company will able to develop productivity of
labour, decrease transportation costs, production and communication costs as well. In this
modern era technology is very important for every organisation. By the modern technology
JP Apparel company may able to improve their sales and profit as well as fulfil their
corporate goals and targets. Example of it comprises changes which affect the manufacture
and supply of a service or product for a company.
Economic factor:
The main focus of economic factor is the overall consumption and investment in a company.
A stable economy is helpful for an organisation to develop their business. On the other hand
an unstable economy is not good for a company, it enlarge risks for the business and
discourage investment as well. JP Apparel should make sure that their economy will be
stable then it will helpful for their business. Example of it comprises national income, policy
of tax, policy of foreign exchange, inflation rate and so on.
Physical factor:
Physical factor is very important for a company to select a project. It is involve with physical
location and natural environment and economic development of the countries. A positive
physical environment involves with well organized infrastructures for instance well transport
facilities, seaport, and airport and so on. To select project JP Apparel Company should focus
physical factors properly.
Cultural and social factor:
The main focus of social and cultural factor is the productivity and labour supply for the
company. It includes structure of population, language ability and educational qualification
and so on. It is also helpful to select customers as well. For instance some countries women
cannot go outside for hard work for the weather or religion barrier. JP Apparel Company
should follow social and cultural factor in order to select their project.

Political factor:
Political factor is directly related with a countrys law and regulation and political system.
Business laws, labour laws, licensing laws, and customers laws are involve with laws and
regulation systems. Political systems include with authoritarian and democratic. Stable
political situation is very important for a company to invest new project. Before selecting a
new project JP Apparel Company should make sure that there political situation is stable.

1.2. Improve outline project specifications for the implementation
of a new product for JP Apparel:
Project specification:

(Source: www. Google image)

It is very important issue to create a proper project specification after selecting project when
carrying out with the objective for producing a product. (Kohli 2006 page: 69). After
preparing a suitable project specification it is important to identify present needs and
demands of the consumers, market possibility, any lacking in the market which will satisfy to
the customers. After that JP Apparel Company should assess the current resources of the
company that might be use for the new project. When a project produce a completely new
product it is not sensible to add all the character which the consumers are enthusiastic to have
in those products. The JP Apparel Company can be able to fulfil the features which they can
add according their final product specifications.JP Apparel Company can analyse the
resources of company by the Rad and Anantatmula (2005, page:167).

1.3 Specification for the particular project to implement
product or process:
The project specification is very important for understanding the real output which they are
willing to produce and plain understanding about the project. The clear idea and
understanding about the output is willing to provide can be a key factor which decides on the
failure or succession of a project. Barker and Rawtani (2005, page 74). There are all the
features of the outcome of the project in the project specification. And it will be helpful for
the customers to find out whether this product will be used for fulfilling their needs and
JP Apparel is a sportswear Company and it is situated in Sydney Australia. They are
providing shirts, hats, hoodies, T-shirts, gildans, and some casual wears as well. They also
provide logo apparel for some special ceremonies and sports events. Especially they are
making wears for Basketball, Rugby league, Cricket, and compression wears.
Recently they are going to open a new project in the UK. For this new project their estimate
budgets is 35000 and their team will be 12 and they want to complete this new projects
within four months from the beginning.
Project management, planning and implementation cycle:
By the project management and planning project manager can optimize that they have
sufficient resources to complete the project. The resources includes are manpower, skills,
commitment, budgets, equipments and systems. To make a project successful and acquire the
objectives, it is really hard to understand and plan for project cycle. The project cycle is
includes activities, performance of task for leading to success. (Forsberg, Mooz and
Cotterman, 2005)
After examining different aspects then the product specification for the project can be set that
can be goals and target of the company, customers needs and demands, present resources
whatever they have, and more resources for the future on order to complete this project.
Stone (2010, page: 12)

