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Dreams in the WH (Solo) 874pg

lookup father iwanicki from st stanislaus church

KMs trial !
"sse# $ounty %ecor&s ' $ourt of (yer a terminer ()) ! she a&mitte& un&er pressure to *u&ge
Hathorne of lines an& cur+es that coul& ,e ma&e to point out &irections lea&ing through the walls of
space to other spaces ,eyon&- an& ha& implie& that such lines an& cur+es were fre.uently use& at
certain mi&night meetings in the &ark +alley of the white stone ,eyon& Mea&ow Hill an& on the
unpeople& islan& in the ri+er/ She ha& spoken also of the 0lack Man- of her oath- an& of her new
secret name of 1aha,/ 2hen she ha& &rawn those &e+ices on the walls of her cells an& +anishe&/
13$s !
Hushe& 4rkham whispers a,out Ke5iahs persistent presence in the ol& house an& narrow streets/
4,out irregular human tooth marks left on certain sleepers in that an& other houses/
4,out the chil&ish cries hear& near May!"+e an& Hallowmass/
4,out the stench often note& in the ol& houses attic 6ust after those seasons/
4,out the small- furry- sharp!toothe& thing which haunte& the mol&ering structure an& the town an&
nu55le& people curiously in the ,lack hours ,efore &awn/
Walter 7ilman !
came from Ha+erhill- he ,egan to connect mathematics with legen&s of el&ar magic- rea& pror to
a&+enture the necro- ,ook of ei,on an& unasussprec kulten/
8an&lor& !
stoli& ! $alm- &epen&a,le- an& showing little emotion- animation- &ull- impassi+e/
8oft an& slope room ' no amount of persuasion will allow in+estigation of these places/
9rank "lwoo& ' Same stu&ent
not that ,right/
*oe Ma5urewic5 !
%oom on the groun& floor/
Superstious- prays- ram,ling stories/
Story ' 4,out ol& Ke5iah an& the furry- sharp fange& nu55ling thing/ (so ,a&ly haute& at times that
only his sil+er crucifi# coul& ,ring him relief/) :m praying ,ecause the witches sa,,ath is &rawing
near/ When hells ,lackest e+il roams the earth an& all the sla+es of satan gather for nameless rites
an& &ee&s/ 2here will ,e ,a& &oings- a chil& or two will pro,erly go missing/ (he knows this
through his gran&mother who tol& there gran&mother) it is wise to pray an& count ones ,ea&s at this
season/ (; months KM an& 0* ha+e not ,een near his room an& he thinks that they are up to no
goo& ,ecause of it/
(later ' he sees the witch light coming from your room- an& says it is the witch an& 0* huanting you
an& a&+ices you to take another room an& get a crucifi#/)
Ke5iah Mason
Des ' ,ent ,ack- long nose an& shri+elle& chin/ With shapeless ,rown garments/
0rown *enkin !
Des '
1o larger than a goo&!si5e& rat- ha& long hair- sharp teeth an& ,ear&e& face was e+illy human while
its paws were like tiny human han&s/ (it nurse& on the witchs ,loo&)/ (its +oice a lothsome titter- an&
spoke all languages/)
<=>? no less than ele+en persons ha& testifie& to glimpsing it/
Har& to rent out- house is unpopular- room is easy to secure/ 3olish lan&lor& grown weary a,out
renting it/
2im,er an& plaster walls- paper ha& peele&/
KM %oom !
4 goo& si5e room- ,ut .ueerly irregular shape@ the north wall slanting inwar& from the outer to the
inner en&- while the low ceiling slante& gently &ownwar& in the same &irection/
Moul&y- unhallowe& garret ga,le (wrote an& stu&ie& on)/
Meagre iron ,e&- cheap mantel clock/
Searching aroun& the room re+eales nothing (ghosts- rats ect) an o,+ious rat hole an& signs of other
stoppe& up ones/ (if try to stop up- than real rats gnaw away o,struction/ :f stoppe& up with tin-
make a new one/) 1o access (or appearance of access) to the space which must ha+e e#iste&
,etween the slanting wall an& the straight outer wall (on the north si&e)/
(utsi&e !
,oar&e& up win&ow (slant room) at a remote &ate/
8oft !
likely has a slanting floor looks to ,e inaccessi,le/ :t is close& o+er with ancient planking/
Ke5iah Mason!
(gilmans therioes of the +ague regions which his formulae tol& him must lie ,eyon& the three
&imensions we know- an& that KM may of foun& a gate to those regions/
a passage out of the three!&imensional sphere we know an& a passage ,ack to the three!&imensional
sphere at another point- perchaps one of infinate remoteness/
Horror Happenings
angles !
a,sorption in the irregular wall an& ceiling of the room increase&/
9or some time the curious angles of the room are ha+ing a strange- almost hypnotic effect on you/
9in& yourself staring more an& more intently at the corner where the &own!slanting ceiling met the
inwar&!slanting wall/
:na,ility to concentrate on stu&ies an& worry a,out mi&!year e#ams (fe,)
(,egan in fe,ruary)
&reams ,ring on fe+er or was it the fe+er that ,rought on the &reams/
