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Understanding different ways of doing Academic Research

It is true to say that Academic research is the most significant way to let student explore the world that
is specifically of a great interest to them. It also assists people to share their ideas and findings they seek
while conducting an academic research. People can form a concept or idea through information that is
collected from various sources and attain good grades by critically analyzing the information they obtain
accordingly. But, this is only possible if one is aware of the several ways of doing an academic research
in their area of interest.
Therefore, it is important to understand different ways of conducting an academic research as it is
extremely critical aspect of college academic assignments and distinct course works. It is an integrated
approach towards his academic responsibility. Students need to have the capability to carefully analyze
the information in order to maintain the originality of his work and make it plagiarism free. This is the
first step towards academic success while doing a research. This is the only phase where an individuals
ability is judged and linked with his own creativity. More than that, it would let him to create his own
original essay that carries a great significance in the scope of an academic paper. The mentioned ways
are the most common ways of carrying out an academic research.
The first and foremost method of conducting an academic research is known as participant observation.
In this method, a student or researcher has to become a member of the scenario or situation he is
conducting a research on. This lets a researcher to attain information from the first or original source
and seek a personal experience of that particular situation. The example of this method can be related
to conducting a research on a small group of people, which can either be overt or covert.
Another method is widely relevant to those students who have limited resources like time to do an
academic research. This method is better known as cross sectional studies. This method necessitates
the research on distinguished people or corporations that have many similarities and differences
between them. This particular research can also help an aspirant to conduct a research on finding out
the correlation between the time that is spent on watching television and obesity by linking his research
with a random population selected as a sample. So, this would finally involve the student asking the
participants about their weight and the duration of their leisure time spent on watching television.
These samples basically represent a larger population.
Another helpful research is named as the usage of case studies. This research is focused on an in depth
analysis of a particular topic of specific subject. This research method helps an individual to gather
information in the form of qualitative or quantitative research. These case studies can be further utilized
to develop several theories that can be experimental, descriptive, illustrative or explanatory. This can
further help an individual to associate them to prevailing theories on the situation that is under
The bottom line is that an academic research plays a pivotal role in improving an individuals
performance because he attains a great understanding of doing an academic research. This will
eventually help him to seek an academic success. Students are also in favor of this particular way of
understanding different ways of carrying out an academic research as the scenario and design of his
research allows them to carefully opt for the methodologies they intend to employ. This will further
create a great impact on the analysis of data and collection procedure.