Stage 2
2.1 project plan for agreed project for JP Apparel:
According to Heldman and Mangano (2009, page 10) project planning is very important for
the project management. A proper project plan can make an operation easy for the team and it
can be support progress of the project. And it also supports to improve innovative thinking,
find out the measures for evaluating the success of the project, and deliver a proper
calculation about the money, time, people, equipments and so on required for the project.
Objective should be SMART then it will easy to recognize the activities and the schedule of
the activities which is going on according to the progress of the project. In the project plan
there are involve cost plan, quality plan, time plan, communication plan, delivery plan
resources plan and so on. A sample of a project plan for the JP Apparel Company is given
Project duration: it should be complete within 4 months.
Budget of project: 35000 is estimate project costs.
Quality of project: quality will be high level.
Resources: human and financial resources, physical assets.
Communication: every week meeting with all project members.

To make a project plan JP Apparel Company need to focus:
Find out Scope of the project
Select Objectives of the project
Work break down for JP Apparel new project:
Activities Beginning date Time duration in
Finishing date
Location finding 01.12.2013 7 08.12.2013
Project plan 08.12.2013 5 13.12.2013
Probability study 13.12.2013 6 19.12.2013
Fund arranging 19.12.2013 7 26.12.2013
Costing &
27.12.2013 10 06.01.2014
Arranging office
07.01.2014 8 15.01.2014
Buying machineries 16.01.2014 14 30.01.2014
Employees hiring 01.02.2014 15 16.02.2014
Buying raw materials 17.02.2014 20 06.03.2014

2.2 matching appropriate resources for the project:
Man power resources:
Serial Rank Quantity
1. Project manager 1
2. Human resource manager 1
3. Finance manager 1
4. Team leader 1
5. General worker 4

Machineries resources:
Serial Name of machine Quantity
1. Computer 5
2. Cotton machine 1
3. Dyeing machine 1
4. Knitting machine 1
5. Weaving machine 1
6. Spinning machine 1
7. Flat lock machine 1
8. Hole making machine 1
9. Button attaching machine 1
10. Printing machine 1

Materials resources:
Serial Name of materials Quantity
1. Fabric 2000Yard
2. Cotton 2 Ton
3. Wool 1 Ton
4. Sewing thread 500 kg
5. Label 100 Mitres
6. Zip 100 kg
7. Hooks 100 kg
8. Needle 10 Boxes
9. Button 100 kg
10. Packing materials 500 kg
11. Safety materials 5 Sets

Funding resources:
Serial Name of funding sources Quantity of money
1. Personal savings 10,000
2. Family and friends 7,000
3. Banks 5,000
4. Government guaranteed loans 8,000
5. Finance companies 5,000
Total 35,000

2.3 Costing all the resources required to implement the project:
One of the most important constrictions out of the triple constraints that are there when
carrying out a project is the capital that is needed for spending when project operation will
continue. Milksell (2010:p.315). That is why the costing of all resources of project is very
important to finish a project successfully. The cost of all resources of JP Apparel new project
is given bellow:

Cost of resources:
Serial Name of resources Estimate cost
1. Premises 5,000
2. Man power 6,000
3. Machineries 7,000
4. Raw materials 6,000
5. Office equipments 1,000
6. Vehicles 2,000
7. Working capital 8,000
Total 35,000

2.4 Timescale for the management and implementation of the
When project decision will be fixed then another important thing is the time scale of the
project to undertake with the goals of delivering a specific product few factors takes into
account. It can be resource availability of the project, customers needs and demands, the
goals and targets of the company and so on. Schwalbe (2006:p.235)
Timescale for the management and implementation of JP Apparel new project:
1 premis