Dreams !
0eyon& the pale of sanity/ 3lunges through limitless a,ysses of ine#plica,ly coloure& twilight an&
,affingly &isor&ere& soun&/ (you cannot un&erstan& the material or gra+ity of the place/ Aou &o not
walk- clim,- fly or swim- crawl or wiggle ' yet always e#perience a mo&e of motion partly
+oluntary partly in+oluntry) (you cannot see your arms legs or any part of your ,o&y) 2he a,yss is
crow&e& with in&esci,a,ly angle& masses of alien!hue& su,stance/ (rganic an& inorganic o,6ects
,eyon& &escription (inorganic coul& ,e copare& too ' prisms- la,yrinths- clusters of cu,es an&
planes/) (organic coul& compare too ' groups of ,u,,les- octopi- centipe&es- li+ing hin&oo i&ols)
(e+erything is unspeaka,ly menacing an& horri,le) (e+ery so often one organic appears to notice
you) (&ont know how they mo+e) (they su&&enly appear from out of empty space- or to &issapear/)
(0* ga+e off panic as image flitte& across your +ision) (soon a ,lurry ,ent ol& woman is seen with
(,efore &ropping off to a &eep sleep- woul& see a horror appear out the rat!hole in the corner an&
pattertowar& the ,e& with an e+il tiny- ,eare& human face/ (&issapears if wake up- if not go to &eep
sleep with 0* not &oing anything)/
(later &reams ' when awake reme,ering in unrecalle& &reams of talking to 0* an& the ol& woman
an& that they ha& ,een urging him to go somewhere with them an& meet a thri& ,eing of greater
(seeing the ol& woman clearly now ' you recall a croacking +oice ' you must meet the 0lack Man
an& go with them all to the throne of 45athoth at the centre of ultimate chaos/)(you must sign in
your own ,loo& the ,ook of 45athoth an& take a new secret name) (the ol& woman appears out of
thin air near the corner where the &ownwar& slant- she seeme& to crystallise at a point closer to the
ceiling than to the floor- an& e+ery night she was a little nearer with 0* an& you remem,er it ha&
pronouce& the wor&s B45athothB an& B1yarlathotepB/
"ars !
ears grow sensiti+e to a preternatural an& intolera,le &egree- (stoppe& clock from ticking like a
thun&er of artillery)/ 4t night su,tle stirring of the ,lack city outsi&e- sinister scurring of rats-
creaking of (hi&&en) tim,ers in the centurie& house- gi+es you a sense of stri&ent pan&emonium/
Darkness teems with une#plaine& soun&s- an& yet the fear of the noises stopping coul& may let you
hear fainter noises suspecte& to ,e lurking hi&&en ,ehin& them/ $onstant terrifying impression of
other soun&s- perchaps from regions ,eyon& life ' trem,ling on the +ery ,rink of au&i,ility/
%ats where the worst- sometimes the scratching soun&e& &eli,erate/ When ,ehin& the slanting wall
it was mi#e& with a sort of &ry rattling/ When from the loft a,o+e the slanting ceiling(e#pect some
horror to 6ump &own on him)
(picking up whining prayers from *oe Ma5urewic5 from the groun& floor/
(later) (fellow!lo&gers sai& you sleepwalk) (creaking of the floor at all hours of the night was
annoying the man ,elow- also hear& shoe& (sho&) feet)/
(9rank "lwoo& on two occasions while stu&ying late goes to knock on 3rotag &oor- ,ut they are not
there with shoes an& coat not taken with them)
2urning Southeast !
4lways turn that way/ 4 pulling in that &irection/ (if follow! then lea&s all the way to hangmans
,rook- put then realise that it is the sky that is pulling you/ :t is ,etween Hy&ra an& 4rgo 1a+is- in
the morning it ha& ,een un&erfoot- afternoon foun& it rising in the southeast- an& now roughly south
,ut wheeling towar& the west/)
KM getting close &ream !
(they ,oth come close) you feel the writhere& claws of the ol& woman as she &rags you out of ,e&-
the a,,yss is seen ,ut then you fin& yourself in a win&owless little space- with a curious slanting
floor un&erfoot/ $ases of ,ooks on the walls (&isintergrate) an& in the centre is a ta,le an& ,ench/
(the rat 6umps up onto the ta,le)/ 0y the ta,le is a figure you ha+e ne+er seen ,efore ' a tall- lean
man of &ea& ,lack colouration- wholly &e+oi& of either hair or ,ear& an& wearing a ro,e of hea+y
,lack fa,ric/ (&oes not speak an& is e#pressionless) He points at a huge ,ook which is open on the
ta,le/ 2he ol& woman thrusts a .uill into your han&/ (the furry thing runs up onto your shoul&er
&own your arm then ,ites into your wrist- as the ,loo& spurts out you faint/)
:slan& !
rowe& out twice to islan& an& ' ma&e a sketch of the singular angles &escri,e& ,y the moss ' grown
rows of the grey stan&ing stores whose origin was so o,scure an& immemorial/ (later on ' see an
ol& woman on the islan& from the &istance/)

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