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August 2011

Bachelor of Civil Engineering 3620

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Semester 1
MATH1131 Maths 1A
MATH1141 Higher Maths 1A
CVEN2301 Mechanics of Solids CVEN3201 Applied
Geotechnics and Engineering
CVEN4030 Honours Thesis A
CVEN4002 Design Practice A
PHYS1121 Physics 1
PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A

CVEN2501 Principles of Water
CVEN3301 Structural Analysis
& Modelling
General Education

ENGG1000 Engineering
Design and Innovation
General Education

CVEN3401 Sustainable
Transport & Highway
Professional Elective 1

ENGG1811 Computing MATH2019 Maths 2E CVEN3501 Water Resources
Professional Elective 2

Semester 2
CVEN1300 Engineering
Mechanics for Civil Engineers
Required elective
CVEN2002 Engineering
Computations for Civil
CVEN3031 Civil Engineering
CVEN4031 Honours Thesis B
CVEN4003 Design Practice B
GMAT1110 Engineering
Surveying & GIS
Recommended elective
CVEN2101 Engineering
CVEN3101 Engineering
Operations & Control
Professional Elective 3

MATH1231 Maths 1B
MATH1241 Higher Maths 1B
CVEN2201 Soil Mechanics CVEN3302 Structural
Behaviour & Design
Professional Elective 4

MATS1101 Engineering
Materials and Chemistry
Recommended elective
CVEN2302 Materials &
CVEN3502 Water &
Wastewater Engineering
Professional Elective 5

August 2011
Civil Engineering professional electives may be selected from the following list. Not all electives are offered each year.

Engineering Construction and Management
CVEN4101 Projects and People
CVEN4102 Planning and Finance Practices
CVEN4103 Project Performance
CVEN4104 Project and System Skills
Geotechnical Engineering
CVEN4201 Rock and Slope Engineering
CVEN4202 Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
CVEN4203 Geomechanics
CVEN4204 Ground Improvement and Monitoring Techniques
CVEN4205 Contaminated Site Engineering
Structural Engineering
CVEN4301 Advanced Concrete Structures
CVEN4304 Structural Analysis and Finite Elements
CVEN4305 Advanced Materials Technology
CVEN4307 Steel and Composite Structures
CVEN4308 Structural Dynamics
Transport Engineering
CVEN4401 Urban Transport Planning
CVEN4402 Transport Systems Network Analysis
CVEN4403 Transport Systems Queuing Theory
CVEN4404 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering
Water Engineering
CVEN4501 Catchment Modelling and Water Resources Management
CVEN4502 Coastal Engineering
CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation
CVEN4504 Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
CVEN4505 River Engineering
CVEN4703 Advanced Water Quality Principles