2 Project

3 Fund 30

4 Recruit

5 Machin

6 Raw

7 Office

2.5 Appropriate strategy planning to implement of project:
After finishing the plan of the project then it is important to implement the project and it must
be controlled in the right way to achieve the expected deliverables of the project. Cohen and
Graham (2001, page: 4).
Some strategies for the JP Apparel Company are given bellow:
Functional strategy planning:
Monitor and control the whole project
Harmonization and communication among all project members
Allocate individual responsibilities
Provide based organizing work for the project
Segment important task/function among the project members
Areas of planning:
The project task planning
Organization and resources planning
Budget or money arrangement planning
Information system planning
Project strategy planning for setting steps:
Project objectives setting
Categorize the project task activities
Generate the project organisation
Making the project schedule
Resources and budgeting plan
Making a future plan of cost, work, and time for the project.
Strategies and objectives for the project:
There are some questions for making project strategies and objectives like, when, what and
who does.
What are the goals for technical and performance?
What are the objectives for time duration of the project?
What are the objectives for budget?
What scope given to contractors?
How many contractors needs for this?
Work breakdown structure:
The work breakdown structure is known as a represents a systematic and logical break down
of the product into this project component parts. Break down structure helps:
Controlling, monitoring, developing and information system
Plan by dividing the task into manageable components that can plan, budget and
Allocate of responsibilities for the task elements.
Some important strategy to success project implementation:
Best control management
Sufficient formulation
Appropriate implementation planning
Funds arrange timely
Advance preparation.

Stage 3:
3.1 Explain obstacles which hamper implementation project in
accordance with an approved specification:
When a new project will be select then its needs to run into implementation period, during
this time project manager should explain organisational business strategy with direction and
instruction to the project members. This is one of the hard works for the project manager.
After setting the project specification, it is very important for all the members of project to
follow the formal acceptance for setting project specification in order to complete the project.
Kerzner (2009.page:431)
7s model of the McKinsey (Robert H Waterman, 1980) can be applied for JP Apparel:
Strategy: To start a new JP Apparel project right strategy and plan is very important
in order to complete the project and fulfil the corporate goals and targets.

Structure: By creating proper balance between right infrastructures and enormous
manpower to ensure that JP Apparel has accurate platform to complete this project.

Style culture: JP Apparel has a unique way to dealing with customers. They should
continue their style for the customers.

Skills: After recruiting staffs with different kind of skills JP Apparel should provide
proper training to the employees for improving their skills in order to achieve
corporate goals and targets.

Staffs: motivation to the staffs is very important for every organisation. The manager
of JP Apparel should motivate to their employees in the proper ways.
System: synchronization between all departments in the JP Apparel Company is very
important to achieve their objectives.

Shared purpose: All the staffs of JP Apparel should work same purpose with
responsibility to fulfil objectives as the job assigned.

Organizational chart:

(Source: organizational chart from Google image)

Several ways to meet the project specification:
1) Project manager should keep observation after launching business that everything is
going on according to the plan.
2) Customers interaction and requirements should keep for improving the product or
3) The professional management team of JP Apparel will control time frame and
productivity for running business cost effectively.

3.2 Improve right measures for monitoring and evaluating
process and outcome:
To complete the project successfully, it is very important for all project members to finish
every task properly. Gudda (2011. Page: 39). By the project tracking and reviewing, project
manager can ensure four main project variables like, performance, cost, time and scope that
are very important to complete project successfully.
Some key elements of the project tracking are given bellow:
Scope of task
Project well-designed
Success feature
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Work packages for hard way work for improving additional level
Estimate and Budgets
Supporting schedule
Funding plans
Quality management plans
Analyse about stakeholders
Analyse client and management.
Some essential elements that can use JP Apparel for monitoring and evaluating the
project progress and outcomes:
Analyse demand level of the product outcome
Consumption rate of resources
Data report of progress
Monitor the activities that all ready completed.
Quality of Project management
Risk assessment.

3.3 Assess issues in monitoring the implementation of the project:
The project manager should keeping proper monitoring systems through the whole project to
identify any features in the project operation. Also they can monitor and evaluate the
performances of the workers, activities of the project, tacking the resources consumption,
market situation and so on. Taylor (2007. Page: 141).
The 4 keys can apply JP Apparel for monitoring the implementation:
Time: The implementation should be completed by the deadline. If implementation
will not finish by the time frame then JP Apparel will lose money that is why it is very
important to complete project on time.
Resource: Enough resources are very essential to complete project successfully. JP
Apparel should make sure that they have enough resources like, technical resources,
human resources, financial resources and so on.
Action: JP Apparel should take proper action to fulfil their corporate goals and targets
like, communicate with stakeholders, hiring staffs, market survey, market segment
and so on.
Funds: To complete a project enough fund is very essential. Without sufficient funds
a project manager will not able to complete project properly. So JP Apparel project
manager should make sure that they have enough funds to complete this project
According to the law of Ireland:
Quality is the totality of features and characteristic of a product or service that bear on its
ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. (Ireland,1991).
Project quality should be considered at least 2 keys ways:
Technical quality: Calculate the number of defects and positive number
Observation of quality: Aspect can be calculated by customer association,
stakeholder approval and so on.

Stage 4:
4.1 Outcomes of the project in terms of the original project
The project outcomes may not be same according the plan because of rate of performance,
rate of the consumption of the resources, numbers of the completed task, and effectiveness of
the activities of the project. Friedlein (2001, page: 100).

Some outcomes that JP Apparel achieved:
Stakeholders approval
Satisfy customer association
Fulfil consumers needs and demands
Competitive cost
Unique product and service.
Some outcomes that JP Apparel not achieved:
Low invest low profit
Lacking of raw materials.
According to present market situation of UK 35000 is very low investment. I think if JP
Apparel invests more in this project then it will be more profitable business for them and they
will able to earn more money from this project.

4.2 Assess the outcome of the project:
Ending product evaluating of the project is very important because by the evaluating the
ending products it will be easy for the project manager to identify the failure or success of the
product and if needs any refine for them. Some evaluating of the product are given bellow
that can use JP Apparel:
Service evaluating:
Evaluating elements Satisfactory in percentage
customers needs and demands 95%
Client feedback 90%
Stakeholders feedback 85%

Financial evaluating:
Evaluating elements In percentage
Profit from sports wears 60%
Profit from casual wears 30%
Profit from others 10%

Some different steps of project evaluation are given bellow:
Presenting and defining the project aims
Collection all data for monitoring
Analyse and investigate all data
Amendment according to the project objectives
Some process involve with evaluating:
Explain the project with the scope calculation
Measure the achievement
Point out several areas for increasing
Find out lacking for improving.
Some Appholic Interactive evaluating criteria for project evaluation:
Quantity of products created in due time
Percentage of feedback by the consumers
Increase of new customers
Generation of revenue if match with project
Staffs motivation and giving new idea
Increasing the reputation of the company for new business
Brand image.

4.3 Recommendation for improving the project:
According on our experience, one of the important issues which can cause an event to fail is
because of the consumers needs and demands. Most of the customers used to last minute
change to the requirements. If project manager fail to provide enough time line within the
project time frame then project will fail either in terms of fulfilling the of consumers
To improving the project of JP Apparel, some recommendations are given bellow:
Find superiority material
Try to decrease faults
Find out expert for the project activities
Emphasis on the issue which can arise
Develop the communication system
Build a strength full team.
Some more recommendation to the JP Apparel to continuous improvement:
Action 1: Define helpful and functional methods.
Action 2: Establish of a workplace procedure configuration.
Action 3: Use common and popular methods
Action 4: Try to overlook employees errors but not systematic errors.

Stage 5:
Project selection is very important to complete a new project successfully. Before selecting a
new project, project manager should follow some methods like, SWOT analysis, risk
assessment, market survey and so on. Planning for the project, monitoring and evaluating of
the project operation, estimate cost and time are also very essential in order to carry out
project properly. In the conclusion I would like to say, the project manager of JP Apparel
should follow all above things whatever all ready discussed to complete this new project

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